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Foto von Elly


Foto von Elly
Name: Elly
Land: Ukraine
Gewicht: 57Kg
Größe: 182cm
Alter: 31
Beruf: Modell


Elly ist der lebende Beweis dafür, dass Modelling nicht nur Spaß und Spiel bedeutet.

Elly hatte bereits viele Jahre Erfahrung als Modemodell in Paris und Mailand, als sie eines abends in Kapstadt Petter Hegre über den Weg lief. Da sie vorher noch nie nackt posiert hatte, aber neuen Abenteuern immer offen gegenübersteht, verbredete sie sich schnell zu einem Foto-Shoot mit Petter.

Da Petter etwas ganz Besonderes in dieser Frau wahnahm, dachte er sich dann auch etwas ganz Besonderes und Spektakuläres für sie aus. Mit einer achtsitzigen Maschine flogen sie in den Busch von Zimbabwe, Petter bewaffnet mit einer Hasselblad in der einen Hand und einer Magnum 44 in der anderen Hand, um Elly und sich selbst vor den in der Nähe befindlichen Leoparden und Löwen zu beschützen. Es wurde ein für alle denkbar erinnerungswürdiger Foto-Shoot.

Elly überstand alles wie eine tapfere Kriegerin und beendete den Tag mit einem Seufzer der Erleichterung und einem glücklichen Lächeln im Gesicht.

Elly Galerien KOMMENTARE

Elly fließendes Wasser | August 7th, 2006
Elly fließendes Wasser
Adam (Xmega Aerospace C.E.O.) Vereinigte Staaten

She has overwhelming beauty!! It is so good to see more pictures of Elly!! She looks amazing is this series! Her beauty is a euphoric dream to me! I wish I could be beside her watching a sunset... She is truly amazing. I really want to tell her that. Petter, you did a superb job photographing Elly! :-) :-) :-)

randy Vereinigte Staaten

Elly flowing water Flowing water for Elly's long legs is a great setting! The grey day adds a sculptural quality to the set. It's too bad Elly is shy, because it would have been fabulous to see the water flow between her long thighs had she been standing a little more out of the water on page 2. In fact in all her sets we never see her full frontal--as Carre would say, "inventory"-- to see those long legs and space between her thighs.

timatits Vereinigte Staaten

Elly I agree with randy about the effective use of the relatively grey setting to amplify Elly in this series. This is a critical part of the composition. The flowing water and the natural background make for a very busy picture, but because of this ‘greyness’ Elly stands out, even if she is relatively small in comparison. The most erotic photos IMHO are on page two where the water comes to her waist as if she were wearing a pair of super-low cut jeans. The early portion of that sequence lets us focus on her lovely face and awesome tits. Here Elly’s large and swollem areola send out a strong and immediate signal of sexual desire. And then, as she moves through the stream, the water covers less and less; a professional stripper would be jealous of such an effective, slow, and natural revealing of her pubis. Some photosets make you want to jump up and yell; this one has you sitting back with a warm smile and a pleseant sigh.

Elly Felsenkletterer | July 14th, 2006
Elly Felsenkletterer
ben Vereinigte Staaten

elly on the rocks page 1 pic 2 is a 9 but... page 4 row 2 pic1 what an inspired piece of photography.. the hands are beautiful.. the face and hair is a delicate blend of beauty and strength.. the model oh yeah certainly one to make an aphrodite jealous... and i'd like to be her personal trainer may be tone her thighs just a bit and work her abs but alas im not great job bringing this work to the galeries

Adam (Xmega Aerospace C.E.O) Vereinigte Staaten

Elly is an Angel!! It is so good to see more of Elly! She is so beautiful and looks like an angel! I wish I could tell her that! Elly is my favorite model on Hegre-Art! She is a 20 out of 10!!!!!!!

sirstefanofb Australien

Appears to have the right ingredients... but the jury is stil out, for me. I would need to see a lot more of Elly in order to form a 'firm' opinion.

Elly Bad im Busch | June 22nd, 2006
Elly Bad im Busch
James Vereinigtes Königreich

Dinner Elly I am available to take you to dinner any night next week at the Ivy in London!

Elly Zimbabwe-Delta | January 9th, 2007
Elly Zimbabwe-Delta
alexx Tschechische Republik

location What a great idea to photograph this girl on this "river" location, the light fits perfectly, she is amazing! I enjoy the overall atmosphere of this gallery.

Larry Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful photography of a wonderful subject.

Raymond Spanien

She is a goddess. It is all I am able to say. Beautiful, perfect proportions and...those eyes with such an interesting look!

Adam (Xmega Aerospace C.E.O) Vereinigte Staaten

She the most beautiful model!!! Elly is so beautiful! I am so glad to see more of her!! 5 of 5 stars! She is an angel that has beauty beyond words. She is my favorite model! I hope to see more of Elly in the future!! :-) :-)

gareth Vereinigte Staaten

beautiful landscape for a beautiful model.

Jay Indien

Another beautiful ex runway model. They just seem to get better with age.

Phil Hearse Vereinigtes Königreich

Elly These pictures tell a story. Nude photography doesn't get any better. Beauty, longing, grace, desire. First there was Helmut Newton, then there was Hegre. Outstanding, awesome.

Elly Zulu-Kriegerin | May 9th, 2006
Elly Zulu-Kriegerin

Elly stunning athletic body.

evilhippo Vereinigtes Königreich

Outstanding! I hope you have more of this superb woman!

Adam (Xmega Aerospace C.E.O.) Vereinigte Staaten

Elly again is extremly beautiful!! I am so glad you are taking more photographs of Elly!! I saw her appear today and I got butterflies that I could see more of this angel!! You pictures are incredible Petter!! I wonder if you could get some of Elly laying down. I again am very pleased to see more of my favorite model Elly!

Ken Kanada

Beauriful Elly! Elly is a natural beauty! You can sense the intensity as she stares into the camera with those amazing eyes! She is looking into your soul! She is an incredible woman!

Otis D'Souza Indien

MORE!!! Why not more of Elly. Her face is STUNNING!!! Her EXPRESSIONS!!!

Elly elegant | April 17th, 2006
Elly elegant
Adam (Xmega Aerospace C.E.O.) Vereinigte Staaten

Elly is incredible!! Petter Hegre, I am so glad you took more beautiful pictures of Elly! Wow, she is so beautiful and gorgeous! She is a 15 out of 10!!! Elly's mature look makes her ultra-mega attractive and seductive. I would love to see more of her!! :-) :-)

Riddler Japan

Wow! Elly is just wonderful! Elly looks like, in this series, Eve waiting for the very first man to appear on earth.

GERBOU Frankreich

Interesting pics. Would have preferred something more focused on Elly, but the end result with the tree and the stone gives a gallery very relaxing, a touch of zen spirit inside.

Elly in Zimbabwe | March 27th, 2006
Elly in Zimbabwe
gd Vereinigte Staaten

Very beautiful model..I would like to see more of her.

sagat Ungarn

Very nice, but it could be more and sometimes a bit closer shots.

Adam Vereinigte Staaten

Elly in Zimbabwe WOW!! Elly to me looks VERY beautiful in an experienced way. She is 31 which shows her maturity and me being only 25 I see that very attractive. Her facial features are very distinct and very beautiful as well. I have been a member for over one year now, looking at the updates everyday, and all the models are very nice, but there is somthing about "Elly" with her mature look that makes her one of the most beautiful models I have EVER seen on any site!! She is a 12 of 10 but the scale only goes to 10 of 10 :-) Again Elly is a 12 of 10 because she has that beautiful mature beautiful everything about her!!

Snoopy Deutschland

Throw the skull away


Elly - Safari in Zimbabwe | May 2nd, 2006
Elly - Safari in Zimbabwe
evilhippo Vereinigtes Königreich

Superb! I hope you will have more from this set both as movies and more pictures. I am glad the croc did not eat her :-)

Adam (Xmega Aerospace C.E.O.) Vereinigte Staaten

I love Elly! :-) :-) Elly is very beautiful in that mature look that is very seducing. I posted on both her last two photo shoots and anything dealing with her is a 15 out of 10. Petter, I hope you take more photos of this beautiful angel from heaven! She is one of the most beautiful models you ever took pictures of! I wish I could tell her in person how I felt of her beauty and what her voice would sound like. I really hope you keep on taking these excellent photographs of Elly. I check daily on here to see if there is any more of her :-) :-)

Sven Vereinigte Staaten

OK great nature but not too erotic

terminus_h Slowenien

truly beautiful model. In a way, it is almost unfair to compare her to younger models

MAGOO4 Vereinigte Staaten

Elly The next time I bungle in the jungle I hope to find Elly waiting for me. Beautiful. Magoo4