Medical Masturbation Massage

January 29, 2013

Flora is developing some interesting symptoms. She has to be kept under close observation.

Her body heat is going up. Her breathing is rapid. Her pulse rate is increasing. She gets the full treatment from the masseur but that is just making her hotter. Somehow she must get relief. She demands an internal examination. With her legs firmly in the stirrups that is what she receives. The massage works wonders.

Flora’s symptoms could be passed on. You can catch them here.

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Members' Comments

Great video! Love Flora!
This is one of my favorite videos on here! Flora is so sexy and beautiful! Even the masseur is so pretty! Just looking at Flora's body gets me hard
The Peace
How is a woman's body not assembled for peace's. In all it slopes and places calling to be gentled. A body never built for wars or to endure famines & pestilences. Would that the passive language of the female form took over the world.
Wonderfull morning!
This morning my best girl friend Anna is here with me to take a breakfast. After having a short breakfast with her I told her that I have a surprise. I suggested her to view Medical Masturbation Massage with Flora. She was very interested to have a similar massage from me like that one in the video. Unfortunaly I didn't have such a table but I was able to do a homemade table to support her legs during the massage. Anna has a clean pink pussy like the pussy of Flora. The delicious moment we share to view the video together was very exciting for both of us. We had very soft masturbation exhange together and hot and torrid orgasms. It was a magic morning moment for both of us! Thank you Peter to give us these exciting videos!
Simply marvelous!
Is Flora the sexiest woman alive or what!!! Great film, Loved every minute.
RE: Flora the Beautiful!
I've watched quite a few of these Massage Movies with my Wife. We are both wondering if you have any Models that are unshaven and are Squirters or Gushers. My wifes a Squirter and there's nothing better than when she Cum's. We just love the site and the Models and hope to see more Male/Female films especialy with the Black Lady's
Flora the Beautiful!
Flora and Zana are wonderful in this very satisfying video. Flora has a very nice body and Zana knows what to do with it!
Medical massage for men
I would love to see a male model put in this position and given a massage. With the legs spread and the female between his knees ...i bet it would be erotic.
Massage table
Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a massage table like the one in the video? That is so erotic..
RE: Girl-Girl Mutual Massages
There are a few girl-girl mutual massages in the archives listed below the latest film. Just scroll down the images to find what you want.
with her incredible nipples I think tigra is maybe due for the massage table?
Flora has it all!
Wow; Flora has a great body and a great orgasm and she lets it take controll of her body for a much longer time than most women do or can. Way to go Flora; one of the best "O's" ever.
Massage table
Does anyone know where I can purchase a massage table like the one in the video? If so.. please let me know. Thanks.. :)
Lesbian Massage!
You know I don't think I seen a lesbian massage yet. I mean where 2 models massage each other. Yum Yum! Please give it some consideration!
Loved this massage
Flora's beautifully proportioned body always brings a smile to my face. This has to be my top favorite massage so far. Bring us more like this one.
Would love to see more massage videos weekly!
would love to see more male aktivity again.
Just when I thought this section of Hegre-Art couldn't get any better, we are treated to "Intensive Care"! Amazingly erotic, entertaining and stimulating to a degree that defies reasonable description. Thank you for this...keep great pieces of work like this coming please!
Medical Massage
I suppose the leg/rests suggested the tite< but at least she seemed to enjoy the experience.
would be nice if she were more vocal to share with us bringing us in with her .Better then the ones before wher the girls were so wooden . This is the right way to go ' When can we have a full bush girl for massage ?? A treat for us bush lovers ?? There are enough clean shaven ones
RE: Nurse’s uniform
I think Desmond is right. Just a few props can make a big difference.
Nurse’s uniform
Nice movie. Can I make a suggestion? For this sort of theme I would like to see the masseuse in a nurse’s uniform. There is something about it which gets me going.
Favorite fantasy
This movie captures perfectly my favorite fantasy. Whenever I am at the doctor’s or in a hospital I have a tough time hiding how excited it makes me.
Role playing
Flora you are getting better and better all the time. Let’s see you in a whole lot more of these role-playing movies.
Show us some more of these “medical” movies. I still remember fondly one like this with Clover in it. They are a turn-on.