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Photo of Diah


Photo of Diah
Name: Diah
Country: Bali
Weight: 49kg
Height: 176cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Model

Cat-like Grace

Getting a top model from the Muslim world of Bali to undress for the camera is as easy as finding a cheap apartment in Manhattan.

TALL AND beautiful Balinese girls are worshipped on Bali and carry strong connections to one of the eight royal families on the island. Diah is no exception to this rule. Despite the fact that posing for Petter was Diah’s first nude sitting she never once let her amateur status show.

Graceful like a princess with flawless skin and a gaze that can make mountains shake; Diah comes armed with a strong belief in her people and a respect for her culture and religion. It took a bit of convincing but Diah decided to pose for Petter Hegre as a means of showing the beauty Balinese woman. After gazing on the figure of Diah, you can consider us convinced for the rest of our days.

All images taken of Diah were at the Royal Pita Maha, owned by the royal family.

Diah Galleries COMMENTS

Diah poolside | July 10th, 2007
Diah poolside
alex United Kingdom

diah more galleries with diah please,she is a real beauty.

Buc United States

Diah is Beautiful Diah is so beautiful. I only wish we could see her beautiful flower and the space in between. That would be a delight.


Diah strip tease please give us more sweet pictures of Diah like "Diah hot sarong", taking off her balinese sarong slowly with banana leaves behind!

Jay India

I wish we had more pictures of beautiful women from Asia. They exude so much beauty and confidence. Keep the Diah pictures coming. :)

Nick France

asian models what about travelling to other countries in Asia like China, India, Japan, Korea and discover wonderful models like Diah? I'd be very very grateful!

paul United States

Diah I love how this photo set really shows off not just her beautiful face, but her lovely sexy ass.

Jeff D United States

What an Ass! Wow! Love it! Great body, very sexy, awesome ass! More please.

Diah Bali hat | August 21st, 2007
Diah Bali hat
Russell United States

Absolute perfection. Proof that there is truely a God.

Paul United States

Diah My favorite girl Diah, with a set of fotos that show off her incredible legs and ass. This woman has it all.

Diah Bali beauty | May 28th, 2007
Diah Bali beauty
Russ United States

Absolute perfection.

Hawkeye United States

Diah Bali Beauty In this modern age of the "revealing lesser", regarding a womans pubic hair, I find it refreshing to see some women, Diah in particular, are able to cleverly demonstrate that lesser is not always better. Well done...


DIAH photo book are you considering making a photo book with Diah: she's gorgeous through Petter's lens with her perfect skin, nice pubic hair and so sensual character! I'm looking forward for a positive answer!

gareth United States

awesome tits! I usually prefer smooth skin, down below, however Diah's got a nice trim manicure :)

henirich Ireland

vulnerable face, lovely breasts and what a lovely hairy mons; thanks again for somebody special

Diah Bali mask | January 14th, 2007
Diah Bali mask
groucho United Kingdom

Diah As catlike poses as I have ever seen.

Nicko United States

Please show "more" of her in the next photo shoot. ;)

Jake Canada

Bali Mask Well I'm certainly wearing my happy face right now too! these are great pics. The setting, the colors and Diah all work beautifully together!

Dave United States

Spectacular! Her unique beauty is absolutely captivating.


Wonderful girl. Looks at her tigh unshaved pussy: Simply unique! Please, give us some more close up of this girl as I guess there is still some of her beauty that we have not discovered.

Diah Islamic beauty | October 16th, 2007
Diah Islamic beauty
Igor United Kingdom

Yay for Diah - great shots, model and location - but pls throw away that 4000res camera - Diah deserves at least 6000! (P.S. you're being a bit brave with the title but long live the free world.)

otto Austria

Islamic beauty My 10-points-vote is first of all credit to hegre art showing hair-covered genitals on girls bodies. This is natural, shaved is not only against nature it is as well repellent. Man must not see all of a naked pussy, let him find out as centuries before!

Will United Kingdom

Diah I agree with Otto this is beauty as nature intended. Diah is stunning and this is another excellent set featuring her.

zimbo2 United States

I like bald and hairy well kept there is nothing wrong with either it's all opinion

Diah nude in Indonesia | March 20th, 2007
Diah nude in Indonesia
alex United Kingdom

diah diah is a very sexy woman,more galleries of her please.

Julian Parsons United States

Diah My god. She's... beautiful... flawless... ...gorgeous!

moraneb Canada

Diah What a beautiful woman. A real feast for the eyes and mind. More galleries and films please.

Paul United States

Diah Right on Peter for giving us more of the lovely and sexy Diah. While I certainly love your girls from eastern Europe, Mirta and Yana come to mind, it is sure nice to see a girl from Asia. I love her brown ass and straight pubic hair. More please.

Raglanlad Australia

She is divine


DIAH She's gorgeous, exotic, sensual through Petter's lens!

Bali report | May 2nd, 2006
Bali report
David United States

bali? Can you tell me the name of the hotel you used to shoot your session in Bali? Many thanks from Florida USA.

Ray New Zealand

Its the Royal Pita Maha Spa Resort in Ubud, Bali

Diah bath house | December 16th, 2005
Diah bath house
shusaku Indonesia

your asian collection is amazing its extremely great when i see your work on balinese girls, like putu & diah. Hope there would be more addition of asian girl & im waiting 4 your travel reports in bali regards shusaku

Dan G. United States

Diah bath house Exquisite woman, beautiful photos, food for fantasy. Certainly, some of the best of the New Nude. My hat is off to you and I bow deeply. Thanks for the moments to reflect on exotic beauty.

Indo admire Indonesia

Protect the girls Five stars hotels provide private bungalows with private pool & garden. You should try shooting outdoor with Bali tropical plants background. Try Melia Bali. Protect the girls identity , some locals had went to jail for sending cellphone nude photos. Careful ! Good work, Peter.

Dont do this Turkey

Ýslam "Getting a top model from the Muslim world of Bali to undress for the camera is as easy as finding a cheap apartment in Manhattan" Look Petter i conratulate you that you are really a very talented photographer. You have hundreds of expertish jobs at your beautiful site. But it disappointed me to see such a sentence in a girls page named Diah. It is a very terrible way to use the word Islam to find new customers to your site. I beleive you will notice my message and delete this sentences about islam.

erik Sweden

Bali... Just in case you missed it... Bali is not a country but a part of Indonesia... actually ;o) Thanks for great shots of Indonesian girls :D /Erik

Nick France

Diah in Bali This gallery is really exquisite! Please more travels to Asia, to discover treasures like Diah!

Diah Bali princess | November 19th, 2005
Diah Bali princess
Nick United Kingdom

There is a distinct lack of asian girls on this website, but this beautiful young lady almost makes up for it. Petter, you need to go to Japan on your next trip: not only are there incredibly beautiful girls to photograph, but the country is also very safe to travel in...


Nice looking Diah. Knowing how prudish these Balinese girls are, I understand that she do not ant to show us more. Can't you convince her that we are very interested to see more? And for once that you display an unshaved girl we are still much more interested. I also share the comment of Nick on the Asian girl. Please think about it as I'm sure you will find in Asia very petite pretty girl which would be ready to show us the charms of Far East. If I may advise, go to China, preferably North China where you will find cutties with an wonderful white skins and very interesting assets.


Diah rythm of Bali | March 14th, 2006
Diah rythm of Bali
filou France

Amazing !

Jared United States

Hilarious! I thought I was watching a sketch on Saturday Night Live!

Mark in Dro United States

Diah of Bali Elegant and exotic, very well done! Mark

Mark United States

Lost Paradise More Films Like This! Great Job!!

tanuki96 United States

Loved it... Wonderful video. I loved Diah's dark eyes, and everything else about her! :) The editing, and the "exotic" dance moves, helped to make her almost seem like some kind of supernatural being. (And I loved the clip at the makes you realize that she's very much a real person... :)

... United Kingdom

This video manages to be similtainiously hilarious, extremely sexy and features the use the best piece of costume-cupboard paraphernalia of all time... What more could a man want! 10/10..

Torben Hellborn Denmark

Ending-beginning Very nice film, calm editing and so on - but there seem to be a whole other story going on in the end; which is interesting! Maybe the end is the beginning, Petter. Now I've watched your films for a forthnight and I think many could have been more careful made in terms of thinking up a story, small as it may be, for instance Gislane in a babershopstool in the studio is not quite enough, charming as she is though and willing to break the situation with a smile. So, please, more creativity! Best regards Torben H