Nude Thai Massage

December 18, 2012

It is a pressure Zaika is happy to accept. She submits herself to the firm and forceful strokes of a dedicated masseuse.

This is traditional Thai with a Western twist. She is nude to make herself totally ready to receive the attention which will be lavished on her. The purpose of Thai massage is to melt away tensions. What better way to do this than with long, firm strokes over every part of her body?

As the session draws to an end Zaika is again glowing with feminine vitality.

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Members' Comments

Thai girl
Thai girl is hot.. wish she could done more...
Very impressed with the size of her pussy. Very full, bulbous and soft looking
Pure and true
Thank you for showing these pure massages too, where our focus can be on the beauty of the model and the surroundings. To see her modest arousal is perfect. Breathing, pulse beating, fingers stretching. Keep the variety up.
What a joy to watch Zaika rubbed down in all her naked glory. Well worth watching from start to finish if you can resist jumping to the best part... wide open cheeks completely reveal her sweet anus!
more please
I'd like to see more massage updates please. These are the reason that I subscribe.
massage movies
I'd like to watch massage movie with female orgasms and to watch the pussy-contructions! Thank you.
well, it worked for me!
RE: awesome
Thanks for the tip! I agree: outstanding buns and butt-crack looks and butt cheek spreading heaven!
Agree where is the O?
YES the female orgasm is what I love to see - also if you could not switch/edit the camera view all around during climax would be nice. Maybe you guys could offer full single angle views as download options? Would love that. Thank you for having the most beautiful women in the world at high quality!
Agree with Rick. Stop with Thai massages !! we 'd like to watch massage movie with female orgasms ! Thank you.
Please enough with these Thai massages.....Z has a beautiful body and just wasted a massage that we could have seen her cum....
10:00 to 11:00 is awesome butt-cheek spreading goodness!
RE: RE: Took me back
Why worry? Wouldn’t you rather look at a beautiful nude girl? Anyway I cannot see how it makes any difference to the massage itself whether someone is dressed or undressed.
RE: RE: Took me back
So you want Zaika to have her clothes on?
RE: Took me back
I agree about how good for you a genuine Thai massage is but this movie does not show a traditional style one. In Thailand the recipient stays fully clothed.
Took me back
I liked this movie. It took me back to when I lived in Thailand and often had massages like this. They are wonderful for getting rid of muscle aches and pains.
nice tattoo
Nice movie guys. Serene and soothing with a pretty girl there too. That’s just what I wanted.