Countless Orgasms Massage

March 13, 2012

Clover climbs aboard for the journey of a lifetime. It’s a roller coaster ride.

From the moment she gets on to her favourite gyno chair she’s quivering with expectation. What will the hour to come bring? It’s certain is that there will be amazing scenes along the way. She gets up speed quickly when her pretty ass gets the attention it deserves. She takes off into a world of non-stop pleasure powered by probing fingers.

This is the place where she yearns to come again and again.

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Members' Comments

The anal play in here...
This is such an excellent video, I LOVE IT so much! great brown eye play. mmhhmmm Lyndsay
RE: Help!
I need to know where I can get that massage bed/table?
That bed
Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can get that bed?!?!
I do like!
Where can I get that table?!
Interpeting brain waves
If only we could somehow interpret the brain waves so we could know what touches give the most pleasure at just the right moment and catch the body's response we could be masters at giving pleasure to others and feel that love that develops between two people as we attend to there needs to feel the pleasures of love you so greatly display in your art forms displayed here this is so much better than porn because it involves real love for another person not just sex for the sake of sex.
The massage I have been waiting to see
Love seeing all the erogenous zone are being attended to and her response to the masseuses touch it all just cums together in this scene!
Love the fact they did not ignore her rose bud so that she received pleasure from both her orifices, really enjoyed when she injected the oil into her rectum very erotic!
The breathing all the clues are there for us to learn how to INTERPET FANTASTIC LEARNING EXPERIENCE
Is that not what some of our finest musicians learn from those they are preforming for carefully watching for that response and delivering what your audience wants from you that is the mark of an EXPERT!
It is so nice to see this kind of detail so we can all learn what you already know, HOW TO GIVE THIS KIND OF INTENSE LOVE TO OTHERS!
You really know how to bring out all the most intense details for us to experience, you can truly see the bodies response to her touch and it does something to OUR SENSES to see this DISPLAYED FOR OUR LEARNING EXPERIENCE!
WOW we get to see her toes respond to her tender touch
Touch and how those touches deliver PLEASURE
I so love it seeing how she uses the pads of her thumbs to touch her rose bud and also her vulva and watch her bodies response to that touch shown by your expert camera work so we see it in all the detail you intended!
Peter captures it all, from the moment she lays down on the table to the very end he misses nothing
It is so nice to find someone who so understands how to capture those most intense moments on camera and deliver those images to our brains so we can learn from these experiences and become better at our own love making skills is that not what we come here to learn? GREAT JOB PETER!!!
Absolutely erotic. Clover is the one reason why i joined the site. All the women should be treasured this way. Would have been over the top is the masseuse would have kissed Clover at the end, so as to bond.
Eroticisim at its Very Best
This beautiful film left me mesmerized and so happy for the tenderness and pleasure that lovely Clover experienced. I so enjoyed watching the undulations of her beautiful body to the masseuse's expert and gentle caresses. Also, I must agree with others that Clover's yoni is, without a doubt, a beautiful flower. Every time that you thought she was going to come back from paradise she was transported back there for more intense ecstasy. Clover, watching you endure this exquisite experience was a joy for which there are no adequate words. Thank you so much for sharing your pleasure with us.
Countless Orgasmas massage
Wow, this must be one of the most beatifully erotic videos on the internet. This it truly real sexiness displayed by an obviously sexy and beautiful girl. Great photography, so natural and real. Great video.
An Education!
Well, to start with, Clover certainly has one of the most beautiful and luscious cunts to be seen on this site, and it’s a pleasure to watch it being skilfully manipulated. The wonderful globes of that succulent backside are also a pleasure! But this is also the only masseuse on the site who pays proper attention to the anus; I don’t understand why most men don’t seem to have much of an idea about how erotic this is – both manually and in oral sex – and from that point of view this is a very educative movie! Apart from which Clover‘s reactions are wonderful: the rippling tensions of the beautiful body, and also the completely honest and believable facial expressions make up for what is rather a repetitious film, and the lack of a frontal view. Well done again, Peter.
My Second Amazing Video
When I first saw what I thought was a hypodermic needle on the tray beside the table, I was alarmed. But once I realized the white plastic "cap" on the needle was simply a long narrow nozzle I was relieved. I was especially delighted with the way that the masseuse lubricated the model's anus in such a gentle, teasing way. The way the masseuse coordinated her finger movements in both openings made me think this was an extended training session for a double penetration video. I was amazed not only by the number of orgasms the lovely young girl had, but also by the apparent lack of recovery time between orgasms. I feared the constant stimulation following an orgasm would eventually become irritating or even painful, but it appears the masseuse knew exactly what she was doing. This was, again, a video worth the entire month's membership.
Beautiful sexuality
Every time I look at this video, I am soooo highly aroused by both this pretty girl and her lovely sexuality ... amd I just want to insert my rock-hard penis into that perfect vagina ... every time I watch her beautiful orgasms my own sexual excitement leads me through to an inevitable conclusion, and I experience the most incredibly intense ejaculation ... every single time!
Perfect Vagina
This is the most beautiful display of feminine sexuality ... and Clover's vagina is true perfection such beautiful labia, such a lovely clitoris ... omg, how I would so love to penetrate her ...
Gyno massage
The whole film is _so_ erotic and arousing, and what's really the top of it is that Clover is lying in that gyno chair with her legs spread wide. So hot!
Clover [s] massage
Clover is a complete athlete in eroticsm, her every crevise expounds her beauty, would really like to view a session with her oneday.I also massage, so if ever given the most rare oppotunity, I would document my every move on her. please show us more on Clover,if she made any movies, then bring it on.
Best video ever.
Best video ever, Clover is perfect, and thanks to the masseuse, you can say that she is enjoying fingering a gorgeous girl like Clover, lucky girl!, both are beautiful!
a blessing in the form of art.
It is my perception that this masseurs the lady administering the massage does has a remarkable body, and her posture throught the process that she kept all the time, it would be a delight to actual see her body as well. that would make an instant elevated success. seeing both of these ladies nude, I will love to see the therapist muscles contraction during the process of this massage it must be an angel's ballet performance. Sort to speak This would be a blessing in the form of ART H.
Clover is my new fave on Hegre. Not only is she beautiful, adorable and has amazingly perfect body...she has the most perfect pussy I have ever seen! Its great to watch he squirm in pleasure.
Countless Orgasms Massage
Wunderbar ! Das ist vermutlich das beste Massage-Video dass ich je gesehen habe. Einerseits würden die einfühlsamen Hände der Masseurin meinem gestressten Körper auch gut tun, andererseits reizt es mich, eine so wunderbare Lady massieren zu dürfen. Kompliment an das gesamte Hegre Art-Team sowie an alle die Leute men und Herren die sich für solche Filmszenen zur Verfügung stellen. Ich bin vollauf begeistert! Liebe Grüsse an Alle aus der schönen Schweiz. Lupo
No doubt this was extraordinary. I thought Silvie had the best body on the site, but now I think it may be a tie. Clover is just about flawless for my taste. Now about the masseuse we all keep talking about. This therapist clearly has a beautiful body. I hope one day she relents and shows it to us while working because this film would be out of this world were both women nude. Since we never see her face, I fail to see the harm.
I want to learn how to give a massage like that! My wife of 30 years is kind of prudish, and doesn't understand that I want to give her this kind of pleasure. I don't even care whether I get "my turn".
RE: Abby
Alas, I had *no* idea I was capable of such a full sexual response until my late 30s. Now I'm far too plump and middle aged to compete with these nymphs. If I had become more comfortable with my body 20 years ago, it would have been possible. I'll trade youth for wisdom, though. I have much better sex now than I did then and I can vicariously enjoy the beauty of youth here!
My only complaint (if you can call it that)? When I am lucky enough to enjoy this much fingering, my pussy gushes like a fountain when I come. Abby, why not become a model??
I must admid..
...that Clover getting a massage arouses me more that I thought it would have. Just the poster for the movie is breathtakingly erotic. Her own arousal shines through in the movie. And to think... I didn't care much for her as a model before. Just keep those deep emotions flowing and shine, girl!
I have now seen a few of these massage films, in part or whole and I am left with the impression that those featuring a professional masseuse are mainly impersonal and lack intimacy. Whilst Mauritanian Tropical, Chocolate Orgasm, Lesbian Tokyo and Girl Girl have an interactive touch conveyed in feeling and intimacy, a certain frisson. A couple of earlier comments by American girls referred to possible frustrations and I would refer them to the web site " the desire project" about what women want. Its fair to say we still struggle with female sexual autonomy in the west. Just a thought girls, sex and creativity go together. Artists, as creatives, possess the secret of love and is visible to women as an instinctive faculty. The fire of love in artists is why women pursue them and surrender their charms. As a creative man I can definately endorse that theory, so I suggest you drop your partners and seek out artists, sculptors, poets and writers, they have the imagination and creativety to fire girls...
Wow--so good
Absolutely beautiful massage video. Mesmerizing to see Clover's delicate pussy swell after such a tremendous amount of fingering. This kind of content is why I joined the site and I have not been disappointed! The models are gorgeous and *natural* no big fake tits or overdone makeup, just beautiful sexual women. The quality of the photos and videos is outstanding. And that you show the models being stimulated like this is the delicious icing on the cake. Absolutely genuine orgasms that you can practically feel through the screen. My only complaint (if you can call it that)? When I am lucky enough to enjoy this much fingering, my pussy gushes like a fountain when I come. Petter, do you have any girls who squirt? Show us!
wow. I like these orgasms!
Clover !!
Clover is totally sexual. She enjoys sex and is not afraid to relax and enjoy it with us. Thank You Clover for sharing your beautiful film. I hope you make more.
Clover's countless orgasm video
What a magnificently beautiful massage video. You captured all of the REAL expressions of pleasure that Clover experienced in this epic session. The subtle movements of the pelvis, shaking of the legs, movement of the feet and clenching of the fists telgraphed exactly where she was at every second. It is refreshing NOT to have the contrived loud moans & shrieks that so typify the run of the mill porno movies mass produced by people who act like they think they should act. You captured this girls experiences incredably. Cudos. A big fan. MORE,MORE JB
I am of mixed feelings. I do sense that some people are pushing towards ever more explicit and 'porn like' scenarios here at Hegre. Hence the desire to see women screaming and having exaggerated motions and reactions like typical hard core pornography. Count me as one of the dissenting opinions. I much prefer the slow, but at times intense, massage of the ladies focusing on the labia region. Not so much the insertion of fingers and banging away vigorously like in other porn. This is why I like Hegre compared to others because of the sensuality and intimacy. Take for example Yoko's massages. I find it even more erotic that clearly the woman is very aroused and twitching uncontrollably at the pleasurable sensations. Yet, the fact that they seem to 'fight' such urges I find even more arousing. Much more so than loud screaming and exaggerated expressions. So I hope Hegre doesn't abandon this slow sensuality in favor of more typical hardcore porn with all the unnecessary screaming and body motions. I do not find that erotic at all.
Clover is a very natural beauty with an extraordinary body. The masseuse is very talented and proves that a woman knows how to please a woman...including the anal stimulation. I find that most women enjoy that level of anal but very few "really" enjoy a large penis in the rear. And guys, if you think it is so much fun, try it yourself...your rectum is the same as a woman's. More importantly, I think Peter could display male/female sexual pleasure with the same level of erotic taste as he does female/female eroticism. What is the problem with that? It doesn't have to be "nasty sex" to be good sex. But then again, nasty sex is nice now and then. Beautiful woman, hot massage, great photography. Thank you.
Exciting Clover
Clover is very natural beauty, ... I love her perfect body, but I love also her sweet face ... her eyes. Great to view her orgasm, very exciting. After seen the pictures ... I hope for view video with her boyfriend! Ciao
Must do so...
for my girls...start learning...
I wonder what was in the syringe that she gets at about 9:40? Whatever it was it got me going as well as her.
Shriek and moan
I like to hear girls shriek and moan real loud when they are cumming. How about some models like that?
Done properly
Way to go Clover! Us girls need to show our fellas how it’s done properly. You certainly make it clear in this movie. I told my guy to watch and learn. To his credit he has. Thanks!
Arse action
It all proves what I have always said. Plenty of arse action is a major part of giving women like me pleasure. I’m always surprised how many men just do not realise that.
Finger clenching
It’s great to see Clover enjoying her work so much. She shows it the way her fingers keep clenching with pleasure of it all.