Oral Love Massage

April 24, 2012

She has been here before. It is part of the trust and love they have for each other. Together they are carried away by a spontaneous surge. It is their shared path to ecstasy.

Tenderly she moves her tongue over his manhood. She knows how it will move him. Deep within herself she rejoices at their mutual delight.

With her special personal touches his pleasure grows. Tongue and fingers join forces to lead towards his climax. And afterwards there is one more lingering, loving caress.

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Members' Comments

liked the way she message the penis with the ejaculate
oral sex
Odd in many ways:...her constant on camera gaze was attractive (beautiful eyes) but inauthentic looking...his mostly clothed body (why?)...the oral "love" turning into a hand job at the end (inconsistent with theme)....Her awkward regard for the cum on his stomach...All in all not Peter's best work by any means.
Marvelous Video
It's so nice to see a video that concentrates on the model and what she is doing. The whole centerpoint of this video is Clover and how she lovingly worships that cock with her mouth. Needless to say she is an artisan when it comes to cocksucking. The only thing that was missing was seeing the expression on her face as he ejaculated into her mouth.
More loving oral and glamour sperm ideas...
I adored this video... Please consider more glamour Hegre-level oral explorations. Also, does there have to be a taboo on franker semen worship in the glamour category? Couldn't we have more cum play, cum eating, or facial explorations from glamour models?
Nice, but....
Why was the male covered? This became too impersonal since all we saw was his cock. There is a body attached to his dick, you know. He's covered with a weird "sheet."
Yes Clover is one of the tippy top girls. Is it possible that a few other girls might be even better looking? Perhaps, but that wouldn't matter.
Oral Massage
There is good reason this is one of the top rated and most viewed massage vids. Of course, Clover is so sexy, cute, and hot, and her oral skills are dream-like in quality. I will be more than happy to hang out here on Hegre-Art for a long time if I can be assured of more vids like this one, along with the other skilled penis handlers such as Charlotta, Flora, and Angie. They are all tops in this field. I do hope and pray that you feature more of these types. Thanks......
Oral Love Message
The Woman
Only she may do it as sweetly and with such care.
The best so ever
I haven`t see any better one(s) since this this one so many years
great potential
this kind of video has great potential. more please!
great, show more of Clover
What a video of this gorgeous Russian girl!! Clover is so beautyfull!!!!
Oral love massage
Awsome absolutely;never seen something so nicely performed with a beautiful model. We would like more of the kind.
This is very intimate. Made me feel as though I was there closely watching my lover give and receive pleasure from a stranger. A very enlightening and delightful experience to say the least.
The fillm
Stretching the definition of 'massage' just a bit, I think! - but a splendid film. As almost everyone has said, it's really ludicrous that the man has simply unbuckled his trousers (which I suppose he has worn in bed all night!). There is no reason I can think of that he shouldn't be naked. Similarly, while the concentration on the girl and the cock is of course the main theme, it would have been good just to ave the occasional shot of him giving her just a little attention back there . . . presumably he wasn't just lying supine. What makes the whole film so enjoyable is thew fact that she really does seem to love what she is doing - and we have all (haven't we?) known girls who love sucking a cock. Five stars!
Oral Love Massage
Very nicely done. It is obvious this young lady likes cock.
lovely copule
I found this to be a very sensual interchange between the recipient, the lovely lady, and the photographer. We can't deny that there are at least 3 people present. Everyone seems happy with the situation. And, I'd like to be the recipient. What a lovely lady. Do more of these. Well, frankly, given the quality of the work here, I'd love to see intercourse too.
Vive Hegre-Art
Finally. Please now shoot this same scene with Flora and Mike. Then shoot every female model you have with Mike. Then I will buy a lifetime membership!!!!
First of all, I found this totally sexy. It is great to see real sex, photographed by a real artist. It is obvious she loves him and loves being photographed as well. Please give us MORE PLEASE! Also did anyone notice that he has a piercing hole in the V of the head of his penis. I think the place is called the frenulum when the penis has a foreskin. You can see it when she is sucking him. When he ejaculates, some of the sperm comes up through the piercing hole, as well as out the normal way. She is touching it with her fingers. I wonder if he has second thoughts about getting that done. It could be inconvenient.
A moment well presented
What guy hasn't been woken up by his frisky mate intent on giving him a morning surprise -- or dreamed of it... The focus here is actually not on the guy. The focus is on the girl and what is going through her mischievous and delightfully sharing mind. This could have gotten all twisted up in mutual stimulation, but I believe there was instead mutual satisfaction...
I liked it!
A cute perky girl giving a blowjob/handjob in the morning on awakening. What's not to like? She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it, and I have to believe the recipient did, although we do not see his face. I know I would have!
A beautiful film of a young woman who seems to be thoroughly enjoying what she is doing; she really appears to love sucking, and does it most lovingly. The problem I have with the film is the unreality of the situation – the total lack of interaction between the girl and the man. Really, is it to be believed that lying with her crouching over him with her beautiful bottom six inches from his face, he wasn’t going to even stroke her behind? Indeed, since the site is full of young women enjoying cunnilingus, why shouldn’t he be returning her favour? We now have at least two shots on this site where a guy ejaculates – but again this is the result of his being masturbated without making any kind of gesture towards the beautiful woman standing over him. We seem to be approaching the situation where, to quote Mr Clinton, if there’s no penetration there’s no sex – and if that’s so why not show a man and woman enjoying each other in the same way as two women? I’m just arguing for a little reality – a masseuse fully dressed is believable because masseuses often do remain dressed – though of course I prefer it when they are nude (cf The Naked Masseur, still one of the best things on the site). Surely something to consider, Peter?
Clover oral love
Really beautiful, gentle and strangely moving - would love to see more of this kind of thing, esp. with Clover - perhaps giving a foot job massage?
oral love massage
Beautiful,slow and sensual penis teasing bj,I love it. Clover is so sexy,she's my favourite.
u lot!
so many complaints. can u not see how beautiful this is? if u cant, i aint gonna explain it to u
RE: RE: more of these
please add intercourse +2
RE: more of these
please add intercourse +1
A cheap POV blowjob. Not up to standard.
Sensual Massage
The life is short.The art...is for ever!
more of these
great. please add intercourse
Just spectacular from begining to end!!!
Man´s face
Why couldn´t we see the guys face to see how he was enjoying it?
Great Film
Perfect mix of art and eroticism. It was a pleasure to watch their pleasure. Please, more films like this . . .
Perfect girl for this, it shows how much she's loving what she's doing and she has such a good talent at oral, it makes you wish you were on the receiving end !
This is what I referred to earlier
In a post of last year I said there was no reason why these videos should go just a bit further. Now, this was what I meant. This was very erotic and tasteful. This isn't porn, it's beautiful eroticism. However, as I said before, all models should be nude. There were no shots of the man's face, so there was no reason for complete nudity for both models. Next, I hope -- mutual oral sex. I volunteer for the job....
Wonderful massage ! More of this films and u get me as lifetime member. thank you !
RE: Beautiful
this contribution succeeded in getting me to renew my membership. what a gorgeous attention to the circumcised cock. this is awsome, as i watch it writing this. the tits lying on his chest are an added bonus. the last minute of tease, ejaculation and then massage are superb.
This is simply a gorgeous film. It's obvious that they love each other by the way he touches her hair and shoulder, and by the way she looks at him when he's holding the camera, not to mention how tender she is with his penis throughout. Well done! By far my favorite erotic film and I would love to see more of Clover and her boyfriend. In fact I'd like to see a whole website section featuring real couples. Thanks for this beautiful film!
Oral love massage
It's a pleasure to follow such video showing sex and eroticism as a clean play with nothing to be ashamed of. For this reason i don't understand why the girl is showing everything of her beautiful body while the man is completely covered and only the cock is seen. It seems as if he were ashamed to show off, while it would be absolutely natural and beautiful to see both the girl and the man playing with sex. I think it would be beautiful to see a complete sexual intercourse and I hope that Peter in the next future will be able to do so with his fantastic style.
two comments on a beautiful set
Without question a beautiful set, sensitively done, beautiful lighting, and explicit without being vulgar. That, of course, is the trick. I would add only two comments, the first to reiterate what has already been said--that the male should also have been nude, and second, my own preference, that she had kept him in her mouth. It's far more loving and exciting that way. We don't need to seem him ejaculating in order to know what has occurred. By their mutual actions we will understand precisely what is going on--that he has had a superlative orgasm, and that she wants him with full intensity, and all this without seeing a drop of semen.
Great Job
This was an excellent shoot. A couple of comments.....First, the site is exceptional because of the perfect lighting, exposure etc. The filming of this scene was too much with backlighting from the window. Would have been even more exceptional with the perfect studio lighting you normally use. Second, it would be create to see Clover with the other male models instead of the with the same boyfriend - no offense to the boyfriend. Keep it cuming!
RE: Too much cock
This was about a girl generously and lovingly pleasuring a penis. Her smile showed her delight in giving the estacy of ejaculation to her man. Such a beautiful, satisified, giving smile at the end when she gets him to the point of cumming. For me this was a natural and beautiful eroticism celebrating the giving of sexual pleasure. No artifical and false pretence of sexual excitement by girl. Just honest enjoyment of pleasing and teasing. What man wouldn't want a girl like this? I just don't see how you can have this without as much cock as girl. Peter, very glad you are finally showing ejaculation and semen! I would dearly like to see more girls teasing and playing with penises.
Great! Our request is finally answered! More like this please!
Brilliant, moderate speed and sensational. What's her name?
Geat ending
That is one of the most sensual massages I have seen. I definitely liked the ending - more please.
Well Done
So impressed with this work...such intimacy and eroticism...shown to us in a very new and so hot way. Gratitude to all involved for making this a very special, special viewing for us to enjoy. Bravo.
Beautiful model but...
I'm obviously in the minority but to me this was about as interesting as watching her eat a bowl of cereal.
The sound
I myself prefer to listen to oral sex and I felt as tho' the music did not fit this video at all. The music in the start was from a fantasy film of some sort. It would have been perfect if it had only the natural sounds of her kissing and licking.
We've waited a long time for Hegre-Art to move in this direction. It was worth the wait. I hope to see more of this kind of content on the site, and hope this video marks the beginning of a trend.
Oral Love Massage
What a pity that her partner couldn't be bothered to undress in order to receive such a superb fellation.
That was amazing! And her eyes...stunning eyes.Just a lovely girl all around! I absolutely loved this scene.My life would be complete if only I could see Patricia in a scene like this!!
Otra vez excelente!
Muy bien logrado, ella muy simpatica. Eres un artista con la cámara! Very well done, she is very sweet . you are an artist!
Placer sin igual
Espectacular este masaje, sensaciones sin igual, preciosa nena con una elegancia maravillosa, de lo mejor que he visto. Felicidades.
Prince Albert Piercing
Many thanks for this wonderful Video including the "final shot". Please make more of this kind of videos, such as someone already posted, "not cheap-pornographical" but "sensitiv-erotical". As I see, the male model has normally a Prince Albert piercing as I can see because of his second hole (I have one too :) ). Please let his piercing next time "weared", that would be awesome... More of this please.
RE: RE: Too much cock
he's a homophobe because he, like me, would rather see more female nudity than male? I personally prefer the multiple girl stuff.That's not homophobic. that's heterosexual!
more please
I agree! This is the best kind of porn. Real female generosity, and beauty, she was just having fun and being sweet while thinking like a photographer, and for that we thank you. I like the orgasm part, for sure!
Thank you !!
Many thanks for that ! It was just perfect. Especilly that you showed the orgasm thats how its supposed to be! I realy look forward to See more like this !
So natural
What I love about this video is how natural and 'un-pornographic' it seems. Yet no less exciting or sexy for it. That girl seems so cute and sincere in the way she pleasures her man.
Sexy Clover
I'm very happy for see finally that video! She's very very nice & sexy. I like her blowjob, and I hope for see more gallery of Clover, gallery and video. Sweet emotions from her eyes ...
Excellent: that is the way a guy should appear on a film, no face or close-up on him. It all focused on Clover's beautiful and sexy face, such a good blowjob, that is the way it should be, good!
It's so great to see something like this that actually shows sex (massage? Come on!) the way I experience it- with tenderness, humour, playfulness and intimacy instead of the usual hideous display with the girl choking herself and the whole thing appearing to be geared around domination. Clover looks utterly relaxed and the warmth between the two is palpable. As for "anatomically unnatural", don't freak, I'm pretty sure that's just a piercing.
One word prefect
This movie is excellent (very good shots, good light, nice music, tenderness and elegance) and Clover is – as usual – gorgeous. But the man has something anatomically strange, even unnatural, while Clover persists in looking at the camera. If that is the way it is, it’s impossible to identify oneself to him.
RE: Too much cock
You're a homophobe. It's about the act and technique. I never found myself looking at his penis and wondering for less than a second, "wonder what she'd look like on mine!?" You have issues. Go watch Disney movies if you're afraid of penises. This site has been needing this but the homophobes that creep on it complain too much. Grow up.
This will be the most watched film you have ever done. The music, the light kisses and licks shows that she is making love to him and his penis. You can see that are actions are what she really feels for him. WOW, so much better than porn.
Oral Love
Wonderful to see her looking at camera, glad I wasn't the camera man....I couldn't have stood it, and looking at her back and butt as she was carrassing him in that position was magnificent, I love the small of a womans back,nice to see something diffrent as much as I love girls and their bodies and seeing them massaged to orgasm it was nice to see her smiling face as she caressed his cock to orgasm and while I would have liked to see him explode in her mouth it was nice to see her expression when he came.....I would however have liked to see wha he was doing back there while she was laying on him...I think he was having some fun too!
That is the best by far anywhere on the web. Top class. Beautiful work.
If only
If only she would pass my way. I have been looking for a girl like this it seems like all my life
This is a woman who knows what she is doing OK. I hope he realises what a lucky guy he is.
It’s obvious how strongly they feel about each other and it’s good to see that come across in this movie
hmmm...well, I wouldn't exactly call a girl giving a guy a blowjob a "massage"! but, hey...that's just my opinion, I could be wrong!
How to
I watched this with my partner and it got her turned on. Even better she picked up on all the variations on how to go about it instead of just sucking.
Sinnliche Massage
Sehr sinnlich dieser Film. Habe genau hingeschaut und bei ihm was entdeckt. Ein kleines Loch in der Mitte unter seine Eichel. Ist er Prinz-Albert.Träger? Bei ihr haben mir ihre schönen Fingernägel gefallen. Ein schönes langes Nagelbett mit normal geschnittenen Fingernägeln statt langer Krallen. Sie trug kein Zungenpiercing, was doch heute viele Frauen haben. Mir hat der Film gefallen.
Too much cock
There was too much cock here for my liking. Somehow the girl got kinda lost in a way and it was all about him.
very cute...the slower version of Sasha Grey's :)