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Photo of Anri


Photo of Anri
Name: Anri
Country: Japan
Weight: 38kg
Height: 144cm
Age: 25

Playful like a tiger

Sweet little sixteen? That's how Anri looks. But no not really. All the same, for the army of fans of her very own schoolgirl fetish website this 24 year old tiny - at 38kg and only 144cm in height - Japanese power pack of a model brings all the fantasies to life.

Just for us she agreed to shave her magnificent bush, her pride and joy and her trapas she calls it. Never was there a sweeter snare and there will be no shortage of those who want to fall right into it.

They say the best things come in small bundles and Anri shows the truth of this. From the ever so slightly chubby innocent cheeks down to her tiny toes, everything is playful, fresh and youthful. But be aware she's all woman in full bloom.

Anri Galleries COMMENTS

Miri shaving Anri | April 18th, 2011
Miri shaving Anri
geRRy United Kingdom

A good logical follow on from the medical examination I hope the video will follow soon.

wheeler United States

O...M...G!!! what I wouldnt give to do that!!!I love how you zoomd to hr crotch just as the water came down on it! (was that your way of hiding her "OMG THAT'S FUCKING COLD!!" look?lol)

Voyeur United States

What a gorgeous little pussy.

stardiver Switzerland

Very erotic - to be repeated wirh other models, best, when unshaven before!

paul United States

Anri That is one sweet little pussy. love to see Miri get shaved next.

Greggor1 United States

Delightful So nice to see Anri getting shaved. Especially nice to take the time to admire her freshly shaved cunt at the conclusion of the picture series. Anri is a delightfully beautiful girl and Miri was the right girl to do the shaving.

zaubade United States

absolutely incredible! i love how Anri displays her freshly shaven cunt from pic 89 to 108 for us to inspect. downloading the 8000px set for a extreme close up inspection.

Roger United States

Celebration of Cunt Outstanding! A cunt lovers paradise. The pure simple beauty of cunt, naked for all to see. Great clinical erotic duality at play. I agree with Greggori that Miri was the right girl to do the shaving. Maybe another girl could shave Miri in turn? Video would be fantastic. Outstanding finale with Anri's newly shaven cunt shown off repeatedly in all its glory. Excellent work Petter Miri and, of course, Anri!

Anri and Miri medical examination | January 23rd, 2011
Anri and Miri medical examination
wheeler United States

lol well, it took the WHOLE gallery to get her clothes off!!! I sure hope there's a part two!!! (and there MUST be a video of it!!!)

geRRy United Kingdom

video Interesting concept. I hope this will be released as a video as this looks like stills from it. I also hope there will be part 2 (and 3).

rob United Kingdom

I was hoping for a gynecologic examination table. Could we please have this in part 2? I would like to see her being intimately examined. Thanks. Great set!

variable-43 Senegal

I would love to see an anal exam incorporated into this theme. Quite captivating.

Bavarian gipsy Germany

suspense-packed ...

Jewel United Kingdom

Could have been perfect But then the continuity went all pear shaped and it progressed at a snail's pace... Good effort though.

wheeler United States

nice to know that I'm not the only one that had high hopes for this gallery!

Pete United Kingdom

Shaved Japanese and shaved is a great start

Kevin in England United Kingdom

OMG. Japanese and shaved is definitely a step in the right direction.

sandy United Kingdom

Rob's comment I agree with Rob title promised a lot but didn't deliver. I also was thinking of a chair & stirrups!! Sandy

Kirt United States

Interesting set. I hope theres at least a part 2 to this and when will we see Anri's pics come out. As for Miri she can give me a check up or a physical exam ANYTIME. All I can say about her is HELLO NURSE.

Doc Sexaday United States

Exams Please do more medical exams. Wonderful! Also, an erotic strip search video would be cool.