Sunset Climax Massage

June 19, 2012

What does it take to make a tropical paradise complete? How about a beautiful girl, nude and waiting?

Waves lap in the background and wind rustles the palm trees. At full stretch on the massage table she surrenders to the strokes. They soothe her sensitive body. Soon the fingers turn to exploring between her thighs. Then the masseuse becomes more insistent and still more intimate. As the light fades she enters a private world of delight.

This is your passport to pleasure.

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Members' Comments

Excellent job lady's. Thank You
I love her fierce noseflare she does with her nose wings. Just observe it. That turns me on, as it seems to be synchron with her orgasmic impulses. Please more girls with noseflare.
very hot
I like the why she comes
left me in the dark!!
Love your site, best in the world. Breathtaking cutting edge themes usually with the correct amount of detail. The orgasms were superb but I like to see what's going on as my imagination obviously doesn't match the result. Please can we see the same massage with the usual attention to detail as this one left me in the dark!! Super erotic stuff, beautiful model with orgasm inducing masseuse but please let me see it.
way to go girl
I must say to Engelie, bravOOOO, your O's are super. Stay with the finger action for ten seconds more during your scream, and the whole internet will crash because of too many replays. Way to go girl!
Splendid model and most erotic massage
Great great great video ! the shadows, the way things are half-hidden, it makes for a very erotic sensation!
RE: 4-hand massage
Yes I want to see 4 hand massage, I used to get this type of massage in Germany. It was a Thai 4 hand massage, it is so incredible when there are hands all over ur body when you climax!
Enjelie my dream
Enjelie's orgasm is fantastic... I'm dreaming to meet one day with Enjelie... just to talk .. .also the tropical sunset time was perfect with the nice touching massage ... well done Hegre...
Sunset Climax
Light levels during the massage were too low. Should have been as bright as when she was walking on the beach towards the sea. Camera angles were also rather unimaginative. Still the girl seemed to enjoy it, which is important.
RE: Re: Travel movie
Hi, you're so right. Nomen est omen: hegre-Art. I'm so happy, that there is no porno or these popular way of stimulations you can find everywhere webwide. I rather prefer this atmosphere and ambiente even in real life.
4-hand massage
Also, will we ever get a 4-hand massage?
I love the sunset concept, but I wish there was a bit more visibility towards the end. Perhaps some candles would have been nice.
Re: Travel movie
You are missing a lot with that attitude Pauli. The mood and the setting are very important whether it’s a movie or real life.
Nice to see Zana is still around Hegre Art. She us so skilled. And she has got sexy feet to. :)
Superbe femme, sensuelle, érotique, pas de cinéma, elle se donne. Dieu qu'elle est belle !!!
The interplay of lights of a setting sun across the breadth of ENGELIE's sexy, oiled-down body, matched with her orgasmic cries as the masseuse, with deft hand, teases and waters the garden betwixt the thighs --- THRILLING & BREATHTAKING.
Sooooooo beautiful! Will do this for you) promise!
Travel movie
When I watch a massage movie it is the massage I want to see with lots of close up action. I don’t want a travel movie.
What a great mix of professional massage and foreplay. This masseur is so skilled at blending these two things.
Many orgasms
Loved the way she got into it twice over. I envy the way women can have so many orgasms.
Where is this place? I want to go there right now.