Masaje Sensual | Aug 28, 2012

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Duración: 34:42 Minutos

Comentarios de los Miembros

For me, it's a tough call between Dominika and Coxy. Dom has that exotic and mysterious thing going on, but Coxy is just straight up perfection. I think she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I'm glad we have her here, but she could be in Hollywood on the big screen, or on magazine covers in NY with that face and body. Amazing women.
This woman is perfect. I love it that she has a blemish on the inside of her left leg, like a maker's mark from God. I would love to lick her all over.
I must tell you, I am a huge fan of your massage videos; this is without a doubt the best massage video I have seen. I study all of your videos regularly and have learned a lot. I learned more from this video, than any other. The masseuse is fantastic, and your model is stunningly gorgeous. This is a very sensual and genuine massage..........please offer more videos with this model and this masseuse. Great job, Peter.
RE: Identifications
I agree that the masseuses -- and the models -- should be identified. The masseuses' skills are amazing and the models' willingness -- both male and female -- to be scrutinised, whilst being touched intimately, also deserves more recognition.
re massage
This is my second response to this massage video. I forgot to mention that there is no mention of the masseuse name. She needs to be mentioned and acknowledged of her skills In massage she is an unsung hero
re massage
This was a fantastic massage video. I would like to see more of the Masseuse she is amazing. I also do massage and I just learned so much off of her. I do most of her technics but she is way above the rest. The model is gorgeous and by the looks of it so is the Masseuse. We need to see more of this girl massage technics. Fantastic where did you find her she is amazing.
Too Soft
Fantastic Girl. But the massage was too softcore.
Everyone should see that movie
Totally fascinated from the beginning to the end by this high quality movie ! What such sensual lips (and many other parts of body, of course) ! Since movies with Anna S, I got bored a little bit. I hope this model will comme back soon ! Don't stop, Peter ! Peter Hegre, what else ?
All Over the Place
If that masseuse isn't diagnosed with ADD, I would be surprised. Thoroughly enjoyed the video, reminded me of what would happen if coxy went into a regular massage parlor and a pervert snuck in to give the massage. haha.
RE: Genuine massage
I agree completely. I'd actually prefer and even split between a "proper" massage like this one and the full on vadge-blasters most of the massages have been. This was how I first came to the site, I saw the old style massages, Anna S etc in Thailand, in Spain getting a proper massage and really enjoyed them.
For me, the whole point of these videos is erotic. To watch the model progress through increasing states of arousal to orgasm, with it's accompanying sights and sounds is the enticement. Many of these videos deliver, this does not.
Coxy - Therapeutic Massage
I really appreciated this presentation because it is the kind of therapeutic deep massage -- except for the total nudity -- that I have every couple of weeks to alleviate the severe muscular aches and pains resulting from polyarthritis. The results are always very beneficial for my health and general mobility.
Superb ass
What a superb ass. I hope this is just the start.
Cut to the chase
Coxy is one beautiful girl that’s for sure. Let’s cut to the chase and see more like we get half way through at about 16:50. That is what it is all about.
Genuine massage
I like the way she gets a thorough work-out massage for example on her neck and face. I like to watch genuine massage. It is much more exciting than pretend massage.
Blonde hair
You have very lovely long blonde hair. I hope that you will give us many chances to see you doing things with it. That is what I like.
Come back
Come back soon Coxy and don’t be such a tease next time. I can’t wait to see all the rest of you.
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Paraíso de los mimos

Cuando una mujer es tan perfecta como Coxy, solamente tiene que ser ella misma. Todo lo que necesita hacer es dejar que los otros le paguen tributo.

Aquí se relaja en la tierna adoración de su cuerpo. Comienza con sus elegantes piernas y pies y todo continúa desde ahí. Cada parte recibe el homenaje que se merece. Las exquisitas curvas de su trasero son exploradas. Así como la dulce perfección de sus pechos y pezones.

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