Zaika Hotel Thai Massage Spy Cam

October 23, 2012
11 Commentaires

Zaika est là pour la totale Thaï. Elle arrive de loin et en veut pour son argent.

Elle n'est pas déçue. Dès le début il y a un lien fort entre les deux femmes. Elles sont sur la même longueur d'onde. C'est le langage du rire. Elles peuvent tendre un pont à tous les niveaux. C'est physique et plus bien sûr.

Zaika veut de longues et profondes pressions et elle obtient ce qu'elle espérait. Les tensions s'envolent. Le résultat leur donne beaucoup de satisfaction.

  • Durée d'exécution : 26:09 Minutes
  • Format :
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Commentaires des Membres

Is that a dilido sitting on the table?
I really liked the massage, good interaction between masseuse and the young lady. The only thing I don't like is calling it spy cam when it is just as planned as all your other massages. Not only that, if it was truly a spy cam, it would be stationary with no different angles of view.
This is a nice video except for the camera-man, who keeps bouncing around from one angle to another every 20 seconds. Why can't you just stay in one place and let the audience focus on the nice view for a while?? It just ruins the effect of the eroticism when you keep bouncing from rear view to side view to face view to some other whimsical view.
beautifully exposed
the view from behind is just amazing. the gap of her anus i hope indicates she accepts males eaisly. Also the most beautiful pussy lips. mmmm one is hungry :)
The massage
Very pleasant massage, and as an exercise in voyeurism moderately enjoyable - the glimpses of what seems to be a most beautiful pussy were delightful. However, I guess we all look for something rather more - what? - shall we say intimate in these massage shoots, Looking at a beautiful body is one thing, seeing someone pleasuring it more intimately is another . . .
Yep, massage in Thailand is like a box of chocolates. You never know how it will end.
This is magic!
need subtitles!lol
It was a great video! Thanks.
Getting going
I think the masseur is getting going a bit herself at the end. She gets even more friendly.
Happy memories
I have had Thai massage several times and I know that it is really effective and relaxing. This brought back many happy memories. Thanks.