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Photo of Gloria


Photo of Gloria
Name: Gloria
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 49kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 20
Occupation: Model

Gloria. Bad Girl

When we met Gloria we knew right away that she is made for the world of nude modelling.

She is moving on from her successes with beauty contests in her native Ukraine. She has the superb legs and a firm petite ass. And she knows exactly how to show them off.

Those long, long legs will take her far. We're sure you'll want to follow behind her.

Gloria loves the finer finer things in life. Fast cars, jewellery and high-end fashion. She is aiming for the Monte Carlo lifestyle. She is all-out to please - and to win the rewards for her terrific assets.

Nothing is off-limits for Gloria whether she is on-camera or relaxing.

Gloria Galleries

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Gloria Galleries COMMENTS

Gloria and Nicole the kiss | December 7th, 2011
Gloria and Nicole the kiss
wheeler United States

nice start.doesnt seem finished!

simon Switzerland


windmill Netherlands

pure joy Love the way these girls are enjoying themselves in your shoots.

AM United States

RE: pure joy Absolutely agree. Very exquisite

United Kingdom

I so wish Nicole would do a set without feeling the need to augment her perfect body with any make-up. It is specifically the need to paint her toe-nails, though she also has beautiful finger-nails, but has decided to have false acrylics stuck over her already perfect natural ones. For me she is gorgeous and I want to lick her from head to toe but, from these pictures (as alluring as they are) I imagine the smell of cologne, nail-polish and fake tan would make me cough instead of come. I love the real scent of a woman, from the oily, sweaty smell of her hair to the pungent and rather spicy aroma of her feet. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....................................

Gloria and Nicole perfect bodies | November 24th, 2011
Gloria and Nicole perfect bodies
wheeler United States

perfect indeed!but, dont forget their lovely rear ends!

KOMET United States

NEVER ONE WITHOUT TWO Why the SHOES?!!! They spoil what otherwise would have been a wonderful photo series.

coreysurfer United States

Beautiful Girls as always beautiful girls and poses, Gloria is always wonderful and not seen Nicole as much but great body too, love they way they mimick each other sexy and swet they look like twins

jim United States

Glo and Nic They have such luscious pussies.

rami Israel

nicol Nicole you have a nice body and perfect cup

horizonhunter United States

Gloria/Nicole Gallery LOL, it looks like Nicole enjoyed this shoot !

Mark United States

Gloria and Nicole Gloria and Nicole look perfect butt naked in pumps!

darceagle United States

i love the creamy pussy nice natural wetness

Pete United Kingdom

A bit more perfect Gloria looks just htat little bit more perfect too me, a great slender and sexy body

janezs United States

OMG, what a study in contrast. Can't help looking at your intimate parts, ladies... Gloria, are you a virgin, by any chance?

Robert United Kingdom

RE: NEVER ONE WITHOUT TWO Agreed NEVER ONE WITHOUT TWO! Nicole has such beautiful feet. Wish she'd get rid of the nail polish and go COMPLETELY NATURAL

Gloria and Nicole double trouble | November 9th, 2011
Gloria and Nicole double trouble
wheeler United States

must say,I'm lovin all the twofers lately!

Rick Australia

I love these two. When are we going to get some videos?

Patrick Canada

Honestly... These are two of the most beautiful women ever to cross Petter's lens. He knows it, and so do we. It's why they're photographed together all the time!

Gloria and Nicole skin and leather | October 29th, 2011
Gloria and Nicole skin and leather
wheeler United States

ooohhh...this simple MUST be a video!!! btw...I guess the seduction twins have decided against doing the cams? bummer!!! :(

Bob United States

My favorite set so far, very hot

jim United States

Nicole and Gloria Wow. Erotic.

Randyleo33 United Kingdom

Superb is about the only word to describe this set - lets have more like this.

micbrutus Bahamas

Nicloe do a film,please with some eating

B United States

Film with gentle kissing and gentle licking would be so hot

Geehrt Germany

Nicole und Gloria Warum nicht mal mit einem kleinen Dildo.

Gloria and Nicole hotel sex | October 6th, 2011
Gloria and Nicole hotel sex
wheeler United States

for two girls who claim to be straight, these girls sure seem to love each other alot! lol

maggie and Pete United States

Clue -- people having real sex don't keep looking at the camera. How boring!

Sandy United Kingdom

what sex? Unimaginative camera angles for us voyeurs out here and hardly sex in my eyes. Usually sexual behaviour involves wet vulvas and visible arousal. Come on Petter you are usually very good and I love your site to bits.

Gloria and Nicole room 102 el hotel Pacha | September 25th, 2011
Gloria and Nicole room 102 el hotel Pacha
simon Switzerland

I would bet Nicole and Gloria are twins. Anybody to object?

hole in one Singapore

legs wish they could open their legs wider...but really beautiful couple.

Gloria and Nicole double spreads | September 2nd, 2011
Gloria and Nicole double spreads
wheeler United States

THE YOGA TWINS!!! (hey! that sounds like it would be a cool video!lol) super sexy as always!

alex United Kingdom

duo heavenly,awesome,two incredible women

Voorimees Estonia

duo I just LOVE these Girls!

coreysurfer United States

Great Duo Lovely photoshoot, these girls are beautiful seperate or together, I can wait till Nicole is on chat, thank you to the ladies and to the photographer

parsifalio Italy

All I can say is: you've seen one you have NOT seen all!

Pete57 United States

Hegre shoots down the theory that all women look the same upside down!

hole in one Singapore

anal best ass and anus shots.

kristof Poland

Love you Nicole and Gloria!!!

Roger United States

Doubled Cunt and Asshole Beauty A glorious celebration of nude female beauty. Shots 3, 5-8, 20-23, and 35-39 are luscious displays of doubled cunt and asshole beauty. 20-23 are great butt shots. What tight buns these girls have! And what a tight asshole Nicole has! It is always helpful to note that Nicole has an "outty" cunt lips while Gloria has an "inny." That way you can tell the girls apart by their cunts even when their faces are not shown. I have always preferred Nicole. Such a pretty face.

Gloria and Nicole girlfriends | August 16th, 2011
Gloria and Nicole girlfriends
wheeler United States

more sweet still photo torture from the Seduction twins of Hegre art!(still dying for a video)

Pete United Kingdom

Always good value Rarely disappoint

Sam C United States

It is lovely to see both Gloria and Nicole touch each other right on the clitoris, that one most precious and sensitive spotl

Gloria and Nicole touching | August 1st, 2011
Gloria and Nicole touching
Jered Germany

Pictures like these are the reason why someone once invented the high heels! Sometimes I get the impression, that Gloria has more fans here (and there is really nothing wrong about her), but I think, Nicole owns the best legs of all the recent models on this site! (Probably only Tereza comes close.) And her legs definitely aren't the only part of Nicole's body I'm going crazy about... What a beautiful girl - thanks, Petter, for introducing her to the world (and especially me)! (Three exclamation points in one short message: must be really something...)

wheeler United States

you're KILLING me Petter!!! VIDEO PLEASE!!!

Simon Switzerland

Adorable I love this couple. In this set I like the smile combined the touch.

Mark United States

Gloria and Nicole Love when Gloria and Nicole pose together! Great set here with them touching and doing the peek-a-boo and reveal with their dresses. My favorite part is when they remove their dresses and are fully nude in their heels. Great stuff! Would love a set of them both completely nude wearing only a pair of kick-ass pumps!

Gloria and Nicole sliding and gliding | July 18th, 2011
Gloria and Nicole sliding and gliding
wheeler United States

worth the wait! another short but sweet!still DYING to see a video of these two!

Roger United States

DoubleCunt Fun If only DoubleMint Chewing gum had chosen these two for their advertisements! On second thought, maybe they will. Something like: "Two, Two, two Cunts in One!" It Would increase sales!

Roger United States

Great Butt Shots Photos 14-21 are fantastic butt shots. 19 is particularly good and 14 is one of the finest butt shots ever. It should be posted on busstops, in the subway, on billboards, everywhere, so people can see it all the time!

Mike United States

Video please! That would be amazing

Bill United States

Great to see these two sisters rubbing their pussies together in these hot stills. Thank you Petter. The pleasure would be compounded if we could have a video where we could see the movement of the two pussies against each other, see the wetness and hear the sisters' cries of pleasure.

Tom Germany

PLEASE upload the video of this shoot

Gloria and Nicole beach session | June 9th, 2011
Gloria and Nicole beach session
wheeler United States

the Stunner Twins return!!! (still DYING to see their video debut!)

Mark United States

Gloria and Nicole All nude! This is the only way for these lovely ladies to be!

Voorimees Estonia

Gloria Gloria is absolutely perfect! I wish I had such girlfriend!

Buck_Rogers Germany

A dream! Both models are my favorits! I have a dream: Gloria, Nicole and Marjana in one session - my highlight in 2011.

wheeler United States

missing these ladies, a year later! :(

Gloria and Nicole naturists | May 30th, 2011
Gloria and Nicole naturists
tintin2200 Australia

simply beautifull ! ! i'm speechless...gloria & nicole...perfect and simply beautiful...!

wheeler United States

I can only repeat what I've said umpteen billion times before...VIDEO PLEASE!!!

jacob Netherlands

unbelieveable these girls are more than perfect thanks

leo United States

RE: Photo number 7 Lovely. Their bodies are a good match. The shape their bellies make in the photo is artistically interesting and says love and connection

Gloria and Nicole sofa sex | May 22nd, 2011
Gloria and Nicole sofa sex
alex United Kingdom

duo awesome

wheeler United States

you're teasing us Ptter!!! when are we gonna ge a video of thses two goddesses???!!!

artistpg United States

G/N One of the best series ever. Really beautiful.

Roger United States

Love the purity of the total nudity throughout. These girls are so beautiful, with such beautiful cunts so well displayed in this series, especially Nicole's 22 and 23 and both girls proudly spread legged in 39-43. Thank you!

Pete United Kingdom

Sofa Nice sofa, great tones!

Rufus United Kingdom

More orange girls! Can we have some with pale skin sometimes, please.

Gloria massaging Nicole | May 26th, 2011
Gloria massaging Nicole
wheeler United States

here's hopin' that we get a video!(and, that they change places)

Roger United States

Ah, two totally nude girls! How restful and arousing! Love the simplicity and purity of the girls' being, as they should be, totally nude. Straight on butt crack and cunt lip shots are the best, and this series abounds with them! Outstanding camera positioning! Bravo to Petter and the girls!

volker Germany

we want a video of this!!!

Gloria and Nicole black bikinis | May 6th, 2011
Gloria and Nicole black bikinis
wheeler United States

lol looked like you were gonna reverse things for a second there! lovely ladies, slways!

wheeler United States

*as always, that was supposed to be! (guess I'm distracted! can't imagine why! lol)

Pete United Kingdom

Great location Another great location, if Nicole is on the right she is he one for me! lol

Newtown81 United Kingdom

Lips I love the contrast in lips - Nicole's 'outies' and Gloria's 'innies'. Perfection both.

B United States

beach, naked girls; all I need is a beer

Roger United States

Beautiful Lips Beautiful, just exquisite cunt lips! Shots 59 and 60 are such an awakening: like a sunrise over the horizon. The purity of girls' Nudity increases when shown on the beach or anywhere in nature. Thank you Nicole and Gloria for showing your nude beauty to us.

hole in one Singapore

fingers would love see them fingering each other's anus.

Gloria galore | April 24th, 2011
Gloria galore
wheeler United States

Glorious Gloria!!!

serafin Spain


Pete United Kingdom

High heels Loving hte high heels, Gloria looks fantastic here and I think I appreciate her more when she is in a set on her own.

Mark United States

Gloria galore Great nudes of gorgeous Gloria. She has an amazing, natural body. Love the nudes of her in heels. I would love to see her butt naked wearing a kick ass pair of stiletto pumps!

Voyeur United States

I agree with Pete, her beauty deserves to be seen solo (as well as with Nicole). A perfectly proportioned women. Seems she is getting more comfortable in front of the camera.

Kiwi guy New Zealand

Wow! I want to shag Gloria right now!

AM United States

A real star in the making She is confident and just speaks beauty when you see her photos

asshole lover Singapore

RE: Photo number 60 what an inviting butt hole.

Gloria and Nicole irresistible | April 11th, 2011
Gloria and Nicole irresistible
Tuco United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 67 Great set - thank you!

wheeler United States

The suspense is KILLING ME!!!When are going to get a VIDEO of these delectable creatures???!!!

JP United States

Hard I got really hard looking at them suck tits and cup pussies in hand. I want this in a film!

intoit United States

SWEET! Great stuff. More, please.

Pete United Kingdom

Handy Mm hands in some wonderful places and probably their best set to date.

Gloria and Nicole the naked truth | March 16th, 2011
Gloria and Nicole the naked truth
The Guy United States

Almost good enough to make me forgive you for yesterdays set. Almost.

Mark United States

Gloria and Nicole The Naked Truth is right! This is the way these ladies look best! Again, these totally nude sets are the essence of great nude photography. I want to see Hegre-Art get back to their roots and do the majority if not all of their photo sets as completely nude from start to finish.

Guffree United States

Beauty time's two This gallery is vintage nude art at its best. Toatal nude standups is the guid that determines the quality of a sight, thats why these type of photo's are used for promotion. beautiful girl's, great set, thank you!!!!!

adorer Switzerland

boring sorry - but this is boring - they are well shaped - but there is not much more.

Moose United States

Diversity @The Guy; I'm not sure I've ever seen someone so afraid of a penis, yet SO willing to click the link. Makes one wonder.

Pete United Kingdom

Bikini line Shame about the bikini line on Nicole, or is it Gloria, I can never tell. Nice set from 2 great models

Gloria and Nicole we love Barcelona | February 26th, 2011
Gloria and Nicole we love Barcelona
wheeler United States

well, if all the girls look that good, I love it, too!

Tuco United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 15 I believe I'm starting to fall in love with Barcelona, too! Two gorgeous shapely bare bottoms! Thank you! :)

Vector1 United States

Dayum hot set. Big fan of bottomless ladies here!

hole in one Singapore

nude bottoms great idea...tee shirt on the top and butt naked at the bottom.

Gloria pantyhose | February 21st, 2011
Gloria pantyhose
Pete United Kingdom

Simle and effective Very pretty girl showing your great body to the camera with a smile. Simple but very effective, and I think its time we saw more of Gloria on her own as in the past she has done alot of joint sets. Nice work both.

geRRy United Kingdom

Gloria combines beauty and uninhibited athleticism and is becoming the new Hegre superstar a worthy successor to Yanna

wheeler United States

stunning as ever!

wheeler United States

Gloria is still glorious!!!

alex United Kingdom

gloria awesome beauty

Tuco United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 39 Gloria has such a slim, healthy and elegant figure! I'm not usually a fan of pantyhose, but I'm happy to make an exception in this case! :) A very pretty bottom, too! Thank you.

Mark United States

Gloria Lovely nudes of Gloria. She has such a sleek, sexy and silky smooth tanned body that is shown beautifully in these nudes.

corpsecorps United States

Odd She looks great. Odd set.

Gloria one finger | February 13th, 2011
Gloria one finger
wheeler United States

lovely! although, it looks like it was just getting started!

Jacko United States

Is the sequel going to be two fingers?

Voyeur United States

Wonderful!!. What a delectable looking pussy.

Jim United States

Glorious Gloria Simple concept. But man, what a woman.

alex United Kingdom

gloria awesome

gareth United States

2 fingers? two words: gor- geous

Jewel United Kingdom

RE: Just brilliant...

Raynz New Zealand

Very sexy and inviting! Heavenly beauty!

Raynz New Zealand


rami Israel

gloria I'm glad to see you my love

United States

like the demi moore pose

Gloria and Nicole American Apparel Tops | January 31st, 2011
Gloria and Nicole American Apparel Tops
wheeler United States

Lovely!Still dying to see these ladies' video debut!

WilliamQ Netherlands

Art ??? This site is supposed to be Hegre ART. Where is the art in these spread pink pictures?

The Guy United States

Art @WilliamQ, the art is Petter's photographic skill & the beauty of the models. If you don't care for the subject matter I'm sure your boyfriend can show you some sites better suited for your tastes. @Petter, EXCELLENT! The shorts on Nicole are truly enticing. And smiles add immeasurably to the beauty of the models. To few of them are smiling in the photos.

KOMET United States

ZZZZ... Beautiful but BANAL.

JP United Kingdom

I agree with WilliamQ. After some exquisite recent shoots, this feels like a throwaway set.

tooterooter Nigeria

Oh no! Nipple collapse! I like the "spread" though.

Shaq United States

What is art? Art = The products of human creativity; works of art collectively; "an art exhibition"; a fine collection of art. The quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. The class of objects subject to aesthetic criteria; works of art collectively, as paintings, sculptures, or drawings: a museum of art; an art collection." Keep up the great work Hegre! Yours truly is an art. Thank you.

rrambo United States

yes, art Why does showing two beautiful girls with legs spread, displaying perfect genitalia, negate it as art?? Art like beauty is in the eye of the beholder... It's a beautiful spread to me.. they are beautiful girls, please keep showing galleries like this...

rrambo United States

art beautiful!! Thank you!! gorgeous girls... on another note, I can't download the zips.

GeoffW United Kingdom

Keep it up! The diversity of comments on this site (shaved-bushy, art-not art, screaming orgasms-quiet enjoyment etc) all show there is a diversity of "customer" for the Hegre genre. Let's not argue between ourselves, let's just enjoy the WIDE range of presentations that Petter and the wonderful ladies provide for us. If you don't like what's here, go elsewhere instead of complaining! Thank you to Petter and his crew!

B United States

Great shots Would love to dive in.

Eddie United States

Minus the American Apparel These girls are always a pleasure. The only thing missing are a few shots, minus the apparel. Also, agree with Wheeler, I hope we are building up to a video with these two. You'd have us all looking forward to that one!!

rocky440 United States

Fun in the Buff I love this mix of gorgeous ladies and fun. More please!

Voyeur United States

I loved this set, Simple and erotic with two very good looking models.

KOMET United States

Gloria & Nicole: Away with La Ropa! A simply banal photo series.

Vector1 United States

Great! I'm a huge fan of the bottomless, a genre I'd love to see more of. Kudos.

Gloria and Nicole fingering | January 4th, 2011
Gloria and Nicole fingering
wheeler United States

another "short but sweet" I'm still DYING t see a video of these two together!!!

Jerret Germany

Great set! Don't know whom to envy most (probably Petter!). Nicole has extraordinary nipples, by the way - never seen anything like these. (And I also can't wait for a video!)

Bruno United States

Gloria and Nicole Five Stars!

egrise United States

Gloria and Nicole fingering Bravo Petter. I like your duets best of all. But....wouldn't there be some reciprocity in real life?

yak Israel


D.L. United States

Hot. I want to see more of that. That looks delicious! A video would be great.

Man United States

Excellent, Pedro, Excellent!

Bill United States

Petter, Thanks for taking these two sisters one step farther than I expected you would. Very arousing...I join the clamor for a video.

starman United States

How about a tongue plung and clit licking?

gareth United States

VIDEO PLEASE! 'nuf said totally HOT! intriguing to see their smiles :)

treeman1945 United States

so so hot I can't believe my eyes

Chinaski United States

Gloria & Nicole fingering This needed more piquancy. And some different positions!

Gloria cutting edge ass | December 23rd, 2010
Gloria cutting edge ass
Honesty United States

Don't want that first post to be negative.

wheeler United States

Gloria does indeed have a cutting edge ass! Although, IMHO, we didn't see enough of it, without the nylon up the middle!

wheeler United States

RE: Don't nothing negative to say about lovely gloria!

Mark United States

Gloria Gloria has a fabulous little ass and adorable feet! Nicely done!

Pete United Kingdom

Quality ass Gloria does indeed have a quality ass, but I would like to see her compared to the glorious Thea, it would be a close call!

maggada Ireland

Sweet ass. A fabulous ass but a pity she didn't show it in more revealing detail.

Nicole massaging Gloria | December 10th, 2010
Nicole massaging Gloria
wheeler United States

OH YES!!! NOW we're getting somewhere!!!SUUUPER sexy!!!Hope we get a video!!!

KOMET United States

GLORIA y NICOLE EN CELO "Bliss it was in that dawn to be alive."

Big Netherlands

Girls girls girls Yess girl girl massage very sexy especially in nude:-)

Nav United States

Nicole's breasts are the most perfect forms to behold.

egrise United States

Nicole massaging Gloria Perfection. Artistic, beautiful, erotic...what more could one want?

Alex Wilhelm United States

Gloria happy It's nice to see how pleased Gloria is with her friend, Nicole. She exudes happiness right from the beginning. She has exuded even more happiness by the end.

Voyeur United States

Girls will have fun.

Alex DeLarge United States

Gloria/Nicole massage So much potential for so much more! Why not have them continue with yoni massage?!

Eddie United States

Can't Go Wrong You just can't go wrong with these two beauties. Awesome set. Please, make us happy and DO bring on the video!!

Man United States

Bravo in EVERY way.

intoit1234 United States

Great Stuff! Wonderful shoot. Love to see more like it.

Tuco United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 33 Very sexy and seductive set. Would love to see a video , too. I love how Gloria's gorgeous bottom looks displayed on the table. I hope that she returns the favour for Nicole!

chazzp1 United Kingdom

Fantastic, are we getting it the other way round..these girls are lovely!!gloria massaging nicole??

nikonlover United States

massage sessions Excellent lighting and gorgeous subjects..but does not go far enough considering the fabulous potential

pussyshaver United States

pussy Gloria have a beautiful smooth nice sexy pussy I love to massage her whole body what a very nice part on a nice beautiful women body WOW I love it

Cameron United States

RE: Photo number 49 see the detail the handholding and finger pressed inside. Wonderful shot.

Jamesrjs United States

Nicole's Beautiful Breasts Nicole's tits are just incredible, and never more beautifully or erotically displayed than in this set; can't keep my eyes off them throughout.

Gloria and Nicole oral sex | December 5th, 2010
Gloria and Nicole oral sex
Pete United Kingdom

Entangled A wonderful and wicked entanglement of limbs and bodies that will be an even better video

Paul C United Kingdom

very nice. I'm no expert, but doesn't oral sex involve contact between mouth and genitals?

Zeppelin Germany

Video? Video!

Zeppelin Germany

Suggestion How about a photoset/video with Olena O and Anna S teaching these two how to do a _clean_ shave.

Tuco United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 37 Such a wonderful erotic set! The models look as they are enjoying it as much as I am! And thank you for including so many shots of their beautiful bottoms!

herveD France

J'adore. C'est vraiment erotique. Poses super sexy. The photography could be better with less shadow. How about doing the same thing in a studio?... Please

Antoon Belgium

Gloria and Nicole. Very nice shooting. What can be nicer than two gorgeous girls playing together? I love lesbian scenes. Thank you to Gloria and Nicole.

Eddie United States

Always a treat. Always look forward to these girls.

daniel United States


daniel United States


daniel United States


Egrise United States

Gloria and Nicole Wonderful! More please.

wheeler United States

RE: Paul C I guess my comment was a bit overwhelming. I'll just say that I agree with Paul.

Roger United States

Double-Butt Fun If only Doublemint had use this in their ad campaign! Being a butt fanatic, all I can say is...well..."I'm Speechless!" Loved photos 40 and 39! The best shots of a girl are when we can see both her cunt and asshole, and so it is indeed a happy day when we can see four holes in one photo! Also want to say about photo 53: "Thank you girl underneath" for pulling girl on top's buns apart so we could see her asshole in all its glory! Strong work!

bill United States

all of you who keep appealing to Petter to show actual tongue on clit should understand that Gloria and Nicole are almost certainly sisters and if so, Petter can't go there. Those of us with this particular kink should be grateful for how far Petter does take things. The pussy is right on the lip (and nose), even if the tongue doesnt come out. We can see the sisters' wet pussies, clear signs of their excitement. They press their pussies together. Yes, I'd love to see that final denoument, but can appreciate why Petter holds back. And yes, please, give us addicts a video...

Gloria retro room | November 29th, 2010
Gloria retro room
WillFSailor United States

'ELVES' in Santa's Chair First Nicole, and now GLORIA...have left me with an extraordinarily vivid impression while occupying the GREEN CHAIR in what you've dubbed the "retro room"! I am now quite certain of what I want from SANTA this year- a green leather RETRO-RECLINER! Gloria & Nicole (each, in her own unique way) have indelibly planted the seeds of Eros in this year's Holiday Cheer! Thank you Petter, for the early Christmas 'gifts'! "Ho-Ho-Ho!"

wheeler United States

GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for the generous look at Gloria's glorious rear end!!!(among other things)

handsome Netherlands

sexy sexy lady Very beatyfull and sexy butt and gorgeous pussy in very sexy settings:-) Congrat Pete! I am sure I wil shoot once with you together to learn :-)

xtra Australia

RE: Photo number 59 This is the pick of the photos from a fine series.

Jim United States

Glorious Gloria Oh my. what a coming out party for Gloria. Great series! Love the penetration.

geroki Germany

dang... and I thought a good photographer always focusses the eyes ;) Sexy model, great shooting! Thank you Petter.

Jeff Germany

she's got a pretty body but a hard face and paws like a farmer's wife

Tuco United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 13 Thanks for so may stills of a very pretty bottom! For what it's worth, I think Gloria also has a very cute face! :)

Wookie United States

Awesome finger play!

Gloria and Nicole sex on the beach | November 16th, 2010
Gloria and Nicole sex on the beach
wheeler United States

DAMN!!! When are we gonna get a video of thses girls???!!!

ssalbo United States

sex on the beach? Utterly beautiful models. But sex on the beach? No. Posing on the beach perhaps, but I get no sense of intimacy from these pictures.

xtra Australia

I hate sand Sand is anti-erotic

wheeler United States

RE: I hate sand must disagree!

Alex DeLarge United States

sex on the beach? I agree with ssalbo. There is nothing erotic about sand because you know the models aren't really into it at all. There's too many places for that gritty sand to get into!

Gloria and Nicole 69 | November 3rd, 2010
Gloria and Nicole 69
xtra Australia

More like it This is more to my taste than dress-ups, rope tricks and ugly males. Shots 59 and 69 happily wear the tag "Art", and many others "Erotic Art". Nice work.

Tuco United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 16 Absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

wheeler United States

smokin hot!!! The only thing that would have made it hotter would have been a little lip-to-lip action (on either end)!

egrise United States

Gloria and Nicole 69 Wonderful. Thank you Petter. Very much the kind of thing that I come here for. Do they REALLY arouse one another, or is it just simulated? Hard to tell, but effective anyway.

jenesais United States

Gloria and Nicole Beautiful ... please keep the bondage and ugly men to a minimum. This is sexy without even trying.

Chinaski United States

Gloria & Nicole 69 Beautifully shot but too damn tame! Those last frames should have some actual finger insertion. And why even call a gallery '69' if both girls just keep their tongues in their mouths??

Dan United States


nat_pavitt United States

RE: Gloria and Nicole So Beautiful!!! But I do agree about the men and the bondage. =)

sgartner United States

Depth of Field The women are gorgeous, the photos are nice, and the resolution is amazing, but the depth of field is too small. In some of the photos the only thing in focus is one nipple. How about a depth of field of at least 6 inches? It's not like you don't have control of the lighting in these studio shots.

Eddie United States

Sweet Spot While we're on the subject, I agree on the men, not here please. I'm okay with a little bondage as I think you will always do that tastefully without the humiliation aspects. Bottom line though, it's shoots like this one with Gloria and Nicole that are your sweet spot. At least for me, these are the types of shoots that brought me to this site. And Anna S of course.

jmbfire United States

Gloria and Nicole 69 More of this kind. Girl on Girl actual contact please!!! Tongue on clitoris would be the best.

akagai United States

More Girl - Girl Yes we need more girl girl videos. All the way withclear tongue to crotch shots. Hegre does this great and it looks great without being contrived or mechanical.

Pete United Kingdom

Pussy Great pussy show, agree should have come to more of a climax, and pitty it was shot in hotel room that looks as if it was last styled in 1970's, which was a bit distracting.

Gloria spa session | October 29th, 2010
Gloria spa session
wheeler United States

short but, sweet!

KOMET United States

GLORIA & The Masseuse WHY NOT ALLOW THE MASSEUSE TO BE FULLY NUDE, TOO?!!! After all, in the recent video series with Silvie, the male masseur was fully nude. Frankly, Hegre, it's high time you show the lady masseuse au naturel.

nat_pavitt United States

RE: GLORIA & The Masseuse I would also love to see the Masseuse fully nude.

Eddie United States

G-L-O-R-I-A Interesting, creative shoot. A little short but I'm hoping you have either another set of these or a video up your sleeve? Also, you can keep the sets of Gloria coming, no problem. In regards to the comments about the masseuse, that depends on whether she looks more like Gloria or more like mother.

Adam Canada

In response to nat_pavitt and komet, I am sure that Petter would gladly photograph both masseuse and his model nude. This may not, however, be a comfortable request for this particular masseuse. This is her prerogative. I'm sure Petter will eventually find a masseuse who is comfortable being nude and being photographed, we must simply be patient. What a gorgeous set of photos. I'm really hoping there is a film coming along in the near future; Gloria is just stunning to behold.

Ulfgeir United States

Atmosphere The first few shots set a wonderful atmosphere. I even took the one where she's lying on her side in silhouette and made it my wallpaper. But the set was far too short. I would have loved to see more.

volker Germany

nude masseuse please i love her perfect pussy. yes , this would be a great photosession with the masseuse nude. please petter ask her for a nude shooting.

James Michaels United States

G-l-o-r-i-a Hey Eddie: Not all of us are young bucks. Mother's can look awfully darn good--especially nude!

undertaker1 United States

beautiful vagina Gloria have a very beautiful body nice lovely breast and a wonderful clean shaved vagina area

Gloria and Nicole black dresses | October 25th, 2010
Gloria and Nicole black dresses
xtra Australia

Fashion I appreciate series like "Beach Mattress" where the emphasis is on the beauty of naked models and the artistic poses more that I do those that are about dresses, corsets and shoes.

wheeler United States

there tow seem to be right at home together! I can't wait the see their video debuts! (preferably together!)

nat_pavitt United States

RE: I can't wait either!! And like you said, together.

Ralphie United States

RE: Photo number 46 What I would do to get my mouth on that pussy

WillFSailor United States

Conflict Resolution "Good,...Better,...Best?" What exquisite torture you provide Petter! 'Professore Hegre' presents the quintessential question of aesthetics: What is "Beauty", and ...what may therefore be offered as evidence as to what is "Most Beautiful"? I respond, without hesitation- "GLORIA and NICOLE, with their hands against the wall"...with black dresses 'hiked' above their naked derrieres...revealing the ultimate 'TRUTH'..."Vivre la Difference!"

Gloria American apparel cut out pantyhose | October 17th, 2010
Gloria American apparel cut out pantyhose
wheeler United States

I don't think that's how you're supposed to wear pantyhose, sweetie!!!lol smokin hot!!!

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

Glorious Gloria! Yummy very tasty I am licking my lips!

Mark United States

Gloria Gloria looks so fabulous naked. I love her smooth, sleek, tan, sculpted and naturally gorgeous little body! Great shots of the way those pantyhose frame the middle of her body especially her pussy like a pair of suspenders. Great nudes!

seekino Italy

Wonderful Gloria! Glory to Gloria :-) she's really stunning lady!

JP United States

Creative shoot Love the imaginative use of the stockings. Something Anna S. would do. Hot pussy.

Eddie United States

Awesome Beauty Gloria is going to look stunning in any shoot you do. Pretty face, love the dark hair and sculptured body. The only thing missing in this shoot was a few shots with the prop neatly by the side. Gloria is just too beautiful not to always include some shots where there is nothing between her glorious body and the camera lens.

Frederico21 United Kingdom

pretty Gloria pretty yes, but far from erotic

Pete United Kingdom

Fabulous body and pussy What a great body Gloria has and the perfect example here of a fabulous shaved pussy, she could have done this set without the pantyhose. Magic! What about a joint set with Lulu

Jamesrjs United States

Tantilizing Pussy That is one photogenic pussy--perfect, and so erotically displayed.

Gloria and Nicole beach mattress | October 9th, 2010
Gloria and Nicole beach mattress
wheeler United States

I would love to be the meat in that sandwich!!!

Tucu United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 65 A gorgeous set of two lovely models! Thanks so much! I just adore the shots of a beautiful round, curvy bottom! It's wonderful to see a hint of the glorious fold where sweet bum cheek meets sexy thigh - a much under-appreciated area of female beauty! :)

RoundEye United States

Yowza This is what attracts men to Sensual eroticism. Hot and erotic but not slutty or filled with the trappings of lower class underground sloth.

pierhart54 Italy

Comments up some fotos of Gloria and Nicole Dear Petter, with this gallery you have given me at least five images of absolute aesthetical-erotic value. They are the images n°69-70-71-72-73 those in which the pussies of Gloriae Nicole are photographed one above the other, almost in an embrace everything female. the pussies are splendid: rosy, shiny, thin the superior pussy, with some down and slightly open; carnal and almost animal the inferior pussy but both softly and deeply erotic, very beautiful to see and to contemplate. They are stupendous images. however if the pussies had been more opened, so that to be able to see some the inside of the vagina, the photos they would have been more beautiful. make an effort in more in before, Petter!!!! dare more some!!!! Always in Your style however!!!

Voyeur United States

It is so nice that these two lovely models have become such good friends and are willing to let us join them in their intimate moments.

Jim United States

Wow. Nice.

Eddie United States

Again Please Along with Anna S and Stasha these two have become real favorites. The sets have all been excellent too. Again please!!

nat_pavitt United States

Twins??? Twins? The above two almost look like twins..Anywho, I'd love to see a video of them, =)

xtra Australia

Best series for a long time - sensual, erotic display of feminine beauty.

daniel United States


Pete United Kingdom

Derriere Not sure whose derriere it is but it is a fanatastic one in picture 20. Loving 69 - 73 and agree with comments of pierhart54 but both look pretty superior to me.

Setuss Turkey

Very nice collection

Gloria and Nicole clockwork orange | September 30th, 2010
Gloria and Nicole clockwork orange
wheeler United States

I must say, I never understood that movie!lol But, the girls are smokin hot, as always!

Superdave United States

More of this... This is hot, and it would be great if you made a film with them together...doing more of coures

Dante-Hicks Australia

Pants Down? Is it just me, or was this set better when the girls had their pants up? Regardless, two very hot women.

Tuco United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 99 A beautiful couple of droogs! But please don't forget what I am certain are very beautiful bottoms! Thank you!

Pete United Kingdom

Double Trouble When two models share a set I often find myself comparing them as to who is most attractive. It is impossible here because they are both stunning and work really well together. More of both please

Nicole and Gloria Chesterfield loveseat | September 25th, 2010
Nicole and Gloria Chesterfield loveseat
wheeler United States

yet another set that begs for a video counterpart!!!

alterwolf Germany

gloria and nicole all very nice, but to much of the same. a video could be great. will there be one?

LostSqueak Germany

What a gallery! Please tell me there’s a video of that still to come!

alex United Kingdom

duo wonderful,two spectacular women.

Mark United States

Nicole and Gloria These two lovely ladies are tremendous! What great nudes! They compliment each other perfectly. They both have exquisite sleek, smooth, tan, long and sculpted bodies. Absolutely outstanding!

Eddie United States

Agree on video Another fine set with these two new beautiful models. I agree with wheeler, these girls would be wonderful in a video. Every one of their sets so far have been outstanding. Keep these coming.

KOMET United States


nat_pavitt United States

Amazing These photo are stunning

davefixit United States

yes please put out the movie of this...please

Jay India

Reg:Gloria She has amazingly good face, gorgeous lips, light breasts, not those heavy / saggy one`s, a tight pussy, luv them if they would have been wet.

Pete United Kingdom

Chesterfield Lucky old Chesterfield, I would love these two glorious beauties lying all over me!

James Michaels United States

provocative Depending upon what happened here, I agree that this could become a sensational film

Jeff Germany

Nicole Nicole has such an amazing smile and beautiful eyes

nat_pavitt United States

Please made a Film! A film of these two beauties would be amazing!

pinch69 Ireland

Perfection Love them together, perfectly carved bodies made for each other!

Gloria and Nicole first time on a nude beach | September 20th, 2010
Gloria and Nicole first time on a nude beach
wheeler United States

a video of this would rival your massage videos! (you need some help with that suntan lotion, ladies???)

seekino Italy

lovely beach :-) another wonderful photoshoot with lovely Gloria and Nicole, they look/are so natural and sun-kissed!

Zeppelin Germany

Thanks but I'd rather have some more Anna S.

Eddie United States

Outstanding!! Both these new models are stunning and what an outstanding set to show them off!!

Voyeur United States

Two most lovely ladies enjoying themselves in the sun. What a delight to see.

mark Germany

hot both hotties together .. a dream .. looking forward to more of both a video would be nice!

paul United States

Gloria and Nicole The setting, two of the most beautiful and sexy women I have ever seen. Petter, you really turned the hotness factor way up on this one.

Mark United States

Gloria and Nicole Absolutely gorgeous! Great idea to have the two newest Hegre models together in this lovely set. They look so beautiful sunbathing nude. It is an excellent set in which to show off their amazing bodies. I would love to see them together again posing nude wearing only a sexy pair of black pumps.

Pete United Kingdom

Sisters? Petter they are so alike, Gloria just a cm taller and a kg heavier, both from Ukraine, they must be sisters. Agree with comments below both extremely attractive and pleased to see them on a beach rather than that concrete background that has started to diminae sets recently.

AVS Qatar

Girls Yes, they are lovely. I have done photoshoot with them myself ..........their chemistry is amazing.

nat_pavitt United States

They are Beautiful.. Gloria and Nicole are Amazing. I'd love to see a video of them together.

Guffree United States

Awesome I love the whole model displayed nude and upright. That is when there natural beauty shines!!

Gloria introduction | September 13th, 2010
Gloria introduction
wheeler United States

"made for the world of nude modeling" AGREED!!!Can't wait to see more!!!

KOMET United States

GLORIA AUS UKRAINE Another goddess has come to grace us with her presence. Let her stride forth like a she-beast on the prowl.

seekino Italy

This photoset is simply wonderful, i'm glad to be the first to compliment Gloria and Petter for perfect shoot!

gcm747 Australia

A New Girl With a BIG Future What a wonderful debut. No doubt we will see a LOT more of this star in the making! Well done Petter for finding such an uninhibited beauty! Look forward to the next series.

Eddie United States

Another Beauty You've done it again. Perfectly beautiful girl and what an outstanding first shoot. Yes indeed, we can only hope for more.

Norm United Kingdom

Gorgeous Gloria Welcome to the site Gloria. You have a lovely body and know instinctively how to excite. I love your long shapely legs and want to carress them. More shoots please. and then perhaps a video.

Jim United States

Gloria Lovely woman. Beautiful pear shaped ass, and long legs, not unlike Yanna. Looking forward to more.

Mark United States

Gloria What a great introductory set of beautiful Gloria! This is the way a new model should be introduced, in the studio and completely nude in every shot and showing multiple angles of her amazing body. Love her natural definition and great angles in her body. She is truly beautiful with that gorgeous shiny black hair. T

Mark United States

What a doll! Wow, yes, I agree with all the other posts; what a welcome addition! Gloria is a doll! Very naturally and comfortably sexy, and what beautiful skin! I could eat her up. Welcome Gloria!

Mark United States

Gloria What a great introductory set of wonderful Gloria. She is introduced exactly the way she should be: in the studio with the focus directly on her, completely nude in every shot and a variety of great poses showing off her beautiful body. She is a lovely beauty with that gorgeous, shiny black hair. She has a terrific natural lines and angles in her body. The thing that I love most about the set though are the shots of the soles of her beautiful feet. So fabulous! Shots #95-102 are awesome! Boy, do I wish I could kiss the soles of her feet from heel to toe! The images of Gloria on her knees with her back turned to the camera with her soles curled in full view and that beautiful rounded butt on full display is just classic! I just adore shots like those! Just beautiful!

Roger United States

Ahh lovely! Agree with all posts and particularly Mark's. It is indeed wondrous to review such a robust, all-nude, all-angles debut of this new nude beauty! As is my nature, love the numerous ass shots! Bravo Petter and Gloria and welcome to Hegre Gloria with much thanks for your sharing your nude beauty with us!

Tuco United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 96 And a very fine introduction it is indeed! Welcome aboard, Gloria! It's wonderful to see all of your beauty. So glad that you are not shy!

paul United States

Gloria What a debut. Absolute physical perfection in every way. Ass and leg shots were amazing as is that beautiful face. Loved it

Voyeur United States

Wow, what an introduction. Move over Anna S :)

daniel eaves United States


classicdave Australia

Now this IS an introduction! It is the best style of series on this site, with nothing to distract from the key focus on the beauty of the model being revealed in a variety of artistic and erotic poses.

Pete United Kingdom

Gloria Agree with Jim, Gloria appears to be the Yanna replacment so it isgreat to see her sassy attitude on her introduction and what an introduction it is. Great ass and legs, we all have our favouiries mine are 32,39, 52, 56 and 60 and 71 are just amazing. Gloria may have persuaded me to renew my membership at the end of month but we need more like her. What about a replacment for the delightful Thea who regretably seems to have retired??

I forgot United States

Stand up please As an introduction I would have liked to see Gloria standing and notmjust 100+ photos of her on the floor

jmbfire United States

gloria My absolute favorite. Can we see more of her touching herself?

maggada Ireland

Gloria What a great body! I particularly love her gorgeous ass which is displayed in magnificent detail.

Ron--10K United States

Gloria Does Gloria ever meet in person?

Bumbal_kpyfq Germany


kamaloka Japan

RE: Photo number 96 always... back shot is my fav pose !! yummy...

Giovanni3808 Austria

Foto 042/043 What a wonderfull set. Still a shame that she has no dick in the pictures 42/43 in the rear hole inside. Then the record would be even more perfect.

Giovanni3808 Austria

Foto 042/043 What a wonderfull set. Still a shame that she has no dick in the pictures 42/43 in the rear hole inside. Then the record would be even more perfect.

halopalm Taiwan, Province of China

Gorgeous beginning Best set of September 2010. Such an introduction has successfully impressed all members. Gloria, keep on going and you’ll be successful, too.

Gloria Massage COMMENTS

Sensual Spa Session | November 1st, 2010
Sensual Spa Session
Alan J. United Kingdom

Gloria gets better and better with every film she makes. All she has to do is to lie there to turn me on.

Inez United States

the real deal I'd love to find a masseuse like this. She's the real deal.

Viktor Germany

This is the way to do it. I love way the camera finds every detail.

Farren United States

Best massage ever. Keep it coming Gloria.

alo Italy

very, very nice & exciting. one question, why is the masseuse dressed and not naked?

oj287 Norway

music she is a wonderful girl like the others but i would like to heer her and not music

Rebar United States

I liked it, but I'm not so sure Gloria did...

MILF IRMA United States

Great The best massage ever!!!!

Paddy Ireland

Great photography and beautiful model but its time to dispense with this masseuse. She tortures models by never applying sufficient pressure or motion to the clitoris thus denying them relief. They say that women know how to touch each other better than men...NOT TRUE !

finderweb Italy

Massage Very nice, sensual & exiting ... happy for that new "category". Regards from Italy

buchaneer United Kingdom

OMG Again Petter you take my breath away with this new avenue of erotic massage films. I have a slow internet connection so it took over 2 hours to download, but boy was it worth it. Please continue this series of your models being masaged & hopefully sexually relieved as it is mind blowingly erotic. I think a good next candidate would be Thea. Please, pretty please!!!! Buchaneer

wheeler United States

Well, I must say, that got my attention!!!

jenni United States

yikes:) my friend alice and i watched this together while we trying to study. good luck. we thought it was very beautiful and respectful compared to the stuff you usually see on the internet. some of the other commenters want to see the woman have a wild orgasm but we thought there was a lot more tension this way. thank you.

Bekki United Kingdom

Gorgeous Watched this all the way through and was so wet by the time it finished! Would love to have this done to me, although I think it would be very hard not to cum and cum.