Erotic Outcall Massage

January 1, 2010

On a recent visit to Barcelona Yanna felt like a bit of pampering and called up a male masseur to her hotel room.

Yanna’s body certainly responds to this erotic touch. Her pussy juices start flowing as she is caressed repeatedly for a very satisfying massage…

We guess there are plenty of volunteers who would swap places with the masseur!

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Members' Comments

RE: the story of the massage
Such massages are certainly available and Katie has "availed" her self of these in Paris at least. The masseur will bring the table but give the option of using the bed instead. He may or not be clothed depending on the lady's wishes. Occasionally things will get a lot more interesting....... There needs to be more of this sort of massage on the site (please), it does wonders for Katie's libido!
This video is much finer than any video I ever saw on any naked lady website other than Hegre-art. The masseur touches Yanna on every inch of her body, as he should. But the camera is positioned to show her very intimately no matter what part of her is being massaged. The several minutes of close ups of Yanna being gently massaged on her dear clitoris, with her natural juices flowing, these are precious. Hegre-art members are all supposed to be kind and respectful to women. I hope that Yanna also experienced extreme pleasure during the events shown here. My only complaint is that she wore a mask over her face while she was lying on her back. I would have preferred to have been able to see her face and some signs of expression.
what happened to Yanna? I wish I would see some pics or movies with her again. I always loved her elegance and also her sweet and wet arousal. Will she ever come back?
Sensual Massage
Nudity is nothing about which anyone should be ashamed. So I think that more of the masseurs and masseuses should also be naked whilst performing such intimate ministrations. That would certainly add to the erotic mood without necessarily becoming pornographic.
RE: the story of the massage
Why is that a problem? So, the masseur has a portable massage table which he brought up to her motel room...?
Loved the anal spasms with clit stimulation and it was great to see this on display so well. Pity she didnt have an orgasm we could also see with clit and anal contractions. This seems to be missing from most of the massage vids
the story of the massage
This is great and really enjoyed watching this. only problem is with the story line says she is being massaged in a hotel room but how come there is a massage bed in a hotel room.
Thank you for this site. Consider articulating the orgasmic release that is so well portrayed in some of the other sessions. A natural toe-curling orgasm is therapeutic and releases muscular tension. It would serve this site well to work in at least one good one per session. Thank you for the good work!
She has a very Sensual body, next time if she was to have a Female doing the rubbing I believe it would been alot slower, more sensual and more drawn out, very beautiful.
So wet
She was so wet even before her pussy was touched, I like her.
She got so wet, so good.
overall comments
ok... a 3rd massaging hand at the 35 minute mark? (bottom right of screen for about 2 seconds!) cool!! Also, I agree with many others who say it'd be great if we could see some emotion from the women when (hopefully) they reach orgasm. And my vote would be more for the shaved women simply because you can see more. And yes, I love this section of your site. Now, I don't have to risk viruses and hunt the internet for hours to find the best massages on the net! Also, I didn't mind the dude massages as much as I thought I might have. Maybe I'm imagining me in their spot. hey, how about 2 women massaging a woman? Anyway, thanks for everything!
RE: Great Stuff but...
I also wondered about that and wondered if perhaps the masseur had lost the plot and began to irritate the model by excessive stimulation to the extent that she suddenly ended the session. It did seem to finish very abruptly.
Now that was quality work. Yes he must be the luckiest guy around. She has an awesome body. Her goose bumps told the entire story.
Great Stuff but...
Wonderfully done. Yanna is spectacular and the film is spectacularly filmed, but how do you have 45 minutes of terrific foreplay but no orgasm.
Cool Film
Can you imagine Yanna phoning you up for a massage? Lucky fella!!!
Erotic Outcall Film
What a lucky man that masseur is. I really must retrain in massage. This film is great, Yanna is so relaxed and sexy it’s nice to see a beautiful girl being pampered and pleasured.
That guy is one lucky guy.