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Pamela Profile

Name: Pamela
Country: Macedonia
Weight: 50kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 23
Occupation: Student


Things are on the up for Pamela. Now she is making a breakthrough into nude modelling.

Pamela started her career with our LiveCam service. In no time at all she has established herself as one of your top-favourite girls. A key factor for her huge following is her great sense of humour. She is a fun girl to be with in every sense.

She has a great speciality that she is happy to share with fans. Toys of all kinds appeal to her very vivid imagination. She likes to dream up new ways to entertain herself with them. Her ideas have been creating intense interest. It seems like everyone wants to join in the fun and games.

This gorgeous Macedonian may look shy and fragile. But she plays like a true enthusiast – hard and long.

Pamela pussy delight March 13th, 2013
Would love to suck that clit!
I really think that Pamela has achieved a rare distinction to be feted as the most beautifully endowed girl. Her sublime creation would inspire most artists...
fleshy pam
girl's in the 'hood! ;-)
Every inch a morsel.
Clitoral Hood...
I could chew on that hood for hours...mmmm mmmmm...
delightful, from head to toe!front and back!
Pamela first studio session February 11th, 2013
You aren't the only one, John. To say that this "fully nude and free" shtick has become tiresome would be a gross understatement. Give it a rest, Komet!
@ Komet
That's it, I can't take any more 'fully nude and free' comments... I'm going to gouge my eyes out now so I don't have to read them ever again.
Such gorgeous labia. Pamela is a perfectly lovely woman in every way.
She has to be the most Beautiful model you have ever had to date!!!!!
I told you in the chat!That beautiful girl And a perfect pussy I like what I see
Love your lips......delicious body!
PAMELA strides forth, fully nude and free.
pamela is lovely, as always!
Pamela big challenge part2 January 25th, 2013
Would love to see Dominika try this, I bet she could take it deep!!!!!! Or Silvie, I bet she could take it deep as well!! How bout it Peter? Or lets lube Pamela up alittle more:))
For third session
If Pamela want, I hope that for the third session, her can use a smaller toy and go deeper, always using the stool, because makes her more beautiful
time to have big Mike
You did great here but it's time for the real thing, take big Mikes inside you wonderful, pink pussy
very nice job but...
You should have taken it in a bit more but you still did great. Yime for the real thing, time to fuck big MIke! Would love to see his cock deep in your pink pussy!!!
Love the expressions on her face. Looks like she's having fun trying to take that monster. Definitely would like to see a part 3, or a good fuckin by one of the males. Good job Pamela!!!!!
Double No!
Love this girl
She is ready for prime time.....love to see her massaged with the big one....
Mike & Pamela
I think the consensus is that Pamela is ready for a free-for-all with Mike's large erect black penis. Time to make this girl's fantasy a reality. And enough with the cock tease. I want to see her take that cock all the way in her mouth and pussy!
Hurray Pamela, you're my hero :).
"To Dream the Impossible Dream!..."
What about big Challenge (3)? Pamela I think you have to stretch your hot pussy a bit more. Then try it again. Me and some other guys wait for it.
too big?
That didn't work. She had probably made ​​a bit too much.
Pamela's Big Challenge (2)
Well done Pamela. A courageous attempt at what seems to be an impossibly large challenge. Perhaps some extra training in gymnastics and yoga stretching would enable you, (if you so wish), to achieve a deeper penetration.
PAMELA would be much better paired off with Mike --- both of them fully nude and free together. (Get rid of the oversized dildo and bring in Mike for PAMELA.)
Pamela metal stool January 1st, 2013
Pamela is the perfect woman..a neat a nd so sexy pussy framing her pretty clean ass hole....and all given so naturally.
Very Hotttttty
I would bet Pamela would be uncontrollably wild during a pussy massage.....I hope to see her on a massage table soon!
PAMELA offers us a fulsome welcome to 2013 fully nude and free.
Pamela big black buddy December 20th, 2012
MORE please
When will we see pamela impaled on the bick black dildo?
There is nothing more erotic than seeing a woman impaling herself on an oversize dong, stretching herself to the limit, pushing past the resistance and succumbing to its girth. Cant wait to see the rest of this set.
Thanks but no, thanks.
I'm sure you have many wondering of she can really take that thing!lol