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Maya Profile

Name: Maya
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 60kg
Height: 182cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model

High style

Maya makes a big, big impression. Partly that is because she is tall at 182 cm (6 feet). Partly it is because of her fantastic range of talent.

Her star quality presence made her a favourite of the fashion houses of Europe. Paris, Milan and London competed for her to model their clothes. Now she brings her experience to nude modelling. Naturally she brings a cute ass and long legs as well.

She is fascinated by so many different aspects of this world. “Everything about it stimulates me” she says. “It is not only make-up and hair styling. It’s much more. It has led me into photography and painting. Now I’m into making sculptures as well.” These things are as important to her as her pet parrot that she lives with.

We told you this girl is something else.

Maya backseat July 25th, 2012
I think her frustrated look at the end says: I need a car with a bigger back seat!
RE: RE: Nice car...
I'm more into Brunettes, you know....Haha just kiddin'
RE: Nice car...
you're lookin at the CAR???!!!
Nice car...
What is it? A Q7?
Hairy women are so much more sexy than ones that look like little girls.
one of the number one in hedgree
I love this girl she has a wonderfull skin marvellous pussy and has it's great combination of sensation to see in the pictures nice choice!!!!
Maya for breakfast part2 June 17th, 2012
I would love to see more of Maya. It has been a long time ....
Which Hole
Breakfast part two is even better, which hole would you start on.
Great set! I would love to eat that pussy for breakfast!
Maya... Mmmm...
Best breakfast in long time. Even though there is but one dish, it contains many ingredients and is served in a multitude of styles. I, for one, would love to dig in! Go Maya!
nice day for a picnic!:P
Maya mmmh May 3rd, 2012
Smoking hot. You're totally original, girl. Choose your own ground. I love your style!
Maya ivory April 24th, 2012
RE: Maya for bush
and,tomany,not so much!although, I personally agree.
Maya for bush
How much more sexy she would be (to so many of us) if she had a shiny blonde bush, bring back pubic hair!
Maya is beautiful. What a wonderful porcelain-skinned body. She has a terrific ass as well. A lovely and elegant beauty.
I love the contrast of Maya's luscious, kissable lips, black stockings and pearlescent skin. On top of that, every pose is different and conveys a different emotion. What a wonderful model she is!
yet another "short but sweet". refreshing, though, after a disappointing "massage"!
Maya Autoeroticism April 17th, 2012
Her ability to completely ignore the cameras and show us something obviously very intimate and personal, is a gift. This is a special behind the scenes video.
didnt notice a fly...guess I was distracted(cant imagine why)
I liked it. Reminds me of how my ex used to make herself cum just using a pillow or blanket. I don't mind the music but I'd prefer non at all...
Not my favorite
Hmm. Pretty girl, but this wasn't my favorite video. The fly buzzing around is distracting, the music takes a weird turn, and she seems more in love with the blanket, than herself. C+.
RE: Panties
This is awesome, and I want to see more of Maya.
gorgeous. but wow, please do not use that music again.
Better close that window. There's a fly in the ointment.
MmmmmmMaya in Motion!
I've had to wait a long time to see this lady in moving pictures, but it was so totally worth it. Exactly like I thought she would be, she's the kind of girl who just can't sit still. Tossing and turning in her bed, she gives a hot insight into the exquisite realm of auto-eroticism indeed. I can practically see the fire smouldering behind her closed eyelids. Those sensual lips. Her body-language as desire takes her over. Maya, you're fantastic! Pictures or movies, I want to see more of you. All of you! Applause!
It is the way she feels herself inside her panties that gets to me. What a great start to the movie.
Covered up
Maya is so beautiful in her white sheets but I think that we do not see enough of her body. She is covered up too much.
Re: Watching
I will definitely vote for that.
I love watching girls masturbate themselves like her. What about a film of two of them doing at the same time? Hell. why not three? Anyone with me on this?
Like me
Maya is the girl that I would like to be. That’s why I watch all the movies of hers. She moves just like me too.