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Sinnliche Massage | Jul 31, 2012

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Spieldauer: 29:48 Minuten


Great Orgasm
I loved her orgasm. I loved how she moaned. She needs a male partner.
Missing Engelie very much! Does she still work with this Hegre Art because she has not put out a video in almost a year. Somebody please tell me something!
Engelie is so beautiful. She was the reason I joined this site. Her face and body are a perfect 10. I want to see more of her really soon. It has been to long since she has had a massage. Next time both Engelie and the masseuse can be naked because she looks like she has a wonderful figure too!
Once again beautiful massage & O!
I Luv this girl! Engelie is truly a pleasure to watch. Amazing video!! Great job!! Just a side note. The pop up watermarks are a bit distracting.
I know the star of this video is the young woman being massaged, but I am just as enamored of the masseuse! Her technique and enormous skill are a treat to watch. I greatly admire how she knows just what to do and when to do it.
So sensual
This massuese has such sensual hands + fingers ... I'd so love her to take my ultra-hard penis in her hands and to place the tip into the girl's lovely vagina and push my bottom till the whole of it [my cock] is all the way in ... Then I'd love her [the masseuse] to massage my bottom + prostate sensually whilst I'm thrusting slowly but firmly inside the girl ... I am quite sure I'd have the most sensational ejaculation ever!
3 great orgasms. I love the way her hips buck as she experiences the contractions rippling through her vagina
RE: RE: Re: Cry out
So true! If you expect that at every orgasm a woman cries loud, then you are on the best path to get mostly fake orgasms! Every time it is different and to expect the moaning or cry everytime is like expecting a copy every time. What Angelie did was not fake. Crying all the time and louder would mean either pain or fake. :o)
Both KiKi and Engelie seem to do the quiet built, and let it all out at once. Part of the reason they are two of my fav's here. It's a nice change from the constent moaning and hyperventilating in some of the others, they tend to sound fake or dubbed. FYI, her tattoo is a cover up of "SAINT"....
RE: Re: Re: cry out
if you are a fan of Kiki, you know what to expect when she gets need earplugs :) seriously, Kiki and Engelie are the best couple of this site so far!
Re: Re: cry out
I think Eddy is right. I would go further. Let’s have all the noises that go with this and get a microphone real close up.
RE: Re: Cry out
Every woman has an orgasm in her own way, and sometimes it is the expectation of some men that an orgasm must be accompanied by loud screaming can lead to faked orgasms. What Engelie experienced was very, very real. In particular, it takes a great deal of self image for a woman to permit others to witness her orgasm.
Re: Cry out
I like to listen to Engelie as well but if she is so excited would she not be making a lot more noise than she does? I think there should be less background music and more of what the girls sound like.
Cry out
Engelie I think it so good the way you cry out when you are cumming. I can imagine you do that just for me. I like to listen to you.
Nice tattoo
That’s a nice tattoo you have there Engelie. It makes you even more sexy.
Best bits
Those are superb shots of her close up at 23 minutes plus. They are the best bits of all.
my dream girl...
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Dreifache Gewinnerin!

Engelie hat mehr als nur dreimal Glück gehabt. Das erste und zweite Mal haben ihr den Tag auch schon mehr als versüßt.

Sie ist fast unersättlich. Und das Glück ist auf ihrer Seite. Sie hat jemanden mit wundersamen Fähigkeiten gefunden. Diese bringen sie wieder und wieder zur größten Liebeswonne, die eine Frau erfahren kann. Jede einzelne ihrer erogenen Zonen sind erregt. Es beginnt mit ihren Füßen, dann wandert die Aufmerksamkeit in Richtung der intimeren Bereiche, bevor sie ihren finalen Höhepunkt erreicht.

Sie öffnet sich jeder Wohltat, die eine Frau einer anderen geben kann.

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