Mind Blowing Boner Massage

April 10, 2012

Each of them has much to bring to the table. Together they make a feast for the eyes.

As a starter she gives his athletic body a firm massage. Naturally he responds. Then comes the delicious main course. The centrepiece attraction is his manhood. Skilfully she strokes and fondles. She squeezes and presses. She uses all her expertise. His appreciation is enormous. It shows.

Every moment is a new sensation to savour. They both know the grand finale will bring total satisfaction.

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Members' Comments

RE: Lacking
100% agree. it will be great to see more. very erotic.
I can hardly decide whether to watch her breasts or his penis. Her comfort with the human body is a joy to see. Just fantastic.
While many of the massage videos on this site focus on penis massage, a great many men who are familiar with massage including Lingham understand the sensuality of for lack of a better term "ass play". This massage video seems to come closest to that genre from what I've seen on this site. While a full prostate massage maybe a a little over the top for most any male that has experienced a full body massage more than once may understand what I'm talking about. It's not about penetration (though for some it might be) it's about arousal and teasing in this regard. I for one would like to see more of the same with a little more attention to erogenous attention to the rectum.
Fabi, it is a great pleasure to see you enjoy the massages so much. You know exactly how to touch and please us all. Your body is so beautiful why the covers in a web site dedicated to so much nude beauty?
i just LOVE this film, the best ever imho The way she gently, and sometimes a little f firmer massages his balls is awesome !! specially when he comes and she grabs them harder !! How that guy lasts that long. God only knows, id be lucky to last 10mins at the most !! Im a guy, and actually " came " watching this
As a massage therapist I joined this sight to get some extra tips..well lets just say my man is so pleased I did. I tried this last night and he is begging for more...even though he is not as large as this model, the techniques worked very well..I did have to ride him at the end though...a girls gotta have her pleasure too...more like this please..and more man on woman massages :)
Nice video nice guy
It is a very nice video. The guy has a very nice body and he is very at ease to let her give him a full massage. Hope to have pictures from this video too and new videos with both partners. Hope also to have more with this guy and and new girl. I am also a french photograph and i really appreciate you site and this kind of couple acting massages and video. All the best Claude
Best Figure
I love the figure of this massage therapist. She has a nice bum and best curves. She should do some photoshoot and body to body massage. I love to see that. I am also a massage therapist in London and I have always learned alot from here.
again the hot guy !
you should shoot this guy more often ! i m not gay but he looks great and serves well the ladies ! ! his body is perfect , he knows how to get the ladies hot !
Love seeing a beautiful man stroked and his cock worshipped. I also love hearing his cries and sighs as he came! Sooo hot! As a massage therapist myself, I love the beautiful hand work too. My guy will be getting some wonderful private sessions as I practice tantra-lizing his mind and body ;) Mmmm juicy....
My goodness. What a beautiful man!! It is unfortunate how she just spread his cum all over his own body though. That was not sexy.
Like everything you do is fantastic! be a good idea to make a video with prostate massage.
RE: I think that's Fabi
yes its Fabi, she is so beautiful and skillful, i cant wait for her video to cum out!! i would love to see her give another women here such as Nikola young fresh body, its woul be the best video ever here for her to explore and get her to scream in pleasure.
I think that's Fabi
I believe the well-endowed gal in this video is Fabi (look at the tats on her side), the new tantric. And she has her first Tantra Massage video coming up in a couple of weeks - fully nude of course. I can't wait!
Yep, nothin' turns a guy on like a big-breasted woman wearing a holster. Love the jiggle!
Mind blowing bonner maddage
Hello Peter. Great film! It would be very nice to make a film of a nude man makig a massage to a woman's vagina until full orgasm. I understand you don't want to show penetration but he could use is penis to perform external pussy massage.
Mind blowen
wow what an amazing vid and yes the lady should have been topless at least as she does have great boobs. i felt ever touch and slide of her trained hands and when she twisted his know and squeezed his balls at the same time i also lost it... i really cant do this vid or the model and the lady any more praise than i loved the whole thing. such skills in handlling his manhood and balls im going to watch it again to get tips to pass on to my women friends what the hell i will show them and let then practice on me. more please
RE: Help me
Hi Angelonews! you can download the massage movies by clicking on one of the two links under the massage movie window where it says: "Slow internet connection? download the xx GB HD size or xx MB normal size film to your computer" Please make sure you are logged in as a member before clicking the link.
Help me
I'm Italian. I'm a member. Can I download the video of this section "massage"? How can I ? in the section "Film" i have not problem. Let me know please. Congratulation for this video, is veri nice.
We completely loved this -- wonderful!!
Nude Masseuse Preferred
I agree with other comments - she should have been nude. Great breasts, love the giggle as she got into it but would have enjoyed it more if we could see them. Thanks for the happy ending
Many Tanks
Many thanks for that Video. What i realy appreciate is that you now more and more show the male orgasm what in my eyes just is normal. Please continue!
Hegre-art at the highest level!
What a beautiful male in this excellent production! The human body is the most incredible thing there is and sexuality is a great part of human life. I'm blessed to be bisexual and the developing content on Hegre-art.com is very much appriciated by me. Thank you Petter and team for all those interesting parts on your site. Priceless!
She is a magician! (with great tits, btw)
Amazing film. Had me on edge the whole time. Want to share it with my wife to see if she'll try some of these tricks but afraid she'll say "Sure, as soon as your dick is as big as his." LOL
wow, beautiful man, beautifully massaged very jealous!! More like this please ;-)
RE: RE: women!
I agree! It's great to see both. Thanks Peter for the amazing job with this!
Loved it!
I LOVED this video. I'm still waiting for Caprice to do one of these. So glad to see I am getting my money's worth.
This film is extremely erotic. I am not gay, but I am so envious of the man's horse cock! Who wouldn't want a cock like that? And the masseuse is incredibly understanding of how to apply the most delicious and erotic techniques. I have been fortunate enough to have had a massage like this myself, but not with her expert technique: anus stimulation, long, so, cock massage. It was wonderful, and this film is wonderful to watch. I would also like to see this type of film with prostate massage and full stroking to climax at the end. This is a wonderful film!
RE: RE: women!
must agree with rico
RE: women!
NO! We want to see both!
RE: Mind-blowing--almost
I have to agree about the speed of strokes at the end. It's tempting to increase speed when arousal is peaking but longer, firm strokes are better on the receiving end. That goes for stimulating women as well! This is much more likely to result in the intense full-body orgasms that satisfy instead of the shallow overstimulated climax. That's the whole point of these massages, right? To feel it all through your body?
Superb video! Clearly this is a woman who knows how to please a man. She understands not only the erogenous zones, but how and where to stroke him to bring him to maximum arousal. Every man should tell his partner how to stimulate him to maximum effect, and this video shows it in wonderful detail. The only downside is that she was out of sync at the end, and his orgasm was not nearly as intense as it could have been, given his prior state of arousal. (yes--if you look for the hints, you will see them.) This would have been the time for full, long, intense strokes, rather than stimulating the frenulum. Of course, to really reward him, I agree with those who said she should have been fully nude, and straddled him, slipping him inside her.
I personally am totally turned off by sets/films with naked guys and ZERO female nudity! but, hey... whatever floats your boat!to agree with your thought, if I dont like it, I dont have to look!I will state ONCE if I dont care for something/someone. and then shut up about it untill I can find something nice to say. Erika's recent film, forexample.when she first came on to the scene, I said I didnt care for her (too skinny for my taste) now, I just dont comment until, like I said, I can find something nice to say.we are all entitled to an opinion (which is why the comment section is here)cheers!
Herrlich, wie sie mit seinem steifen Spatz spielt und ihn massiert...
The masseur should be naked
Nice film! But I think the masseur should be naked, too.
RE: Not sure
Could it perhaps be for that really large group you left out - straight men?
great video. we wait to finally see the masseeurs naked! it would add more erotic feeelings!
We want to see women!!! Not men!!!!
Erotic massage
I have enjoyed such a massage combined with an anal stimulation a few month ago. It was a great experience. I can highly recommended this to every man. I like this video. I am not gay but it's a pleasure to his nice cock and physique.
In his place
Nice video, no you don't have to be gay to like it, I certinly am not but as you watch it if you can't suppose yourself being in his place, wondering how long he is going to last ( only the clock gives you a hint) and feeling the sensations he is feeling and wishing she was massaging you with her touch then its your loss, enjoy it for what it is a nice relaxing sensual massage..though I am sure I wouldn't have lasted as long as he did....Great job and don't be afraid of showing more of them in some sort of ratio 1 man to every 8 or so girl massage videos...
Not gay. Wished it was me.
This would have been much more interesting had she been topless. Sometimes I just don't understand the direction of these videos. You're often close to hitting the mark, but never quite get there. You have these massages where the the guy is never brought to orgasm, or you have these videos where the women are clothed or largely unseen. The woman in this video should, at the very least, have been topless. And he should have been caressing her breasts. There just always seems to be a piece of the puzzle missing in these videos.
RE: Re: Not sure
Hi, I'm bi, however with a slight male preference. Why aren't both players in the video nude? Cheers, A.
This video would have been much, much better and more interesting if BOTH the man and woman were featured as fully nude (e.g. the video with Yanka and the Brazilian 'homenzarrão'). The generally homo-centric perspective here holds no appeal for me at all.
Excellent movie
For the first time, Petter gives us the opportunity to appreciate Fabi’s talents: she certainly knows all about (tantric) massages and her seriousness, her straight face, seems genuine. Now, like in the other movies of that kind, there is nothing “gay” since we simply look at a man getting pleasure from a beautiful woman pleasing him. It is interesting as much for men, who can identify themselves to this man, as for women, who can admire him and – why not? – learn how to really please a man. For these reasons, Petter couldn’t clearly choose an old man, a midget or a eunuch.
Nice one. Next time a finger up his ass will make him cum even more and male to male massage please.
Masseuse has an amazing body and a great technique. I would love my lady to give me this treatment!! Another creative video!
Incredible Masseuse
Only one word can describe this video "breathtaking." The techniques of this masseuse were unbelievable. There's never been anything like this before. He was literally about to explode every second after he was resting on his knees and elbows. I am a man and I would give anything to trade places with the model used in this video... Fabi Jaya is amazing..
RE: Not sure
It's for anyone who enjoys it. It doesn't need to be labeled or 'aimed' at women, gays, heteros - whoever. I think it's a great video. FWIW, I'm hetero.
Re: Not sure
The answer to your question is that it is for anyone who wants to look. For myself I enjoyed it and no, I am not gay. It did show me a lot of techniques for my pleasure and that’s what all these movies are about
Not sure
I am not sure who this film is meant for. If it is for women why not have a male masseur? If it is for gays why have a female masseur?
Branching out
It is great to see you branching out to give girls like me something too. The men are well catered for everywhere on the Internet but there is not that much for us.
Thank you so much for posting a video like this! There hasn't been a video this good since the Penis Massage video.. This video is excellent!
Lucky man
This is a lucky man to have a cock like that. I better not let my girlfriend see this movie.
It works
I got such a lot from this movie. It showed me ways to pleasure my man in ways I had not thought of. The way she handles him is great and I can tell you they really work.
belle longue queue sans voir la video, çca donne envie de se faire masser le chibre!!!!