Tantric Milking Massage

July 17, 2012

That is the essence of Tantra – to care for another person’s deepest needs. Fabi shows beautifully what this means.

From the moment that she gently applies the oil everything is just for him. She knows what he needs to be brought to full awareness. His sensual nature is roused then calmed before it is roused still further. Fabi caresses and squeezes his most sensitive zones. She brings the subtle power of Tantra to bear.

Can he receive her gifts without releasing his potency?

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Members' Comments

I'm not bi-curious in the least, so for me I like seeing a woman enjoying this kind of play. If any women are here, take note, if you consider this kind of thing fun and playful then you own us basically. We love you all and like being around you.
Prostate massage
It would have been great while jacking him off, that she massage his prostate at the same time for a bigger orgasm.
i wish she was more like flora...i wish you still made hot videos of her
RE: throbbing orgasm
I find Mike's penis so aesthetically pleasing. The way his testicles are very taut and the way an african american penis looks in general. s
Tantric Milking Massage
Another Fab performance. It requires immense skill -- given the amount of stimulation involved and the male tendency to cum quickly -- deliberately to retard the receiver's ejaculation for almost half an hour.
throbbing orgasm
This scene is stunning. Fabi is an extremely intense gifted masseuse . I am hypnotized watching her work on a man's penis. Even though he did not spray semen out, you can tell he came hard. Right before Mike's ejaculation, you can see the gland at the base of his shaft throb vigorously. Truly and amazing orgasm!
SIMPLY AMAZING! This woman is absolutely amazing - her hands are drivingme crazy. And the young man is making me wonder if I could be bi-curious. That cock is beautiful The way his cum just hangs there is killer. I came a second time just watching her clean him up. Again - - AMAZING!
FABI: What is the name of that table with cut out. I can't find one
FABI: What is the name of that table with cut out. I can't find one
I am not gay, but did enjoy this video, especially at about the 2:00 mark, where the subject of some extremely skillful ministrations began spurting thick, creamy cum. The way the milking action brought forth a little additional jism made me emulate his reaction.
Milking Pleasure
My girlfriend saw this with me and afterwards massaged me sexually in very much the same way. When I got to the point where I knew I was going to ejaculate, my g/f [who was watching the video whilst she was massaging my hard-cock] carefully followed the skilful way the girl milked this guy. Let me tell you it felt absolutely amazing ... whilst the emission seemed light in volume', each 'spurt' of my semen felt like a separate orgasm ... My girlfriend is so giving and she saw how much I enjoyed this, so she has 'milked' me several times since ... I'm truly hooked now, for me it is the most intense ejaculation experience of all.
Fabi looks great, in big knickers, not sure about the other guy. Thanks to all the team for sorting my log in. :)
Gallery continuity
If you check out the galleries on the rest of the site, it's ALL young women with an emphasis on taste and art. This really doesn't seem to fit the style and substance of the site. It does however fit tantra, which I realize is the focus of this section. No big deal, to each his own.
Well, the 'films' section features many female orgasms as well as the 'massage' section does, so there's hardly a takeover going on. I for one love to see a well hung guy being brought to climax by a female in a massage scenario.
Hmmm, could we please get back to naked young women having orgasms? I think the term milking has been bandied about. Seems about right.
I think this was one of the most erotic massage videos yet. This is not a cartoon ! Most men dont "shoot" cum.....they just cum. Thats the natural physiological reality. It was amazing and I think the gentleman in this video would tell you he enjoyed it immensely. Great Job !
lack lustre
For me, she 'overworked' his glans with that constant palming of it. That is a VERY sensitive thing to do to a guy and the result is that he sometimes becomes 'oversensitised' and subsequent ejaculation can be difficult - especially by carrying on with the same treatment, it gets kinda 'painful'. The result? he just 'oozed' when he came. She should have vigorously rubbed him at that point, given the scenario. Then he would have had a better, stronger orgasm. This has happened to me on a number of occasions at tantra and other erotic massage sessions. Women should think about how their clit would feel after being vigorously rubbed for 20 minutes. Oversensitive, that's the word.
I was expecting her literally milking from him down below...
After 25 minutes of being hard this guy dribbles.....
Fabi doesn't have to be nude here, she is showing her skills here not modeling or doing a porn video. She is a true Temple that we should respect. Her highly skilled talents should be worshipped and praised. I am a true follower of her and her work, please respect her for who she is and the work that she has showed us. So beautiful inside and out.
I would call that cuming in my book, though not exploding it sure looks like it felt good....
Been waiting for this...
I wanted to see this happen when he was getting massaged by Konata. Damn that was hot at the end. You could see his muscles pumping when he finally came.
RE: Milking?
Tom--you weren't watching when he came at 25:49
a finger or 2 in the ass would have been nice! I'm sure he has had that done to him before so why deprive us from seeing it.
RE: Milking?
Hey Tom, how much attention were you giving to the last 2 minutes of this video?. Have another look!.
Tantric Milking Massage
Some interesting original angles in this video. I continue to think -- since both erotic nudity and aesthetic presentation are Hegre hallmarks -- that more of the massage-givers could be as 'dressed' the same as those receiving, (i.e, naked), even if the receivers have to be blindfolded to reduce the risks of sensorial over-stimulation or inappropriate contact with the givers. This video suggests that you might be moving in that direction. If so, please continue to progress.
RE: Milking?
Tom, he came, at around 25:40... D
Well Tom, if you pay attention, at 25:45 the model does in fact "come." At least, in my experience, that is what I consider to be an orgasm. Next time try watching the entire movie before leaving a useless comment.
The word “milking” in the title led me to think that he would be coming. How about another movie where he does?
I thought that Tantric milking was all to do with the prostate gland. There’s a whole different movie just waiting to be made about that.
Different ways
I never realised how many different ways there are to handle a man till I saw what Fabi does in this movie. Thanks Fabi. Any more tips?
FABI et Mike
Nice BUT... why isn't FABI nude, too?! After all, there was the other massage video with YANKA and the brasileiro sometime ago. Both man and woman were FULLY NUDE then, with YANKA massaging the brasileiro.
That is a neat trick that Fabi has to stimulate him at 24 minutes in.
Thank you
Thank you for showing us so much. Me and my guy have watched this together about six times now and followed exactly what you do. It gets better all the time.