Breast Mud Mask Massage

August 14, 2012

Yara is lavished with mud, glorious mud. It’s a wonderful feeling.

She luxuriates in the touch of the soft mud as it gradually covers her sumptuous breasts. Ever so carefully, more and more is pasted on to her. It spreads beneath and around her nipples. Her breasts are totally enclosed with it. She surrenders to the sensation that builds up while her breasts are fondled. Dreamily she drifts into her private delight.

This is what she had been yearning for. Now it has come true.

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Members' Comments

please much much more of her, she has a perfect body !!!!
The site.
The course brutality of the San Bernadino valley is abandoned. Here the calm that the female form engenders is unperturbed & its voiceless speech is able to penetrate the clutter and clatter of a corporatized American sex trade.
The site
This elevates touch to a religion of the body. The movements are slow & ritualized with a reverence the female form has, since its inception, long ago too long gone without. I find these moments therapeutic in helping the viewer see the female in the exalted recognition which it has always elicited but been refused by male paranoia.
RE: glans
@johnnyboy64, can we get an update on your status?
More large bustys
This is my favourite video on the site. More women with huge natural breasts are required. Excellent and very erotic.
I have just joined and this was amazing. I am fully erect and my glans is engorged. I'm not sure how much of this I can take without ejaculating.
Great, amazing breasts ! I thought they were implants in the beginning, but they obviously are not. I could spend HOURS playing with those ! Lovely girl. More, please, more of her!
Yara los es todo! Sublime!
This is great - I'd really like to see you expand the concept of bodywork into more spa-treatment style films, concentrating on the treatments that are most physically intense and sensual - like body brushing (massaging the naked body with a coarse brush) and contrast hydrotherapy (from hot to ice-cold water) particularly using a strong jet of water. I think this could make for a really erotic film. Perhaps a model could "earn" an orgasm after a treatment?!
RE: So hotttttt
It's obvious that the masseuse is aching to kiss and suck Yara's breasts and lick her pussy. Let it happen, and film it, please!
That would be awesome. :D
That would be awesome.
Nice massage video. BUT ... next time, treat YARA to a MUD BATH (from head to toe, FULLY NUDE).
RE: Re: What happened?
It's a matter of personal taste, that's all I was saying. If you like to see big breasts being massaged, that's fine for you. I just prefer something more holistic, i.e, that treats the whole body. 'Chacun à son goût' --everyone to his/her preference -- as they say over here.
Yara's Breast mud mask
Yara is the right hands, sitting on the right seat, with appropriate dress code. She is now on right way, isn't she ? Tanks Yara ! Keep going !
So hotttttt
I can only imagine how wet both their pussys were.....
Call me crazy (or just call me, Yara), but the time-lapse where her nipples went from 'innies' to 'outies' and back again will be forever etched in my memory as a highly memorable moment in erotic cinematography. And no breasts more 'up' for the job then hers. We demand a 'revisited' scene! In the mean time: Go Yara!
Well, I am now convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that those breasts are the genuine article! (implants dont squish like that!lol) and, they are spectacular!but, I must agree that you put too much emphasis on them! Yara is spectacular from head to toe, front and back!lots of talk of a part two in the comments! I hope we get one! with the mud put everywhere else, too!(and, being washed off)thank you very much, lovely yara for sharing your incredible beauty with us!
Whatever next..
Great video. I can't wait to see what treatment she gets in part two..
that was really hot....congrats. that combination of girl girl was gold. hav to get yara to open up and give more access
Yara has incredible breasts and I love a whole video focus on her breasts. It does make me want to see the rest of her soon. Please Peter I hope there is more.
The nipple project
Wonderful film, indeed: a great work based on big close-ups upon big boobs. Simple but very effective. The mud is an excellent idea, too: it increases the tactile feature of the whole scene. Bravo, Petter! Fabi is very good, as ever: calm, serious, diligent, and she obviously enjoys doing it. I’m sure Yara agrees. Now, since the mud+oil+gel concept is good, perhaps it could be extended to pay tribute to other very beautiful breasts: Luba, Gabriella, Muriel, Engelie, Ryonen, Anna S, Lynne, Monika, Sylvie, Tereza, etc. And – the icing (or the raspberry) on the cake – it would be very interesting to estimate, closer and closer, bit by bit, the erectile abilities of their nipples, when they are subjected to Fabi’s skillful fingers.
Really? I found this first part just ok, but the second half was highly erotic with the slow caressing, and the comfort, care and closeness that the masseuse showed to the model. I would love to get a massage like this!
Breast Mud Mask
I'm sure that Yara and Fabi really enjoyed themselves, and there may well be aesthetic and therapeutic benefits from such treatment but -- unless you are into into large breasts, which I am not -- this wasn't a very erotic experience. (I suppose the abdominal contractions were intended to crack the mud, but they looked rather odd in the context). The transitions between phases of the process (in the 12th and 14th minutes) were rather abrupt, probably because the process -- rather like this film, which was rather too long at more than 37 minutes -- is slow and boring to watch. As a result I was disappointed. Yara's nudity, and the vague gestures towards a massage of her whole body, hardly compensated for the general lack of interesting variety for my taste. Perhaps I have been spoiled by all the fantastic sexual massages that have recently been shewn and to which I hope we will soon return. Still, if the girls in the film enjoyed the experience, I suppose it was worthwhile for them and for those viewers who are satisfied by the sight of large breasts being massaged. I myself prefer to see a 'whole body' experience with more of a sexual flavour.
Re: What happened?
I don’t see what you are complaining about. Yara got a whole lot of breast fondling. What’s not to like?
Did it
It looks like the mud did it for her at about 11:30 on the same way it did for me.
What happened?
First part great but what happened in the second part? Where did all the mud go? I hoped that she would stay like that and get even more.
Amazing things
Yara you are stupendous. I hope we are going to see lots more of the amazing things that you can do with your beautiful breasts.
Getting going
Now it looks like Yara is getting going. I want to be the one to cover her totally with mud.