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Photo de Magda


Photo de Magda
Nom: Magda
Pays: Pologne
Poids: 50kg
Taille: 179cm
Age: 19

À coeur ouvert

Pour Petter Hegre, faire de la photo est quelque chose de très personnel.

NOUS VIVONS dans une ère de l’image où le nu et l’érotisme photographiques, comme mode d’expression, évoluent constamment ; le processus pour trouver des filles au charisme chargé d’émotion et dotée d’attributs corporels évidents étant l’élan, le moteur et la raison d’être de

Magda est allée à la rencontre de Petter Hegre après avoir remporté un concours de beauté et ils ont fait deux séances ; la première dans une forêt et la seconde dans une usine abandonnée, avec ce contraste frappant de toute cette poussière et cet acier rouillé et de cette grande et mince Magda, dont la silhouette rappelle celle d’une jeune fille, nue au milieu d’un paysage inconnu ; la parfaite métaphore des changements qui ont pris place en Europe de l’Est sa vie durant.

Magda a travaillé dans un atelier de couture, raccommodant des vêtements, avant de gagner le concours de beauté de Varsovie et s’est défaite pour la toute première fois de ses vêtements pour l’appareil de Petter Hegre.


Magda dans une vieille usine | October 10th, 2003
Magda dans une vieille usine
Steff Etats Uni

Magnificent Magna So beautiful is Magda. I want to go to Poland!

Arnie Suède

A perfect body. Nice with the relatively hairy and natural style. It's a shame that she only took so few photo sessions.

Magda dans les bois | January 23rd, 2004
Magda dans les bois
toelicker Allemagne

jesus christ.. where do you find these angels??? she is one the most stunning girls I ever saw!!!! Sa d that you did not continue to work with her.... she is a beauty!

Magda contre le mur | March 21st, 2004
Magda contre le mur
Pete Royame Uni

No comments I am amazed that Magda did not get one comment on any of her 3 sets which probably accounts for her short stay on this site, but think she has a great slender body and very pretty face. Big mistake, she was not shaved as most of the models are here. Shame, very attractive model

Steff Etats Uni

Magda She is very beautiful. I don't care that she is not shaved. A little hair is fine with me.

Kevin from Hertfordshire England Royame Uni

There are so many shaved models on this site (and in every magazine) I think it is nice to see a bush every now and then. Magda (just like Silvie) has a luxurious bush. I don't think it was the bush that caused her short stay on Petter.

Doc Royame Uni

Magda So, you can do unshaved models?! See, not so hard, is it? Pet's comments from 2009 are sad in that she attracted few, if any comments, but along with Sylvie and Sian, and the Japanese girls, she represents visually sexually mature women worthy of art, and not raw nudity served up for the porno-crazed masses (who pay your wages, I know, don't bite the hand that feeds you!). Go on, dare to be different!


Magda magique | March 13th, 2004
Magda magique
Orlando Suisse

Magda Magic Woman Seeing this movie leaves you longing for more of Magda. Magda is great. Magda is sensous. Magda is everything you ever dreamed of seeing in women. Her posture is very erect and straight. She makes you look twice and she is patient with your look.

papafarang Etats Uni

A Could Have Been ... ... had the girl been more conscious of her posture. She had long, wonderful legs, and a striking long neck to match, yet her slouching throughout most of the clip kept distracting from her best features. She had an interesting girlish smile that we only got 3 seconds to enjoy. The glum 'attitude' look can work and almost worked here had it been broken up with more stunning studies of her legs and neck.

Pete Royame Uni

Girlish Smile I agree with other reviews that Magda has a wonderful girlish smile which the video only captures in glimpses. She has a wonderful slim and sensual body which in the second part of the video, against the wall is shown off to perfection with some precise warm lighting. Magda does not seem comfortable in the factory setting, give her a more natural environment and I am sure we will see the absolute best of her. More please

Guille Parrilla Puerto Rico

Natural Beauty For me Magda is the best example of natural beauty. Simple and Classic. I wish we can keep seeing her on a regular basis.

al Suisse

Stunning Natural Beauty Magda immediately attracted my full attention. She's the kind of woman I have always dreamed of. What an incredible, sensual body coupled with the most natural of posture. My congratulations to you for presenting her to us and PLEASE give us MUCH MORE of her.

Sunning Etats Uni

Magda She is so natural, real breasts and butts. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. Can we have more movies of her?

ben Etats Uni

nice film

Greg Blalock Etats Uni

Magda Please photogragh/film Ms. Magda many more times. One of the most beautiful and sexy ladies I have ever seen. She is quite outstanding. Please pass my comments on to her.

Kevin from London Royame Uni

I am normally the one who rants about the models NOT being shaved. However, maybe because she is so hairy / not shaved and maybe (to use Petters terms) she 'has not put her ankles behind her ears' then I acually like this gallery. Thanks Petter

KOMET Etats Uni

MAGDA from Poland Frankly, it is so REFRESHING to see a natural woman!!! Kudos to Magda. The unshaved look on a woman is sooo incredibly SEXY!!!

Ted Etats Uni

Magda from Poland A real natural beauty. Can we see any more of her in the future? I like the natural unshaved look.

Pete Royame Uni

Fantastic Film Magda has a body to rival Yanna yet she only had a brief appearance on your site. This is a fanastic fil and I am sure wiht more time we would have seen more of the gorgeous cheeky smile. Bush or no bush Magda is a very attractive lady, shame we did not get the chance to see more

Steff Etats Uni

Magda She is an exquisite beauty throughout. Nice natural video.