Blistering Lingam Massage

September 11, 2012

When they meet the atmosphere is intense. The attraction between them is electric.

She approaches slowly. Each of them is absorbed in their thoughts. As she massages him with a thousand skilful touches his masculinity rears up. All its pride and power are there on view. But she has her own ways to bring him down.

As the climax builds he can no longer resist where her hands take him. Who is it who has the power? Is it in his firmness? Or is it in her soft and supple fingers?

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Members' Comments

best job
Mike must have the best job in the universe. If he decides to retire, letme add my name to potential recruits. I am working on my situps and promise to be in shape. A 30 minute video may be out of the question. Do you supply Mike with Valium to last so long?
Randy boy
I like this to see her fully dressed jerking off the guy, he is so randy so he fingered her pussy, I like to see women handjob randy boy so the ejaculate
Lingam Massage
fABI is fantastic, real erotic control massage, Absolutley brilliant- her mannersim towards Mike, her appose & creative style ignites the passion of the massage, but I feel -reservedly that Fabi should have naked, it would have circumvent a whole new dimension-bringing out best in both individuals-I Hope Petter show us more of Fabi-her inner secrets--oh my I cant wait.........
beautiful imagery
Beautiful in all respects. Well done. What is the type of oil that is generally used in the messages shown??
Beautiful. What is the oil that is used???
Fabi & Mike
Oh dear wonderful Fabi, you are such a great skillful masseuse to watch. You are so close to Mike like you are his lover. Please do show us your uncovered body it will bring so much more attractive sensuality to these video's. Your hands are such magnificent arousing massaging tools, where ever you will touch the receiver. It is my great desire and wish to see you use the whole of your body in more massages to bring. Your legs, your feet, the tip of your tong, a tender kiss can will make great sensual contributions too.
Blistering Massage
Awesome. She finally got him to come at the end, and she seemed to be pretty good at massage. She kind of looks like a librarian, but I guess she's not in real life.
Yeah, yeah..that's good and all but.....
What about prostate massages? I mean, there's only so many methods of arousal and penile-stimulation you can show before it all starts getting a bit repetitive, don't you think? At its most basic core, these are simply hand jobs and they're all pretty much the same concept, going through the same method to reach the same goal. No variety. I think the only other impressive video has been the one where the guy was being massaged on his hands and knees and the "milking" massage. Has anyone been brought to climax in the "Rusty Trumbone" position yet? Or have all of these guys been laying on their backs or stomachs? Can any of these women make a guy reach his climax without stroking his penis? Can any of these models climax by other means? For example, frottage, nipple-play, anal-stimulation, etc?
Models Inc
Can we get more black male models on this site, PLEASE? The contrast in skin tones, the beautifully smooth ebony emblazed with oil, muscles caressingly massaged sets a rhythmic, calming, mood all its own. Thanks!
It is real beautiful art massage, bravo for hegre-art in creating this video, will not regret to register for a member.
may not notice but hes playing with her near the end with his finger
Stunning massage from Fabi. Simply amazing. 10/10 from me.
Lingqm Massage
Would love to see more of these lingam massage videos. They are my favorite massage scenes.
Absolutely no reason for complete nudity for both
What a great shot it would have been when he was lying on her crotch......there is no reason for participants to be clothed. Isn't this site ABOUT sensuality & nudity?
Fabi Rocks!
Love this video. Lets face it, Fabi is not the most attractive woman on the site but she DOES know her way around a man's cock and she has a killer almost nasty body. I also give Mike big props for his subtle "reach over" although I'm sure he'd also prefer Fabi to be naked to allow easier access to her probably moist pussy. This type of video is awesome, keep it up, you guys rule in this genre!
Naked Masseuses/Masseurs
I happen to know that the masseuse in this film -- although very comfortable with mixed-sex nudity -- did not think it was appropriate for herself to be naked on this occasion. Rightly -- although the voyeurism instinct might lead some of us to want it otherwise -- her preference was respected, as it should be for all those giving or receiving massages. The same principles are relevant for the other activities suggested by some Members. I'm all for progress along these lines, but any sense of compulsion in this context could introduce unnecessary tension between the participants and destroy the superbly empathic aesthetico-erotic ambiance. As the Roman Emperor Augustus once said: "Festina lente". ("Make haste slowly").
No question this is a fine piece of work, but I share with others the conviction that it has only 60% of its power with the masseuse closed; it simply makes the whole thing unconvincing - as in fact does the massage table, which is only a sort fo excuse; what they need is a bed!
Beautiful massage
I love this video and find it quite moving and emotional to watch. The masturbation of the man's penis is both skilfully and lovingly done - as he is gently brought to orgasm - I especially liked the contrast between him being jerked off by the masseur and then slowly milked at the end to release every last drop of his semen. He also appeared to be gently massaging the masseur between her thighs as he was brought to a climax? - More of this kind of thing please. And kindly let the masseur be allowed to use her tongue and mouth as well as her hands.
Naked Masseuses/Masseurs
Of course, whilst I and many others would welcome such a development, it must ultimately depend upon the wishes of the individual masseuses/masseurs. What must be avoided, in this context, is any sense of compulsion. Not all of them will want to be videoed nude, but those who are comfortable with the idea should be encouraged. The same principles are relevant for those receiving massages, who may prefer that their masseuses/masseurs are not naked.
I agree wholeheartedly that the massuese/masseur should be naked as well, and recommend you start filming more massages with men massaging women. The only one you've done to date was beautiful.
RE: Amazing massage
Me too...:-)
Mutual Masturbation
Firstly, this video was excellent, I really enjoyed it. I'm not gay and I usually don't watch adult videos that focus too much on penises but in this case I made an exception. I watched it with the feeling "I wish I could get that". There are some places in the video where Fabi's pussy is resting against Mike's hand. It would have been great to see Mike start fingering Fabi while she was working on him. That's what I would do.
Amazing massage
I truly wish that Fabi could teach my wife to do this...
The first one!
What I appreciate most in Mike here is that he had a courage to touch Fabi! Most of the people massaged here were just receiving massage with intensity and it was fabulous and beautiful. But here Mike also took care of Fabi, so that she felt wonderful too, he reached his hand and at the end of the film you can see he is sharing his joy with her, taking her also into the game of pleasure, look at 25:56 - he is keeping his hand there and then he is massaging her! Wonderful!
re tantric massage
Wow that was very well done. You can feel the sexual energy build between them. Fabi you are very talented and you can see that you love what you do. You are amazing and lingam massage. I also do Tantric massage in Canada for women only and you showed me a few things I am going to practice in my tantric massage. The only thing I would change is to see you nude. You have an amazing body. It would have made things easier for mike to feel your wet yoni like he was doing. The camera didn’t show it but that is what was happening
Fabi and Mike Massage
This was simply superb. The sort of sexual massage about which many men dream. It stirred more than the poet in me. Fabi was fabulous and Mike was magnificent. Hegre-Art seems -- slowly but hopefully surely -- to be getting towards the ideal aesthetic-erotic experience; slow, sensuous, and nakedly empathic encounters. (More like Tantra than anything else). What I particularly appreciate in Hegre-Art massages is that -- unlike most other massage sites on the Internet -- they are not poorly-photographed, hurried, 'slam-bang-thank-you-ma'am/sir' offerings, but superbly presented erotico-aesthetic events, (full of physical and emotional feelings induced by exquisite skills), that must inevitably be even more enjoyable for the participants than for those who can only watch in wonder as they unfold. If it were possible to improve upon these videos -- because more natural -- it might be if those giving the massages were 'dressed' the same as those receiving them; i.e, naked. Please continue to progress in this direction.
So tender
I loved this one all the way through. So tender. It’s good to see that.
That’s neat what she does round 25:00. I mean that sort of vibrating with her finger.
In many respects, this is a beautifully rendered and evocative video. It speaks to the deepest, tenderest emotions in each of us. FABI takes great care as she lovingly massages every inch of Mike's body. Her flesh-colored outfit, which tightly adheres to her fit body, acts as a thinly veiled curtain, only hinting occasionally at her own nakedness. Together fully nude man and woman engage in a subtly erotic exchange via the woman's laying on of hands. This leads on to a complete body massage in which FABI's hands fondle, hold, and tease Mike's penis. She applies generous amounts of massage oil to it and strokes it to extreme hardness. FABI is the master masseuse. She uses her fingers to full effect on Mike's penis, and the orgasmic release comes as a fitting climax to a well-crafted video. (Special note: in videos of this type, the masseuse herself should be allowed to be fully nude. Clothing only serves as an unnecessary barrier.)
More control
He’s got more control of himself than me.
Good for me
Fabi has shown me a thing or two in this film that have really been good for me and my B/F. Thanks Fabi.