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Photo of Luba


Photo of Luba
Name: Luba
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 48kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 28
Occupation: Model, designer, photographer

Full-figured and petite!

Fashion model. Nude model. Model de choix of Bohemian Paris. Home town beauty queen.

LUBA SHUMEYKO reigns supreme as the First Lady of There are a lot of models. There are a lot of photographs. But only Luba makes the unique link to master photographer Petter Hegre through the golden band of a wedding ring. They are the golden couple, the happening people of Generation N - the New Nude Age. To be here is to be a part of it.

Shy, proud, ultra-feminine from her bow-shaped lips to her little pink toes, "she was born wearing high heels," as Petter Hegre puts it. And if it's not a miracle having one Luba, there happens to be two: a mirror image. Luba and Nadya are the supertwins from the Ukraine, the bread basket of old Mother Russia and producers now of the most vital crop on Planet Earth: beautiful girls.

Oh, yeah, Luba Means Love. What else?

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Luba Galleries

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Luba Galleries COMMENTS

Luba freestyle Yoga | October 5th, 2014
Luba freestyle Yoga
wheeler United States

so nice to see the queen again! who knew she was so flexible?

Ronny Cyprus

Luba! To keep us, your oldest members, without new pictures of Luba for 20 months is irresponsible, Petter. Luba was the main reason a lot of us subscribed more than 10 years ago and she is (and always will be) the greatest model on this website; leaving all competition far behind her. Congratulations Luba, you look better than ever and you just turned this day into a gorgeous Sunday.

Spitfire United Kingdom

Welcome back Luba It is really great to see the queen of hegre-art back where she belongs keep the photographs coming!! ;-)

Letti Germany

Luba, freestyle yoga Dear Petter! Congratulation! Many, many years I admire your pictures, from the beginning so many pictures from Luba and I must confess, Luba looks always still beautiful as ever. Thank you very much for your work

WikingerR Germany

Luba freestyle Yoga I like Luba, but 58 of 67 Images dressed, that is not what I expect at this site. And there is no reason for Luba to hide her body. Best wishes.

Phil-4 United States

I wish she were nude in all the pics. But love the pics and her body is stunning.

phil United States

I wish she were nude in all the pics. But still love the photo shoot and her body is the bomb.

TopCat United States

Lissome Luba By every stretch of the imagination, an exceptionally elegant beauty!

Fifi Portugal

It's very nice to see the lovely Luba again!!!

Steve United States

Petter's masterpiece. Many of these are gallery quality.

Saldo-2 United States

Oh yeah, oh yeah, we all so need much much more of the perfect Luba!!!!!!

ailefroide Belgium

Luba yoga Another Hegre-art masterpiece.

Anthony France

Luba ! She's just the perfection !! Too much time to wait Luba !

bobbob United States

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Finally the super star returns, brighter than ever and in every way. Thank you Luba and thank you Petter. What can I say ? How about MORE, MORE, MORE PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE !!!

Luba no1 for 11 years by Alya | February 3rd, 2013
Luba no1 for 11 years by Alya
Forzzman Sweden

What great present. You make my day. Welcome back Luba. You are number one.

wheeler United States

#1 now and forever!!!

paradygma Spain

Eleven years of a dream: female beauty at its best. Thanks Petter for all these years of hard work, for bringing us all this beauty we couldn't have been able to taste otherwise.

SWAPA United Kingdom

Wow She is still absolutely, stunningly beautiful..

josh Brazil

Indeed she is amazing, but there´s ne girl Im waiting for months to debut in photo sessions: Jessy from hegre cam.

Mike Germany

Luba Nr.1 The most beautiful Luba I have ever seen! Thank You!

Ronny Cyprus

Business proposal Give us at least one new series of Luba every week and double the annual subscription fee. Luba continues to be top of the bill, the queen of Hegre, the standard of beauty; now even more than 11 years ago.

Kristian Canada

Luba!! About time!! I love the models here but Luba's the reason I signed up in the first place.

Rick United States

Where have you been hiding this beauty Love her beautiful firm huge breasts.....very suckable.....we need to see her on the massage table

Hugh United States

Statuesque beauty Luba is a modern-day work of art. Thank you!

Jean-Pierre Belgium

Alya shooting Luba Hmm after this wonderful photo session, now I want to see the making-off video, Alya shooting Luba :)

Chimera United States

Luba by Alya Luba may be a modern-day work of art but Botecelli's Birth of Venus is much more impressive and sexy too!!! When will we see Luba closeup and personal? If history is any measure, probably never!!!

LubaLuver2 United States

Lubalicious She is hotter than the photo floods! Maybe for Valentines Day Peter can give her a massage and let us watch!

Espectador Spain

Comentario Creo que la mayoría de los miembros de esta comunidad espera ver como Zana masajea a Luba para ofrecernos un orgasmo grabado en video. Tendría una audiencia estratosférica. Ahí queda la idea. Se hará realidad este sueño, Hegre? Saludos.

Saldo-1 United States

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES Luba!!!!!! Always awesome and need to see MUCH MUCH more!!!!!!!!

Mark United States

Luba: The One and Only The queen, the goddess is back! So nice to see this beautiful set. Luba looks as gorgeous as ever! She is the reason I joined Hegre. I hope to see more of the one and only Luba. She is amazing!

Saldo-1 United States

RE: Luba!! Got that right!

arrelh United States

Yoga Film I would really like to see Luba do a Flow series Yoga Film. I have her pictures and besides Being beautiful her poster is great and I can see the strength as well as precision .Even this viewing shows her alignment and strength.

arps New Zealand

Amazing - Drop the props Although older, Luba is slimmer and better toned now than a decade back. Could we drop the props and clothes, and have some full on luba in a beautiful setting and move back to the New Nude. So many recent galleries are sex or staged glamour. Some amazing work is still coming through, especially on trips. My all time favourite was Luba trying on Bikinis. Can we get back to the simple, real life stuff, with full nude Luba.

arthur France

De très loin votre plus beau model, un fantasme .....

Barndini United Kingdom

Luba - you should have been mine! Since finding this most precious and delicious creature, I have been in awe of her. I wish she was around in the eighties, because I would have had posters of her all over my bedroom wall. My wife would think it odd now, of course ! Please keep posing for another thirty years. Oh, and if you get bored with Petter, drop me a line xxx ;)

baladirou France

chef d œuvre!!! en Français merveille!!!!!!!!

DemiLiard Canada

Always been a fan of Luba's. Wish she had more recent galleries and especially a video.

Saldo-2 United States

When are we ever going to see more of Luba?

The Grey United States

#1 11 yrs and you are still #1. never stop posing!

Robert United States

RE: Luba Ageless Luba, Is she comeing back ? She's a beautiful model, one of very few that has graste the web. Please come back...

Mordane444 United States

Perfect as always. More please!!

Luba yoga guru | December 11th, 2011
Luba yoga guru
wheeler-1 United States

OMG!!!OMG!!!OMG!!!video PLEEEEEASE!!!!

finderweb Italy

Achrobatic pose Wonderful set! She's very very nice, and my compliments for her fantastic pose!

Henryjames United Kingdom

Poetry That's amazing, brilliantly posed = super woman

Igacat Belgium

Luba-Art a true body art :) I'm interested to see her interview video where she talks about her approach to yoga.

Bassman United Kingdom

Who better for the 10th Anniversary?! Luba, where have you been? We've missed you.

Mark United States

Luba: Yoga The queen is back and looking as incredible as ever! Luba's body is an absolute work of art that is exquisitely exhibited as such in this set. Yoga is an excellent medium in which to show the amazing beauty of Luba's nude form. Bravo! I second the first comment that we must see a video.

hhp United States

Luba Simply amazing. There aren't words.

DanielDick Germany

YES! Finally a Luba Gallery again! Now I hope that Luba gets a Massage!

jeffnyc United States

Luba and yoga What's so great about Luba is how amazing she STILL looks and how good her yoga practice is. Well, I guess her body shows!!!

Letti Germany

Luba, yoga guru Dear Petter, these pictures are a unique document from your most beautiful wife. Thank you very much.

Lars United States

Luba Perfect as always!!! We need to see lots more of this perfect woman!

dean United States

The yoga poses coupled with the perfect body just look beautiful

KOMET United States

LUBA RETURNS FROM THE FIELD Given LUBA's flexibility in this photo series, one can conjecture that she had been transformed by a kindly wizard from a serpent to a woman.

mangesun Sweden

Yoga Luba Great stuff! Any chance of some pictures of her standing from behind?

tk-2-1 Germany

Luba has such a beautifull and expressive face, why hide it most of the time :( I was so happy to see a set from her again. Not happy.

tdonna5 United States

LUBA Simply incredible with what she can do with her body!!! And what a FINE body she has as well! Excellebt job done here!!

Bluegray United States

Bravo, Luba is still the most beautiful of all your models. Thank you for giving us this series, it is simply stunning!

CBE Denmark

She is back :-)

Fract Netherlands

Awesome asana's, girl. I can just sense the Universe flowing through you. No wonder you always look so great!

simon Switzerland

Crazy. Unbelievable. Awesome. Beatiful. Adorable... I need to learn yoga with hear as coach.

OzGuy United Kingdom

The nearest thing to perfection that possibly exists. Luba has the perfect body. More please

Ortelius United States

Luba yoga teacher Brava Luba! Thanks for sharing this stunning series.

cuddles3619 United States


bobbob United States

WOW! Thank you,thank you, thank you; our Christmas present came early this year. We miss Luba and her perfect body head to toe. I'm spoiled, so I wish she was facing the camera in some of the shots. I bet you can figure out which ones! Luba is truly outstanding in every way. Thanks again.

James Michaels United States

Luba's Yoga Petter, you are one very fortunate SOB!

Lembit Estonia

Ljuba Fantastic!!!

ronny99 Cyprus

Our Queen Thank you very very much Luba. I wouldn't say that you "still look good": you look even more ravishing than 7-8 years ago. You must be one of the most beautiful women on this globe. The only way you can make us more happy is by giving us a new series at least once a month. Your body is truly a work of art.

Fagan Germany

Eternal document of beauty There are more than one woman who worked hard for a flexible and toned body. There is more than one woman who is gifted to have feminine curves. There are a few women who are as beautiful as Luba is (although not many ;) ). There are a few world class fine art photographers. And there are a few women who can perform the poses shown here. Everything combined though, it is a unique manifest of unseen beauty and like no other I am aware of. It is an iconic and eternal document of beauty!

Vanessa United Kingdom

Inspiration If this is what yoga can do for you sign me up for some straight away. You are an inspiration to me Luba.

Nik Canada

Unforgettable So glad to see you again Luba. Girls come and girls go but some of them stick in your mind and are unforgettable. That’s you.

Woody. United States

Setting the standard I hope this is just the start of a whole lot more films and galleries with her. I still look at the ones she has done before. They set the standard IMHO

Hank United States

Perfectly judged This is a terrific collection of pics. It does not matter whether you take it as guide to yoga positions without boring leotards or as shots of a beautiful woman. It’s perfect both ways.

Graham Ireland

Massage Are we going to see massage movies with Luba? That will really be something else. Please please please.

Mikhail Belarus

Welcome back You’ve still got it Luba. Welcome back. You have been away far too long.

Timothy Portugal

Outstanding There have been a lot of models over the years that have been memorable but the one that comes straight to mind as totally outstanding is Luba.

Darcy United Kingdom

Wow! You say that she has had a baby? Wow! I’m going to show my girlfriend these shots. She has been getting very down because she thinks she will never get her figure back she had before. Now I hope I can cheer her up and show her that it is possible.

Vic Germany

More to come There is loads of scope for more Yoga galleries and/or movies with all the positions etc that Luba has not covered yet. I hope that there will be many more to come.

Amanda United States

Nude Yoga How about Luba doing a sort of “how to” film on Yoga? She would be just right for it. Nude Yoga is sure to be a winner.

Blake United States

Select There are some women who keep every bit of their beauty and their charisma all the way through. I’d say that Luba has joined that select band.

Daly Australia

Spectacular This is a spectacular display. It’s time to give Luba the scope to show what she can do all over again.

nr 1 fan Denmark

my dream Luba, I'm your nr 1 fan :) i have been with this site since it started 10 years ago and viewed all your galleries and films over and over again. I was afraid that you had left us but now that i read the news article telling that you have given birth to a baby boy i totally understand that you have been busy. You look even more amazing than ever after becoming a mother!!! Only dream i have for the future would be to see you in a massage movie :)

Sunburst Netherlands

Fantastic Wauw! BEAUTIFUL! A woman with a perfect body who perfectly controls that georgious body. The simple background with the perfect, natural body of this Godess makes this a very interesting gallery. Lots of respect to Luba and Hegre. Again: Wauw!

mazungu United Kingdom

Luba you are one lady with a pefect body that is so flexible and seems that you have control over it as to how you want to move around amazing. can i be your student.

WPB United States

You learn something new every day Everyone knows Luba, yet I think we learn something new about her today. This is no beginner stuff. Amazing!

Fishman United States

FINALLY a new set from Luba!!!!!!

Pete United Kingdom

Lucky man Petter, you are one very lucky man!!

BayouT United States

Simply Amazing Petter Luba is truly a superior woman. You have chosen wisely and are surely luck!! I'm amazed these are some pretty advance poses. Does she instruct classes? Thank you [and Luba] for showing us this beautiful set!

bobbob United States

please play it again This was the best Christmas present ever; there must be plenty of other shots from this shoot to make the perfect New Years present for your members!

Jozef United Kingdom

Beautiful. Close to perfection.

halopalm Taiwan, Province of China

Marvelous example Best set of December 2011. Luba is unquestionably the top gun of body art. She sets a marvelous example to all nude models, again.

Roberto United States

Wisdom Peter: From the archives to now, Luba has grown into women.The discipline she has shown with her yoga practice is to be admired .More than a pretty face Luba must have a beautiful mind. Thank you

Kristain Canada

Luba is missed. Love love love this model. My one and only complaint about this whole site is that there's not a new Luba gallery every day.

Constantin Germany

Luba Mit ihrem perfekten Körper wäre sie ein ideales Model für Michelangelo gewesen.

Peron United States

Perfection Constantin is right. Michelangelo would have loved her. She is utter perfection. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

delavignette Belgium

Luba yoga guru Nobody is perfect. Luba is not very far. Thanks. Jean Paul. Personne n'est parfait. Luba n'en est pas loin. Merci. Jean Paul.

windmill Netherlands

yoga Naked Yoga in many ways is highly attractive for images as seen with Luba in these 2 sets. I feel it may bring some exiting movies also. There are so many poses and exercises to perform individually or in synchronizing duo's or groups.

Splendor France

Oui, Constantin: Michelangelo ou... Praxitèle?!

The Grey United States

Luba A beautiful woman+yoga= a masterpiece for the senses!

Luba leather chair | January 3rd, 2011
Luba leather chair
wheeler United States

short but sweet! so nice to see the queen again!

Gujo Belgium

Still the best ! More pictures please.

Rob United Kingdom

The best by far. Luba, darling, you are our Princess. Please show us a little more of yourself...don't be shy...we all adore you. We worship you... xxx

wheeler United States

shy??? lol Rob..."shy" is NOT a word hat comes to mind whn I see lovely Luba! She has principles! I respect that! You are wonderful, Luba!

clqrvy United States

Thank you for finally treating us to some Luba, but I don't understand why you tease us with such a small set.

Jerret Germany

It's always great to see Luba on this site - she is still setting standards for body perfection. But what about the slippers on the first two pictures? Still a great set of photographs!

ronny99 Cyprus

Oefff Such a relief to see our Luba back and with recent pictures. Luba dear, time does have its effect on you: it makes you even more beautiful. The 18-19-20-... year old kids we are used to see here can not compete with you. More new series please! We love you.

James Michaels United States

Sensational I think Petter is entirely too selfish with his magnificent wife. Luba is simply too sensational to keep in the background the way he does, to be used only as an occasional tease. Luba--please tell your husband that your fans are hungry for much, much more.

Stromboli421 France

Luba è sempre la più bella di tutte!! Peter è l'uomo più fortunato del mondo...

geRRy United Kingdom

Beautiful as ever,Luba is always most elegant. Please pursuade her to pose more often.

Basia Poland

RE: Photo number 11 I think photo 11 is the very best!

The Guy United States

Meh I know she is Petter's wife and mean no disrespect. She has done a great job of keeping that smoking hot body but if her sets are going to continue to be this conservative I'd prefer a sets of models who are willing to be more revealing. Wheeler, principles? really? she's posing nude. She's shown more in the past. She, (or Petter) has just gotten more conservative about what she will show us. More like boring.

wheeler United States

RE: Sensational lol maybe it's HIM that needs to tell HER???

Basia Poland

RE: Meh ...boring? ;o) what is hidden is much more interesting - that also the fact with you. And mind you - everyone has the right to decide what to do - if she has shown more in the past is she (or anyone) obliged to do more in the future?!?!? Of course not. Hmm...posing nude means she does not have principles? Funny thing is that from the Middle Ages people started to see other people through clothes they wear. Why? I understand you are of the opinion that someone who does not pose nude = has principles. What argument do you have to support that?

redbaron Australia

Luba Luba is a beautiful woman great tits nice arse yum

yxc Switzerland

dear Peter, thank you so much, that you share the beauty of your wife with your member community

_ROBERTO_ Austria

mist war schon immer mist

bobbob United States

Luba Luba is out of this world in any pose, setting or light; she can be or do any mood, action or activity and ends with us wanting more. She always brightens my day.Thanks!

anthony United States

Dying to see a new Luba set!

Jake Guam

Exquisite It would be nice to see Luba get a massage. Her beautiful body being touched and caressed to multiple heights of pleasure by a beautiful masseuse.

Fan no 1 Mexico

RE: Photo number 16 Dont forget us Long time no see

cuddles3619 United States

LUBA Always Marvelous

Luba glamorous | October 16th, 2010
Luba glamorous
wheeler United States

always nice to see the gorgeous Luba!

rami-ga Israel

luba OMG!!! So damn HOT!!!

Voyeur United States

The woman still has it.

nat_pavitt United States

Luba, Luba, Luba... Luba is the most goreous model that Herge has.

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

Oh Luba! Thank you Luba this is just what the doctor orderd what a super pick me up you are many thanks!

Matt United States

Hottest woman alive still

Brian United States

Luba She is just a perfect Model in every way. Very strong artistic poses and high energy. Its like being taken to a very lively contemporary museum. What I really like is it expands the entire concept and elevates it and educates the viewer to strive for ultimate quality in their approach to anything really. Absolutely impressive how healthy and fantastic shape she keeps herself in. Inspirational.

Gumbal Germany

Perfect She is perfection in all her beauty.Hot Hot

Luba Arabic Sofa | September 24th, 2010
Luba Arabic Sofa
ronny Cyprus

Luba Finally: Luba! Give us more dear, once a week would not be too much. One picture of a beautiful "woman" is worth more than 100 pictures of cute "girls". P.S. Bring Yanna and Marlene along please.

wheeler United States


gesaryatsi United States

How abot a Luba massage.... She appears to be too shy.....

wheeler United States

RE: gesaryatsi lol I think Petter would have to do it!

jon Malaysia

RE: i second that

gcm747 Australia

All hail the queen indeed! You took the words right out of my mouth wheeler. Luba IS what Hegre-art is all about!

oarsman United States

RE: Luba Luba remains the gold standard at Hegre-Art. It's always a special day when she graces the Gallery.

DRMAC1000 United States

RE: Luba Bring Mirta along too! Has she dissapeared from this site forever?

Pablo Greece

The surface of the sun Incredible, very, very, very hot!

nat United States

All I can say is Wow. She is just amazing. All most too perfect.

nat_pavitt United States

Wow... My god, Just Perfect.

lars04201 United States

Luba...perfect! wow, she's so perfect. this is the best shot i've ever seen of her. mainly because of the clear view of her beautiful pussy. are one lucky guy!

Johan Pettersson Sweden

LUBA.... I do not think there is no sweeter girl in the world than Luba.... I'm so in love with her.

daniel United States


Rob United Kingdom

Luba, sweet Luba...we all adore you. But can we PLEASE get to see some close ups of your special we used to in the early days?

Matt United States

Luba massage We need to start a petition for Luba to get an erotic massage...I would pay top dollar to see that

analia Argentina

luba massage YES! I would also like an erotic massage on luba, a thai massage please!

Mike United States

luba arabic sofa fleshtone I particularly like the Rubenesque pink fleshtone quality in the few seated upright poses that are marked with heavy opaque shadow. The pink fleshtone produces a pulsing living quality to the femine figure. I don't see this very often in fine figure photography.

clqrvy United States

Luba Massage To echo earlier requests, a Luba massage video would be absolutely fantastic. That alone would guarantee a subscription renewal from me!

panzer969 United States

Beautiful, and a nice finish! You are a VERY lucky man, Petter. She must be a wonderful woman to share your life with...

Luba cherry dress | August 8th, 2010
Luba cherry dress
wheeler United States


Petrov Belgium

Luba Luba definitely remains the first lady of this website !

Pablo Greece

RE: Photo number 31 This is incredibly sexy, very, very sexy. The ultimate.

Pablo Greece

RE: Photo number 44 Very beautiful, thank you!

Pablo Greece

RE: Photo number 54 fantastic!

Pablo Greece

LUBA This is a wonderful set, Luba is just incredible, very very cool. Thank you

Deep84 Germany

Ok, but not amazing.

Roland, Italy Italy

RE: Photo number 54 Luba is such a lovely girl. Both her A side and B side are almost perfect. But why does she almost always look so serious. We long for a smile from her!

AJ United Kingdom

Luba Pure class! A+++++++++++++++!!

Pauly United Kingdom

Cherries Smashing tits and what a beauty Luba is!

brian Stewart United States

Luba been a memember for many years, almost continuously and i still think Luba is your best model and my favorite too. Plenty of great ones here, but she is special.

Bear United States

Perfection! I can't tell you how often this young lady had inspired me to keep writing my scripts, even when my fingers are tired and my eyes are blurry. Amazing!!! Can not get enough of her.

matt United States

Luba erotic massage please, for the love of god, can we see Luba getting an erotic/yoni massage? i would pay a thousand bucks for that seriously

Luba cavalli | July 17th, 2010
Luba cavalli
Carne Asana United States

There's something adorably Alice In Wonderland about Luba in this oversized chair. But the darkness is there too. Typical Luba strength, poise and commands attention. She's so gorgeous.

Voyeur United States

I know it's not Luba's style to share of her most intimate self - but that sure would be nice.

William United Kingdom

Very sexy and very good rapport with the camera, she is totally at ease as a model.

wheeler United States

I bet it's good to be the queen!

Luba Fan United Kingdom

Just perfect. Beautiful. Xxx

Mario United Kingdom

Wow! That's one hot woman!

JpT United Kingdom

Pretty in pink Lovin' those see thru panties.

Brad United States

Best of the best I think that we need to see more of you my dear. As a writer out in Los Angeles, I can tell you that you have been my muse for quite some time. Perhaps the next script will have your name on it:) B

Luba 1001 nights | June 12th, 2010
Luba 1001 nights
wheeler United States

oooo...I swear... Luba just gets sexier every time I see her!!!You are a lucky man, Petter!!!

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

Total perfection! Luba we all know you are the best. Perfection in human female form you are at the very top of your game! You are total Perfection!

William United Kingdom

She is perfection her body just kills me everytime. More of this beautiful creature please. :-)

Naveen United Kingdom

Awesome titties!

Rob United Kingdom

please, darling Luba Please show us a little more. Please, darling Luba... We all adore you!

Dred United Kingdom

What a gorgeous Sheherazade Luba makes. The most striking set i've seen of beautiful Luba.

Carne Asana United States

Exotic as she is erotic. Luba has a special place in the pantheon. If any single gallery ever proved that, it's this one. Perfect.

Stu United Kingdom

Luba, you are our angel. The lovliest, sexiest girl there is. Your body is sublime and perfect. You are every man's dream. The very personification of beauty and sensuality. Please, oh Luba, can you let us see a little more of you? That most intimate and tender spot..? Thank you sweet Luba. Wonderful Luba

Bleukat United States

CLIMAX? PETTER...are there more nights to come? I'm hoping this isn't the FINALE of your scintillating ~erotic trilogy~ PLEASE give us "ONE MORE NIGHT" in Marrakech?

tdonna3 United States

Luba Luba is simply incredible! When can we see ALL of her though?????

gordie United States

petter why are these beautiful picture so grainy was it taken with a filter ok at 2000 but 3000 and up grainy other wise great set

emacs Canada

@gordie I think the grainy pictures are the result a combination of ISO, f-stop and exposure times that Petter chose for the series. Also, I'm guessing he chose natural light and no flash.

Pease United States

Posture The last photo gets me. Great body.

Luba hotel Marrakech | May 27th, 2010
Luba hotel Marrakech
Andre Portugal

what can i say ... Luba you are just amazing ... your figure just blows my mind ... perfect body ... mind blowing tits :)

Tim United States

Luba gets better with each set. Truly, the most beautiful woman on the planet.

KT United Kingdom

Impossibly Perfect This woman has THE most incredible body.

Luba Fan United Kingdom

I love her! Please please MORE Luba. xxxxxx

Caicedo Portugal

Fantastic body! Luba is a great woman with a fantastic body!

Paulo Bento Portugal

I like her a lot! This set is very smooth, yet very pleasing! Congrats Petter and Luba!

Savim Portugal

With no doubt....She is the best model of the site! I love your sets and keep waiting for more from you! Sexy Luba

Chris United Kingdom

Luba Hotel Ana Yela This is a wonderful study of a very beautiful woman. The lighting is superb and Luba is quite simply radiant.

William United Kingdom

Hotel Ana Yela Some of us prefer a slow undress and like seeing models clothed or partially clothed rather than going straight into full on nudity. Some of us like to be teased and use our imaginations. Obviously we like to see a fully nude woman close up but I personally would like to see more sets like this with see-through clothing. I wish Luba had gone a little further and shown us a bit more but that's her choice and I respect that. She is beautiufl anyway she does not have to try too hard.

Graham G United Kingdom

Luba Luba is lovely but I just wish she would be a bit less shy and share more with us. I can dream I suppose!

Crozzers United Kingdom

Luba Hotel Ana Yela Oh joy!!! Absolutely fabulous. Totally agree with William :->

Carne Asana United States

There are many beautiful things in Marrakech but on the day of this shoot, we're looking at the most beautiful. I read the description of this hotel and it sounds great. To see fantastic Luba turning a five star establishment into a ten star single handed is nothing short of wow.

mario United Kingdom

totally awesome luba is way hot

Naveen United Kingdom

Totally agree... ...with Andre, Luba's tits are off the scale. Petter you are one lucky man!

wheeler United States

if you don't mind me sayng so, Luba... you have the most amazing popka (among other things) in the world!!!

Voyeur United States

Awesome set from an beautiful woman. Would still like to see more pussy tho.

wheeler United States

btw... \"popka\" = Russian for \"butt\" (if anyone\'s wonderfing! lol)

Bleukat United States

FINGERPRINTS Perhaps it's simply the distinct pattern of my ~EROTIC FINGERPRINT~...or, the soft wisp of hair at the base of LUBA's spine? But at 6000px, photograph #66 says it ALL for me: "Intoxicating"!!!

Stever United Kingdom

Nice but.. It's a crying shame that the full beauty of Luba is kept for one man.. Please, some more revealing stills sets and videos of Luba would be so nice. Maybe even a massage? Petter? Yes?

Luba pink Marrakech | May 13th, 2010
Luba pink Marrakech
Laurie United Kingdom

Lovely Luba I am tickled pink with this delightful little cameo. But a little confused about the huggingly delicious top ~ why inside out?

Dom United Kingdom

This series and Stasha neon lights have been the most interesting sets for ages. Something different, suggestive as opposed to overt. Lubas body is out of this world i could look at her forever.

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

My Queen! Luba you look fantastic as usual you have lit up my day thank you! You look nice in pink!

wheeler United States

is it inside out, or, just so thin that you can see the hems?lol...smokin hot, either way!

Luba Fan United Kingdom

Luscious Luscious Lovely Lady XXXXX

esthete75 France

Wonderful Luba The pictures of Luba are the ones I prefer, first because Luba is very beautiful and a very sensual model but also as Peter protects his beloved Luba I know that we will not have to afford too many exposed vagina with wide spread legs

Scott Salbo United States

Luba perfect A classic, perfect body.

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

Hot hot hot! Damn hot!

Stu United Kingdom

Well, esthete75, I for one would love to see a little more of our darling Luba, but I think she has decided that sort of modelling is no longer for her. Alas... Still, she is stunning, however she is photographed. The camera certainly adores her.

Ed49 Switzerland

Curves And God created woman - what a work of art he managed with Luba. Even the pink tight little dress promotes her curves and beautiful body to its maximum. I don't think there is any other woman with such perfect curves and rounding’s, its just like heaven to look at Luba. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us. Ed

Crozzers United Kingdom

Luba Pink Marrakech Outrageously sexy, fantastic. Is there a sequel?? Wow!!

Georg Habitsch Austria

Luba pink Marrakech Sie ist die Beste

Carne Asana United States

Stretchy, gauzy and hot pink. Three things that compliment Luba perfectly. Then again it's hard to think what doesn't. She is amazing and this gallery adds to her monumental splendor.

gordie United States

what a body woww should have taken it with that new camera

Bleukat United States

LUBA FEVER PETTER...I believe your illness is contagious: "You must SELL your DISEASE...If you do not SELL it, no one will buy it...and YOU WILL NEVER GET WELL!" ~ attributed to a North African shaman ~

Luba the body | April 17th, 2010
Luba the body
Dante-Hicks Australia

What a beautiful body.

wheeler United States

the queen is in fine form, as always!

Corey United Kingdom


ED BYRNE United Kingdom

What a body! This is a great title for this photo set as Luba you have one of the best body's on the planet at the moment. Even though this volcano in Iceland is causing major disruption at the moment right across Europe & as far away as Moscow but you still keep shining through. Just as sexy always!

longtimefan United States

thank you luba for stepping in front of the camera again. sexy, strong and leaving us wanting more. how perfect is that? You must be a dream to collaborate with on shoots. Best to you and Petter

Carne Asana United States

Luba is perfection. Black stretch pants are clearly deserving of human engineering award, Photo #34 being the prime example. Muscles, lines, curves, angles. Poses that redefine everything.

Yasser United Kingdom

The Body! Luba is way hot!

Don United States

Luba One of the only women in the world that can leave me speechless. She's otherworldly...divine with epic sensuality. Do you have a sister?

Paul Mcg United States

Like I always said Luba is a cut above all the rest. Well done, thanks. Paul Mcg

Dom United Kingdom

Luba What a truly stunning woman, natural is best I mean compare this beauty to all the fake, blonde plastic girls out there. Theres no contest. And my girlfriend says she really likes her shoes and black leggings!

Bleukat United States

B...E...M! Photographs #31,32,33 are quite simply ~SALACIOUS~!!! Beautiful...Exquisite...Magnifique, and destined to become ~classics~ of 21st century erotica.

Luba rose | April 1st, 2010
Luba rose
ST United Kingdom

I know a lot of people find Luba's galleries too 'soft' these days but I could look at her all day. Her body is perfect and she knows exactly how to work the camera. A superb model.

Paul United Kingdom

Luba rose Oh wow! Luba looks just wonderful........even more so with that lovely little crop of hair. Just stunning. Great pics, Petter.

Corey United Kingdom

luba is too darn hot!!!!

Scott Salbo United States

Luba perfect She really does have a remarkably perfect body.

wheeler United States


wheeler United States

btw... I wouldn't call this one "soft" least not for Luba! I don't belive I have ever seen her put her hands in her trusiki (russian for "panties") before!

Robt United States

luba A nice Easter surprise...tks

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

PERFECTION! My easter is now complete Happy Easter you look stunning Luba as usual. Luba You are the one you are the best!

Zeppelin Germany

Queen? I'd rather call her the First Lady of hegre-art.

Carne Asana United States

I'm so curious about this gallery. Was it shot relatively recently or if not when does it fit chronologically within her other landmark shoots? My reason for asking is that I see a piercing element to her normally (wrong word, there's nothing normal about Luba) striking appearance. Maybe it's the high ponytail, giving her just a tinge of dominatrix, not overtly though. But that's tempered by the softness of her delicately gorgeous lingerie. Luba is just so complex, she's really beyond words.

Bleukat United States

MERCI BEAUCOUP A SINGLE LONG-STEMMED ~RED ROSE~ for LUBA...and a magnum of champagne KUDOS to PETTER for this exquisite gallery

Luba living fantasy | February 20th, 2010
Luba living fantasy
Dante-Hicks Australia

number 37!

Croz United Kingdom

Luba Living Fantasy Stunning. Luba fabulous as ever!!Enuff said I think!!

wheeler United States

smokin hot as always! always nice to see the hottest girl on the site!(she's not here enough!)

Paul United Kingdom

Luba Rules Sex on a Stick. She is so, so wonderful.

HHP United States

Luba Any day when Luba is presented here is a good day. A simply amazing woman. The diet and workout must both be amazingly well structured and executed. In addition, Luba has also obviously won the genetic lottery. Her genes should be preserved. Have you considered cloning?

Mark United States

Amazing Luba Another fabulous set of the most amazing nude model ever. I never get enough of seeing her nude in high heels. Just amazing!

Carne Asana United States

Whereas the January 24 "Concrete Corner" was a private moment, "Living Fantasy" is for an entire audience of lucky guests an the exhibition. It's opening night and Luba in on form. This shoot also makes me think of a music video without the bells and whistle. Playback blasting, Luba the one and only focus of attention. Awesome.

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

White hot!! What can I say Luba you are White hot!! Petter is one lucky man. My day has got a whole lot better thank you!

longtimefan United States

I Want to Go To THERE! ; ) Luba............I hope you know your STUNNNNNING......Powerful, superhero woman goddess. ahhhh Petter we all hate you! ;¬P Way to celebrate your 1 in a million Wife. Thank you for sharing... Continued success to you both.

Laurie United Kingdom

Forty Four The honey trap. Exquisite!

Paul Mcg United States

So nice to see Luba again. Still looking as wonderful as ever. Keep up the good work. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg

ronny99 Cyprus

Luba The laws of nature don't affect Luba: she looks better and better as the years go by. Congratulations girl. Happy to see that she has lasered: gone with those tiny stubbles. Very nice setting: the contrast between the rough concrete walls and the beautifully curved fragile body. One of the top series on this site. I hope there will be a part II (and III and IV ...)

jason m hunt United States

luba why don't you pose your models with male models? Do you airbrush your pics?

CGC United Kingdom

Exquisite Now that is one sexy girl... Just a pity the shots (as beautiful as they are) aren't quite revealing enough ;-)

English Girl Lover United Kingdom

Luba quite simply takes my breath away with her perfect beauty and unbelievably well formed body.

bibbyleon China

i love Luba Luba is the godess!

Luba concrete corner | January 24th, 2010
Luba concrete corner
Rob United Kingdom

Wonderful Fantastic to see our beloved Luba back. Please (just one request) can we have some slightly more revealing shots, Petter? Then our world would indeed be a perfect place.

Bramen Netherlands

Luba concrete corner The hottest of the hot, Luba, synonym with sensuality, sexyness, dreamwoman pur sang, great shoot, thanks Petter

FPlay United States

Luba flower opening I agree with Rob. We crave what we cannot have.

A longtime Fan United States

Petter+Luba=timeless Hello Petter and Luba, LOVED seeing you work together again, and I think these shots are so %@^%#@ sexy, and I like how there is a slow reveal of one of the most rare and gorgeous bodies ever recorded in front of the lens. Luba, your visual power and feminine strength are a force to be reckoned with. I would imagine your fantastic to work with and wish I could hire you for a project. Petter, we're all STILL jealous (but in a good way), I know you bust ass non-stop, and you deserve all that you receive. Luba thanks for sharing yourself with us all. I would guess you provide direction as a fellow collaborator on your shoots and love the characters and moment you both create together. Positive thoughts and best wishes for continued success to you BOTH. Best, A longtime Fan.

Paul Mcg United States

Luba still has the magic and always will. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg

Jeff D United States

Beatiful - but a bit over dressed for the occasion. Less is more when it comes to clothing on Luba.

L.N. United Kingdom

Just Beautiful She is impossibly beautiful and her body is just perfect. Please please can we see more of Luba? I could look at her photos over and over because she is completely perfect. She has it all.

wheeler United States

stunning as always! But, I must agree...less is more!!WONDERFUL to see you again, lovely lady!!!PLEASE visit us more often!!!

Robt United States

Luba The best of the to last shot is most amazing...

David L United Kingdom

I agree. She is magnificent. Just perfection in every way. But I would like to see her less clothed and a little more "brave" for the camera. This is not a complaint, just a request. Thank you Luba, Thank you Petter!!

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

WOW! Perfected perfection! Luba you are a huge ray of sunshine evan on the darkest of days you will always be queen!

Carne Asana United States

Luba Stirs The Imagination The backdrop is marvelous. Reminiscent of an I. M. Pei corner, both in severity and color. Next we have goddess Luba in the most contradictory outfit imaginable until we take a stab at her story. A gallery opening where she's dressed fittingly unique? A moment away from the crowd, perhaps stolen once again (Hegre's work often gives me this idea), far more erotic than a quick tryst, this is a display. Image 36, headless, muscular, is brilliant.

Laurie United Kingdom

Perfection is in the Detail The boots are wickedly cool but teenage limbs and bums adapt so seductively to "seamless" tights.

Laurie United Kingdom

Basque 'n' Boots Yes I do love this gallery ~ it almost all adds up. The rough entrapment is the perfect web of intrigue, the strategy on a knife edge. Alright I'll be ruthless, the tights have to go. Same delightful poses sans tights. An alternative, no basque but fine silk "briefs" contour tight to enhance her exquisite femininity in erotic detail, the same presentation of course. A touch perfect!

Paul United Kingdom

Luba - conc corner Petter - great set. Her face in No.55 - the light, the hair, the eyes and the mouth......a sumptuous shot!

Aaron United States

WOW!!! If I were gay I would be straight for you. Thank you for being too hot.

Luba christmas dress | December 12th, 2009
Luba christmas dress
Laurie United Kingdom

Swagger and Swank I love the aestheticism. Astonishing!

geRRy United Kingdom

Wonderful to see Luba again. She gets more beautiful than ever.

Paul United Kingdom

Luba - Crimble dress Class. Pure unadulterated class.

Gérard France

Hail Luba! Great to see you back. I hope this is for good, at last. In such case I'll renew my membership (I did unsubscribe as I was despaired over your fading out) luv gF

Zeppelin Germany

Now that's what I call generous! Thank you Petter!

Saldo United States

Luba is awesome can't get enough.

Luba Fan United Kingdom

Lubaaaaaa! Welcome back! You will always be my favorite. Kisses. xxxx

orez United States

Stunning Perfection You, Petter, are a very lucky and generous man. Thank you Luba for sharing your beauty with the Hegre world. You are a diamond in the flesh.

Sam United Kingdom

....and what a christmas treat we got....thanks Luba for listening to your fans and giving us that little bit get more and more beautiful every time we see you...happy xmas petter and lovely luba

Paul Mcg United States

Luba still has the magic and she always will. Thanks to you all. Merry Christmas to you. Paul Mcg

Mark United States

Luba So wonderful to have Luba back! She looks more beautiful than ever! Her body is amazing! Love seeing her stand there nude with just the red stockings on. Fabulous!

Amaveer United Kingdom

Christmas Dress A beautiful lady. what more can be said?

Carne Asana United States

She Always Delivers Luba channels her Hollywood Starlet in that lipstick red 1950s Marilyn Monroe gown. Eye-catching to say the least. But on Page 4, POW! She delivers that Terminator body in those sculptural poses that define this website. Awesome.

Edward United Kingdom

Page 4 Carne Asana is right. Luba's body is impossibly perfectly proportioned. Those long legs, the slim waist and then those large breasts. Luba really does have it all, what a woman!

Voyeur United States

Refreshing to see the alway beautiful and sophisticated Luba.

Scott Salbo United States

Luba really and truly, Luba has an impossibly perfect body.

Jason United States

Luba Luba, it remains that your are still the most beautiful woman in the world. Aesthetically perfect. Peter, You create amazing images. I have followed you for years since before the website redesign in 05. I've studied your other work. A big fan of "My Wife" and "My Book." I'm a serious photography student in the states and I just have to ask you... Will you consider launching an apprenticeship/intership program. I would like to be the first to apply. I'm hoping you are ready to teach a younger generation as I believe Richard Avedon must have been instrumental in your talent and success. Best Regards, Jason

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

OH LA LA! Very nice Luba!

Jeff United States

Luba Peter you are a very fortunate and lucky man, Luba is amazingly beautiful!

Luba bikini Sitges | October 25th, 2009
Luba bikini Sitges
Laurie United Kingdom

Botafumreiro You look absolutely ravishing my love and I have so missed you, we last met in early spring at Cafe de Flore. I do hope you can slip away for a few hours tonight, the table is reserved for 21.30.

largeformat Germany

Luba No question, Luba is a beauty with a fantastic body. But, to my opinion, the recent fotos are gettting chaster and chaster. Where is the girl who was showing her nice shaved pussy in the old galleries and in the fabulous book? Come on, don't be shy.

Laurie United Kingdom

Images 9 10 11 & 18 Sublime ~ 18 delightfully so. Simply delicious!

ExtraB Netherlands

My main reason for subscription, awesome, as always. Hope that don't have to wait too long for more, and more ..... etc.

firstpaul Luxembourg

Luba bikini Sitges Nice to re-meet Luba, after long absence. And she´s still the mega-woman - more please ...

Crozzers United Kingdom

Luba Bikini Sitges I re-joined just for this. Luba looks as fabulous as ever, perfect in every way. Personally, I'm not bothered about 'total exposure'- sometimes it's good to leave a little to the imagination. I understand you might not publish this, but it's great to see Luba again!!

Paul United Kingdom

Luba bikini Sitges Great pics- great woman. No doubt about her class, no need to show full frontal shaved pussy for me..........she just oozes quality from every pore. I shall say it again, Petter - you are a very lucky man!

Ray United States

Luba Bikini Stages Thank you for sharing your beloved, your Muse, your wife. Anna S is a pretty girl, Orsi is a beautiful woman and Luba is the Goddess over all.

Paul Mcg United States

So very nice to see Luba again. Truly a class act and a cut above the rest. Nice gallery, hope to see more of Luba. Thanks to all of you. Paul Mcg

Rob United Kingdom

Oh are still my favourite. You make me go weak at the knees...

Jeff D United States

Teaser Luba is way to gorgeous to show so little flesh. The set, the poses, and the girl are exquisite. But if you want a 10 from me you've got to drop 'em!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Luba bikini sitges Personally,I don't see the attraction of this very beautiful,superbly figured, exceedingly sexy, delicious young lady but then again I'm very stupid. To prove it,I don't know what a Sitges is.

Carne Asana United States

Summer's Not Over Yet Luba, oh Luba! The legend. Seeing her in that Pinko bikini, the Barca match on, what more can one want on a Sunday.

Max Australia

Luba bikini Love to see you back Luba, but why not lose the shorts, enchant us with all your body. Yours is the most beautiful esecially when shaved.

Robt United States

Luba Beautiful, in a class by herself...

Deg New Zealand

Well hello! Lovelyto have Luba back.

Laurie United Kingdom

Sitges Beach resort close to Barcelona, destination for hedonists of all persuasions.

Female Fan United Kingdom

I think Luba has THE most perfect body of any woman I have ever seen. And having spent my youth in a girls boarding school I should know!!!!!!

Ortis United Kingdom

Oh Luba as lovely as ever thank you for returning.Comeback sooooon!!!!!!

Tre United Kingdom

Bikini Babe smoking hot, this chick don't need to go the full naked to get attention

Patrick United Kingdom

I wish Luba would consider posing in a more explicit manner once again, her fans would really like to see more of her iykwim?! Sadly I think her explicit posing days are over. I am happy to see her beautiful face and perfect body any time so I hope Petter will continue to feature her on Hegre-Art in the future, explicit or soft, we just enjoy seeing Luba.

Rob United States

I agree with Patrick! It would be fantastic to see some more "intimeate" shots of Luba (like the old days). I can guarantee that all the lapsed members would immediately re-join for that! Please...Luba...?

Laurie United Kingdom

Whats good for the Goose is good for the Gander On reflection its a strange old World, just a few weeks ago we had the furore over the tampon incident which Petter was very relaxed and laid back about. Announcing that it was perfectly natural to record and show this intimate feminine act. Now suddenly he is being very chaste and coy about his wife, co-professional photographer and nude model, revealing herself more intimately! On a personal note I was more than happy with the gallery, however I would certainly not be averse to seeing Luba in more tasteful erotic detail.

Laurie United Kingdom

Luba my Lovely I am sure you would love to excite and tease in a very private show just for me and a few friends appreciative of your breathtaking beauty and sublime sensuality. Please!

Mark D United Kingdom

Can I please add my voice to the requests that we see Luba's more intimate charms? I would dearly love to see that, in fact I think I can safely say that all present and past members would!

Laurie United Kingdom

Acquiesce Petter ~ The natives are restless, in a lascivious mood and at the gates. Further resistance is futile and carries with it a future of penury. Sheath your trusty weapon and extend the hand of peace and goodwill and you will be spared.

Rainer United Kingdom

Is there some reason we can't see some more explicit photographs of Luba, perhaps like the ones we have of Yanna and Dominika? Thanks Petter. Your site is fantastic and this is the one thing that would make it absolutely perfect!

Luba Shumeyko Spain

and the reason is that I just don't want to pose the way Yanna and Dominika do..... Thank you so much for all your good comments and special hanks to Crozzers, Paul, Tre and Patrick :-) talk in mysterious way, specially your last comment :-) Luba

Laurie United Kingdom

Lost in Translation You are not just a pretty face Luba ~ with a few well chosen words you have put me in my place. Good on you girl! It was meant as a bit of fun, a tease like my comments on earlier galleries where I fantasise about meeting you. I promise to refrain from further such remarks if you find it weird. I would certainly never expect you to pose in the spread legged fashion, thats for the boys. I do like some subtlety and creativeness as in the recent galleries featuring Marlene in "pussy gymnastics" and Olena in "creamy soap". Those are my expectations of this site ~ classic explicite erotic content and well presented aesthetic galleries such as yours. Now I think I will get my coat. Oh and respect young lady.

gareth Grandt United States

LOVE the blue sky against Luba's complexion and orange bikini! AWESOME!

Ready United States

bikini? Lame for me. I think luba the hottest thing walking the earth but I don't want to see her in shorts or a bikini. At least wear a skirt.......and nothing under it ;O)

Kalor United States

Luba is divine Luba, you are without doubt one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. Photo 43 of this set may well be the most beautiful picture of a woman ever. Thank you for sharing the treasure that is you.

Luba St Patricks day | March 17th, 2009
Luba St Patricks day
Laurie United Kingdom

Image 13 Who is this little beauty.

wheeler United States

nice photoshop work!lol

LK United Kingdom

Nice to see the girls with a bit of Irish in them!

JP United States

Nice It would have been even better to see one of the models, like Anna S. lying on a bed with a white sheet and hundreds of little clovers. Maybe for next year!

JP United States

Watchmen With that clover facemask, Luba looks like a new Irish superhero. Maybe she can join the Watchmen.

john schock United States

Luba St patricks Day Who is the green eyed model picture number 13?

Laurie United Kingdom

Come on admin who is 13 She has beautiful eyes and I wish to view her galleries. Please.

luv_yanna United States

13 = Lysa. Yeah, love those eyes.

Laurie United Kingdom

Lysa Ta muchly - Laurie

heinrich Ireland

shamrocked tush cheeks just lovely and alluring

Luba valentines | February 14th, 2009
Luba valentines
Laurie United Kingdom

St Valentine Dear Luba I had considered arrangeing to send you a bouquet of red roses but I was anxious to avoid upsetting Mr Hegre. However I am staying at the Bellechasse, near the Musee d'Orsay, and I would be delighted if you would join me for champagne and erotic mischief with warm dark chocolate.

Luba black boots | March 14th, 2009
Luba black boots
wheeler United States

very dominatrix like!lol DO KNOW that you are the luckiest man on Earth,RIGHT???!!!

Laurie United Kingdom

Tantalizing Sensualism I am so frustrated Luba, I implored you to wear thigh length boots. You look so irresistible with your beautiful long legs seductively sheathed in soft black calf and such bewitching erotism arouses the most decadent desires.

Ortis United Kingdom

Smokin' Hot Holy smoke! I didn't think it was possible for Luba to get any hotter. Those boots, that body, the legs, the face. Man I need a cold shower!!!!

Luba Fan United Kingdom

Awesome. Luba is the best.

mario United Kingdom

bellissimo how lovley it is to wake up to luba

ST United Kingdom

Luba. The ultimate. The body. Perfection.

george United States


No 1 Fan United Kingdom

Luba Luba will never be challenged as the most beautiful woman on Hegre-Art. She looks as luminous as ever in this gallery.

victor United Kingdom

luba just gets better and better

James United States

More Luba, PLEASE!

Ariel United Kingdom

Dear Luba you are truly an angel. Please keep appearing on hegre art, your many fans want tos ee you. With much love from me to you. Kisses x

Skeptic United States

The best shots of Luba in years. No silly hats, flamboyant hairstyles, gaudy makeup, or disfunctional clothing elements. Just a beautiful woman showing her gorgeous body from every direction. Well done Petter and Luba!

Paul United Kingdom

Luba - black boots Petter - you know this very well - simply stunning, in a class of her own. You are a clever man......and a very lucky one too!

chris United States

luba Such a pleasure for my eyes. Thank-you both.

luv_yanna United States

Luba today, Yanna tomorrow. Life is good.

Robt United States

Luba Classy girl, in a league of her own...

Laurie United Kingdom

Quinessential Vision of Loveliness Elegant images of sublime feminine sensualism. Especially 8 and 13. A brief encounter would satisfy an aching heart.

Andrew United Kingdom

Luba Black Boots I was a bit slow off the mark with this one but have to agree with Skeptic's comments below; the simplicity of this gallery, the quality of the photography leave Luba to do the talking - she is fabulous as always. A joy to behold!!

Pete United Kingdom

Stunning Figure The black boots idea is great and I love the simplicity of this set, especially the last shot with Luba just looking into the camera, an absolutely stunning figure and gorgeously long legs complimenting an amazing trim waist and voluptuous breasts. Happy days

Mark United States

Luba Black Boots Even though my absolute favorite is Luba rocking a pair of pumps while naked, she looks mighty sweet rocking the black boots naked! There is nobody like Luba! She is a treasure and my all-time favorite nude model!

Arrelh United States

posture and maturity Luba has grown into a mature women.I can see the change in her face and how she stands.I have admired her yoga shots and see that she still practices Yoga which I believe give her the flexibility in her shots. I would like to see a film where Luba does her Yoga vinyasa style. It would truly would be a serious yoga film that all practitioners would admire.

Luba black tape | February 7th, 2009
Luba black tape
Andrew United Kingdom

Luba Black Tape I'm not quite sure how you can top this gallery. I thought I'd seen all that Luba had to offer (which you can't really quantify anyway), but this gallery is really, really amazing. She is stunning, the photograhic quality superb. I love that it's not totally explicit, Luba doesn't need to do that - it's obvious she has everything in all the right places!!! I hope removing the tape didn't hurt too much!!! 1000,000/10!!! Brilliant!!

wheeler United States

WOWSERS!!! You're really milking this fetish thing for all it's worth,aren't you Petter?NO...Lube doesn't "NEED" to do ANYTHING!But,it's nice when she does!Not that this isn't nice too!HOT STUFF!!!

magoo4 United States

Luba still has it. Thanks alot. magoo4

Bill France

Art Creative, Sexy and Elegant !!!

JJ France

Tape I love this idea, and on Luba it works perfectly. Every image is a cover shot. Well done.

luv_yanna United States

I'll take all the Luba I can get, especially when it's this good; seriously, this is excellent work. Last time I checked, this is the only site where Luba is working; no gyno shots, no problem. Luba is just insanely beautiful, she's got lots of other features to appreciate.

a long time fan United States

What kind of tape? Fun. Reminds me of Milla Jovovich if The Fifth Element. I wondered what kind of tape it was, because I was guessing there was no adhesive on it. Would you mind sharing what kind it was? Want to try it on my own shoot.

Laurie United Kingdom

Lovely Luba I am sorry,I was so tempted to see you again,you are as beautiful as ever and your exquisite nipples are delightfully delicious and inviting. The tape is a cheap shot for such an elegant figure,I would rather your boots were high up your lovely thighs and a wide black belt loosely around your waist. Missed you so desperately.

Laurie United Kingdom

Luba so mouthwatering luscious Love you do gorgeous you, really truly do.

Laurie United Kingdom

Cafe de Flore I always seek your presence to lift my spirits, on your next visit look out for me. Think Picasso or Ben Kingsley. I know, Beauty and the Beast.

Yimmy United States

Great's too bad she can't pull off the whole bad girl/eroticism part of it though.

Luba knee socks | January 18th, 2009
Luba knee socks
Jim United States

Luba Sigh. Will she ever spread a little for us. She is such a raw beauty, and it is a cruel tease that we never catch a glimpse between those incredible legs. Oh well. I guess we take what we can get.

Kracker United Kingdom

Luba Ah sweet Luba your fans are always here. And it is always a treat to see you on the pages of Hegre-Art. Please never give up modeling. Kisses to you. xx

Laurie United Kingdom

Aphrodite Good to see you looking so ravishing and your delicious nipples are delightfully sensuous. I love the penultimate image revealing your beautiful neck and ear. Very erogenous. Those gorgeous black panties would make a very special gift please remember to smuggle them out when we next meet at Cafe de Flore.

wheeler United States

LUBA!!! What to say that hasn't already been said a million times???uuummm...WOW!!!

ST United Kingdom

Luba's body does strange things to me, she is perfect! I echo Kracker it is always wonderful to see Luba galleries. I hope we will be seeing more Luba soon.A film would be nice?

Wendy Spain

I envy your curves... What a stunning woman you are. Kiss. W

Bob United Kingdom

Luba Socks Image 3 on page 5. What a stunning example of the female form. Just beautiful.

UKRob Spain

Lad's mag. This would fit better in a lad's mag like FHM or Maxime... no offense.

Paul United Kingdom

Luba Such class........undiluted, undisputed class.

Luba Fan United Kingdom

Luba Luba Luba The best. She's beautiful, graceful a true lady. We love you Luba.

Kris United Kingdom

My God! This woman is hot!

Larry United Kingdom

Luba is smoking hot! Nuff said!

Andrew United Kingdom

Luba Knee Socks Blimey O'Reilly!!! What a delight to see Luba again so soon - and looking divine. Personally, I'm glad she doesn't do the more revealing poses; I think with a girl who is this magnificent, less is definitely more - it's good to leave something to the imagination!

ramon United Kingdom


luv_yanna United States

Rhetorical question: Is it possible to make a bra that fits Luba comfortably? Breasts like her's are not made to be stuffed into "off the shelf" bras, she deserves custom made. By the way, image #53 is spectacular; I like the way she's pulling on her nipples.

Laurie United Kingdom

Alluring Luba Probably not Yanna but I would certainly like to end my days being ever so gently smothered by those sublime beauties.

blake United Kingdom

she shoots she scores Luba rocks here.

traque Germany

the queen is back ...

Jordy United Kingdom

Luba knee socks What a beautiful classy lady. As sumone said before sumtimes less is more.

Wolfram Germany

Luba naked and showing it all would be better.

Thom United Kingdom

It's all good but picture 56 is pretty spectacular in the erotic stakes and it should satisfy all those 'foot fetish' guys out there!!!

Linus United Kingdom

OMG! Luba is totally awesome her body is unreal. She leaves me speechless (almost)

Légionnaire France

Ange et Demon . . . Pour quoi Luba? Pour quoi? . . .

Ortis United Kingdom

Luba Luba Luba the one and only. Please don't stay away to long. We NEED you!!!

Stu United Kingdom

The Queen of Beauty Oh you have any idea what you do to us? You are exquisite. Sublime. Majestic. Elegant. Thank you. Would it be possible perhaps to have some slightly more revealing poses...? xxxx

Baz United Kingdom

this model is really beautiful not just pretty but beautiful from top to toe

henk van winkel Netherlands

luba knee socks luba stands alone!

Denis ROY France

Luba ! Luba vous êtes la plus belle ! Vous avez une féminité et une sensualité extraordinaire ! Que vous êtes belle ... et merci de me faire rêver. Denis

Luba is back | December 27th, 2008
Luba is back
ST United Kingdom

Absolutely the best. Beautiful face and an exquisite body. You're one lucky man Petter.

luba fans Singapore

excellent...welcome back luba.....more pls...u r the ICON!!!

Luba Fan United Kingdom

Luba is back It is awesome to see Luba back on Hegre-Art, in such a smokin' corset as well! Welcome back Luba and please stay a little while longer. Your many fans miss you. xxx

wheeler United States

Spasibo bolshoe Luba!!! So nice to see you again!!!

Rob United Kingdom

Oh My God! Luba! Sweetheart! The most beautiful woman in the entire world! Hallelujah! Thank you SO much. This is truly wonderful. You have made my Christmas perfect! Could we see some more intimate shots, in the future too? Thanks!! WOnderful!

Remus PATRUT France

L'ange Bon retour petit ange. Dire que Tu est belle ça sera un pléonasme . . . Le plus beau cadeaux de Noël c'est Ton retour. Bonnes fêtes et que du bonheur à vous. Merci!!! Un légionnaire.

Andrew United Kingdom

Luba is back I haven't even looked at the pictures yet and sorry to take the Lord's name in vain, but Oh My God!!! There are some really amazing girls on Hegre but none of them surpass Luba. It is totally thrilling to see her back. In these times of gloom and doom it is so uplifting to see this divine creature. I hope very much that she really is back and that we see much more of her in 2009 than we did in 2008. Thank you - now on with the pictures!!!

Andrew United Kingdom

Luba is back Bloody hell!! I'm about a third of the way through. Aaaaaarrrgh!! It's amazing. Quick - I need a large brandy!!!! Luba doesn't even need to take her clothes off to take your breath away!

Andrew United Kingdom

Luba is back Just finished; absolutely bloody amazing! After all the years (4, maybe 5) of subscribing to this site I'm still gobsmacked by this gallery of Luba. Brilliant Petter! Sorry to go on...............

alex United Kingdom

luba so sexy,so hot,great to see the incredibly sexy luba back.

Jer United States

Yes! Luba! It's a good day indeed!

Voyeur United States

Gee Petter, this one is so cute you should marry her.

jeff Bell United States

wow!! Luba is sexy as ever. Peter, I would love nothing more than for you to bring back some of what I consider some of your all time greats. Helena, Suzanne, Hana, Jana, crazy tatoo girl, wild piercing girl. Of course, I'm still waiting for your first ever Orsi video. Your buddy from New York.... Jeff

Magoo4 United States

Beautiful Luba It is so nice to see Luba again. She is so beautiful and so graceful as well. Thank you to you Petter and to Luba. Have a good time. magoo4

Jerryberry Spain

Come to me !!! The most beautiful girl on Hegre-Art. What a goddess she is. You can come to my bed anytime baby.

Bill Spain

More open legs !!! Please open your legs more...

Laurie United Kingdom

Luscious Luba Beautiful visage, stunningly beautiful.

Laurie United Kingdom

Luscious Luba You have the most exquisite ears and nape, you really should wear your hair up more often. So erogenous and feminine.

Baldy United Kingdom

Luba Thankyou! I have now had my Luba fix and can now enter the new year with a happy heart.

DANIEL United States


Robt United States

luba oh yes, very fine. Luba is first-class all the way.

luba die hard fan Singapore

where is luba's week??? cant wait anymore.....

Elizabeth Spain

Sensual Luba is a very sensual woman. Perfect proportions.

Bob United Kingdom

She is quite something!! What an amazing example of the female form. Absolutely perfect in every way.

Ethan United Kingdom

Luba It is wonderful to see Luba back, she is as exquisitely beautiful as always. Great set of photos.

Laurie United Kingdom

Seriously Smitten Meet me at Cafe de Flore.

Clive United Kingdom

Luba is Back I am too pleased to see the return of this beautiful, elegant lady. I hope she will be returning for more.

Pete United Kingdom

Yum yum Petter you are one lucky man, Luba is gorgeous

Laurie United Kingdom

Lovely Luba I wish you special lady, your camera man and his team a successful and healthy 2009. When shall I see you again apart from in my dreams. Fondest regards.

Laurie United Kingdom

My Beautiful Fantasy Infatuation I do confess; To dwell, rest, seek sanctuary; Midst your dreamy voluptuousness.....Beautiful alluring fantasy; Endless elegant legs tease, suggest; Forbidden fruit, ecstasy.....

Gérard France

My dearest Luba SOooo good to see you back.

luba fan Singapore

luba month can u make a luba month!!!! not a week...... make it fast!!!!!!thank you for your coporation.

russ United States

Luba, Luba, Luba is back, back, back....... Nice back!

Luba blue pool | September 13th, 2008
Luba blue pool
blake United Kingdom

short and sweet Luba is definitely a winner.

Roger United Kingdom

What an extraordinarily beautiful woman. Perfect face and body.

Kav United Kingdom

She is REALLY beautiful.

wheeler United States

mmmmluba!!! so nice to see your lovely lady again!

Luba Fan United Kingdom

Luba Sweet Luba, thank you for sharing your beauty with us once again. Please never stop modeling for Petter! xxx

victor United Kingdom

Luba She is quite simply the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

Luke United Kingdom

Pure class! what a babe!

mango United Kingdom

cool great nipples awesome tits beautiful face

Ste United Kingdom

Luscious Luba you are one hell of a woman, thank you for remembering your loyal fans. I for one can't wait to see more of you. Please come back soon. xxxxx

MAGOO4 United States

Luba is one of the best. Magoo4

Voyeur United States

Luba, how about the same pose as pictures 10-15 on page 1 without the swim suit?

Rob United Kingdom

Liba is just magnificent. Far and away my favourite model. Petter, can I please request that you do some slightly more "intimate" shoots with her? Like you do with Yanna, for example? We would all LOVE to see that. Thank you.

Fari United Kingdom

So beautiful. Petter you are one lucky man!!!

Crozzers United Kingdom

Luba blue pool Just got home from a few days at altitude; seeing Luba always puts me back on a high. Simply put, a Luba gallery ranks in my top 5 as one of the best things that make up a perfect day - and this is amazing - the shots on page 1 WITH the bikini are fabulous! Please, please, please could we have a Luba week soon?? It's been so long. It's simply impossible to have too much of her - as you can see from all the comments below!! Go on - you know it makes sense!!!!!!!!

Fernando Spain

Luba Gracias, Luba. Gracias, Peter, por deleitarnos una vez más con la siempre agradable presencia de luba que todos deseamos seguir comtemplando en el futuro.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Luba blue pool WE are not all 'crumpet' mad and as I started viewing this set I thought how incredibly sexy the bikini shots were. So Crozzers and me are of a like mind and I dare say many others are too.

Luba white Thailand | July 12th, 2008
Luba white Thailand
Dragon India

This is definitely one of the best photo galleries of Luba. The idea of a model in a pure white background is amazing. And when the model is Luba the gallery is divine .

Jackson Germany

Luba She always looks perfect! The goddess of beauty. Stunning!

Fernando Spain

Luba white Thailand Enhorabuena, Peter, por esta excelente galería de la no menos excelente Luba, a quien siempre veremos con el mayor agrado. Peter, Vd. siempre hace un magnífico trabajo con todas las modelos, pero está claro que siempre trata de superarse a sí mismo cuando se trata de su esposa.

Ralph United Kingdom

Luba A pure and simple setting and Luba's pure beauty. This gallery is just exquisite in its simplicity. Luba just gets more and more beautiful.

Steven Spain

Pure beauty It is so pure and clean. This is my favorite Luba series ever.

M.M. Spain

Great team Luba & Petter. You are the best team on the Net.

Ortis United Kingdom

Always a pleasureto see a Luba gallery. More Luba in thailand please!

blake United Kingdom

a pleasure These are almost supernatural they are so radiant.

Rob United Kingdom

Luba is the most beautiful model on the entire site (and probably in the world). Would it perhaps be possible to have some slightly more intimate poses from her? Awesome! Thank you

Luba Fan United Kingdom

Luba Luba you are as beautiful as always thank you for sharing with us. Please never stop posing for Petter.

Ted United Kingdom

The Body Better than Elle Mc Pherson! Luba has the best body on the internet! Thank you beautiful Luba.

Tre United Kingdom

very sexy girl ;-)

ST United Kingdom

Lovely Luba Beautiful. Pure, simple perfection.

Johann United Kingdom

I love Luba the best of all. But I think she has become a little more "shy" in her recent photosets? Maybe I am worng, but I think she used to show us more...? Could this be done again, perhaps? Thank you Petter. Your site is the most beautiful and erotic on the entire web.

lars United States

favorite This is by far my favorite gallery of Luba. Amazing work.

lars United States

Perfection How do you say perfection in Ukranian?

Patrick Germany

As Kajagoogoo sings....too shy :-)

ardunbye United Kingdom

Luba white Thailand A more delicious example of pure femininity is hard to imagine.

robotruud Netherlands

woman wonder ze is faboulos .

Luba swimsuit illustrated | June 26th, 2008
Luba swimsuit illustrated
JK United Kingdom

Baby your The Best Nobody does it better...

Igor United Kingdom

hmm good to experiment - but dont like the lighting on these ones

PhotoBob United Kingdom

Luba She just oozes style, class and beauty. Luba is looking amazing, her body is just perfection. Very, very sexy .

Fernando Spain

Luba swimsuit Poca luz sobre Luba, en especial sobre su rostro. Me encanta Luba, por tanto quiero verla bien.

Crozzers United Kingdom

Luba - swimsuit illustrated I'm almost lost for words. What an amazing gallery! Staggeringly fantastic! Beyond belief! I'm off to Wimbledon today - any chance of Luba playing on Centre Court in this swimsuit?? New balls please!!! Phew!!

ST United Kingdom

Luba Excellent gallery of this supreme model. Great poses, seriously sexy swimsuit and Luba's natural and God-given radiance shines through.

Tre United Kingdom

Luba Pure class, what a babe. Love ya Luba!!!

Jim United States

Luba Perfection.

Luclaf Canada

Luba pic set Better lighting would have allow a better appreciation of her beauty. Cute little doll.

Ethan United Kingdom

Very sexy and I'm loving page 2. Are these the most awesome breasts on the planet? ;-)

JJ Spain

WOW Is this really from a Sports Illustrated shoot ?

MC Bill Spain

Swimsuit. Where can I buy that swimsuit ?

Frank Spain

Page 4 Page 4 is my favorite. No offense, I liked the bathing-suit as well.

Marshall Spain

Back light Original back lighting. Really brings out the shape of the body. Great photography and great model.

No 1 Fan United Kingdom

Bond Babe Ursula Andress step to one side, Luba is here! Luba you look gorgeous, thanks for sharing with us, don't ever stop modeling.

Mary Spain

Hi Luba Hi Luba. I like your photos. I always tell my boyfriend to show me when there are new photos of you. I wish I had your looks...God bless you!

Doug Spain

Luba I saw your photos in US Playboy in April this year. Best pictorial ever.

Steven Spain

Print I printed the cover photo from your 6000px file in 11x14" and it turned out beautifully. Now you are hanging over my bed. :-)

Rob United Kingdom

Dearest Luba. you are perfection!

Luba Fan United Kingdom

Luba you are perfection, stunning xx

lupus Belgium

The combination of female roundings and muscle characterisctics against the difficult balanced backlight makes this a very special shoot - all in addition to previous comments! Very high quality work of the couple model and photographer!!!

Blackman Germany

You are the BEST Top Model. I love you Baby

Audrey Canada

Lighting Luba is fanastic sadly the extreme back lighting doesn't do her justice. I wish we had more series of Luba please please, she is why I joined andkeep paying each month

traque Germany

this is art. petter, we can participate in something very special. there is a noticable close relationship between the protagonists. congratulation!

Dax Australia

Lucky Man Petter, You are one very lucky fella! I hope you appreciate just how lucky you are. Thanks for a beautiful shoot, Luba is beyond words. Dax

luv_yanna United States

#54 Image #54 might just be my all-time favorite picture of Luba. Just Fantastic! All women are unique, Luba is uniquely unique. Some models will have features that remind you of another model, not Luba. From her long leg, short torso combination to her improbable breasts, there is nothing about Luba that brings to mind any other model. Great work here, thank you Mr. & Mrs. Hegre.

Laurie United Kingdom

Stylish Luba Image 54 represents the best in aesthetic erotism. Stunning sensitive and very sensuous.

Laurie United Kingdom

Image 54 This image is so beautiful, Luba is so beautiful. I am appealing for a quality hard copy whatever the cost. I have attempted contact without success. Please advise.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Luba swimsuit illustrated Luba is just an incredibly beautiful, shapely and sexy girl and a pure joy to behold.

Luba Capri | May 3rd, 2008
Luba Capri
Kevin United States

Simply, wow . . . Luba has still got it! She's graceful and elegant, all a woman should be and Hegre's touch shows off her curves artistically in a way, as always, that transcends . . . Awesome!

Fred L. Spain

YES She is back!!!!! And what a collection. So sexy, so intimate and so private. You look better than ever Luba.

JamJam Spain

Those red stockings against the blue sea is incredible.

Marvin Spain

Fake ? Are those real ? If so... she is not from this planet.

Scotty Spain

ASS I'm an ass man. Luba is MISS ASS.

Henesova Spain

bathroom My favorite shots are from the bathroom. What a beautiful location. Where is it ?

Marcio Spain

WOMAN I see a Woman. A confident sexy woman. You are class Luba. I hope you read this. Fan from Italy.

Thomas Spain

Bikini Why are you not in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue ? You have better body and face than most of the models there.

Troy Spain

Much obliged.

Rocketman Spain

Erotic Why not more erotic ?

Ralph United Kingdom

Beauty, elegance and grace. This is sumptuous photography of your beautiful wife Petter. Page 3 is quite simply beautiful. Well done both of you.

ST United Kingdom

Luba In Capri Luba looks stunning in these beautiful and evocative photographs. I really do think you would be hard pushed to find a more beautiful woman out there in the entire world! Welcome back Luba and please consider doing more photo shoots for Hegre-Art, we miss you when you are away!

wheeler United States

To Marvin: I think, if you look at some of Luba's videos, you will conclude that she is as organic as they come!!!

Tre United Kingdom

Hot , hot and hot again.

A Fan United States

Classy and very Luba Hey Luba and Peter, thank you for sharing this set. These are really special. Very sensual. I wanted to ask you Peter, when shooting Luba, since she has been photographed by you so much and she is your wife, do you direct her much or just let her do whatever she wants and feel lucky to be there taking the pictures? Or a combo of both? Luba, really strong work, and these show your innate gift for being in front of the camera. Thank you both. Continued success.

Luba Fan United Kingdom

Luba Luba thank you for coming back and gracing us with your beauty. Your no1 fan forever!xxxxx

Jim United States

Luba....illegal! That's it. I've had enough. Someone arrest this woman. The charge.........being a public distraction. How can anyone get ANYTHING done when she is around?

Dan from Texas United States

Luba Caapri She just keeps getting better and better and more beautiful every day. What a gift to us. Thanks Petter and Luba.

Nesly Mackey Spain

FAKE ???!!!! You blind man. Everything on Luba is real!!!

JK Spain

JK Place These images are shot at the JK PLace in Capri, Italy. I know because I am working there and I had the pleasure of serving Mr. & Mrs. Hegre. You are welcome back any time.

Paulo Spain

Italian Luba look Italian.

fasteddie United States

beauty beyond belief

James United Kingdom

these are beautiful images, i like particularly the first 8 and the last 8 by the window - sheer class

PhotoBob United Kingdom

Luba Luba returns and once again takes my breath away. The location is perfect too. Is there more?

Rob United Kingdom

Petter, thank you. This is a truly gorgeous set of your magnificent wife. She models all too rarely these days. Please, I beg you, next time could you perhaps ask her to pose for a little more "intimate" photos? Thanks a million. You are the master!

emacs Canada

wonderful as always! :)

JP United States

Outstanding Very impressive lighting. Oh yeah, and the model is just pure perfection too!

superwurst Mexico

the best hips bone in town awesome work, those hips send me to luba's bones. geez, just crazy e

SC New Zealand

Loving these pics though would be even better if you shot more erotic with Luba. ;p

Ferran Spain

It's Christmas. Luba, Anna, Orsi and Linda all in ONE week. It is Christmas already.

Jase United Kingdom

Luba Capri Great location, great model. Loving it, come back for more Luba

Ortis United Kingdom

Luba Luba you are the woman!

corey United Kingdom

Luba just gets better and better, keep 'em coming Petter.

Crozzers United Kingdom

I was up a mountain all weekend with no internet access, so only got to see these just now. Can you imagine the frustration?? Sheer torture........and after all these months as well, knowing on Friday that it was coming up. Still, the set is fabulous. I've been to Capri a couple of times and I can tell you that it never looked as good as this!! It's sunny in London today and with this as well, perhaps summer has finally arrived?? Happy days!!

sirstefanofb Australia

Congratulations Petter and Luba... You have both chosen well.

Mark United Kingdom

Luba looks even better It's wonderful to see Luba back again and she is looking better than ever. With 6 years of Luba to look back at I think she is at her best yet. Beautifully and tastefully shot. Lovely toned body and her hair back down, Petter, you are a lucky man.

Laurie United Kingdom

Luba you are so Beautiful The last 3 images had fantastic potential to be classic nude studies. I hate to be negative but those red tights!

Luba veil | October 19th, 2007
Luba veil
Bob United States

Luba Perfect ! No Guy's in the photo ! No Wild hair ! Great shoot Thanks

salvador rios bucio Mexico

just, she´s the queen

BobNY United States

Luba Some of the best nudes of a beutiful girl, Luba, in a long time. She is beasutiful nude.

FastEddie United States

luba Just a quick note I hve joined rhw "Luba I love you Club" what a sweetie !

Laurie United Kingdom

Love you Luba Delightful delectable delicious. I mean what else can you say. Oh I love the veil, real genius.

Laurie United Kingdom

Image 3/4 I would love to nuzzle your delightful ears ~ and cuddle your gorgeous bum.

Luba umbrella | July 28th, 2007
Luba umbrella
Zoltan Netherlands

Beautifull Luba Very beautifull and sexy pictures of you in a very sexy pant and beautifull eyes:)

Blake Krosse United Kingdom

awesome cool lines and colours

salvador rios Mexico

that´s your wife and she´s beautiful, congratulation peter

Andrew United Kingdom

Luba Umbrella It is wonderful to see Luba back on a more regular basis and this is a fantastic photo shoot. Apart from her other wonderful attributes, Luba has an amazing face and bone structure and perhaps the best shots (in my opinion)are the ones of her wearing the head band with her hair away from her face. More like this please!!!!!! Regards, Andrew.

Chief Thunder Germany

This is what I call beautiful! Except the pictures with that ugly guy of course! Finally Luba looks again the way she used to do! She has two perfect breasts that obviosly never changed during the years! Wonderful!!!

Sadie United Kingdom

Luba Luba has the most amazing body I have EVER seen. Wow!

SE United States

I don't get why we need to keep seeing the bald dude combing her hair.

Luba translucent | August 12th, 2007
Luba translucent
Bob United States

Sorry I don't care for the guy's being in Luba's photo shoots lately. Luba only Please.

Dan from Texas United States

Luba translucent .... It sure seems to me that Luba gets more beautiful every day. This is a beautiful series of photos.

fasteddie United States

yes beautiful by the minute...she is definately a fantasy and very special

me2 Canada

I really want to see more of Lube picture she so hot

Preanav United States

She is just teasing everyone here, i have yet to find her picture with her vagina in view.... i am desperate to see that...

Luba Studio Uno snapshots | June 8th, 2007
Luba Studio Uno snapshots
Andrew Cayman Islands

What an elegant and lovely lady, thank you for sharing

Curt Germany

Muriel This is (my opinion) the best models of all; unfortunaltely I miss more videoclips

admirer United States

Luba IS #1 we will never see enough of her....

Luba red and blue | June 29th, 2007
Luba red and blue
A fan Netherlands

Make-up It is a pitty that you overdid the make-up! The shoot is nice, a beautifull body, but the make-up seems to hide the face?

geroki Germany

pretty Luba looks soooo pretty. Anyway, I would advice caution to that hair stylist not to cross my way in the dark... ;-)

Charles Spain

Stunning This figure is the best on the internet

Omar Spain

Style and beauty. Thank you Luba. I like everything about these photos. Style and beauty. I can see you are a woman of class.

russ United States

I Like red and Blue.... and I like Luba too.

Laurie United Kingdom

Image 2/6 ~ Ass thetic Now this is truly sexy ~ arousing and so sublime. Perfect erotic art.

Luba Lagerfeld | July 13th, 2007
Luba Lagerfeld
Jozua Hattingh Canada

Luba WOW!! This album is special!!

Phil Sweden

Lubalubaluba Dear Petter, beloved Luba! I officially apply for a job as your assistant, especially for Luba-Pictures. I have an university-degree in cream-rubbing, and as a pianist of classical concertos my hands are very skilful and sensibel. As as a passionate admirer of your and Luba's art work I will do it for free! When can I start?

Luba Gold | August 29th, 2007
Luba Gold
Dan from Texas United States

LUba Love Luba! Love Luba! Love Luba! Shoot the hair stylist. Wow, do we love Luba!

Ulrike Switzerland

Luba Gold An excellent photo shoot of a beautiful and awesome Luba. Love to see more, perhaps with more shoots of a "total" Luba with feet ;o). The shoes she is wearing are sexy and suit her very well. Why don`t you show more of them?

fasteddie United States

luba ouch !!!!! killer looks killer body killer smile wild hair... Time for a new movie with luba as the femme fatale "Kill FastEddie" This photo shoot i like alot and luba you are "Sick" oops for clarification if anyone needs it Sick = outstandingly excellent beautiful georgeous suave the best etc etc Such a very nice body of work

Bob United States

Luv Luba............... But loose the hair & guys Please

alex Mexico

dear peter luba is too beautiful to be over dressed in those costumes.. why dont make a photo series of her natural beauty inside a studio with white background!! wow the contrast would be awsome!!! just a thought..

Rob United Kingdom

I disagree with Bob about losing the guys. I think they perform a valuable role in being a "spectator" who is there to invade Luba's naked privacy in an erotic way.

glod Switzerland

Totally agree with alex. Personally I find it much too artficial. The make-up and costumes destroys her naural beauty. I see the point of finding new ways of expression in photgraphy, but why with such a goodlooking girl? :-) Keep up the good work.

Luba Fluff | November 29th, 2007
Luba Fluff
Andrew United Kingdom

Luba Fluff Sorry to say I don't like this gallery at all - hideous - along with the last 9, with the exception of Ibiza, which was fabulous. Still I appreciate that some people love this 'arty' stuff. You can't please everybody all the time!!!

Tre United Kingdom

Luba She is just the best. There's nothing more to say!

Ortis United Kingdom

Thank you Petter for these wonderful pictures of Luba. I have really enjoyed the last few studio sets of Luba that show her versatility as a model. A true model brings personality to the pictures and I for one appreciate this interesting portrayal of a truly beautiful woman. Well done both of you.

Matt United Kingdom

Smile When Luba smiles the world for me becomes a better place. Page 6, photo 2.

PhotoBob United Kingdom

Luba I re-subscribed for Luba, what a girl.

Jim United States

Yummy She's so perfect. Personally, I like her pictorials better without the exagerrated face makeup.

LJ United Kingdom

Luba Luba est une des plus belles femmes que j'ai jamais vue

Ralph United Kingdom

Ignore Andrew!!! I am a member of this site because it offerds something different from all the rest. I don't want to see gallery after gallery of vacant, expressionless women spreading their legs. This site gives us a view of women that presents them as the beautiful living creatures they are, not just objects of lust to be ogled by mindless idiots. Photography of that kind just makes women look ugly in my mind. Please continue to do different shoots like this Luba, many of us have the intelligence to 'get' what was trying to be achieved by photographer and model in these less obvious shoots.

Jase United Kingdom

her legs in those black stockings do strange things to me ....WOW

Rob United Kingdom

This really is superb! I agree with Ralph. This site is so DIFFERENT! Beauty is the issue here, not gynecology. Luba has the most unfeasibly amazing body. It's hard to believe she is actually real. She is so perfect. Of course, occasionally it is nice to see the model's pussy too, but even then Petter manages to do it in a beautiful way, rather than just the standard prurient way. Witness the recent vulva only of those of your darling wife, Petter, would be much appreciated by all, I'm sure.

ST United Kingdom

Beautiful Luba has the most perfect body of any woman i have ever seen.

IR United States

Thank you Luba, thank you Petter - this set is awesome! Luba you're so beautiful, your legs, your breasts, your smile, all of it is perfect. I wish I could kiss you!

jk United States

Luba herself is a work of art. Tarting her up with makeup and other fluff is like colorizing Michelangelo's David or..... well, you get the idea.

Luba Fan United Kingdom

Thank you Luba Why the complaints guys? Luba was missing for 6 months from the site, I for one am ecstatic to see her back. LUba please continue to pose for Petter, we are so lucky to have you here.

Ted United Kingdom

Luba Fluff She is stunning. It's not just about her body, look at her face , her bone structure, the look in her eyes. She could easily grace the cover of Vogue or similar.

No 1 Fan United Kingdom

I love you Luba

luv_yanna United States

Hot stuff! Mr. Hegre, you've got yourself one hell of a sexy model there. In you own words, you are a "lucky bastard". Those black stay-ups, pulled right up to her crotch, really make this set hot. Luba obviously had great fun doing these high fashion type shoots, some of her best work IMHO.

Luba Dominatrix | December 30th, 2007
Luba Dominatrix
PhotoBob United Kingdom

Luba Wow, this is very, very sexy. Luba can dominate me any time!

Florian Germany

Luba... amazing...this set shows once more that Luba has the most perfect(what ever that means!:-) body i have ever seen...the combination of that with this glorious aura...perfect! kindest, Florian

Ted United Kingdom

Luba Luba is quite simply stunning. With better physical beauty , both her body and her face, than any model I see in magazines or modern actresses I see in films today. This is another breathtaking gallery of this exquisite beauty. Keep them coming.

JP United States

Dominate me Baby! Luba is stylish and elagant at the same time in that dominatrix outfit.

Jackson Germany

Luba is still the best of all! Perfect and unique

Ortis United Kingdom

Wow. She is amazing, the images with her hair scraped back are particularly hot.

Luclaf Canada

Luba beauty Unfortunately... this set did not satisfied me at all. Luba is beautiful, but the set itself is not my type.

bike857 United States

g-r-e-a-t set. super hot!!!

FastEddie United States

classy luba and a classic photo shoot

vader Austria

ohhhhh my goodness!

Just-A-Mister-E (mystery) United States

Runway Model Very cool. Is she going to to do the next sequel to Matrix movie? Dominatrix, yeah, I bet she forced you to shoot these photos of her.

D... United States

JUST OK...... NOT IMPRESSED! This set of photos of Luba are just like all of her other sets. She is a very beautiful girl, but her photos lack personality. They are too staged, in my opinion she makes no connection with the viewer. her fashion is great though.....

GeorgeBush United States

L@@Ks like an Ad for Glad trash bags..........

Luba Cleopatra | January 23rd, 2008
Luba Cleopatra
hank United States

Sorry, the bald dude with the star trek wrist watch and stripped socks needs to go.

Tre United Kingdom

Luba So sexy.

Bob Haynes United States

Luba I agree with Jim, Luba doesn't need gimmicks - the fright-hair and the heavy makeup. She no longer looks like Luba but looks like a mannequin. A turnoff imo.

ST United Kingdom

Luba What a woman Luba is. I love the poses, especially the teasing with the sheer dress. I love Luba's confidence and the 'attitude' that she projects. She is simply an amazing model. And as someone else said, so sexy.

Luba Fan United Kingdom

Luba Simply the best. More Luba please!

Ted United Kingdom

Cleopatra Beautiful. Her dress is so suggestive and erotic. Great photography of this supremely beautiful woman.

Jim United States

Luba - Please let it all down. Lovely Luba needs to let her hair down. I don't care for that 'finger in the socket' hair style. Yes, we get to see her incredible face in all it's glory (with too much makeup), but she doesn't need all that jazzed-up stuff. She's too beautiful without it. By the way, how much do you pay your photographer's assistant?

Ortis United Kingdom

Smoking hot! We need a Luba week.

Jackson Germany

Luba Wonderful!

Bob United States

Lovely Luba Luba is lovely as always, but the hairdo is ugly.

bike United States

luba HOT hair~do NOT

Luba Spain

where do you see heavy make-up? anyway I just want to thanks those people who open eyes a bit wider and see beyond the "ugly hair" Always yours Luba

Franco Italy

Luba is Luba. The best.

Luba Boa | September 21st, 2007
Luba Boa
jk United States

Love Luba, she remains the most beautiful of all Hegre models. But the fashion model-style shoots and heavier makeup do not do her ... or her fans.... full justice.

fasteddie United States

hair is interesting.. luba angelic sweetness, pure beauty, earthy sexiness; i loved luba !!!

daf United States

"Love Luba, she remains the most beautiful of all Hegre models. But the fashion model-style shoots and heavier makeup do not do her ... or her fans.... full justice," said JK two comments below. I concur!

rj United States

many thanks Luba Mucho Gracias Luba! I thank you very much for your gift to us. You are appreciated and my heart goes out to you for this precious gift. You will never be or have never been forgoten and what you give to us in the sharing of your beauty is just simply wonderful. Thank you Luba darling lady. You are special..plz never forget that because it is so true.

Badga United Kingdom

Luba What a great set of images, a return to form from luba. Very inventive, a very different look. I can't agree with two of the comments made about hair and make up. Its a set of images that take her forward, and keeps her ahead of most. A wonderful set of sexy images, Luba. Badga.

Joe United States

Luba Dear Luba and Petter, Please NEVER let anyone alter Luba's breasts in ANY way. She has a perfect body! Great photography Mr. Hegre!!!

Luba Victoria's Secret | June 3rd, 2007
Luba Victoria's Secret
zapdech Luxembourg

Luba Fantastic eyes, wonderfull lips, stunning body, ... a Godess. I'm very pleased to see a new gallery of her. And i hope that you will surprise us with new pictures once in a while. Luba ... We all missed you!

Robert B. France

Victoria's secret I recently saw the Victoria's secret show at the Kodak theatre in LA, and Luba would fit in with the supermodels there any time.

Hamal France

clothes too much clothes... but sexy

Fasteddie United States

suddenly the world seems so right ! omg luba where have you been so long ... such beauty and never overstated but in a way apeaks loudly "am I not beautiful?" Yes you are luba and sexy too.. so perfect

Kevin United States

Luba's beauty is unsurpassed! Hegre captures Luba with precision; awe-inspiring!!

Lucababy Canada

Luba Very cute, but I agree with Hamal, what we would looking for was hidden. A variety of body positions would also have been more appreciated. Anyway, looking forward for more Luba pictures.

geroki Germany

welcome back Welcome back ravishing Luba. Hopefully we will see more of your perfect beauty in the near future - never leave you friends alone such long time again, please

Charles D.D. France

We are lucky Hey everyone out there. This is a message from a chief photo editor of a leading men's magazine in the UK: Luba could be our cover girl any time. For a girl of her caliber to be on an erotic pay site is rare, so I advice you to enjoy it to the fullest while you can. Keep rockin Luba ! You are the first lady!

Lee United States

new Luba gallery Finally, another Luba gallery. Very glad to see it, even if it is lingerie only. Hope to see more of Luba soon.

Patrick France

Grand Prix Bonjour Luba. I saw you in Monte Carlo during this year's Grand Prix. It was a pleasure to see you in the flesh. I am also very glad to see you back here in these galleries.

Geo United States

Missed Ya, Luba! Come let us see you at least once a week. ;)

RivDoc112 United States

Luba Luba is the MOST BEAUTIFUL model you have ever photographed! You are a very fortunate man!

mike United States


Dave United States

Very nice, sort of had an old "cheesecake" look to it. A few more shots of her from the back would've been nice.

Stephan United States

Luba Luba, still is one of the most beautiful arond! Tahank You

Andrew Cayman Islands

Intergalactic beauty

Phil Sweden

I am very glad to see Luba again - it has been to much time without that extraordinary beautiful woman!! BUT: It is such a pitty, that the most beautiful breasts on this planet are hidden in this lingerie... I cannot understand this... Please show mus more LUBA!!

Richard Spain

Is... the perfect woman.

Luba Ibiza | November 2nd, 2007
Luba Ibiza
Andrew United Kingdom

Luba Ibiza A truly magnificent shoot showing Luba's natural beauty. The best shoot by far since Luba's 'comeback'and probably one of the best ever. Breathtaking - this is what makes life worth living!!! Thank you!

just me Netherlands

great... I have left some critical comments on the latest Luba galleries (which have not been published), but this gallery is trully great! A very nice setting, a naturally beautiful Luba and even sometimes a wonderful smile! Luba, for next shoots, loose the make-up and artificial coverups and get into the sun! You look beautiful!

Alexx Czech Republic

Agree with Andrew I absolutely agree with Andrew - this is what makes life worth living.... thanks Luba and Petter for another beautiful morning !!!!

Mark United Kingdom

Luba is back at her best. Lovely. Outdoors natural light. My favourite is her smile in pic 23.

Dan from Texas United States

Luba Smiles When Luba smiles all it well with the world. Beautiful.

salvador rios bucio Mexico

it´s great to have luba back, god luck and hope to see more of her..

tony United States

nice to see her feet again,I trust you're eating them

FastEddie United States

luba ibizia mirror the comments per dan a winsome and affecting smile.. Luba, a true treasure. Is luba the meaning of life lol Great! Just Great

Bob United States

Lovely Luba What a fortunate man you are Petter, to have this lovely woman in your life.

CH Ireland

Wow, very impressive, stunning really.

BobNY United States

Luba Good to see Luba nude again; she's beautiful. Just wish there were more pics and many from closer.

cookin United States

Luba Ibiza Fabulous! What an amazing woman. The sheer eroticism of this shoot would stir the lust of a monk. It certainly stirred mine.

Chief Thunder Germany

The good "old" Luba, the way we love her!

Bali report | May 2nd, 2006
Bali report
David United States

bali? Can you tell me the name of the hotel you used to shoot your session in Bali? Many thanks from Florida USA.

Ray New Zealand

Its the Royal Pita Maha Spa Resort in Ubud, Bali

Luba thai jungle | July 6th, 2006
Luba thai jungle
Paul Portugal

Jungle What an incredible setting... a naked Luba in the jungle. You are the best candidate for preserving the nature. From now on I am an environmentalist. Thank you for converting me Luba.

Walter Portugal

Illusion So beautiful! So perfect! You are the ultimate female with your elegance and your grace. Never stop modeling Luba.

ben United States

da jungle definable beauty....simply amazing !

Jason Portugal

Luba thai jungle Hello to you both. Just wanted to say I enjoyed this set. Beautiful and unique setting and Luba you seem to be yourself which I respectfully say is very beautiful. Best to you both, and continued success.

Giorgio Portugal

Tropical This is what I dream of every night.

Luba red body | August 6th, 2006
Luba red body
emacs72 Canada

absolutely wonderful Great job Petter and please send my regards to Luba :)

ben United States

good lord ! How to make a grown man cry ! beautiful skin, beautiful proportions, beautiful.. beautiful...thganks for the smile luba

gerry United Kingdom

beautiful as ever but photo set becoming very prudish

Fredrico Portugal

#1 This is class! This is style! THATS LUBA!!!

T. J. Snow Canada

Luba Luba is as beautiful as it gets!

patrick wright United States

luba red body i renewed my membership when i heard about luba in red. peter u r one lucky s.o.b. patrick

Julian Parsons Cayman Islands

Luba She really is trully amazing and superb. She HAS to be. I can see how she stole Petter Hegre's heart. That COULDN'T be easy. Well actually, it would be for her. This one's a keeper. Treat her like a queen Petter!

Jason United States

There is no model on this site that has what Luba has. She is a living breathing work of art. A masterpiece of creation.

bloghead United States

body briefer pictures Luba in "Red Body" is very pretty. I would like to see a body suit/body briefer shoot showing the crotch fastener unhooked and more shots of the model in different poses in that state of dress.

Luba pink dots | May 7th, 2006
Luba pink dots
Rick United States

Luba The most beguiling and gorgeous of them all

James Barton United States

models gorgeous face. Nice tush. Skinny body.

Dan from Texas United States

Luba pik dots Wow, I'm in love all over again with Luba. Luba knows how to pose! Every expression seems like she is looking just at me. Beautiful.

Lee McDowell United States

Luba gallery It's always a special treat to get a new Luba gallery. This one is fun and sexy too. Thank you.

greg United States

Luba :) It always a pleasure to see Luba as the day's feature model, she is not only exceptionally beautiful, but has the most outrageous body I have ever seen. I just wish I had seen more of a different "pink dot" that couldn't be found on that pretty dress!!!

Ifinished United States

Lovely Luba... It is rare to see Luba's smile--she is a stunningly beautiful model; great work! Cheers, Ifinished

Todd United States

Luba pink dots I check your site almost daily, and once or twice a week save a photo or two, just because they're so well done or the women are so beautiful (or because the pose or setting are original). Rarely do I find I have to save the entire series, but "Luba pink dots" is the definition of a keeper. Luba doesn't take a bad photo, as we've long known, but rarely have I seen so many breathtaking images in a row. Your challenge --- to top this! I shall wait with eagerness.

Jorge Murguia Mexico

Luba When we are going to see pictures of luba in 6000px. I love this women

ben United States

Re: Apprasial very nice seen luba on net didnt ralize how beautiful til now...nice work

jamal Germany

Amazing...Luba! Incredibly beautiful. Luba is THE woman. Natural good looking and her smile is breathtaking...!

russ United States

Smoking Hot Luba Luba, Luba, it just keeps getting better. wow.

Luba green leaves | June 3rd, 2006
Luba green leaves
Eduardo Portugal

Paradise Luba, to see you in this paradise location makes me believe there is still hope in this world. Thank you for sharing your natural beauty with us. I dream of you! Ed

Gary United States

Wow what an amazing set of photos What an amazing set of photos! LubaGreenLeaves290506_026.jpg is my favorite paradise picture though. It’s something that should be hanging in my den, maybe my living room. :)

Geoff Burton United States

Luba Luba is still one of the most sensual, beautiful and exciting women on the planet. Keep up the good work. Best regards, Geoff

gregorio United States

Green Leaves Luv Luba, but definately would like to see the paradise that exits between her thighs, come Petter give some to your friends!!!!

ben United States

luba leaves what leaves ? okay so i focused on lubas mouth sid=70e527a896c0&image=12 nice how the upper lip meets the lower lip at the corners and the mouth curves up slightly cute .. give peter back his under pants! okay keep them sheesh just kidding

harvey United States

more luba I would love to see more Luba less leaves

Virginia Alzina

Luba Now I will be an environmentalist!

Jimmy United States

Love seeing Luba nude outdoors, and love it when she turns around to show us that perfectly sculpted bottom, and looks over her shoulder at the camera with that cute smile.

Luba Bon Island Phuket | April 19th, 2006
Luba Bon Island Phuket
Ivan Carlos Brazil

Perfect woman I need to agree, Peter Hegre is a lucky guy! =)

david United Kingdom

luba bon island phuket I like the girl amongst the trees

andy United Kingdom

galleries Nice to rejoin and find even better than before thank you

Dan Guerra United States

Luba Bon Island Phuket Perfect!

Jorge Murguia Mexico

Luba Bon Island Phuket I love this women, I must confess Luba is the principal reason I am a member of this spectacular site.

Curzio Finland

temptating!!!! I don't love self pleasuring.... but with luba is impossible to resist!

Victor Venezuela

with out words, goddness

Chris Diemer United States

You do present the still pictures and movies with your own type of class, but this site is so conservative I find it frustrating and disappointing. In most of the pictures and movies, you avoid showing the (beautiful) womens personal parts - their groin. I was hoping for nudity. A women's groin is nudity, her chest is not - not unless her personal part was on her chest - but it isn't. If I had known how conservative this site is, I would not have wasted the $29.95 and any time trying to find what little nudity their is on this site. It is inconsistent to show the groin of a few and clearly avoid showing the groin of most of the women. Oh well. Back to my gaming and programming. P.S. You do have some nice women on your site and quite a variety of nationalities. That is very original.

Walt United States

excellent model However,you should always have full length photos of a model.Why do some photographers like to cut off the legs or other parts of a model?

russ United States

Luba still one of the hottest women on the planet.

Luba blue beach | March 16th, 2006
Luba blue beach
Richard Marchant United Kingdom

Luba Your posting today of Luba Blue Beach once again emphasise that Luba is the most beautiful of all your models. You are a fortunate guy indeed to be married to a woman of such perfection. However, please ask Luba not to be too shy it is some time since we were privileged to see her in her full naked beauty.

Jaime Venezuela

Is nice to have Luba Pictures Is nice to have Luba pictures, she is a wanderful and very beautiful woman, It would be great to have them more often!

Zeno Italy

again unshaved... using the zoom function I've seen that Luba is unshaved again... hope to see more...

gd United States

No matter how many times I see Luba in print, I am always amazed at how beautiful of a woman she is.. I enjoyed the visuals this new set very much only I would have enjoyed seeing a couple of total nudes too. I know she is your wife, but I think you should let all your "friends" enjoy all of her too!

nice ass Turkey

3 <----- Asssss!!!! What a nica asss BABY!!!!! yeeeeeehaaaaa!!

mark Portugal

Bravo Outstanding images on the new updates of Luba (Blue Beach). Bravo!! I love them.

Ulf United States

an artistic blend of nudity and beauty.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Luba blue beach. If Petter Hegre, who has seen and worked with some of the worlds loveliest women decides Luba is O.K., Who am I to argue? Lucky *!**#!*#.

Luba in Las Vegas | February 13th, 2006
Luba in Las Vegas
emacs Canada

smile it's great to see Luba smiling! :-)

Philipp Dinkel Germany

Luba Hi Luba, it is always an exciting pleasure to see your pretty face and your hot body. Philipp

Dan G. United States

Luba in Vegas Luba in Vegas with the lagoon at the MGM in the background? Now the place will be famous! I hope she got to spend some time at the hotel's beautiful marble spa while she was there. Luba looks so radient. beautiful, fresh, rested, and happy. When were these photos taken because Luba looks she is 18 years old! I never tire of seeing her photos. Please, keep them coming. BTW; Hey Luba, nice belt & shoes.

Ben United States

Luba is still the queen Of all the beautiful girls you work with, Luba is still the most gorgeous, the most stunning, the most confident. She is unbelievable. Thank you.



Ulrike Switzerland

Feets Hi Petter, the pics are wonderful- but in other shootings it is the same: You have got something against feets. She has so lovely shoes on, but you don´t show them at all. Why that ? You cut them off. That is a pitty... XXX Ulrike

Jaime Venezuela

More pictures about Luba Luba is a very beautiful and fantastic model, I realy miss pictures about her. Please have more sets with her

sweetbrit Canada

Beautiful Luba! Hi Luba, I always look forward to seeing pictures of you! You are a beautiful lady! I have been a member of this site for three years now and you and Petter have the best site in the world! Thank you!


I understand why the photograph focus on the wonderful boobs of Luba. I regret that he has not also focused on her other assets, which would have also retains much of our attention.

Luba elastic top | January 11th, 2006
Luba elastic top
Richard Marchant United Kingdom

Luba How good it is to see Luba again. She remains the most beautiful of all your subjects. Please let us see her more often and in her full naked beauty.

puntadeleste United Kingdom

Luba dear luba, i really like you having your pubic hair back. it really looks amazingly sexy. Great!!. Tony

Curzio Italy

great! great Luba! Great Petter! finally some pubic hair again ;-)

Dan G. United States

Luba ..... 2006 Oh how we have missed you Luba! You are beautiful and amazing to behold. However do you remain the epitome of perfection? And what goes on behind those beautiful eyes? What do you think about? What do you think about all the adoration? In this temporary life your beauty seems to remain so constant. Were you Helen? Were you Mara? Were you Godiva? Were you Wang Zhaojun? Were you Grace? Or were you Marilyn? I know that's a lot of questions, but the point is that the photos are wonderful. There are no such things as accidents.

Paul United Kingdom

Luba stunning! well done Petter. How much better and appealing - and more womanly - she looks with pubic hair than without.

Lawrence United States

Sweet Sweet Luba Black becomes you my dear Luba--very sexy indeed. Easily some of the spunkiest, sexiest photos you and Petter have done. I just love to see you spilling out of that dress! Encore! A solid 10**********!!!!!!!!!!

John United States

Luba Luba looks great un-shavin, Trimmed and neat. But like allways Luba looks good no matter what.

redmenace United States

Natural I like my goddesses with pubic hair -- so natural, so gorgeous, so tasteful ... all the Hegre ladies could take a note and I will love them even more than I already do.


Wonderful pics of a wonderful girl!

Luba luscious | October 17th, 2005
Luba luscious
Mario United States

Live Art Luba is art. Looking at pictures of her is like looking at a beautiful painting or statue.

John United States

More Luba is a 10 all around, But I would like to see more pictures of her from behind. She has a very nice, Tiny and tight butt

Joel United States

Paradox How do you provide a blessing to mankind and a crime against humanity both at the same time? A photoset of Luba.....with only 20 photos.

russ United States

Petter is gonna have to change this 1 to 10 rating scale for Luba's sets to 10-20, heck yea...

Splendor France

D'accord avec Mario... une émotion sensiblement plus vive en plus, tout de même!

Luba orange panties | September 28th, 2005
Luba orange panties
Thierry livert France

Lo Lu I'm completely jalous of your husband…Next time you come both in Paris send me a message. I'll be delighted to offer U a drink and take picture of you both IUW… Y're terrific… Love Best reguards

Luba and Marketa together | September 11th, 2005
Luba and Marketa together
Irwin United States I know I'm behind the times here, but this is the hottest shoot I've seen, yet! Its short and simple, but the poses are so sensual. And of course, you couldn't have picked two better models to use! Excellent set!

Karl Ireland

What provocative and sensual bodies.

Jhamil Marquez Venezuela

GODDESSES HI Lube and Petter This is one of the most incredible groups of pictures I have seen They are so beautiful that is hard to continue seen clearly after enjoy them We deserve another group with these two goddesses. Think about it.

Jhamil China

Where is it I know that it is hidden somewhere, Petter, where is the video of this pictures? Please show it to us.

Luba table for two | August 7th, 2005
Luba table for two

I would have preferred some more closed shots of Luba, but I must say that the gallery is very erotic!

Luba stretching | July 25th, 2005
Luba stretching
John United States

Fitness Photo shoots like this make me understand how she stays in such great shape...

Luba lounging | July 18th, 2005
Luba lounging
John United States

Picture 11 Very nice picture, This is a very, VERY sexy picture

Telluris South Africa

LUBA Extremely sexy woman. Would like to see more explicit photos of her

ben United States

luba my oh my nice shots ! I'd like to see luba in full dressed fancy clothes hmmm never happen... Obviously she's numero uno in the nude ! Nice

russ United States

Lounging with the Lovely Luba.

DrummerNC United States

The Promised Land picture # 18 is the one I have always wanted to see. Luba is the most wonderful woman alive.

Luba on the veranda | July 8th, 2005
Luba on the veranda
John United States

Very nice set This is a nice set, Alot of changes between one picture to the next, Great set for showing of Luba's legs, More so in Shot 2

Luba in Calvin Klein | March 27th, 2005
Luba in Calvin Klein
Peter Europe

The most sexy pictures ever !!! I find this one of the best picture series ever. It has been a long time sinse we got a new serie from Luba. We want more...we want more...

Cyko Singapore

Simply PERFECT Luba is quite simply the PERFECT WOMAN. Beauty and talent rolled into one lovely female form.

brad United States

not perfect she's not perfect and one day i'll find a flaw, even if i have to go through every single picture inch by inch.

Luba french shirt | February 18th, 2005
Luba french shirt
M. Calderwood United States

Model & Content This is the ideal body type in my opinion. It does not get better than this! The simple content (ie. the shirt-model) is all that is needed(less is more, as this girl has all that is needed to fill the photo).

Roelandt United States

Luba means Enchanting Luba is enchanting. Her expression, form and grace are all magical, captured wonderfully by Hegre. Her simplest photo grabs my attention over any yet I've seen.

Laurie United Kingdom

Luba - aristocrat of nudes Stunning stylish and deliciously sexy.

Luba snow princess | January 26th, 2005
Luba snow princess
Jhamil Venezuela

INTIMACY Hi Luba and Petter Luba, you are one of the best models I have seen and without doubts Petter is an excellent photographer. But sometimes, without explanations, things come together and produce images breathless. Thanks both for this set of pictures; the intimacy of Luba with herself is so beautiful, that for sure the Goddess is present in her

The ultimate female? | December 20th, 2004
The ultimate female?
BeanieBoy United States

Luba = Ultimate Female As far as looks are concerned, yes most definitely, Luba is the ultimate female. I don't know that I've ever seen the quintessential perfect female form before I saw Luba. She instills in me a belief in a higher being.

wakeboard Germany

Luba, the ultimate female Literally I would say she is quite beautiful. One thing what defenitely is very unsatisfying is her manicure. the Nails aren't well-kept.

Mario United States

Ultimate Female Ultimate..? Yes, I think so.. she is the new high performance model of our time. If she was a car she would be the new Corvette Z06 which can beat most, if not all Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborginis. A beauty like her needs more exposure so more of the world can see her rare beauty.

JACK Canada


Chris United States

Luba lu! I just searched 2 hrs for the rear view pic on page 2. That is one of the hottest pics I have ever seen......

ben United States

Re: Apprasial un-describeable beauty and nice work

danny nguyen United States

LUba always my no. 1 model

Alya Lover Tony Puerto Rico

Can there be only one? The title instantly brought Alya to mind. But it's Luba, the OTHER Ultimate female.

Red Costa Rica

omg Most beautiful woman ive ever seen OMG

Sean United States

Yes Yes, 100% beautiful.

russ United States

Just might be............. the ultimate female... top work Luba!

Mark United States

Luba Is there anything better than seeing Luba nude in black stiletto pumps? The only thing would be to have another video or photo set with her modeling different pairs of pumps while nude.

Mark United States

Luba in Her Pumps I sincerely hope to see another beautiful presentation of Luba nude only wearing her pumps. There is nothing more amazing and beautiful than Luba presenting herself only wearing her pumps!

Mark United States

RE: Photo number 2 This photo of Luba is what I consider to be the perfect female nude. I so admire and love it! It is a perfect presentation of a naked woman: the perfect Luba, her amazing sculpted, beautiful nude body with her wonderful curves and lines exhibited exquisitely, a great pose as if a perfect nude statue and of course Luba's perfect kick-ass black stilletto pumps that I love! I have this photo as my desktop background and I also have it framed and hanging up on my wall because I love it so and believe it is a beautiful work of art. A true masterpiece!

Mark United States

Love, Love, Love! Nobody rocks a birthday suit wearing only a pair of killer pumps like Luba! She is so fabulous!

Mark United States

Perfection Even after all the sets I have reviewed and studied I still come back to this set as the perfect presentation of the female nude. Luba is perfect wearing a perfect pair of pumps! To me this is the signature nude set on Hegre-Art. Photo number 2 should be hanging in a museum as a classicly beautiful example of the perfect female nude!

Mark United States

Luba's Pumps Luba's black pumps are absolute killers! These are the kind of pumps a woman should wear when she is naked!!!

Mark United States

RE: Photo number 2 The perfect female nude!!!

Mark United States

Luba My dream is to have Luba pose nude in these pumps again!

Mark United States

Those Pumps Those pumps, those pumps, those pumps! I wanted Luba photographed nude in these pumps again!

Mark United States

Presenting Luba presenting only in her pumps!

Mark United States

Luba: The One and Only The most perfect femlae nude! I dream of Luba posing buck naked in these pumps again!

Mr. Nude United States

RE: Photo number 2 The perfect nude!

Roger United States

RE: Perfection Excellent choice Mark. Luba is indeed a sculpted classic nude. Reminds me in this way of new girl Tereza. Luba has a phenomenal body. Her tits are amazing, so "out there" and her butt and legs are, well, just "Wow!" Favorite photo for me: #46. I just cant resist a straight on butt shot, and this is actually a rare and special "butt and tit" shot as Luba's tits are so ample they cannot be hid! It is as if they are jealous of butt for stealing all the attention and insist on being in the photo too!

Mark United States

Response Re: Perfection Roger: Photo #46 is a terrific shot of Luba's beautiful ass. Good choice. I just love how can see the sides of her wonderful breasts hanging down from behind. Just exquisite! This will always be so near and dear to my heart as the perfect presentation of the female nude. I agree with you about Tereza as well. She is my new favorite model on Hegre. I love her newest set.

Roger United States

Mark: I too love how her tits just demand to be shown. I love looking at tits from any angle, and this is certainly a unique one. May I indulge your further thoughts on Mona (I left another response on the Mona in bed series) and Muriel "Glorious Ass" Great to get a dialogue going with a fellow admirer of nude female beauty.

Mark United States

Luba: The One and Only Luba buck naked in pumps: an absolute masterpiece.

Roger United States

RE: Luba: The One and Only Mark, photo 30 is also excellent: straight on butt shot with great look at her buns and butt crack. Love the hint of asshole and her cunt lips peeking in from below. Might I refer you to three of my favorites: Mona Taking a Bath; Muriel Glossy Ass and Muriel Ellipitcal Cross Trainer video.

Dave Switzerland

Such a simple set, yet so good, every part of this girl is beautiful, the rare shot of her opening her arse cheeks slightly to show off her anus is a good one. It would be nice to see some good open leg arse in the air porn shots of her instead of art all the time.

Doc United Kingdom

Luba I am working my way through the Hegre back catalogue, and this collection are well worth seeing, except for the shoes. All the best shots are where the shoes cannot be seen, by a mile. A beautiful naked woman, why would she be wearing shoes? OK, why would she be naked, I hear you ask?! All I know is, as a spectator, the shoes seem very out of place. She, though, is well worth seeing. Yum!

Luba plastic skirt | December 13th, 2004
Luba plastic skirt
russ United States

Luba killing me in the Plastic skirt.

Luba and Marketa nudes | November 24th, 2004
Luba and Marketa nudes
Mario United States

Super Beauties Possibly the two most beautiful woman on the planet together and there are no other comments... I will just say thank you Petter!

Les France

Even though November 2004 makes this "old", I keep coming back to this series. For me this really represents what makes Petter's Art stand out from the rest. How he manages to capture the beauty of his models in way that is pure and direct without becoming overly academic is quite unique. This is a veritable study of the beauty of the female form - and who can imagine more beautiful than Luba and Marketa!

John United States

face to face Like to see girls face to face

russ United States

what a twosome.... cant get any better than that, well unless...hmmmm

Mark United States

Luba and Marketa What could be better than Luba and Marketa nude? An absolutely gorgeous set! A true look at the perfect beauty of the naked female form!

Luba & Tana Russian army | October 22nd, 2004
Luba & Tana Russian army
btrhea United States

Russian Army These girls are gorgeous together. Especially Tana, who I see is scarcely available on your site. That's too bad...I would love to see a LOT more of Tana.

russ United States

wow tana not a whole of gals can compete with the amazing Luba, but you pulled it off. Top Work, Tana.

lago United States

These girls have great little cookies.

Luba in pink shirt | October 15th, 2004
Luba in pink shirt
Bleukat United States

ONE THOUSAND...ONE One thousand and ONE pink roses for LUBA, and ONE magnum of pink champagne to PETTER for this extraordinarily exquisite gallery! I'm utterly awe, and honored to be the FIRST(?) to appreciate the mesmerizing eroticism of these photographs- As if (just now) emerging ~soaking-wet~ from a DELIGHTFULLY DELICIOUS DREAM!

Luba and Marketa intimate | September 29th, 2004
Luba and Marketa intimate
Frank White United States

The two most beautiful women on your site, together. Nothing can compare with this. Fabulous!

sentino United States

RE: Photo number 3 You can see how Luba's proportions are more extended than Marketa's here. They are both the same height, yet Luba's waist and pelvis is up higher making her legs longer. She has the wider breasts too which is very sexy. Don't get me wrong Marketa is a goddess too. LOL.

Luba under palms | August 8th, 2004
Luba under palms
who cares United States

palms good grief if time stopped i would know the reason luba luba luba a timeless beauty... I say her friends have to be very lucky to know her and oh btw nice photography ... how could one miss

kostas k United States

contrast and nature even paradise becomes radant with her

mandobob United States

Luba is the most beautiful girl on earth. Does she ever spread her legs for the camera?

Luba lite | August 9th, 2004
Luba lite

What a wonderful set of pix. We all know how beautiful Luba can be. I am so impressed that not one time in this set does she hide her beautiful breasts behind her hands. She is fully nude, tastefully positions herself, and never plays the modest pose of hiding those wonderful BOOBS. Very nice.

Luba iSymphony | August 5th, 2004
Luba iSymphony
mark United States

Luba +more ipod Like to see more of these kinds of props......ipod, laptop,etc

JACK Canada

LUBA iSYMPHONY Who is this LUBA GIRL? She's a Doll! I would'nt be out taking pictures of women if I had one like this at home!

russ United States

I can hear the music Luba toons

Luba in LA | August 7th, 2004
Luba in LA
the Professor United States

spontaneous, fresh. one of my favorite sets ever.

X-mas Luba | December 24th, 2003
X-mas Luba
Walter Australia

I would love a christmas tree star like LUBA

Red erotica | June 16th, 2003
Red erotica
007 Belgium

From Ukraine with Love !

Tied and Lubed | June 13th, 2003
Tied and Lubed
David Britton United States

tied and lubed a very erotic gallery. well done!

Scott Salbo United States

Luba tied and Lubed How did I miss this one? She is a goddess. Joyce, Naomi, and Luba. My 3 Muses.

Luba in bed | June 15th, 2003
Luba in bed
ben United States

luba bed oh my god !!!!!!


Wonderful shots of her ass!

Luba Monroe | January 2nd, 2004
Luba Monroe

Breathtaking erotic pics! Wonderful Linda. My vote 10 ++++++++

Luba night shots | July 12th, 2003
Luba night shots
roberto Mexico

Karate kiking nice kick

Luba love you | August 16th, 2003
Luba love you
christian Finland

luba love you this gallery is fantastic!! luba is such a beautiful woman, her body is perfect,it's a joy looking at her pictures.more of luba plz.

ben United States

luba ditto and boy does she look great in jeans

Mrvyn Germany

Luba love you Yes, Petter, you are most certainly a lucky bastard - Luba is very beautiful.

Mark United States

Luba Absolutely lovely nude figure study of Luba. Beautiful pictures showing nudity of a woman in a pure form. Luba is a nude work of art.

Gypsy girl | June 12th, 2003
Gypsy girl
David Britton United States

Luba What a joy Luba must be to work with! No wonder the phtoographer married her! And so sad for the rest of us

Luba in erotic museum | June 14th, 2003
Luba in erotic museum
Misha United States

Здорово, как вам позволяют играться!

Luba in window light | February 28th, 2004
Luba in window light
Jim United States

luba I believe this is the nicest of all your Luba pics. Very artistic.

Luba & Samosa together | June 2nd, 2004
Luba & Samosa together
Mark United States

Luba & Samosa Oh ladies! Absolutely beautiful nudes! What a wonderful pairing to create great shots.

Fishnet stockings | June 19th, 2003
Fishnet stockings
Erick Soto Germany

luba what can i say its luba............

luv_yanna United States

I love fishnet stockings!

Luba in sunset in Thailand | October 30th, 2003
Luba in sunset in Thailand
Jason United States

Starting from the beginning and slowly watching Luba develop a more serious expression over time is interesting.

Joe United States

Luba! She is still the tops! What a natural beauty!

Luba in mirror | April 19th, 2003
Luba in mirror
russ United States

All mirrors like Luba..................... not as much as I like her though. another fine set, indeed

Luba nude yoga Part 1 | February 24th, 2002
Luba nude yoga   Part 1
Jan Erik Norway

Luba Very erotic photo shoot. The yoga positions are very sexy and bring the best out of that stunning body.

Misha United States

erotic subject as yogi Great for eroticism, but as for the yoga, I hope she continues to see herself as a student; that all the recognition does not become a distraction from deepening this is a practice. One hint I have: flatten the hands and splay the fingers when bearing weight, as in the cow-cat poses (photos 11 & 12) for instance.

halopalm Taiwan, Province of China

Forever goddess Best set of February 2002. Yoga fully demonstrates Luba’s fascinating body. Furthermore, it’s great to see this topic shot again in higher resolution on December 2011. Wow!Our goddess still keeps shapely after near ten years.

halopalm Taiwan, Province of China

Forever goddess Best set of February 2002. Yoga fully demonstrates Luba’s fascinating body. Furthermore, it’s great to see this topic shot again in higher resolution on December 2011. Wow!Our goddess still keeps shapely after near ten years.

Luba on the beach | March 17th, 2002
Luba on the beach
Dave United States

Luba Luba is so naturally beautiful in these earlier images, she also looks like she's genuinely enjoying herself. Thanks for a superb website.

ben United States

luba/beach rated this gallery 10 do I need to say more okay so luba is drop dead yummy 10 says it all ciao


LUBA on the beach wow! I prefer Luba with her pubic hair, she's more sensual than with a shaved pussy!

Jeff Germany

what little cute tits she had back then....

Luba in denim dress | May 14th, 2002
Luba in denim dress
ben United States

denim the fabric denim doesnt match lubas beauty or grace but a beauty in any dress is still luba

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

LUBA IN DENIM DRESS I really love this set of photos it shows of luba's beauty but the best photo of the set is the last one it just has that certain something I love it!

Luba beach | May 20th, 2002
Luba beach
alsama Canada

So natural... and gorgeous!

Nick France

Luba natural Luba is gorgeous on this wild beach! I suggest to have another gallerie with Luba natural!

EAP005 United States

Old memories Wow! I remember this photos around the net on 2002! I love Luba, she is gorgeous! The photo where she is drinking that Coke soda is iconic for me, it's pop art. Now I can see her in 2000 px. Good memories!

Luba fine art nudes | May 22nd, 2002
Luba fine art nudes
Jan Erik Norway

:) Tasteful and erotic! The lighting effect is wonderful. And last but not least; Luba's ass is just amazing!

halopalm Taiwan, Province of China

Impossible Mission Bravo! Best set of 2002 entire year. I have joined many nude sites. After six years seeking, I still can’t find better shoot than this one. Luba and Petter completed an impossible mission for all the profession to overtake. Finest art works!

Luba in nature | June 5th, 2002
Luba in nature
Jorgen Denmark

Luba in nature For me it would be wonderful to see a video of Luba walked around naked in the forest. She should be naked from the beginning to the very end. It could give you a dream about meeting someone like Luba when you are walking in the nature. And I guess creating dreams is what Petter is doing to many.

Luba swimming | August 2nd, 2002
Luba swimming
keith United Kingdom

she looks so young! amazing bent-over shots.

Luba splashing | August 5th, 2002
Luba splashing

Refreshing gallery.

Luba summer flirt | August 17th, 2002
Luba summer flirt
Chief Thunder Germany

Luba This is still one of the best sets of Luba ever!!!

Harley Luba | November 21st, 2002
Harley Luba
halopalm Taiwan, Province of China

Popular subject Best set of November 2002. Motorcycle is a popular subject for men. Girls with straight long hair & slender legs get the advantage of shoot outdoors. Here is already a great specimen by Luba. It’s time to renew this topic in higher resolution. Recommendable models:Suzie, Stasha, or Brigi

Luba flying | January 3rd, 2003
Luba flying
roberto Mexico

Angels Angels do fall from the ski

Luba nude yoga Part 2 | January 20th, 2003
Luba nude yoga Part 2
Scott United States

Wonderful series!

roberto Mexico

we need more yoga it is nice to see perfection on every move

Misha United States

Lion Nice lion (16-17)! ...I hope you growled while doing that!

arrelh United States

More Yoga To see a real yoga series from other Models would be nice. To see Luba gothru the sun salutations now would be nice also.

Danden Canada

Amazing Luba seriously.. beautiful, glorious and a yoga expert! Are you real? Am I dreaming? ;o)

halopalm Taiwan, Province of China

Goddess forevermore Bravo! Best set of 2003 entire year. I particularly like these topics such as yoga, studio or fitness. The two reasons are (1) the body curve, shape & proportion could be purely exhibited (2) those images are barely shot in other nude sites.

halopalm Taiwan, Province of China

Particular topic Bravo! Best set of 2003 entire year. I particularly like these topics such as yoga, studio or fitness. The two reasons are (1) the body curve, shape & proportion could be purely exhibited (2) those images are barely shot in other nude sites.

Luba with feather | February 6th, 2003
Luba with feather
BeanieBoy United States

Luba I wanna be the feather.


Luba Backstage | July 10th, 2007
Luba Backstage
geroki Germany

class once again Lady Luba proves that she's in a class of her own. hopefully we can take this video as a preview of coming Luba photosets too

Julian United States

Luba, without question is the top model of this site. The ultimate female indeed. I look forward to all of her future films, and photo galleries.

Louis NYC United States

I'm back and happy. I just renewed my subscription after being away for about a year. I missed seeing Luba so bad, the first images I wanted to see was her. This film was what I chose and what welcome back treat it was. Thank you that was a grest film of Luba. I even enjoyed a lot of the music change ups. Bravo

Norm United Kingdom

Lovely Luba just watched you backstage Luba. If you ever come to the UK come and stay with me!!! I guess Petter will come too, but never mind! Norm

Luba Red and Pink | September 26th, 2006
Luba Red and Pink
Dirk Norway

Forever Luba Just when I thought I would never see Luba in a Hegre-film again, she returns, and what a "comeback". She is more mature and more beautiful then ever, but I wish you would publish the second half of the film as well... but I guess that is for Petter's eyes only...

Tracy Norway

Thank you My husband showed my this movie. I am speechless! From one woman to another: you are the most sensual and delicate person I have ever seen! Those eyes!

Imtanan Norway

lingerie I want to buy that lingerie for my girl. What brand ?

Mr.G Norway

soft Sexy, but I wished you showed more...

Laurence United States

Luba is beautiful. Her eyes are cativating and that smile is just unforgetable. There is a little crease in her cheeks as she smiles that is completely charming. Just a note, as a jewelery designer I study color on human skin. Luba looks best in bright colors. The pink does not do her justice but the bright red is perfect, as would be any bright,intense jewell like color.

Lee Bartholomew United States

Luba Luba looks great under any music. I was a member just about the time it switched to the new site. But could afford it, then figured out why Luba is the main icon of the site. Okay color me stupid. So this time I rejoined just for her beauty even if she's taken. Definately need some XXL size photos here though. :)

Jason United States

Beauty Your Wife, Luba, Mirta and, Yanna are the reason for my membership. Luba particularly emanates pure female sensuality and beauty without even trying. As I've seen you quote on some of her images, "You are a lucky Man to be her life-partner!" What A Woman!

Philippe Belgium

music Can someone give me the name of the song/singer we hear in this little nice film?

Luba Tango In Paris | August 30th, 2005
Luba Tango In Paris
Greg G. Portugal

movie star Luba, so good to see you back on the movie screen. I do not understand why you have not perused a movie career ? You are beautiful, have a very strong present and your expressions are just astonishing. I know movie producers in LA that would love to give you a chance... anyway, thanks for putting up a great show for us. You are my one and only "locker" girl.

Dan Portugal

Let me catch my breath ... Dear Petter & Luba; Wow. As each day passes Luba appears more beautiful than the day before! Yes, I too have been waiting all week to see the new Luba film. Petter, I have to agree that she is indeed the "Perfect Women." This morning as I watched for news of my friends in New Orleans and Mississippi recovering from the disastrous Hurricane Katrina; it was a welcome break to switch over to your website. When I see a beauty like Luba, I know that all is well with the world.

MARK1248 United States

Most Provocative.... Luba si so natural a model and so pretty and care free.... I wish I could meet her some day....

Antonio United States

TANGO ???? gotta be kidding. Don't think you boys in admin will "approve" this one.

Carlos Japan

Greg, my opinion is that Luba knows shes better than movies, so there is no need to be an actress on her part. =)

Bob Peoples United States

Luba-Tango In Paris Fantastic combination of body moves, eye focus and mind games. Her selection of music was superb. Whats' the title-who is the artist?

Gene Canada

#124 The pigtails ]and darker hair?] somehow puts all the focus on the body

sdk_mal United States

Yeah the title could use a little work......Tango + stairs = impossible. Luba still maanges to pull it off.

Norm United Kingdom

Lovely Luba Petter and Luba, I'm new to the site and understand that you two are very special to each other. Oh Petter you lucky guy - apart from all the photography!! Your amusing compliment about your beloved's bottom at the end of the video applies to all of her - Luba is great all over! Norm

Luba - Ultimate Female | June 14th, 2005
Luba - Ultimate Female
Chet Italy

nothing special Luba she's great but this video seemed to my personal opinion to be too flat and I didn't like the musics. Maybe as a Petter member my tastes has become more and more refined during the years, but for sure I've seen better videos fly around on this faboulus web site.

Valentino Israel

Super !! Super !!!

John United States

Wow! This film is like getting a back stage pass to a photo shoot. For an average joe like me it's quite a treat.

AviGuy United States

Luba is awesome! But... I have to admit that Luba is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but I hold a place in my fantasies for Marketa. I will always remember the "ART" you created with both Luba and Marketa together. ( A side by side nude of the two MOST beautiful women in the world! I would hate to have to choose one or the other, but if I had to... (maybe I will change my mind tomorrow, I have in the past!) Luba Rules (with Marketa) The World!!!

bill andrews Ireland

Films Please oh please can we have more films IPOD ready. Your films are simply the best, especially Luba.

wheeler United States

Ultimate female? She's up there!!!

Nic United States

Ultimate no kidding If you had a site solely, devoted to her, I would become a life time member.

Derek s United States

yes she's alive and enjoying her self hot

Mark United States

Luba is the ultimate female This video is a dream come true! There is nothing better than a beautiful naked woman in black stiletto pumps.Absolutely gorgeous. More, more!!

Mark United States

Luba in Pumps There is simply nothing better than Luba nude in her pumps! I love this film! Another film of Luba nude in her pumps is long overdue. As a member, I am requsting another one be done!

Mark United States

My favorite film Mr. Hegre, I am writing to express how much I love this film. In fact, it is my all-time favorite film on your site. It perfectly shows the amazing beauty of a nude woman. One of the biggest reasons I find it to be so beautiful after of course the amazing beauty of Luba is because she is wearing those black pumps. Luba looks like she is made to be wearing nothing but those black pumps! It is simply the way she is supposed to be! There is no more perfect accessory for a nude woman to wear than a sexy pair of pumps. It makes her look so statuesque and elegant while nude. It is a little pedestal to put her on to exhibit her beauty. I sincerely hope that you do more galleries and films of your models exhibiting their beauty nude wearing only pumps. I also hope that you will please do another film of Luba totally nude wearing a great sexy pair of pumps. I hope that you will follow up with another classic to this true Hegre classic film. Thank you.

Mark United States

Luba's Best Look Luba's best look? Buck naked in those killer black pumps!!

Barndini United Kingdom

Luba I love you... What can you say, except WOW! Simply the greatest model in the world.

Luba BB Stripes | March 22nd, 2005
Luba BB Stripes
Dave Dyer Canada

I have not seen the film. I do have to say that as an artist though if I was to be given the chance to paint,sketch,or sculpt yourself Luba I would be honored. Why Because you are perfect what gets my attention the most is your eyes and smile.

Loius Portugal

wow Hi Petter, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your new film: Luba BB Stripes It was brilliant of you and Luba to come with this. Bravo, it has become my favorite of all the films I've seen. thank you warmly, Louis

Bruce Canada

Lovely Luba As always, the First Lady of Hegre. There are not enough good words to describe you, Luba. So I'll just stay with lovely. Nice work Petter.

alex France

always better you're getting good in making movies :-)) and Luba is always more beautiful !

Anonymous United States

Perfection Luba equals perfection

Lawrence United States

Sweet Sexy Luba Best Luba video since Bikini Babe, and I think this new video handily surpasses that one, at least according to my chubbometer. Nice work Petter, fantastic job Luba! What a great way to greet the spring season--I think you've brought all the bears out of hibernation with this one. Thanks. (And Encore!)

The Elite Team Argentina

Luba you are amazing! Loba: to see you in stripes is like seeing an angel zebra coming down to earth. If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you.

kinjo Japan

Sweet Sexy Luba Sweet Sexy Luba

party boy United Kingdom

gorgeous girl you are the best !!!!! When are you coming to England? I'll be waiting for you. You have got a figure to die for.

Brad Germany

Best Luba film yet! This film has really utilized the full potential of Luba, with the elements of lighting, music, and expressions added to perfection. Please give us more of this magnificent beauty.

Sven United States


Jules United States

Ipod format please ?! This is one of the ultimate Luba videos. please convert it to iPod for a member like me so I can take it traveling and show my friends!

geord United Kingdom

luba..stripes what a beautiful, elegant lady! not everything is about boobs, she has wonderful eyes, a cute smile as well as stunning legs. we have all been truly blessed to have such an icon of femininity wandering amongst us mere mortals!

Norm United Kingdom

luba Mover Everything about Luba is about physical perfection - Eve before the apple! I just think she is marvellous at videos because she moves so beautifully - Sexuality and grace without vulgarity or crudity. She is not in anyway pornographic in anything I have seen so far - but is sophisticated, sexy, erotic and 'the Ultimate woman.' She is made for love for you, Petter, but for us, for dreams and for fantasy! Love you, Luba XX!

hidiver11373 United States


heymickey30 United Kingdom

Goddess amongst goddesses, Luba is almost too beautiful to be true, loved this video from the first viewing to the last, beauty, personality, and a body that the most talented sculptor would struggle to imagine and create. Luba you will always be my ultimate fantasy female xxx

Luba Shooting Zoya | January 28th, 2005
Luba Shooting Zoya
Jackson Portugal

Zoya's unbelievable I love the new video "Luba Shooting Zoya"!  From the music to the camerawork, it seems like the Hegre-Archives video style is maturing from a moving documentation of a photo-shoot to a work of art in its own right.  I don't know exactly how long I've been a subscriber (a while) but I can say without a doubt that I've never watched one of your videos so many times.  Zoya's unbelievable, of course.  (But you obviously know that already.)  To be honest, her body type has never been my ideal, but she's winning me over.  She arches her back like she's drawing a bow, and it seems so natural, like she doesn't even have to think about it.  Just apply a little tension, and kapow!  Sculpture of the Gods.  Anyway, just wanted to let you know.

Viddard United States

A Zoya for me Perhaps the best combination of features I've seen in one woman on Peter's site. She is the picture of youthful glamour. Every feature on her face works. Her nose is perfect, her eyes are large and beautiful. Her beestung lips are extraordinary. While Peter usually doesn't subscribe to the California ideal for beauty, she is L.A. thin, but minus the cartoony implants, which she does not need. Her smile is disarming and warm, and her beautiful olive toned skin is awe inspiring. The hair is exactly as would befit a fashion model or hair model. Thick, healthy and voluminous. This is one perfect girl, Peter. I only wish you or Luba had closed in for more tight shots on her facial expressions.

Maroun Lebanon

superb I'm in love with Zoya. I think she's the most beautiful creature God has yet mede. I especially love her long brown straight hair. My dream would be to fondle my fingers in it and kiss it.

Michael Goh Singapore

Horrible soundtrack like what jackson say camerawork is excellent but i really HATE the soundtrack its too jaring to the ears doesn't fit the mood of the video

alex United Kingdom

zoya zoya is so cute/sexy

al United Kingdom

zoya zoya leaves me breathless,she is a timeless beauty

ardunbye United Kingdom

Luba shooting Zoya Luba! Please don't shoot her, I'll give her a home. Poor joke but I wish I were there to have enjoyed the fun that was very evidently had. A fabulous girl.

Greggor1 United States

Stunning I've greatly enjoyed the still shots of Zoya in the gallery pictures. To see her move, pose and smile in this film is a delight. I've fallen hopelessly in lust with this girl. She is the epitome of young, slender beauty in my eyes. Zoya is absolutely perfect from head to toe. Something that I notice in the film is that Zoya seems quite at home without her clothes on. As a nudist (and somewhat exhibitionistic) man I find that to be greatly appealing. I declare myself to be a fan and admirer.

Luba Pool | November 30th, 2004
Luba Pool
Oscar Venezuela

Love Luba I'm really in love with Luba. I think she's the best model you have. You should shoot more films of her.

Jack Netherlands

A great film. With Luba in it, it´s already a 3 star film. This is the way a film should be.

Rob Goldsmith Canada

Luba up close!! Of course we'll never tire of your Luba and her natural beauty. The shiney swimsuit showed her form beautifully but I think I most enjoyed the very end when you closed in on her face and her smiles and revealed, perhaps, a glimpse into her personality and child-woman intrigue.

Ken Australia

It's Luba - what more could you want? A very well shot film of Luba at her most seductive. A beautiful body and a beautiful smile! Oh what a shame the movie can't be in Hi Res! I'd give it 6 stars if I could.

Patrick Austria

good film The film is good luba is great as we always! I like Luba she is with Henrietta the most beautiful girl!

cyril laming United Kingdom

luba drives me wetly mad!

cyril United Kingdom

luba drives me wetly mad! — but I have to say that the delivery of info stuck at 13'0 Mb; about half-way. I suppose I should try Henrietta!

Nigel Jeffery United Kingdom

Luba Pool A perfect example of the superiority of Hegre's work, this shot highlights the beauty of the human form and the distinction between erotica and pornography. The model Luba shows a keen ability to combine form and grace in both motion and stills, you cannot help but be drawn in. Luba is no actress however, in this and other works the person behind the image of 'Luba' can be seen. With a glance of the eyes or tone of posture Luba betrays an innocent nervousness which only serves to add humanity and alure to her otherwise flawless image, Hegre captures this in his stills to superb effect.

Michael United States

Luba Glistens Luba shines in this movie. However, the dog is out of context. If Luba had responded to the pet it could have added something majical to the film, but without interplay it was left as a distraction from the mood. I would love to see an underwater scene. Still hoping for a film/photo set of Luba applying suntan oil and sunbathing.

Lécole France

luba blue pool Quite well.

CaptainKidd United States

Oh my Lord! Oh my Lord! Oh my Lord!

Oranges | October 19th, 2004
J Bean United States

best video yet more like this would be great. would have liked to see her get competly nude

Gav United Kingdom

Beautiful Luba ... Mr Hegre, I think I'm in love with your wife ;) Classic as always and the video technique is improving all the time.

Leonard France

Luba's oranges... Thank you for giving to us the most sensual and natural movie I have even seen... and this really is a movie!!! It is like an angel walking in the garden of eden. Luba, you are my dream girl. You can juggle my oranges anytime :-)

Tim Czech Republic

Luba Luba is very nice girl..

H. Thompson United States

Impressed I couldn't find websites that simply shows the beauty of the female form. I found it here and other similar websites-bravo! Thank you for demonstrating how beautiful women can and should be depicted.

kamal Indonesia

This is extraordinary Luba is simply great with her beauty.I am in love with her ....

Dennis Robinson United States

Precocious Luba is undoubtedly the most sensual woman I have ever seen. I was stunned and transfixed. I believe I shall visit Ukraine this next year in her honor.

Jules United States

Loved hearing Luba's tender voice

Joe United States

One of my favorite Luba Videos is "Oranges". I have only one little request. Could you put into an IPOD format?

Kurt United States

Still the best After all these years Luba is still by far the standard bearer of this comes close and heaven knows the women on this site are out of this world. Would die for you:-)

Two Girls and a Chair | October 18th, 2003
Two Girls and a Chair
Quintin Barber United States

Like When youHave fun with the ladies And Great Music.Other Girl Nice Contrast with Luba.


LUBA IS FEMININE BLISS Luba Is amazing. The heft of her voluptuous breasts make her one of your top models.

Luba - Bikini Babe | June 12th, 2003
Luba - Bikini Babe
doctorpinch United States

Holy shit! Luba is incredibly lovely and this shoot is incrediby erotic. If this video doesn't make you come (male or female) you're not human. Luba is poetry in motion, an illusion broken only when she scoots down to check out her hair or the way the bikini is fiting. I don't know what could possibly warrant less than 5 stars, but ShutterBug must have seen a different video. As for Anon's review, there was music? Not even the lack of camera work can detract from Luba's incredible beauty.

Frisbee United States

Smoken Luba is as beautiful as they come, thank you for makeing my day.

ShutterBug United States

Luscious Luba Gorgeous model. Red is an excellent color for her swimsuit!

Anonymous Canada

Wow Great vid with cool, smokey tune. What song is that?

Airbie France

Pleasant video This video is very great and Petter Hegre can consider himself a lucky man with such a beautiful wife. The song in the video is too smooth: who's the singer?

John J United States

Best Bond girl ever, if they're smart. Does anybody else see this possibility. There is a long history of Russian spies anyway so any accent would be no problem. Heck, forget who replaces the last Bond, Hire her.

atomic Germany

my entry wow wow wow - whatelse to say...

jimmy United States

This film is like a dream, the location surreal, the lull of the music. And Luba, her demeanor and body and face are that which you'll probably never see in real life. She is so cool, too. I've never seen anyone like her anywhere, in a book, in a film, on the web, anywhere.

KBG United States

Any know the name of the music in the backgroung??


LUBA IS AMAZING Luba really knows how to work the camera. She has the nicest pair of breasts of any model I've seen. The fact that she Is shaved down-there Is a plus. I guess you could call me a true luba fan, her tight sexy body Is what's dreams are made of.

Pardom Me United States

Petter and team, there has to be a re-make of this. There has to be. In 3D with random tosses of the bikini. Beautiful.

Private Party | April 30th, 2003
Private Party
sotron Spain

oh my god what a pair of goddess

Luba Gets Ready | January 1st, 2002
Luba Gets Ready
x United Kingdom

Music Rocks Good music, pretty woman, what else. Unusual to hear the voice, this one was very nervous.

AL United States


Anonymous United States

Luba such a sexy poto. so simple, yet so very erotic.

frog United States

luba very nice women!!!

emilio c pons Spain

veri vero good

emilio c pons Spain

beautie very very goood

Jerry United States

Luba She's proof there's a GOD...

steve woodall United States

more luba please!!!!!!!

Hsung Korea, Republic of

best beautiful in ordinary life. She is absolutely beautiful. Very Thank you !

jinei Peru

beautiful body

Luba goes Swimming | June 1st, 2002
Luba goes Swimming
alex France

good realy good

Blake Krosse United Kingdom

Green angel Bizarre, mysterious, I thought you wrote naturalist, I was looking for the animals.

JP Canada

Luba Swimming is nice Loved this piece. Luba has a great body. I am naturist too! Glad to see photos from nudist places! Great model and love her shaved vagina!

MARK1248 United States

More than some!!! Luba, your awesome and fantastic and incredible and stylish and etc. all the other super terms and expresions!!!!!