The Art of Penis Pleasuring

February 26, 2013

It is an ancient art. Now it has a modern twist. Together they bring it to new heights.

She has a whole range of exotic skills at her fingertips. For his delight she brings every one of them to bear on him. She has something special for every inch of his impressive manhood. Slowly and subtly she works on his pride. He looks invincible but her feminine wiles will bring him down.

He cannot hold out forever. When she triumphs she gets everything from him that she wants.

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Members' Comments

in love
love this penis ,i was hard please more like these
great massage. second camera angle was better. im too big of a fan of the super close up view
I can never get too much of Fabi's skills or this guy's cock. I liked the slower replay of his orgasm and would like to see that every time. It would also be nice to see her face more often; I want to know how she feels about what she's doing.
I become so happy and randy to see a women do handjob to ejaculation, good to see the cumshot a second time in slow motion more like this, I want to see more handjobs and cumshots
Indeed I agree with you entirely. In the latest lighham massages focus is just on the penis and the hand massage. In my view the wider perspective of both complete bodies/persons is far more exciting to see. Then it allows for many more angles to explore. The masseuse then should be completely naked and using more then just her hands only. All masseuses we have seen have wonderful beautiful bodies that can be used in so many touches, strokes and close contact moves, for our viewing pleasure.
RE: Natures Beauty
Every time I see or re-view one of Fabi's videos or films I think: "What a fantastic artist she is!. Her patience, concentration and delicacy of touch are extraordinary".
Natures Beauty
I am a straight male and I must say that from a natures beauty perspective, that is one magnificent male organ. I can only dream I myself was equipped with such a lingam. Fabi looks like she is really enjoying herself. For those guys who may seem insecure or experience emotions of jealousy while watching this with your wife, remember that we are all unique snowflakes. There is a unique beauty found in every human being. Instead of feeling jealous, allow yourself to appreciate this wonderful creation.
RE: Who is he?
Abby, This is the same guy in the Kung-Fu video and Indian Lingham worship video.
coudnt agree more. Wish she were naked to
Fabi has beautiful heavy boobs. sad that she does'nt let them free in this particular video.
RE: Who is he?
Abby, the model is not shy about showing his face, he has been in several shoots here on the site, namely Kung Fu Massage, Indian Lingam Worship (I think) and several others. Have a browse through the massage films section and you'll find him again in all his glory.
RE: Who is he?
Ouu, really? Hehe, well I'm a young buck and have been wanting to show someone what's under the hood ;) if u know what I mean ^^ plus he's about my size. I am a model but not for this site, for Levi Strauss. *waves flirty* Toodles =]
Good massage video, though I do have a few comments regarding the topic of 'size that's being discussed in these comments. Now, I realize that these LARGER males are more asthetically pleasing to some women but I am with the majority on this issue in that I believe you should ALSO have 'normal' size men (not small mind you) being massaged as well. My wife and I love performing these massages on each other while watching the videos I can't relax because I feel like she's comparing them to me. Again, I realize that this is a personal problem, buy my little 6-7 incher don't compare to these $5 footlongs that you have in many of your videos and well.. it's a bit intimidating.. lol
Who is he?
Does anyone know who the male massage subject is here? Obviously he didn't want his face shown, but with a penis like that, I would imagine he has performed somewhere else before? BTW, guys, before you despair that you can never measure up, I see a man like that as similar to someone like Dominika C. A beautiful model that you enjoy looking at but aren't likely to encounter in reality. That's ok, I'm here to look at beauty of all kinds.
RE: Penis Pleasuring
I agree about the size. you sport so many tiny breasted women, it would just be fair to show some nice looking men with reasonable cocks too.....just imo* best Chet
Pregnant Massage
I simply love the pregnant form....would be awesome to see a pregnant woman getting massaged.
I luv Fabi, but this was disappointing..I want to see her face, her expressions, her body, the whole massage experience. This was basically a shot of his penis. Unless you know Hegre, you wouldn't even identify the model. Make no mistake I WANT TO SEE FEMALE MODEL MASSAGING MALE MODELS. There are far too many female-female massages for my taste.
I realy love these type of massage. I re joined for that clip. Please more like this!!
Fabi is amazing
Fabi has an amazing body, and deserves to get to play with an amazing cock like that. Though with her experiences, you wonder if she has massaged other that big or bigger? Anyways great video, would like to see more with this guy.
Penis Pleasuring
Love the video. Would love it even more if you had some "average size" men in the video. Her talents are amazing. I would love to share this with my partner, but I really don't want her thinking of him with me in her hands!
Penis Pleasuring
I like it that you have both cut and uncut male models for your penis videos. This adds variety to the mix. Well done.
I love this massage, congratulation!
Penis Massage
All of these types of clips from this site is very exciting. This is what I'd like to see more of. Beautiful women massaging the penis. Sexy!!!! Can't wait for my lady to get home.
RE: Want to look?
sure, some people do. that's cool. but I, for one, am here for what I originally joined the site years ago for: beautiful women. True...I don't like it? I don't have to look at it. and, if you want to see it, cool. that's your prerogative. Petter wants to shoot it. that's his.He wants to shoot porn. THAT'S his. I just think that it could (and, indeed SHOULD BE) put in it's own place! be put in it's own place. if you want to see it, you can join that site. everyone's happy. as with any branch of the entertainment business, changing your style is dangerous. people who liked what you did before feel betrayed. they want to know, "what happened to that shining star I used to know?" and the people who like what you change to often feel like you are trying to pretend to be something you're not. they wonder, "how long can this last?" Petter has made me happy for a long time shooting beautiful women. and, as long as there is a steady flow, I'll stick around. although, I still find it a bit odd that the site has gotten less and less artistic. and more and more pornographic since he put "art" in the title!
These penis massage vids are awsome, but just once id love to see Fabi use her mouth as well, especialy taking a cum shot in her mouth
Sensual massage
I loved this video film. Always good to a see man massaged to a gentle orgasm by female hands. Very tastefully done too. More of this kind of thing would be welcome. And would like to see the masseur use her mouth and tongue too please.
Certainly not bi for me.
Reading the comments. I'd like to say, although i'm 100% hetero male, the reason why I like to see this massage is that it makes me dream away and imagine this is happening to me. What the size of the penis is concerned, it is indeed huge...but ! with shaved pubic hair it's always largerand the hands of the masseuse might be small. Size often matters :) but not here and not for me. The point of prostate massage is a good one and for Hegre a point to think about. Indeed prostate massage does not only prevents upto some hight the formation of prostate cancer, it also enhances the male orgasm, causes higher sperm production and is pleasant to undergo. To conclude I enjoy watching this.
The Fabi fingertips, hands and all of her delicate intended strokes are so delightful to see. A great improvement in my view would be to see the whole of the bodies free of clothes. There now is so much attention to a single body part, how wonderful to see, but knowing all skills of Fabi and her fabulous beautiful body much more pleasuring can be seen for a much longer time in a wider perspective with more different angles.
Prostate massage
Yes, the stroking of the large cock and the finality of the orgasm in all it's explosive whiteness is a thing to behold. But I would also like to see a good prostate massage included -- and deep fingering of the asshole along with cock stroking. I have had this type of massage in Germany and Singapore and it is an incredible experience! I can only imagine seeing her long, strong fingers plunging deep into his anus as she tightly grips and strokes his cock -- superb!
As soon as I saw this video, I signed up again. These 'female on man' tantric style massages to climax are amazing. This one being no exception. But let's see your normal models doing this, I'm sure many of them would agree! And one day - hopefully - we will see the 'art of coupling' too on Hegre. Done as only Hegre can do it of course!
Penis Pleasuring
I was certainly not criticising the size of his penis, but trying to explain why others might think it was over-large. As my other comments indicate, I was delighted with the video and Fabi's sensual skills.
RE: Want to look?
That is right. You do not have to. But some people love to :o).
Fabi has mastered this art!
Fabi Jala can stimulate a man like none I've ever seen. Her technique is flawless. She is an amazing masseuse for both men and women, but how she know what to do a penis so well is beyond my comprehension. Thank you Fabi and please continue to share your gift with us all at Hegre Art!
indian burn
When I was a kid my dad would take my forearm and twist it opposite directions and called in an Indian burn. It just stung a bit but was better than a spanking. I think Fabi was using the same technique but I thought she might tear that meat stick clean off!!
Want to look?
Do I really want to look at some other guy’s cock? Yes, of course! I like women and men.
This film is a masterpiece: technically excellent, sensuous, classy and STRAIGHT till the very happy end. Fabi’s work on the “Brazilian Macho Man” is archetypal: she carves his penis and breathes new life into it like Isis did to Osiris. Now, when I read comments like “size of cock unnatural”, “optical illusion”, or “bi shit”, I think it’s time to cut the twaddle. First, it’s not a “bi” scene since we only have a woman and a man involved in a sensual relation (erotic massage, in this case). Of course, the penis is fully visible but there is no alternative, unless you blur or “pixelize” it, like in the Japanese erotic movies, which should be horrible and is inconceivable here. Then, I don’t see what is unnatural here: tattoos or piercings should be, not a big size; maybe it’s even more natural than a little one… Congratulations, Petter and Fabi, and, please, carry on. There are still a lot of variations to explore: black masseuse (Yanka, Valerie?...) on white man, four-hands massage, body-body, etc.
RE: the art of penis pleasuring
His apparent size was probably an optical illusion caused by being magnified through foregrounding from a low camera angle close to the action.
Penis Pleasing
Fabulous Fabi. You are a genius. Numberless men (and women) would willingly surrender themselves without reservation to your skilful hands and attention to detail in order to enjoy the sustained pleasure and ultimate satisfaction you induce.
enough bi
Enough with all the bi shit.
RE: Want to look?
You have missed the point Taylor. Think of it like a training course for your babe.
Want to look?
Do I really want to look at some other guy’s cock. I think not.
the art of penis pleasuring
well, for me as a "normal" man it's not exciting at all! the huge size of cock looks for me such as unnatural. I am sure there are also good and sexy looking men available with an average built penis. since I watch your massage videos - the ones with women I like so much - you only showed men with incredibly big cocks. Is this a must?
Spanks it
There is some good stuff here. I particularly liked the way she kinda “spanks” it 23 minutes or so in.
Good look
It is about time that we had another movie. There’s not been one like it for too long.