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Veronika F

Veronika F Profile

Veronika F
Name: Veronika F
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 50kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 19

Hard Working

At only nineteen years of age Veronika has high hopes for her future.

BORN IN a small village in the Czech Republic she moved to Prague to work on her modeling carrier. It’s tough to be a young person today with hopes of fame and fortune but Veronika is determined to see her dreams become a reality.

Besides modeling, Veronika works as a stylist in a local theater. When not in front of the camera herself she loves to transform stage performers into stars, reflecting her own wishes onto their perfectly made up faces. For Veronika it’s all show business, and if she fails in her career as a model, she would be just as happy doing make up instead. Though a little shy, Veronika has plenty of sensual appeal to go around.

A perfect beauty both on and off camera we hope her dreams will take her far.

Veronika F. Lingerie October 24th, 2006
Veronika is so hot its just amazing.
She got a bad debuet with this video.. give her another chance. WOW is she a beaut!
Veronika film 183
This is a nice little tease. Veronika is a beauty, and she just gets away with it, while I think that giving up just a little bit more would have been a better video. This is tame compared to what it could have been, and you know what I mean.
Veronika F. antiques August 2nd, 2006
Bring Veronika F Back!
Hey Peter, How about bringing veronika back, we all know what a famous nude model she's become since shooting with you. And as she's gotten older she has grown even more beautiful, I've checked her out on many other sites, but would love to see you shoot her again, doing justice to that exquisite nude body! I never tire of her incredible body, those perfect natural breasts and those sensational long legs ending with a pair of the sexiest bare feet of any Czech model, she has done a couple foot fetish sites that were quite arousing. Please track her down and shoot her again!
Veronika F.antiques
Veronika is lovely but what are fantiques?
sexy gaze along with beautiful skin...gorgeous legs
Veronika - antiques
Finally, although scant - fulllll length! Beautifully proportioned, wholesome, alluring appearance.
best feature petite nipples
my goodness she is beautiful,more pics of veronika please.
No moles
For some reason, I enjoy seeing beautiful models with no moles or minimum moles on their skin with very great closeup. This model here is very beautiful and has no moles. That is why I like this site so much.
Veronika F. window light May 13th, 2006
Veronika F
Very pretty, I am expecting very sensual shoots from you soon
Veronika F is unratable
A remarkable and natural beauty but I have to ask, why are there no full figure shots? Everything is cut at the knee in both shoots. Neither Gallery is ratable - too incomplete.
absolutely gorgeous
beautiful, gorgeous.
Veronika F
Best bikini wax I've seen on this site. Keep that wax technician.
Veronika F
Best bikini wax I've seen on this sight. Keep that wax technician.
Excellent pictures
What I like about Veronica is she is bit tanned skin, which adds to my variety of my 6000 pixel collection. She also has a perfect face and a perfect body. You really can see the skin texture super well and of course is many times clearer than viewing the girls in a live strip club. *I would pay more to obtain these pictures.
Veronika F. chandelier April 20th, 2006
Veronika F
You are very promising, nice shape, sensual body, naughty attraying face, small hard nipples, fantastic butt. Whouaaaahhh. Sure with Petter the future is promising.
more/Vericonica F.
We will love to see more of this beauty and also video. thank you, paul
Around the Curves
The chandelier is not the only thing that is finely cut in this series. This woman has a very soft and natural body and unlike the chandelier, we do not see a single edge. The upward sloping angle of the camera and the great contrast with the background amplify every curve. Peter did not open her legs or spread her vaginal lips, although I am sure many longed for that in such high def. Instead he keeps us longing for that last set of round edges. Not that the series will fail to stimulate. The pictures of her ass and the undersides of the beasts (mostly on page 3) assure a distinctive sensuous appeal by blending in with the more traditional shots of the girl to give us a dizzying collection of curves and spheres.
If all or most of your models were not so bony-bone thin, scrawny, more like Veronika Chandler, Diedra, Fabi & Susha, i.e. more voluptuous, Iwould remin a subscriber. But I can't take the 95% concentration camp look. JCB
Veronika F. Series
The 6000 pix are astounding! Wonderful! Makes you love these fellow humans for their humanness as well as their physical and sexual beauty. Congrats!
these images at 4500 x 6000 are truly impressive. i'm more surprised the resolution is only 28.346 pixels/cm (72 dpi). i've seen lots of images at much higher resolutions but the quality isn't as good. interesting ...