Orgasmic Oily Anal Massage

March 27, 2012

For a long time her private desire was growing in secret. Then she whispered it to her friend.

Now the two of them are sharing the delight. Warm oil trickles across the top of her thighs and spreads between her legs. The moment is getting closer when she will feel what she has been longing for.

Eagerly she welcomes exploring fingers. Her friend finds the silken way that is deep within her. She trembles with delight. She knows that from now on this will be her chosen pleasure.

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Members' Comments

Naked massuse
How about another scene like this one where the subject and masseuse interact with each other so she can let the masseuse know what feels great to her, would love to see these tender touches exchanged with the close-ups of the bodies response to the touches being delivered, it would add an extra element of letting the masseuse what pleases her most and would be most enticing for us to watch.
Stimulation of both orfices and her responses to the touch
This massage keeps you on the edge of your seat as you watch and hear her responses to the touch just can not get enough of this kind of massage Thank You so much for making this scene for us Peter!
Analingus along with G Spot massage
If you suck back against the sphincter you can get your tongue in deeper stimulating the nerve endings giving intense pleasure along with the G Spot massage to give her the ultimate experience then show her face and the effects it is having on her.
Is Valerie next?
I am sure Valerie wouldn't mind a massage like this. Please make a video like this of her. That would the best video on here.
Mind blowing girl
Mirrabel is an absolutelly stunning goddess... untruly beautiful body and such a sweet pussy and cute toes.
Oily Anal Massage
Well, she certainly enjoyed that experience!. It got so close to it, that I wonder if she would have had equal, or more, pleasure had it included a full vaginal fisting massage?.
-Truly beautiful moments, it doesn't get any better....
Wow, thát was a peak, very intense and beautiful, to All models, masseurs and other crew, thanks for beeing and sharing, God bless....
I'm new to Hegre's site, a lesbian who has always needed and been most deeply satisfied by anal penetration. My life in Europe caused me to accept and embrace the practice that's very widespread there. European women - and I think more American ones than we realize - adore a.p. when it's done lovingly and with deep understanding of how it causes the receiver to feel. Mirabell's reaction to an experience she obviously craved has moved me to tears each time I've watched that video. Her expression and orgasm told me that the oily massage was a dream come true for her. How I wish it had been done to me by the knowing hands of that gentle woman who knew exactly how to please her client. I'm sure Hegre thought it was a daring, edgy shoot when he did it, but I love him for reaching out to me and to the exquisite Mirabell who is my archetype for O, an open-minded woman who understands the level of ecstasy anal caressing and play can give. What a shame it's such a profound taboo for so many. Thank you Petter.
Who is this terrific model?
I love the music where do I find it?
The model seemed zoned out in complete erotic bliss. A fantastic video of a beautiful young woman.
RE: Anal/vaginal penetration
The answer to that Pedro is an enema.
Anal/vaginal penetration
While the performance was wonderfully sensitive and erotic, it appalled me for this reason: as presented, the penetration of the rectum was followed by immediate vaginal penetration with an unwashed hand, thereby transferring harmful bacteria from rectum to vagina; this is strictly not to be encouraged due to risk of serious pelvic infection. Pedantic? Maybe, but too many may try to copy the film and end up with raging pelvic or urinary tract infections. OK, how do you do this and preserve antiseptic conditions?
RE: Interesting Massage
Completely agree with you!!
Excellent; I would trade places with the masseuse in a heartbeat. Every part of the body is an erogenous zone.
Personally I enjoy the anal penetration. But I understand it is not for everyone. What I did not enjoy is how the model seemed almost comatose for the first half of the video.
JUst a suggestion.........
I have enjoyed most of the massage videos but would REALLY like to see a "Soapy" massage". I have done quite a few massages and the ones that seem to be the most sensual and erotic ones I have done of late were where I lay'd down Tami-Lynn on the table on her back, wet her down with some warm water, then took two bars of Pink Dove bar soap that had been soaking in hot water for an hour, then took one in each hand and started rubbing them allover her wet body. She cooed with pleasure. Then covering her whole backside with soap, I started massaging every inch of her. The soap lathered well during the massage so no need for oil. After rinsing her off making sure to get all the soap off, i had her turn over, re-wetting her, I started all over with the bars of soap starting from her feet and working up. YES, i spent extra time on her pussy, massaging her lips too and on her breasts and nipples. Tami moaned and groaned so much that I KNOW she was enjoying herself. She had FIVE different orgasms. So now when she's had a long day I give her a another erotic and VERY soapy massage. "I" believe that others on your site would LOVE to see one of your models having a sensual, erotic and VERY soapy massage. What do you think?
Orgasmc Oily Anal Massage
I understand that anal play (sex, touch, massage, whatever) is not everyone's cup of lube, but some of us (and our female partners) enjoy it. I found this and related videos here to be very erotic. I think that the site balances the subject matter pretty well: I wouldn't want anal-play videos too often, just as I don't want the videos to focus fully on any single subject.
RE: RE: Re: Best way
I completely agree with your comment. The anal orifice is not a turn on for me. Some parts are nice to enter. Others are not.
The model is Mirabell, the best model on here since Anna S.! Kiss for you, M. ;-)
Anal Fisting
I became gorgeously aroused as the masseuse came so close to fisting the girl. The ultimate turn-on would be anal fisting, I have seen it performed and its unbelievably decadent and near impossible to restrain one's impulse to orgasm. Go for it Hegre!
RE: Re: Best way
I agree Mark. I actually find anal to he a major turn off. I won't disrespect anyone who likes it, I mean to each their own, but it's just not my cup of tea. Seeing as we only get one video a week, I'd prefer it if we keep the anal massages to a minimum.
Interesting Massage
Three fingers in the arse...hmmm that's interesting I guess. More seriously, the masseuse's fingers going back and forth between this beautiful girl's anus and vagina is going to give her one heck of a yeast infection...not a good idea, folks.
who's the actress?
orgasmic oily anal...
What an amazing massage. i understand that anal may not be everybodies idea of pleasure, but im an open minded guy and i for one enjoy the responses from my partners when we engage in any tthing anal. watching this massage i learnt a few new tricks, as lets face it guys we dont know everything when it cums to pleasuring a woman. i love all the massage movies i have seen here. and i visit a lady who does the most amazing massages. well done to the cpl who watched this and tried it and now they use it in their love making.
After I watched this I managed to persuade my partner to give it a try. To her surprise she loved it. Now she is the one asking for it this way. Thanks guys.
LONG OVERDUE!!! We should have thos incorporated in every massage. Not only is it sensual it is primal
Re: Best way
It is up to you what you like Carlo but I think this is something that is best in small doses if at all. Perhaps someone could explain the attraction to me?
beautiful, once agian, and the masseuse she is gorgious, am still waiting when the hand goes towards the masseuse and starts to touch her, i know i would..thanks again for another beautiful massage video
Best way
I think we should have a whole special category totally devoted to anal pleasure. I know that I am not the only one to think that it is the best way.
Amazin scene, loved it! Anyone know who the masseuse is?
Ass fingered
I’m loving it. Seeing her getting her ass fingered like that is right up there with the most erotic things I have ever seen.
Pleasantly surprised
This is something I had not really thought about before because it seemed to me like it would be awkward even if it was not painful. But with plenty of oil I was very pleasantly surprised.