Indian Lingam Worship

February 14, 2012

That’s not an easy phrase to get a hold of. The real lingam is very hard too.

But she gets to grips with it. Soon she has it in hand. Plenty of oil makes it easy. Her fingers slide everywhere that a man is most sensitive. She moves from base to tip. She is sometimes firm and sometimes playful. Always she makes sure she brings him nearer to fulfilment.

At last he can hold it in no longer. The outcome is spectacular. When it comes to massage, she is right on the ball.

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Members' Comments

Would love to see more of this woman - especially on the receiving end. She's small, cute, and obviously not opposed to actions of pleasure. Great video.
RE: beautiful lady
show more videos of hancho
beautiful lady
what a beautiful hard bodied lady.Would love to see more of her;maybe a mutual stimulation video
What a beautiful man!
Hope to see more of him in future videos.
all massages are great to see. This one in particular stands out for the close up details and of course the nudity of the masseuse. She is a great model with a beautiful body and perfectly skilled in handss and touch. I would have liked to see more of her in foto shoots and video's simmilar to the kung fu massage.
Penis Pleasuring
Being bi-sexual this video has something for both sides of my needs. The male's beautiful physique and amazing lingam makes me quiver and the masseuses talent and looks gives me the double whammy. I have cum several times to this wonderful exchange of energy. I think the male is the same model in "The Art of Penis Pleasing" which is also worth the watch and the orgasm...enjoy!
RE: Fun
You prefer a bigger penis then?
Penis Massage
This massage was a total turn on for me. I think it is one of the longest penis's I have seen up close and personal. I have learned some techniques from this to use on my hubby.
RE: Indian Lingam
I like the video. I do think that it is too short and that is why it looks like she is moving too fast. I don't know if the massage was 15 minutes or if it was edited down to 15 minutes. Her skills are very good. I sure she could have ended the massage much faster if she wanted. I do like the fact that she is nude and is a normal looking very fit woman and not a model. She has great eye contact with the man on the table as well. I hope to see her in another video soon.
I don't think she is actually that good. Who wants balls gripped hard in a ring and pulled? Or hard squeezing all over? It's like a metal vise, which is not the way sex was designed, it's supposed to be firm but with some give and I think she's more like a paper shredder.
Indian Lingam
Excellent skills. Would love to see more beautiful women giving sensual handjobs/ massage to men. Very erotic and sexy.
Anyone know the name of the guy ?
Can someone please tell me what this girl's name is? Yanka shows the galleries of a different model. I would love, love, love to see more of her...
lnidian ligam massage
I would like to know more about the massuse. She really knew what she was doing and be very relaxed about it. She was checking the guy's face and body to get feed back on what was going on.
Sensual Massage
Another beautifully filmed massage scene. Well done. Need to have more of these please (with male ejaculation) ... as long as it's tastefully done, as here, then not a problem. Would also be nice to see masseur use her tongue and mouth ( as in Clover Oral Love ) as well as hand(s) stimulation. A penis massage between the soles of a female masseur's bare feet to end in climax would be another natural step for the future methinks?
lingam worship
WOW! How wonderful that was to watch . The most beautiful penis .Every girls dream. Very handsome choice of men.
What a cock. I am straight but have to admit this cock turned me on! I wonde what it would be like to see a man on man massage? If the girls can do it to each other, why not the boys?
RE: What a great lingam massage
Couldn't find this woman as "Yanka" on the Hegre site. Are you sure that's her name? The dude with the big penis gets my vote as stud-of-the year. Can't believe he lasted as long as he did...
She looks like she does this every day. I mean its a massage, but she should go ahead a eat that massive tool. Why not? Its still art.
Wow... Loved it but would like to see more of the female involved in the massage with her body.. What a cock!!!. Keep it up!!
At long last we get to see a cum shot - now we are all relieved. A satisfactory conclusion has been reached. Please keep it up.
RE: Why not accept what you get as a daily surprise?
Omg. Wax lyrically but it is really only a video of a guy being masturbated..
What a great lingam massage
but what is the name of this guy (the girl is Yanka)? Nowhere I can find it ... Maybe somebody knows?
Beautiful woman and it looks like she gives a wonderful massage on that enormous member. I don't know if she can do anything else w/ that thing but just stroke it. Though she does that well. Kudos for a beautiful video and as always a sensual scene.
Why not accept what you get as a daily surprise?
True art must trigger fantasies and provide help to the lesser gifted or even emotionally crippled for self reflection in order to enable viewers a better understanding of themselves which is essential for a better world. Petter evolves with regard of pondering deeper into taboos in his own secure pace with a aesthetically well developed eye and other sharp senses in combination with a seemingly natural born instinct in which I came to fully trust. Whatever he presents us in here should be humbly appreciated and taken as is. It is the continuously developing and consequently changing outcome of his never ending inner dispute and his deep dedication to capture and archive the beauty of mankind in so far best non-artificial ways possible, driven by the fire to search one of those very rare often only split-seconds lasting moments revealing the world an idea of what true intimacy might really be. For this, Petter should be thanked for instead of being urged into assimilating to the common boring unimaginative, senseless trash we have been tortured and overfed with during the past 30 years.
I think ejaculation is a good thing for this website. Hegre Art should show every aspect of the sexual experience, women and men. Next step should be penetration, I think Petter Hegre is capable of showing penetration in a stylish way. Why not make a massage video and make penetration part of the massage with a handjob in the end? You can do it Petter :-) and I think every member will like it!!
This was a beautiful piece of work by a very talented masseuse and taking it all the way to ejaculation made it truly complete. Want to see more of these.
Jack i watched this and i felt every touch and every reaction of the guy. only wish i was as big as he is but no prob. this lady is beautful in many ways, she has the skills to keep any man under control for as long as she wishes. her touchs were magic. i have had many such massages and i must say that watching her at work is amazing. she knows when a guy is near and can stop or slow down his cumming. only to bring him back up again and again. i myself have experienced trantric massage and i have to say it is the most amazing feelings ive ever experienced. this lady has the skills talent and beauty to make any man or woman explode with amazing release and that feeling that cums with release. this is much more than just another wank vid.
Just delightful!! The piece is completely beautiful and exciting. Thanks for giving the women, and obviously men as well, what we asked for. I agree it would be interesting if you explored intimate contact further into real sex. I'm sure it would be hard not to descend into phony porn, but if anyone is capable, you are.
Pu- leese! Remember that most guys who buy subscriptions don't want to see guys being jerked off even if you do call it lingam jerking . We heteros want to see women in erotic situations. The masseuse was not erotic or erotically portrayed and the guy seemed just a piece of meat to her? Orgasms are fine but how's about some real visible orgasm contractions on women for a change
i liked it very much but why not have two guys massage each other!!!
indian lingam worship
now this is better. with all that stimulation, one would think something was wrong with the man if he didn't "finish". i wasn't going to renew, until i saw that massage, so i signed up for another year. keep those coming, and you'll have a fan for a long time.
I'm glad this site listens to feedback and finally showed a second male release. Keep up the great work!!!
RE: sweet
It was good to see the young man come. He has been brought to the edge so many times that it often feels a bit masochistic leaving him unfinished. It seemed the masseuse was perfectly prepared to make it happen regardless of his size or stamina. I am curious that this form of erotic massage seems acceptable to the Hegre site but even more intimate sexual activity is not. Could someone speak on that?
RE: Indian Lingam Worship
lovely session. she is obviously into it too, with an extraordinary penis. the only downside that a female friend said was that they weren't lovers to finish it it off, but he did at least cum to her quiet pleasure as well. do women really love penises that large?
Sweet, erotic, sensual, perfect, educational ......
Not sure...
If this film gets 10, the massage film from Kotana would get 100 from me. I'd prefer more sensual touches from the whole body of the masseuse (not just hands). What Kotana did was really amazing. I could only have her working on me in my dreams...
Indian Lingam Worship
A very nice massage! I think to feel such a penis is a dream for every lady! Also the masseuse is marvellous!
lingam longing
At last a satisfying ending! He certainly has something to get to grips with.
lol Love your description!somebody call the pun police, please!
cum shot
I liked it, there is no conclusion, no satisfaction without, male or female, participant or viewer.
I'm back.....and kudos for giving the audience what they REALLY WANTED.I unsubscribed this site months ago because I thought it now catered to lesbians,but now I see I was wrong.Women caressing each other is cool sometimes but to see them become sexual goddesses by performing their skills on men is TRUE art.I hope the next couple of months are dedicated to male/female scenes(since the last couple of months were lezzy scenes)to keep things fair and me coming back.
Such a nice piece of work! I also realy like the natural end! At the other massages, something is missing! I realy like the manner of this page
Standing Ovation...Literally
No website keeps me coming back like this one. NO other site can! Greatest content ever produced, for the Internet or otherwise.
Very Exciting
Very exciting video massage, sensual her hands movement. I like that there is a natural final! Very good
Good shot!!
Black man&oriental girl Please~~
Well Done!
Very nice film. Wonderfully sexy masseuse with great tits & finally a finish we can all identify with. Keep it up.
The "homenzarrão" (big dude) is like a big statue just made flesh, showing little liveliness, save for his rod, which YANKA ministers to so sweetly, with oiled-down hands. On the whole, the session was nice, BUT would've been better if YANKA and the homenzarrão had been able to share the masseuse table together (e.g. KONATA & MIKE).
new idea
How about a man and a woman giving each other a massage, laying side by side, both covered with oil and bringing both to orgasm. Somewhat different from your normal massages, but it would be so sexy and hot. Your site should not become a porn site, but these massages are hot !!!
Great and for our next trick..
Just what I have been asking for for ages! more massages resulting in male climax! Hmm, now, I know it's something Hegre has not ventured into before, but how about some form of tantric sexual ritual whereby she gets on top and actually rides him, penetratively? Done sympathetically, that would be an amazing film. Is that asking too much Peter?! A slow, penetrative, sensual, sexual fantasy in a tantric theatre?
Sensual massage
Nice massage, but only at one point does she reach in and apparently caress his prostate. Their is definitely a visual reaction. Cetainly very erotic.
Awesome But Is He Breathing?
I don't see his chest moving. He must put himself into a trance so as to last that long. Despite some comments, I find his release an excellent ending. In previous massages where this no release I feel unfulfilled and frustrated. By the way, thanks for the amazing masseuse - what a beautiful body.
Lingam longing
She massages much too fast for ultimate pleasure--he was satisified it seems or was he?
I Felt it...
I agree, nothing wrong with seeing a guy cum, if your surprised by it there were 2 first films that showed a release, nice to see it and dosen't make you less of a man for watching it it makes it erotic which it definately was...Good film
Far too fast
The video is nice to look at, but the speed of the massage is much too fast. I had the impression of having my player at triple the speed. The massage of a Lingam should be much more slower and much more sensitive. It just look more as a warship than a worship. Next time please more sensitivity. Cum at the end or a big draw is a must!
Re: Cum shot
I totally disagree with you Joseph. If it is OK for us to see women cumming in the movies why not men? The site is not just for men. Let’s have something for everyone.
Bring her back
She’s only small but she looks as though she takes it all in her stride. Fair play to her. Bring her back soon for another go.
Has it all
This guy has it all and then some but she knows how to deal with him. I bet he slept soundly after that.
well that was different...will show it to my wife to learn her some new techniques :)
Since I have watched this film (more than once I might add) I have had some fun winding up my boyfriend with comparisons between him and the guy on the table. I don’t recommend that girls. He does not take it very well.
Cum shot
Most of the film was fine but I was taken by surprise at the end. I don’t think that most people who subscribe are wanting a cum shot from a guy. It does not fit with the rest of what you do.