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Isabella Profile

Name: Isabella
Country: Peru
Weight: 46kg
Height: 155cm
Age: 20
Occupation: Au pair

Feminine Charm

Hegre-Art.com is proud to present its very first model from Peru. And Isabella is certainly a stunning representation of South American beauty

Working as an au pair in Germany Isabella submitted her photos and profile to the always open and ongoing casting call here at Hegre-art.com. The photos in her first session were taken in Barcelona.

Having never posed nude before the session started out a little nervously and it all seemed a touch clumsy. But as Isabella warmed up her Latin roots took over and she performed beautifully for the camera - displaying all her female attributes with a surprising confidence.

This is special girl you just want to get up close to, beautiful olive skin, expressive eyes and a curvaceous body destined to drive you wild!

Isabella Black Lingerie June 3rd, 2008
A wonderful video, with Isabella's beautiful tits on display throughout and offering a good look at her pussylips.
Der phänomenaler Körper einer Rassefrau, der sündige Träume gebiert
she is one amazing beauty that one can watch over and over again and still want more of her.
Isabella: She Is a very sensual lady. Her voluptuous breasts took my breath away. When she was stroking her kitty and rubbing her jubblies made me want to jump Into my monitor and give her a full-body massage.
What a gorgeous woman. This film is very erotic. I love her ample breasts and voluptuous body. The scenes where she strokes her pussy are outstanding.
Isabella Black Lingerie
Isabella is exquisite!!! Petter... you have captured her sensuality in a most beautiful way with simplicity and subtlety. Bravo... Encore...
very very sexy
Isabella Latina March 23rd, 2008
where is she now?
Some of the best knockers ever. Where is she now? Can you get her to come back?
Great views of a beautiful pussy.
This girl has very hairy arms. Please have her wax them for her next shoot.
This girl is lovely and erotic. I especially love her ass and that beautiful smile of hers.
What a beautiful face Isabella has - especially when she smiles!
Very nice. A different style of beauty. She should smile more. It's a beautiful smile.
hot hot hot!
Isabella is so hot & erotic! I love the variety on this site! Please Petter, don't ever stop!
This series is a bit reminiscent of my early days at University
This girl is so beautiful.
Isabella peru pearl January 8th, 2008
At last... Isabella reveals her anus!
Isabella's Clit.
Look at photo 16. She has got a hell of a clitoris. Petter, have you not noticed this. Like Ira this should be used for us blokes (sorry girl subscribers). Kevin.
This set is red hot. Isabella is so sexy I cant believe it. Her sets get better all the time, I just wish it could have had more pics. Her breasts are perfection, and I would like to thank her for showing her lovely, gorgeous ass.
hot very very hot.
Very nice indeed.
What a gorgeous model. Beautiful face, curves, skin and hair.
Very nice. Such diversity on your site.
Isabella has a voluptuous body and beautiful hair. The only thing missing would be equally lustrous hair down there.
I Love You Isabella
Wow, wow, and wow. There aren't many women who can turn me on to the point of losing my mind, but Isabella could make me drop to my knees and make my heart stop beating. Her beautiful body and sweet and kind soul were sculpted by the hand of God himself. Too bad we were only allowed 2 pages of her. I guess we haven't been good enough.
Isabella outdoor December 22nd, 2007
She has a beautiful face, but this is a great collection featuring her big tits, many great views of them. Outstanding!
exotic models
more exotic models, would be a great addition to the collection of beautifull models
What a beautiful face! See photo n° 5 especially. Some (thousands!) may call call me a hypocrite but really I am drawn to Isabella's face in this series.
A gorgeous girl with an awesome figure.
Isabella magnum November 18th, 2007
I always make a mess of myself when I eat those too. It kinda sucks!
I adore Isabella, but scenes where women smear themselves with food have never done a thing for me. Can I offer a suggestion? Dress her in just a white cotton shirt (could be a men's dress shirt, or a T-shirt) and a pair of blue jeans. Have her take off the shirt first, then the jeans, g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y. I love that scenario anyway, but Isabella's skin color against the white cotton and blue denim will look fantastic.
Isabelle mess
The shower following this mess would have been a lot better ! Sorry, not my type.
I'm suddenly in the mood for ice cream!!!