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Muriel Profile

Name: Muriel
Country: Argentina
Weight: 51kg
Height: 166cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Pharmaceutical

Luscious Latina

Muriel is an effortlessly sexy, natural beauty who hails from Argentina.

With her calm and easy going personality Muriel makes the perfect Hegre model – well that and the fact that she simply oozes sensuality. And with her lush figure, long dark hair and Latina good looks it is easy to see why!

Muriel works for a large pharmaceutical company but when she isn’t working she likes to have fun. And lots of it. A happy and carefree girl Muriel likes nothing better than relaxing with good friends and a nice cold beer!

All of this and Muriel is bi-sexual too. Now there’s a thought that is too, too hot!

Super sexy and fun to be with, Muriel is set to bring a lot of happiness to Hegre-Art members!

Muriel studio nudes October 12th, 2014
archive or not, I cannot get enough of this latin goddess!!!
It is always good to have a dialogue among connoisseurs of Nude Beauty. I have left some thoughtful comments about Muriel on her Nude Beach, Fitness Ball and Cross Trainer videos. Would welcome the replies of fellow Muriel admirers.
Muriel discovery
what a lovely face. tremendous discovery. thanks; take care of you.
My goodness they should pass a law that this woman isn't allowed to wear clothes. Beautiful set from one of my favorite models. Archive or no love seeing something new from her!
THE BEST, wow so so great to have this perfect babe back in front of the camera! Rock hard cock awesome!
great to have her back. she is the best.
The pictures are six years old
Here's how you find that out on a windows-machine: download one of the pictures in maximum resolution, right-click it, select 'Properties' and then 'Details' here you find the file date (i.e. today) and the time of exposure (if it hasn't been removed).
So tasty, so perfect!
RE: Muriel para siempre (“Muriel for ever”) (“Muriel pour toujours”)
Very well said Canchahel! It is indeed a pleasure to share, discuss and read the appreciation, or better, delight of fellow connoisseurs in seeing our much beloved Muriel nude again. Agree with and enjoyed reading also the comments of Komet Jeff and Petr. Muriel has always been and remains a cherished and true expression nude female beauty! Petter, please bring us more! Also archives of Mona please!
The Melons are Back!
If ever there was a girl who Should pose nude, it is dark-eyed lovely Muriel!
muriel is my ultimate favorite -- glad to see her back!
Muriel Studio nudes
Welcome back Muriel, you are a timeless beauty. LOVE your signature pubic hair trim.
At first I hoped you had found Muriel again. She was/is still my favorite Hegre girl. But, these look like archived shots. Please tell me I'm wrong; please tell me Muriel is back!!!!!
Muriel para siempre (“Muriel for ever”) (“Muriel pour toujours”)
It is always a great pleasure to see Muriel again. Her face is exceptional, hot and typical (Celtic Italian-Iberian type with South American tinge, of course) with these sweet and melancholic eyes. As for her bust, it is certainly one of the finest we have ever seen in Hegre-Art or anywhere else. ¡Muchas gracias, Muriel, y vuelve pronto!
Miracles happen! Can it be she's back? Or are these just archival photos? In either case keep series of Muriel coming! So great to see her nude again! Those tits! That Ass! Those dark eyes! There is no one like Muriel! Now if you show archival set(s) of Mona, I will become a member for life!
One can never get enough of this delectable, desirable and sexy Latin woman. MORE MURIEL, please. (An ideal pairing: MURIEL & KASIA fully nude together with oiled-down bodies placed either in a studio - with a white background - or in an outdoor - ideally tropical - setting.)
Don't do that to us
Friday's adrenaline-rush was not good for my heart. I really thought she might have come back - even though her bush already signaled "early Muriel". What is it that makes all your greatest models leave one day? You got to treat them well, will you?
An archived photo set?
Muriel Outdoor massage part2 March 19th, 2011
Glorious Muriel
How I miss her! Glorious Muriel! Such nude beauty! If only she would come back for more posing!
I can only agree and heartily applaud all of the well spoken comments of fellow members and Muriel admirers. More Muriel Please! New film would be great! I love everything about her: her dark eyes her face her gorgeous big full tits, her cunt and cunt hair....so great to see her nude again! Only thing I crave in this series of course is to see her gorgeous round bare buns and super sexy arched butt crack...a new film....please!
Big Tits are Back!!
Nice to see Muriel and her huge tits return. Love the bush. Would love to see a Muriel film with her having an orgasm.
More Muriel .... please!
She is..
the reason I came to this site. Her nude beach video is one of my favorite videos.
Beautiful shots. sensual and erotic.
Absolutely fabulous massage nudes of Muriel. Her body is amazing! What sensuous curves. I adore the shots showing off her gorgeous hourglass hips and beautiful, full breasts!
I miss her
Never enough pics...
MURIEL is an incredibly sexy, intoxicating, and desirable woman. ARRROOO!!!
Muriel in the woods part2 January 27th, 2011
Never get tired of Muriel's big boobs.
Beats the hell out of all the Asian overkill on this site lately
As a devoted HegreArt fan, all I can say is "More shoots (and videos) of Muriel!" Fly her over from Argentina again! She is, after Mona, my favorite Hegre model!
Wonderfully sexy lady. Glad to see the return of the regulars. Although I celebrate the diversity of the site, the days in Japan did nothing for me.
Nothing better...
Than an armfull of titties...and a nice pussy to go with it. Mmm-Mmm-Mmm!
Ohh please cry for me Miss Argentina and I wilk save you!:-) Beautiful curves:-)
SEXY MURIEL - La Sirena de Argentina
She's absolutely dreamy!!! How soon will MURIEL and VALERIE be paired together?
dozong off...now waking up...gotta love Muriel!
Muriel and Suzie log tub Part2 December 26th, 2010
Muriel & Suzi log tub
Not too bad! But there needed to be tongue!
Any day I get to see Muriel nude and her big tits is a good day! What tits this girl has! And such beauty! Thank you!
Outstanding Peter! The materials, lighting, color tones and contrasts are some of the best I've seen on your site. This set is highly erotic and masterfully done. Bravo!
Great set! As a kindness to your members please continue with the penis free sets and minimize the bush as well please. Thanks!
Muriel and Suzie
Outstanding! Muriel and Suzie are perfect together! Two of my favorites!
In true Hegre fashion, you leave us hanging on the brink of insanity waiting for part 2!!! HOT STUFF!!! Here's hoping for a video!!!
Muriel water massage December 17th, 2010
water stimulation
what an amazing set ... just magic watching Muriel enjoy the water stimulation .... wow!
It seems as through Muriel is more sensitive to direct clitoral stimulation than Dominica.... Fantastic set.
As always, MURIEL is the answer to many a fantasy.
I would LOVE to HEAR the effect that that jet has on this lovely lady!