Screaming Volcano Orgasm Massage

May 22, 2012

Sometimes powerful forces lie dormant. But deep down they are smouldering still.

The moment comes when they must break out. The time is ripe for an eruption. So it is with her. At first the tremors are slight. They are signs of the awakening that has started. Gathering strength they will not be resisted. Nature must take its course. There is no holding back. She is aroused by the caresses that reach to the deepest parts of her.

Finally there is the spectacle of her awe-inspiring flow.

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Members' Comments

Shrieks, gasps, mewing
Kiki is the Sarah Bernhardt of the orgasm.
Most oils are not appropriate for sensitive tissue. Need to avoid scented, flavored, etc. Stick to simple water based oils.
RE: The Nice Oil
The oil is primarily olive oil (essential oil), and other herb extracts are added to give it a particular flavor. Oil plays an important part in the effect of the massage. I really liked her the way she reacted to the massage but took lot of time to erupt. maybe the therapist did not touch the right place deliberately. Couldn't see the face of therapist though. Good one
The Nice Oil
I've seen the question around but yet to see an answer: what oil does she use for external and internal use? I want to get it! Thank you to anyone of help and another wonderful video put together.
she really have a very nice figure
I hope you enjoyed it with your super sexy and super sweet body! Nice!!!
Quite girl !!!
Pelvic rocking bodies response to her touch such a great learning experience
You are indeed educating us in how to give the greatest PLEASURE TO OTHERS and a fantastic learning experience that perhaps we could not get any other place than your website!
It looks so super hot and fantastic when is lying on her back and is getting closer and closer to her orgasm and you can see her abs contract and her hips are shaking! what an orgasm!
Her orgasm was like a volcanic eruption. She just let it all out. I loved the way she covered her ears.
This video is the reason I joined Hegre Art
This video is the reason I joined Hegre Art. I had seen a lot of Petter's photoshoots, which are superb, but I also found them to be readily available enough throughout the web not to feel the need to join. However, once I saw even a small portion of this video, published as a an advertistment, I absolutely HAD to see the whole thing! Imagine my delite to find that there were many more where this one came from! Still, having watched a large majority of them, this one still tops my list. Combine Kiki's beauty, the perfection of her nude body, and her willingness to let go like this, and you've got a recipe for something never before seen in erotic film; pure, authentic, unadulterated, orgasmic bliss! And like others, in addition to finding it unbelievably stimulating myself, I've also found it to be one of the greatest educational videos I've ever come across. Put this kind of time and care into pleasing your woman and she'll be screaming your name from the roof tops! Thank you to Kiki and her masseuse for allowing themselves to be so intimate on film!
Each time I see the combination of Petter and Kiki you take me to a place I did not think others knew about. My Orgasm are pretty extreme. I do not know if you would look anything like Kiki, but that vision is exactly how I feel Thank you to you both and we can never get too much of this combination
Kiki is the best Girl Please moooooooooe
Very arousing and artfully done!!!
I very much enjoyed this tasteful massage video of a very attractive and sensual women. I would love to see all of the women on your site participate in these exploratory and orgasmic videos. Well Done!!
RE: Orgasm
Being fucked well only 25% of women actually orgasm by penile penetration alone!! That leaves a huge majority that need direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm this film depicts fantastic clitoral labia massage to get her there!!
RE: Thank You
Absolutely riveting wasn't it love this site!!
RE: The Art of Orgasm
I joined because the messages are tasteful and well put together this is one of Hegres finest!!
Thank You
Bravo to all involved!!!! Being able to share this moment of pure ecstasy was a privilege not soon forgotten. Stunning model !! Thank You
Interesting. Kiki does take a time to bring off - is she this slow to orgasm when actually being fucked? A rather worrying prospect if that's so - but maybe it's not. (There would be only one way to find out, and I guess we won't be seeing that for a while!) When it comes the orgasm is simply beautiful - but while the last ten minutes of the film are great, there is only so long I can watch a pussy being stroked and probed before I begin to get a bit - admit it - bored. It's a nit of a problem, and I don't know what the solution is - certainly not a series of ten-minute massage films, I guess. Having the masseuse naked, as so many say so often, would be a great help in keeping up the interest. But don't want to sound grumpy! - thanks again for a remarkable experience.
roaring volcano sensual massage
I would have loved to be there, with the lady, and given her more of a massage and kept at it for a longer period of time.
sensual massage May 22nd
hey girls and gents still one of my most favorite massage moments on Hegre. I just came home again from a Champagne infused house party with many gorgeous looking girls at place......being 40, this means many girls you don't want to be looking at, you just do. long story short.....this movie, I so die to have the girl that does the massage get massged once too. I am in love with her amazing breasts, and I am dreaming of the idea some women gets her off...... dear Hegre, please make that happen.... I guess I am not the only one that is so turned on by the massaging women. if she has a video on, that I may have missed so far. please let me know. à votre santé et sexualitée. Merci*
The Art of Orgasm
I have always thought that Kiki and Valerie are two of the most gorgeous woman on the planet. Indeed, Valerie was the reason I have joined and remained a member of this site. This is not just a massage, it is the art of massage taken to the next level of ultimate pure pleasure given and received. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of art that I have ever seen. The climatic orgasm is well worth the wait but whatever you do, do NOT miss the shower scene at the end! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you Kiki! Bravo Hegre Art!
Such Intrigue
Kiki is a wonderful woman. I have spoke with her, I've read her writing, exchanged thoughts and so forth and I find her very down to earth -- perhaps somewhat surprising given her amazing abilities; then again perhaps not. She's as fit as piano wire, but I always have this desire to want to feed her steak for a week. If she looks this thin on film... Men and women are different creatures and goodness knows I couldn't manage what she does in front of a camera, even if I had the looks she has. Still, why is it that her orgasms always seem to come from desperation and not from depth? I've spent my life with plenty of different women, but none seemed to have to fight quite so hard to have an orgasm. Of course, none did so with a camera over their head either.... I respect the emotion she brings to her efforts.
playing with fire
omg, this is heaven: great body indeed, nice massage work and extreme orgasm. Waiting for next vid from Kiki !!!
great follow up
Wow! Great body and SUPER orgasm; way to hang in there Kiki and let the masseuse keep the action on your "rosebud" during and after your scream of joy. All models and masseaues should watch your video before entering the arena. Wow again!
I'm seeing this only now, and i'm stunned. Totally, completely and utterly stunned by the devine creation that is Kiki. From now on, i dare only to refer to her as a goddess of errotica. Watching this goddess from all those angles, watching as she braces herself for the orgasm, watching the youthful strength of her devine body absorbing the waves of pleasure... The goddess is ready now, as i am, ready for more, ready for a steaming hot game of sex...
What an amazing girl, beautiful face, slim, tight body, great muscles, great breast and nipples and an amazing orgasm. Kiki you are my fantasy !!!!!!!!!!
amazing orgasm, boring lead
RE: The most amazing orgasm !
I would add that I had the chance to meet Kiki on the web cam and I know her way of coming and that is just great! Kiki, you are a good girl....
RE: Does not ring true
you are absolutely right. 30 minutes the same action. quite boring. there were others much better like "multi orgasmic massage" and "explosive orgasmic massage (5stars)". the mentioned ones turns you really hot (also my wife) but not this video.
well, it worked for me! the shower at the end was a nice touch!
The most amazing orgasm !
This just a stunning moment that Kiki gave us here! So fantastic and beautifull! Thank you for all you do Kiki! You are the best.
Does not ring true
Well....somehow I don't buy it. Her face has not changed, no blushing, no glimmer in the eyes, no sign of an emotion on her skin, just a blank face.....and I would say such a prolonged massage of her tender parts with no variation whatsoever in rythm or touch would induce a numbness and remove any orgasm possibility. But then, I am not a woman. My wife loves masturbation from me, but she would never reach anything pleasurable if I did it that way....
Kiki rocks, her job is tougher than the massues's. This is the content that will keep me from leaving the site. My wife wouldn't react in the same way, and I wish she would.
as good as it gets
Just amazing. Sexy and beautiful by the bucketful..
screaming toe curler
all I Can say is WOW, this is a great how to please a woman video. also just watching her move in response to the touches. the way her lower back ripples in time with the touches was amazing. and the way the hands moved faster then slowed down after the peak of cumming. like other comments i too enjoy it when a woman screams at her pleasure. i hope everybody who watches this video learns as much as i have. now to find a woman to practice on...
On a recent Kiki Gallery I said that she is very, almost too thin. But in this massage I must admit that her tight body and her abs are veeerrry hot. Absolutely hot video. Maybe even the hottest....
Watching her move and hearing her cum reminds me of my former mistress. I loved nothing better than making her scream, the louder the better. God, I miss her!
My wife wants
Kikis diet-plan and her exact workout schedule. She adores Kikis body as much as I do!
Big Bang!
It's amazing how her body collects all this orgasmic energy until her whole Universe exploded, giving birth to a new one. The tension and apprehension in this video is enough to send anyone over the edge. Amazing stuff!
Wow! Let's see more like this...spectacular! Petter once again has outdone himself...thank you for this.
It was strange getting those shots from under the massage table through the breathing hole. I can’t say exactly how but it looked a bit weird. What does anyone else think?
Picked up a useful tip from this movie when the masseur grips and squeezes the outer lips together and fingers her at the same time. Thanks, girls
Re: Enjoyment
Thanks for that Dino because it’s what I do when I come but some men I know are embarrassed by it. It’s good to know that some men enjoy it and why shouldn’t I do it my own way?
I’m loving the way she shrieks at the end when she has her orgasm. I like it when a woman lets her enjoyment show but my gf seems kinda shy of that.
Downy hair
The way the light glistens on her skin and highlights that downy hair like at about nine minutes in gets me going big style. It’s a fantastic effect.
oh. new update. Now I downloading. I can't wait.
Very exciting ... she's beautiful and sexy. Love that session, I like Kiki. I hope for see the same massage with EN. Ciao
Writhing in ecstasy....
Fantastic video! I love watching her abdominal muscles writhing in ecstasy when she comes. I also loved it when, just for an instant, she opened her eyes in mid-orgasm and stared into the camera. Without doubt, the hottest massage video so far.
Wow! It's one of the best... <3
Kiki is one the girls i would marry on the spot. Every time I see her, i would fall in love again. And now this erotic movie. Thank you! A very gentle but extremely addictive massage. Thank you Hegre for making this movie and thank you Kiki for sharing us your beauty and intimate feelings. You make my whole body tingle and tremble. Just only with this video. <3
playing with fire
oh, it is one of your best! her face seen from bottom up is very exciting - as well as the whole action. congratulation pettar!