Intense G-Spot Massage

July 3, 2012

The G-spot is the sexual Eldorada. It’s the place of untold pleasure. But does it even exist? Watch – and you will have no doubt that is real. It is almost in your grasp.

The explorer who finds her way to this promised land has long firm fingers. It’s all she needs to start her and her companion on their quest. They go deeper and deeper into the interior. When their search is rewarded the excitement is almost too much to bear.

Join them on their journey to the destination of desire.

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Members' Comments

beautiful inspiration. Thank you, sweet heart!
Wooooww!!! Unbelievably sexy and beautifull!
more please
The sensual masages leading to orgasm like this one are the abosolute best ever. More please.
RE: My own orgasms
Donna - perhaps you should take a video of it next time and upload it here - sounds gorgeous....
re: my own orgasms
Maybe the recipient of the massage isn't as 'open' because of the camera or lack of complete privacy....though a lot of people 'got off' on being watched. btw, if that masseuse was working on me i'd throbbing and shooting more than a little semen multiple times :D
RE: My own orgasms
I'd like to see that!
My own orgasms
After watching this, I had to masturbate. The film is intensely arousing, and I am sure those who are open, will admit to masturbation. I am a woman. I have 3 partners, one is a woman, and I am 43. I am chinese. Yet, when I see caucasian women orgasm, they seem to be more "dry"...I think most asian women will squirt at this level of pleasure...and I certainly did. My abs did the same contractions, and after this..I had to make my friend go down on me, and I too made her lie down and I ground my self into her mouth until I came again for the 3rd time!
An extremely interesting massage. Needless to say, the model is extremely beautiful and with a fascinating and beautiful cunt with a lovely almost concealed clit. The masseuse's technique is interesting and does work: I tried it on a young professional lady who I see regularly, and it reduced her almost to hysteria, and she asked me never to go it again - the pleasure was so intense she could not bear to think of other customers the same day trying to arouse her; if that's not a testimonial I don't know what is!
Zana is a Genius
absolutely love to watch Zana's hands during the first session. It's like watching a concert pianist. Her right hand fingers spend a long, teasing time preparing the model's vulva. Then Zana's right thumb penetrates agonizing slowly and warms up the model's vulva even more. Finally, two fingers on her right hand expand the model's vulva even more and begin a relentless pulsing that must be tiring for the masseuse, but she never falters. Meanwhile, Zana's left thumb is caressing the model's perineum or anus in slow lazy strokes or circles. For the remainder of the session, Zana's left thumb is still, resting on model's anus or near it. Would any movement by the left thumb be a distraction and not contribute to the orgasm?
RE: Who is the massage therapist?
The therapist is Zana.
more massages
How about a man and a woman giving each other a massage, maybe Clover and her boyfriend ?
Re: Made up
Keep looking Tarrant. I promise you it is worth the search and it is not as though it is any hardship to try.
Who is the massage therapist?
I would love to know who the massage therapist is that graces most of Petter's work here. She is quite amazing...I wish she, or someone like her, practiced her art here in the USA. My wife would love such an experience...
Wow! Love how her stomach muscles flex during her build-up.
RE: where to find?
I organise them for my girlfriend all the time. In Australian just look up gumtree.com.au and search for sensual massage for women. Lots of professional masseurs will do home massages and bring a table and oils
where to find?
I was wondering if anyone knew how to go about finding someone to do a massage like this? I would love to organise one for my girlfriend. The only places I seem to be able to find are the usual rub-n-tug operations. We are in Melbourne, Australia.
RE: RE: Models Name
Thank You everybody who replied Cheers
watching her body as she builds up her climax is almost as hot if not as hot as watching what the masseuse does to her....
Great Video!
I really like the video, but would like to see more males getting massaged by females, especially where you can see the masseuse's face. Or more of these, but with masseuse's face visible.
RE: Models Name
Candice I think :)
RE: Models Name
It's Candice. As for the masseuse, I don't know.
RE: Models Name
She is the beautiful Candice.
Models Name
Hi,could you please tell me the models name. Thank You
RE: MAde up
I suggest you get your girl to tell you where it is. Don't be shy about asking. Women s=can be a bit of a puzzle so sometimes you need there help to get them there. That's how I learned how to find it and how to perform oral sex on them. Now I'm almost a master. I think lesbians and bi women still have me beat but I'm working on it.
Re: Made up
You are wrong about it being made up. You can take it from me that it very definitely is there. My guy finds it every time.
MAde up
I have tried to find this G-spot many times but without success. I think it is something which has been made up.
Thanks for this movie. I got this tip from it about 30 minutes in when the masseur presses down with the palm of her hand outside while she is stroking inside at the same time. It’s simple and obvious when you think about it but I didn’t think of it till now.
Congratulations to both you girls. It is great to see two women being so much at ease with each other and enjoying what you do. Those close-up shots are fantastic.