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Ekaterina Profile

Name: Ekaterina
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 52kg
Height: 164cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Young and Shy

When Ekaterina showed up to shoot with Petter Hegre, it was her first time as a model.

HONESTLY WE cannot figure out why. At 19 years old, she is the epitome of everything we like to look at in a woman. Hair of glittering gold falls just past her perfectly shaped shoulders. Full natural breasts that beckon to be touched and mesmerize the senses.

And let us not forget to mention a smile that can cause any man to loose his mind, drop to his knees, and beg for more. Ekaterina is surprisingly shy and seems unaware of the power she holds over men. If one compliments Ekaterina she will simply avert her gaze and whisper “thank you” as if it was the first time she had ever heard such a thing.

Everything about this woman is one-hundred percent genuine and that’s the way we like it.

Ekaterina Striptease September 18th, 2007
Great. Too bad it couldn't have been in HDV.
Apart from wondering if her real name is Sarah Smith, this girl is the tops, and I say 'tops' advisedly! Beautiful, knows it, and has humour and charm.
ekaterina is just so beautiful,what a wonderful body.
Ekaterina Red Fantasy February 20th, 2007
i would love to lick between her butt cheeks
When I see this Video, I wish I could take her and fuck her all night long! Her body is just perfect!
Couldn't we have some larger higher resolution movies. She is gorgeous.
Beautiful, sensuous exploration
Thanks for this calming, arousing, sensuous video of a beautiful woman enjoying gently caressing her body. Life can be hectic, but what's the need to rush when Ekaterina takes all the time she needs? Thanks Petter and Ekaterina
This film is great! Incredible, what a woman, what a body. Te way her hands are caressing her extremely beautiful breasts... I can't resist this woman.
Ekaterina Red Fantasy
Not enough superlatives to do her justice.
amazing body she is lovely i dont usely like blondes but i was plesantly surprised!!!!!
Ekaterina-Red Fantasy
Ekaterina is simply one of the most beautiful women in the Hegre line-up! This film goes far to prove thst. It is a lovely and sensual depiction of her beauty and sensuality. Thank You, Petter.
Very sexy! More photos of this set please!!! The one you published yet is to little! More Ekaterina!
Ekaterina The Beautiful
Be it her image-sets, films or snapshots, there is absolutely nothing which you won't like about her. She is the very essence of beauty. Many, many thanks to Petter and the Hegre Team for presenting her.
ekaterina is a woman of incredible natural beauty,everything about her is just perfect,she is a vision you could not possibly get tired of watching.
Ekaterina red red December 17th, 2006
What ever happened to...
It would be interesting to see what the earlier models are doing in their life now. Have any of them died? To they have children? Where are they living? Maybe even have a yearly end of year photo gallery with current photos of past models.
What a beautiful smile,quite something. Show us more please.........
Good fun!
Ekaterina backstage in Kiev July 4th, 2006
she's perfect
she got beautiful face, great breasts, perfect body. I really love her.
what a sexy young lady.perfectly proportioned and a warm smile.what a combination. would love to meet this sweetheart.
What a beautiful sexy body I love it nice breast and very nice pink nipples on Ekaterina beautiful lovey breast, I would like to massages her body.
ekaterina backstage
Ekaterina is such a beautiful model, and these natural photos without any additional lighting show her perfection. She is my one reason to join up!
it´s excelent your gallery and it´s better than i thought
EkaterinaBackstageInKiev_036.jpg perfect lighting for her
Dear Petter, these series are so natural and of pure, real beauty! I prefer your "Snapshots" to your normal galleries! Great, and Ekaterina is THE angel made for those natural shootings!
Ekaterina on display June 16th, 2006
Ekaterina - The Total Package on Display
The amazing boobs actually detract from everything else, she really is perfect in every way. Definitely will have to download 3000px.
I'm not "normally" a breast man, but these are a treat, with nipples to match. I look forward to Petter getting some Yanna style clos-ups of her genital area now it has been shaved for us to admire. E does seem a little shy in that area!
I am aroused in the knowledge that Ekaterina has 'de-nuded' her lower body, since her last shoot, no doubt to enhance the viewing leasure of her worldwide audience....including me!
Ekaterina has 'value-added' by shaving herself so clean and smooth.
Ekaterina - of the twin 'blessed sirens'
Yes indeed Petter,you ARE a tease!
this gallery--ekaterina
This shoot is the best I have ever seen on this site; this model has something that most don't. Her playfulness plays through the camera like no other, I want more ekaterina.
More Ekaterina !
This model is really one of your most beautiful. I hope you will have the chance to shoot her again next time you go to Ukraine !
You are such a tease Petter.