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Massage Sensuel | Nov 20, 2012

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Durée : 33:33 Minutes

Commentaires des Membres

if post more videos about anal massage it will be great ! its new experience and new feelings , something not usual i love it ..
naturist massage
This is plain natural beauty all over. Massaging Flora is any mans dream. In this video he has taken a long time to please Flora touching her skin all over. A pleasure to see and witness. When seeing all other massages especially with Flora they are showing much more excitement.
love it, the guy is very talented and handsome. your best video ever
hungey for more
You set a gorgeous Thanksgivivg table with a stunning naked girl upon it, and then feed us hot dogs and beans.
El video es una obra maestra! Nos gustaría que el obtuviera una erección cuando le toque sus partes mas intimas.
male/female naturist massage
Very nice massage but it would of been even nicer if the lady would have grab the gentleman penis and both of them would have an orgasm at the same time
Amazing Video
The tropical setting of this video is ideal. Regarding Flora, what can I say? Absolutely beautiful and tempting, as always. But the real plus on this video is the guy who performs the massage. Apart of having a perfect body, he also knows well the art of touch. His firm muscular movements add extra sensuality to an already naturist massage. I'd like to see him in more massage videos, with Coxy too. It will be hot!!!!
RE: RE: Models Name
Hi,thank you for the info
RE: Models Name
I realy dont understand why this site is so disinclinid to male pleasure. As a male orgasm not aesthetic enough ? I woud love to see a movie where he also come on his costs ...
Models Name
Hi Does anybody know the female models name? Thank You
Nat Massage
Enjoyed this video very much even though I thought Flora was going to massage him as well. BTW, love Flora´s body and her gorgeous ass. WOW!
Naturist Massage
Under instructions not to provoke sexual arousal?.
RE: RE: Tender
There is all kinds of things that are erotica. It is just a matter of what turns you on. It is a massage movie after all so this is what you would expect.
RE: Tender
You speak for yourself Julie. When I’m in the sack with a man I am looking for a lot more action than this. There is more to it than just a bit of stroking you know.
I’m loving the way he is so tender and gentle with her. When will men learn that is the way to make love to a woman.
Him also
I thought that she would massage him also. Can we have one about that please?
Full lips
Those are lush full lips she has that get their massage about 22 minutes in. Let’s have more of that.
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Soins naturistes

Rien de plus naturel qu'un homme souhaite caresser le corps d'une belle femme.

Il est question de laisser libre cours à la Nature. Le décor est un bel emplacement tropical. Les environs sont tout aussi beau que sa partenaire. Ses mains expertes prennent place un peu partout. Après une exploration d'ensemble il se déplace en des recoins de son corps plus secrets.

De la tête aux pieds et là où ça fait vibrer le plus, elle s'abandonne totalement à lui.

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