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Klara Profile

Name: Klara
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 52kg
Height: 176cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model

Spiritual and Athletic

They say in order to become successful you must, above else, keep a positive spirit.

IF THAT'S true, then Klara will have it all in record time. A fashion model experienced at strutting her stuff down the catwalk in Prague since the age of 15, Klara began doing nudes about six months ago. After all, a person only truly knows oneself after stripping away the non-essentials of life.

Despite Klara’s previous experience with nude modeling, working with Petter Hegre presented some new and welcome challenges. Not only did it mark her debut on the world-wide-web, but was also the first time she was encouraged to really let her personality ring true during a shoot. Some consider modeling to be like acting, but in the case of Klara, it was far more like just being herself.

Luckily, being nude is something she will surely find fun for a long time to come.

Klara nude on an aeron chair September 11th, 2007
Verrrry hot. Sweet.
Come back!
Wow. Klara is just starting to get real comfy in front of the camera. Don't stop now. She's a real beauty.
Wow!! I agree with Chris - she is the best model on your website!
I have a dream...
.... to find Klara in the Mr. Right department one day... she is just the best model of your website...
Great Gallery and great body -- Nice to see that the hands don't get in the way too much! "A" grade on this one!!!
Such a delight to see Klara pose in such a manner. She's always been one of your top models. And she is simply so damn sexy! She's been gone too long. Please bring her back much more often.
I agree with Alex, Klara is extremely hot and needs more play
klara is so hot,we need to see galleries with her more often.
Klara Fitness May 29th, 2007
Dragon is right on the money, I'm not going to get turned on looking at fitness equipment. I often find erotic film makers choices as to what they are going to spend most of their time showing to be baffling.
Nice film , Hot girl
There is nothing hotter than watching a Hegre Girl work out. But .... I would prefer Hegre girls doing free-hand exercises or aerobics because the multi gym ( techno gym ) is obstructing my view ( camera's view ). The bulky Techno Gym is hiding Klara's perfectly toned and honed body ( most of the time ). A film like "Marketa Pumping Iron" or "Jana Work out" would have been better.
Klara bathing September 12th, 2006
Klara bathing
Please add my name to Dave's petition. The trouble though, with 'dropping dead' is you're no longer around to enjoy Klara.
Yummy. So personal, so feminine, so......delicate. I'm so horny.
Please, MORE!!! She is drop dead gorgeous!!
I wish I cold be bathing with Klara. No doubt that I will not stay to her beauty and assets. Wonderful set.
More provocative than most--I liked it! :-)
A nice set with lots of pink. Thx.
that sweet patially submerged tart !
Very, very nice! Extremely sexy and erotic. Thanks.
She is definitely my kind of woman!
klara looks fab in these pictures.
Klara bathing ....
After viewing this series I needed a cooling bath! This series was HOT! Thanks, Petter & Klara.
Klara Wet Wet July 4th, 2006
Quality A1 Hottie
I love a naturally sexy women, this woman is hot.
about your website in general, i've never come across anything as equally arousing and inspiring at the same time. since music is a big part of my life it makes such a big difference that you include it in your films. you capture the moments perfectly with just the right music. great job and keep up the good work!
klara magic
klara looks fantastic in this movie.
Klara wet white April 4th, 2006
Klara wet white
Are these on general release to the public or do I need a requisition from the 'maker of dreams'?
Klara wet white and.....
incredibly hot
Strong chin and chiseled jaw line, beautiful hair and eyes, very sexy woman. Any model with such a pretty anus gets a 10 from me.
Verrrrry nice.
Great model, amazing and still teenage private part..