Explosive Orgasmic Massage

August 1, 2010

German Masseuese Basia is a lifestyle dominatrix, tattoo artist and bondage performer!

This is no gentle massage - Dominika’s large pussy lips are roughly rubbed and her vagina forcefully penetrated by Basia’s fingers – just as Dominka likes it!

Massage of the clitoris and G-Spot is a fine art and when applied expertly the results can be explosive. And they certainly were for Dominika who experiences an authentic and loud orgasm!

  • Runtime: 15:52 Minutes
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Members' Comments

tender Dominika. the penetration seemed sweet but...
rose bud combined with G Spot massage
I would love to see one where a tongue is inserted into the anus and she sucks back against the sphincter as she inserts her tongue ever deeper while massaging her G Spot you can taste it when she has her ORGASM and to watch as her hips buck up and down would be such a thrill because in the end it is all about trying to give her maximum pleasure and watching her facial and other body reactions as it happens, the photographic and lighting quality Peter bring to this makes it such exquisite ART not PORN!
She is such a beautiful woman. She has such big pussy lips, and I am sure they are beautiful, but I think it would take me awhile to get used to them. I liked the orgasm.
Gorgeous sight
What a gorgeous girl and absolutely stunning and beautiful pussy lips. Thank you Dominika
Beautiful Pussy, Beautifully Massaged
What a delight to see beautiful Dominika's beautiful Pussy so close and in such detail. To watch her lovely pussy being massaged, her gorgeous pussy lips being manipulated, bringing this goddess to a powerful orgasm! Her pussy is a wonderful, beautiful work of art; it deserves all the best attention she desires for it.
Her beautiful pussy reminds me of a magnificent calla lily. One of my favorite flowers. Just beautiful !!!!!
Hon har en vacker fitta, in englisg she has a beautiful pussy
nice pussy!
what a beautiful girl with an awesome beautiful pussy!
Dominika C
Hallo Dominika, das Spiel mit dem Kitzler und deinem geschwollenem Vötzchen - Herrlich geil !!!
RE: female orgasm / hair
actually she is squirting in the end you can see it when u slow mo
"Hits the Spot"
A top drawer piece of Adult entertainment for the connoisseur. Utterly exquisite
one of the best
absolutely one of the best yet! Thankyou again Dominika you beautiful, amazing woman!
With those manual skills, who needs men?
Dominika C
More massages please for this amazing woman who has the largest most prominent labias of all your models. Imagine if her clitoris was not average but even much larger, always exposed as some women's are ? Dominika C has such beautiful genitals
good on ya
would be great if you gould find a squirter . . . . just a thought
Delightfully Erotic
So many ways to explore the nooks and crannies of one's sensuality. Erotic massages is certainly one of them. Viewing the film is a delightfully erotic experience.
I was wondering
It seemed that the model became so close to her climax at the end, she wanted to finish herself off. It would have been interesting to see that ending.
Blast off!
That was an orgasm that needed to be had. The massuese took her slightly beyond Dominika's threshold to reward her with an intense orgasm that made her glands look as though they were going to pop! I am surprised she did not squirt......she was there!
very hot
Is there a chance to see the uncut version?
I really would love to see the unedited footage of the video. Is there a chance to get it? How much would you charge? This is really intriguing - and quite heavyly edited. What happened in between? I'd absolutely love to see it.
The massage videos lure was the reason I joined the site, so far they have not disappointed. I loved the way the masseuse entered the models ass with her pinky. Love it.
I would have rather seen Dominka give herself an explosive orgasm with her own beautiful fingers. For some reason I believe that she could have done a much better job. It's amazing after 10+ years online, the subject of self masturbation is still too "taboo" for Mr. Hegre...but yet it's somehow "morally okay" if some "world renown masseuse" masturbates his models. Go figure.
Lovely model, dreadful masseuse
Dominika is a wonderful model, attractive and sensuous. Where though, did you get the masseuse from ? She was brutal. There where moments where you could clearly see Dominika wanted to ease the masseuse's hand away from her vagina, she was just being so hard on her clitoris, but the masseuse grabbed her hand to stop her. THAT WAS WRONG. She didn't seem a particularly nice person, either. I don't like tattoos, but I can appreciate some for their aesthetic qualities. Hers, however, well they told a story, that's for certain... Her nails were rough, too. You didn't do Dominika justice with this video, Hegre. No more rough stuff, please. Explosive orgasms, yes, but not with bullying.
female orgasm / hair
i would like to see women unshaved and maybe a women who ejaculates when she is getting a massage. it must be wonderful. dominika c i beuatiful. more orgasm videos from her !!!
Truely carnal and erotic
What strikes more in this film it is the extreme softness, elasticity and abundance of the meat of the pussy of the model, made even more soft from the oil or ointment of preparation that the maitresse scatters to the beginning on the pussy. And that splendid images, especially in the last third part of the film
I subscribed for the massage videos and certainly haven't been disappointed :)
Great stuff. The massage films are precisely why I just signed up for another year. Keep it coming.
Anyone else notice Basia give her the ol' shocker around the 7 minute mark? Hot stuff!
Awesome video
Killer video. Dominika is sublime as usual. She' so beautiful with a great personality, and has the most amazing yoni! Basia is excellent as well. It's a much harder job than it appears, and she does it with perfection. Love those tattoos. These massge videos are some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
new videos
I agree with John. I would like to see some new videos about massage. They are very good and the women are beautiful. The more hair the better
Dominika C
Have now seen the masturbation film four times and it gets better. Those cunt lips of Dom are superb and when swollen out of this world. Would it not have been more erotic for say an older MASTER to have masturbeted her? And please next time can we see her clitoris with its hood withdrawn. Give even more of an edge to the film. Congtatulations to all. Nigehug
The idea of these movies about sensual or erotic massage is great but I would be more careful choosing proper models and massager. In this video the model has lots of spots in the face and her genitals not really attracting with so big lips.. the massager as well, is full of tatoos, which is not nice to see. for the rest great
Ditto Jeff and John's comments.
...when will we see a new massage vid? I luv them, too
When will we see a new massage video posted? I love them!!
Great praise goes to Dominika but also a great deal of praise should go to Basia for doing the "massage". Basia seems to know how to deal with women. Does she know as well about men? Thank you very much to both of you two. It was a great pleasure watching you. Bearny PS - Thank you also for the cameraman... ;-)
Super Video! Please more like this. When do we see such a video with Anna S? Please make my wish come true!!! Bye Gusbert-12
Bondage and massage together - suggestion
How about making some videos showing bound women, and men, receiving teasingly slow performed massage? I'd love to watch that... Oh, and btw, more natural hairy girls please ... Taste differs, I know, but we are many out here who love hair. Fantastic videos, all of them ! Beautiful models, both men and women, and perfect fotage. I really look forward to the next update of the massage site!!! :-)
I have never noticed this section before. Is it new? I can't believe how erotic this is...our beautiful and sexy Dominika finally gets what she deservies ;-)
Wow...what a beautiful woman, what a nice beautiful set of pussy lips she was given...I would love to feast my meat with that...very nice, gotta see more of these women, how about some exotic beauties with large clitoris's too would be a great pleasure.
Oh my god...
That was one intense session! Absolutely beautiful. Not just visually, but the lovely moan she makes as she starts to cum....such sweet music to my ears! Hope we see more like this.
First Yanna, now Dominka. I was always hoping to see some penetration with these models, but here Dominka goes one step further and gets the shocker! What a fantastic film. I'll be busting out some knuckle children over this one for some time!
Dominika`s Big O
That was sure the real deal. I love to see a beautiful woman lose control like that. Whew! She came so hard I thought my head was going to explode. Thanks Dominika for sharing that.
man i love those huuuuuuge lips!!! superb movie!!! im saving this on my hardrive for later ;)
I can’t wait to watch that again that is such a cool film Dominika really enjoys herself. I’d love to make her cum like that!
No words enough
That was just off the scale!!! Dominika is such a sex goddess and it was truly awesome to see her so unable to control herself. It’s amazing to see this technique for real and really good to see unfaked orgasms. Dominka really has a good one!
Well that’s something I’ve never seen before. Dominika is unbelievably hot and what a pleasure it is to hear her so turned on. If only it ha been me turning her on!!