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Janova | Czech Republic Galleries: 3 Films: 1
Photo of Janova


Photo of Janova
Name: Janova
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 53kg
Height: 169cm

Professional Grace

Janova is a known face in the modeling world in and around Prague.

THAT SHOULD be no surprise considering her near perfect curves and delicately tanned skin. Prague is home to many professional models that have no inhibitions and Janova joins that tradition proudly.

It was instantly obvious when Petter was working with Janova that she had a lot of experience working with photographers that are looking for something much different then the work we are used to seeing here. This was most unfortunate as Petter had to call off the shoot after only three settings due to a lack of “compatibility” between the model and photographer. It’s too bad she wasn’t able to drop her working girl mask and let her real personality come out.

We of course wish her the best of luck.

Janova Galleries COMMENTS

Janova sweet blond | August 1st, 2005
Janova sweet blond
Dan Dudeck United States

Janova Sweet Blonde To Petter and the whole crew, I have been a member for three months. This set of pictures is one of my favorites. Beautiful model! Beautiful poses! Excellent quality!! Thank you and continued success,

ben United States

nice figure ! there must be more!!!

ben United States

excellence as always

Terry United States

Very nice. If Yanna were not on this site, it would be a 10.


Wonderful shots of Janova. The wiews of her ass and wonderful pussy lips are breathtaking. More than erotic, an invitation to ....

ardunbye United Kingdom

Janova sweet blond Janova may look sweet but don't be fooled. She's DEADLY, she sent my pulse rate and blood pressure soaring in an instant. WOW!

denooggs United States

janova awesome !! bring this chick back... beautiful big labia !!

Janova in bed | July 9th, 2005
Janova in bed
jake Canada

This model has the most beautifully curvy body. Nice lighting.Nice setting. My only wish is that you could ensure that no part of the subject were out frame.

ben United States

just great !!!

WilliamQ Netherlands

Smile Maybe it is just a working-girl mask. But at least she is smiling. I like this better than those sulky looks from a lot of other models.

MAGOO4 United States

Petter,This girl is very beautiful, can she make a comeback to us. Would love to have her back with us. magoo4

ardunbye United Kingdom

Janova in bed Just what bloody language is your spell-check in. I gave up after 3 attempts at 'waxing lyrical' to say she is absolutely DELICIOUS, So I won't bother stating the obvious.

Janova blue stripes | June 14th, 2005
Janova blue stripes
mjollnir United States

I'm sorry you two did not hit it off. I certainly would love to see more

AW United States

what a beautiful girl


She do not show us all, but she is so cute that it doesn't matter!



ploughman United States

Janova Madly, crazily, passionately, and happily

jack Ireland

wonderful alluring details of a what a pussy!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Janova blue stripes I will not say Janova is EXquisite because she is still totally 'QUISITE' I adore her.

Janova Films COMMENTS

Janova - Blue Mood | August 9th, 2005
Janova - Blue Mood
Joshua United States

hot! That has got to be one of the best camera angles I have ever seen in a Hegre film. Nice one!

Juan Martín Argentina

I'm in love! Beautiful smile! lol.

ben United States

love it

ploughman United States

Just too many clothes, otherwise perfect!! LOL

pierangelo Italy

Seduction in blue Nice the fotomodella that has a good time to reverse the stockings, right-left,left-rigth to show the pussy. Idea is good, but the shots of the pussy should be to last more It is the pussy the object of the most important desire.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Janova Blue Mood (vtdeo) An absolutely beautiful film of a gorgeous girl. Is it because I was so rapt that time flew or is the film MUCH TOO BRIEF. Class is class and it shows.