Sinnliche Massage | Feb 12, 2013

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Spieldauer: 33:18 Minuten


toute la beauté de la femme est là réuni chez valerie. sublime
the rocking back in forth before climax is amazing
Loved the massage... I would love to know if anyone knows where I can purchase a table like the one in the video. Please let me know. Thank you.
Beautiful Valerie is really enjoying; but doesn't the masseuse have any idea of a women's body, that she has to stay away from the clit for a while after an orgasm, that Valerie needs to warn her?
Love the vibrator. A couple of the films show your models pleasing themselves with a vibrator thanks for the addition to your massage series. Lots more can be done to incorporate into the session. Thanks
Very Nice
would like to see the masseuse using her tongue during massages....nothing wrong with licking nipples and lips......
I Love how Valerie starts rocking her hips when she is getting close to having an orgasm. That is so erotic.
RE: Massage
I agree. The bits with natural handwork were great and I loved the close-ups. But I would have much preferred it without the Hitachi wand - that thing is not at all sexy. And please more massages of men.
Lovely! Really wished you would consider having massage videos weekly!
These massages are nice, not that big a fan of vibrators. Please have more women massaging men. Zana massaging men are the best massages. Tantra female to male is great. Please let's see more of mike being massaged.
RE: Handles beautifully
Handles it fine so far as she goes. IMHO that’s not far enough. There is a lot more that could be done with a vibrator like this. Let’s see it again put to full use in another movie.
Handles beautifully
That thing really is a monster but Zana handles it beautifully. They are both brilliant in this movie.
Glorious skin
You have such glorious skin texture Valerie. The lighting in this massage really brings it out with the way it all shimmers.
Why is everyone concentrating on the vibrator? Has nobody noticed the fantastic ultra close-ups of Valerie’s pussy?
New way
Now I got a new way to use my own vibrator. Thanks for the tip guys. I mean the way the masseur transmits the vibes through her own fingers.
Triple Magic Orgasm Massage
Although it seems very effective, the use of a mechanical stimulator is not as visually interesting, for me, as seeing digital insertion massages. I wonder what the girls think.
Triple magic Orgasm Massage
Interesting technique to send the initial mechanical vibrations through the hand and fingers to the vagina before direct application of the machine onto the most sensitive parts. It seemed to have the required results for Valerie.
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Valerie erwartet eine große Überraschung als sie zu ihrer Massage erscheint.

Sie wird mehr bekommen, als sie erwartet hat. Valerie ist sehr zufrieden mit der angenehmen Aufmerksamkeit die man ihrem Hintern widmet. Dann bekommt sie ihren Bonus. Bald ist sie ganz verloren in einer Traumwelt, die sie noch nie vorher erlebt hat. Als sie in den Haltebügeln hängt, kommt die Ekstase wieder und wieder und wieder, immer stärker.

Ihr Körper reitet die Wellen der Ekstase. Surfen Sie mit ihr.


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