Mutual Erogenous Massage

October 9, 2012

There are some times together which are there to be savoured. This is one of them.

She takes in every detail of his body as she gazes on him. Is she thinking of what she wants to come her way? Tenderly, almost casually, she explores him. In return he responds by stroking her shyly in the place she most wants to be touched.

She gets her wish fulfilled when it is the moment for him to take charge. Then their shared yearnings to touch and be touched can be enjoyed to the full.

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Members' Comments

Mutual Massage/Masturbation
You've had couples massage one another, and if they're in the nude it is sometimes apparent when they get excited. It would be the most natural thing in the world if they massaged each other simultaneously, leading to mutual genital massage, leading to mutual climax. Please.
Flora and Mike
Highlights for me were Mike's fingers discreetly getting a preview of Flora's pussy as she massaged him, a lovely glimpse of her anus, and Flora's fingers cupping Mike's prick when she was on her back and then giving it another stroke.
The film
A really beautiful film, which reminded one of the very best experiences one has had with masseuses - the very typical way in which her pussy moved against his arm as she leaned over hi, for instance. I loved the way both treated the other. There could perhaps have been just a little more interaction - he could perhaps have gently played with her backside and pussy while being massaged, and certainly I think she could have caressed his backside and cock a little; it would seem a natural reaction while he was massaging her pussy (she has the most beautiful pussy, by the way, and he dealt with it with just the right gentle touch. I also loved the way he placed his thumb on her anus while she was face downward. Altogether, really fine. And we do need more nude m and f scenes, I think; the interaction makes them much more erotic - and more beautiful -than solos.
RE: Video
You may be right about the whole point of nude massage is to lead to intercourse. But there is so much intercourse on the web, this is a refreshing reprieve, in my opinions. Of course you opinion is just as valid as mine, that is why we have this board.
Agree with what Hard2Figga said. Would love to see more girls giving girls foot massages. Nude Feet..a part often covered and sometimes overlooked, highlighted in massage videos for the erogenous zones and beautiful body part they are.
These videos need to have some tasteful intercourse and mutual climax, otherwise, it's just a big tease for the viewer and very disappointing. We all know the point of a nude massage is to lead to intercourse, otherwise, what's the point???
Obra maestra!
Es una obra maestra, que mas puedo decir! Los modelos son incomparables, las tomas excelentes, muy bien logrado. Nos gusto mucho cuando el pene de el latia por las pulsaciones del corazón, tema que nunca se explora, pero muy excitante. bravo!
el cuerpo de flora
Esta mujer tiene el cuerpo más excitante de toda la web. Una conjugación excelsa entre lo masculino y lo femenino, los pechos mejor proporcionados, las nalgas más atrayentes. Viendo un cuerpo así, un hombre olvida en el instante el resto del mundo.
naked massages
these are the best to experience and be witness to. Please do continue to bring much more of this exciting viewing pleasure. Touching bodies all over with such intended deliberate attention for details is exactly what I am loking for in your sites.
Suggested Massages
I enjoy the site. There are some great massaging techniques and great looking models. I would like to see more male massages however. They all tend to focus mainly on his penis. As we all know, but probably don't care to recognize is that the male has more than just one erogenous zone. Prostate massages, maybe having them in different positions when they climax instead of always laying on their backs? Maybe show a variety of massages like "Foot Massages", "Glutteous Maximus Massages" for both the men and women? I'd personally enjoy seeing two women team up on one guy and massage him. Outdoor massages? Maybe add more male models to the site as well.
RE: RE: Mutaul Massage
I agree in 100% to have a separate section of 'films' which are one level above the present stuff. Peter is doing wonders in his work which can be reflected in the real life heterosexual activities without giving it a flavor of 'pornography'. Creative poses, postures and extreme intimate encounters with Peter's imagination will add zest to our own physical life. A very big and loud "Aye".
I think a great addition would be to show prostate massage for the male which is a part of the Tantra Tradition. Tantra refers to it as "Sacred Spot" massage and can be very positive for the health of the man.
RE: Mutaul Massage
I agree with the idea that more nude heterosexual massages should be presented. My only concern is that they could become pornographic which, I think, would spoil the Massage site. Perhaps the solution, for those who want stronger stuff, is to put it in the Films Section of Hegre-Art.com where those who want it can find it. If that were done, everybody could be satisfied. What do you think?. Those in favour say "Aye".
RE: Mutual Massage
It needs to be remembered that these films are edited. Since this was the first heterosexual mutual massage, the editor probably erred on the side of caution to leave out whatever may have occurred that might have been thought as too provocative. One might hope for more explicit interaction but, as I've said before, I don't think the site should become crudely pornographic.
Long and Leisured
Love this video - both Flora and Mike have beautiful bodies...And they give each other a sensual and erotic massage - But, yes - this does indeed need to go go to another level. We need a part two please, one that continues where this one leaves off? Flora needs to perform fellatio on Mike that leads to orgasm - and Mike needs to pleasure Flora with both his tongue and penis.
Love this video. Is it possible to see them take it to another level?
RE: Parts
If it were to go that far, it should be P into C and/or M. But should it go that far on this site?. There are lots of other places where coitus is shewn in the minutest detail. There, it is usually more a matter of brute lust -- designed to excite the voyeurs -- rather than of genuine mutual empathy. Whilst I certainly support the concept that both the massage giver and the receiver should be naked -- and even shew that they're aroused by each other -- to go further than that is probably to go too far. What happens, if anything, after the shoot is a matter for the participants, not for us. For me, the physical aesthetics of handsome bodies and skilful gestures are more attractive, on screen, than sexual congress; though I do like to see a 'happy ending' to such encounters. Let's leave something to the imagination. After all, sexologists say that 90% of sex occurs in the brain. Let's leave it there for this site.
flora :)
Notice that Mike is fingering Flora's pussy lips and even inserting a finger into her cunt at about 7:50. Hot stuff!
RE: Is it massage?
It's kind of massage. Mike (sorry for that!) seems a little awkward to me, may be timid also a bit. At the very beginning, he appeals even sleepy and both not senuous at all. I like it very much, when I see them smiling and laughing, enjoying that experience, a difficult experience too, not knowing each other very well (I presume) and with all the lights and cameras of the studio around. I agree that more vigour would be fine, combined with more decisiveness AND gentleness to the whole body but this needs confidence, faith, relation(ship), knowledge, ability. And this needs time. I do not agree, that loss of control would automatically lead to "common pornography" as says JoJo Ma, otherwise no real orgasms would be possible on this site - and these for me are the most precious thing on it! When they are treated as precious, by the makers and the users of this website, then the site by itself is precious and will nothing have to do with pornography! So: More massage, also between woman and man, with commitment and dedication, so that beautiful bodies can show the beauty of life!
Next step - insert part A into part B!
whats the name of the girl?
So Great ! more and more wonderful massage sessions ! Very nice when boy and girl do that massage ! superior erotic between heaven and dream ! thnak you for that !
Mutual Massage Beautiful & Erotic
Wow, this clip of the Mutual Massage is really beautiful and erotic. I love the way they stand together and how she strokes his penis then proceeds to give him a table massage, taking his manhood into her hands and making it as erect as 'steel'. His manhood lying on top of her hand during her massage is so erotic. She could have squeezed it a little though :) I always wonder if they finally get together afterward and go to completion. How could they not? Could we be informed please, that would leave much to our imaginations. Well done, thank you.
Re: Is it massage?
Surely you can call it massage if they stroke and feel each other’s bodies for a long time? OK so it is not clinical Swedish style but who’s complaining when you have two people like these?
RE: Is it massage?
The aesthetic eroticism of this shoot was perfect. Each shewed distinct responses to the experience. Anything more vigorous could have led to loss of control, so they were careful not to spill over into common pornography. I'm sure that, if they wanted to, they could have gone much further before and/or after the shoot. We didn't need to see that on this site.
I like the way his cock just kinda sits on her hand when he starts massaging her. Just that light touch I find to be a turn on.
Feel it
I’m loving the way he just rests his cock on her hand while he strokes her about 16:00. I can feel it myself!
Is it massage?
They have a good time with each other but is it really massage? I think it needed more vigour from both of them.
Her ass.
Those are great shots of her ass when she bends over him like for example at 10.05. Let’s hope there will be more like them in another movie.
What's the music playing over the top?
Sounds like something from Bladerunner...
MutuL Erogenous Massage
Ah...the stuff of dreams, both male and female!. More shoots like this, please!.
This is a sensual, hot & erotic video which shows beautifully what can happen between and man and a woman whilst treating each other to the pleasures of Mutual Erogenous Massage. VIVA FLORA y MIKE. Desnudos juntos y libres.
We both (Katie and Bill) enjoy erotic massage from each other and also from others. This is a great site but we need to see more women being massaged by men.