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Lza Profile

Name: Lza
Country: France
Weight: 50kg
Height: 178cm
Age: 23
Occupation: Fashion Model

The Illustrated Woman

Lza is a work in progress.

ON HER left arm, three tattooed red stars are raised above the surface of her skin by a platform of silicone; her right arm is an entwined garden of climbing roses humming with giant bumble bees; her breasts are surgically flawless with pink nipples adorned with matching stars. She has a waif-like pixie face, big dark eyes that are both sparkling and faintly melancholic, and the arrogant sway of a catwalk model.

She started modeling at sixteen and has graced the runways at the top shows and the pages of the world's most prestigious magazines. She believes, as Simone de Beauvoir once wrote, that a woman is not born but made, and considers herself lucky not to be a clone out of central casting.

Lza does not fit the classical mould, she wouldn't want to, but proves that the exception makes the rule and, for many members, is the ideal Hegre Girl.

Lza tattoo girl November 7th, 2005
too bad I can't see her nipples
Not exactly my cuppa tea either but I still admire Lza for her ability to tolerate pain. Some of her tats must have caused hours of excrutiating torment which she willingly bore, and that to me, is an expression of art.
Weird. Not at all my cup of tea. And yet I can't stop looking at her!
beautiful woman!
Not for me
She may be a beautiful woman, I cannot tell because of all of that grafitti on her body. She should not make the Top 10!
Too much is too much!
The most beautiful woman I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on
Lza Tatoo girl
Lza in purple dress November 5th, 2004
Strange gallery.
Lza in pink dress May 10th, 2004
I'm turned on and a little freaked out
sexy, sick, I want to hug her, @#$ck her, save her, use her. What does that make me?
she can be my biker chick
Dressed in tattoos April 25th, 2004
wouldn't marry her
but I bet she's lots of fun. Probably insatiable.
I agre with GRAPEDORP, the tatoos distract from the original beauty of a once very lovely girl
NOT at ALL erotic
This model has been reduced in attraction and beauty by the tatoos or bodypaint. They distract and remove attention from her form.
i just "love" Lza...cute sweet face, perfect improve body...she's simply the world better mixed woman between sensuality, beauty and extrem minded... "Le joli garçon de Rennes" pour la petite Fille aux étoiles... ;-)
It's a shame to spoil a body so beautiful. This girl can never be completely bare. I hope not to see many like her around here
Tattoo's add a flair to the woman's body. Lza's tattoo's make her stand out among the rest of the models. She Is drop-dead gorgeous. Lza I'm glad to see that you want to make yourself different from other models.
Hello you has very nice tattooes and very painful such a thing I have never seen this is also really well stung clarifies coloured so should look tattoo I dear coloured tattoos yours find poor I best of all
You have to love it, because it is something different.
Tattooed Beauty March 4th, 2004
Folks. I'm sorry, but I don't understand the reaction to Lza. How anyone can fail to appreciate this girls beauty is beyond me. It surely proves that they are not looking. I dislike tattoos and would not have one myself, but if a gorgeous girl covers herself in tattoos, she is still gorgeous. No more so, but certainly no less in my opinion. Lza is beautiful and would be if she was painted head to toe in beige, or as she is. Lovely.
I especially enjoyed Lza's playfulness. I would love to see more of her.
Not one of your best models
Good photography as usual but not one of my favorite subjects.
Art in more than one sense of the word
As a life long lover of skin art I felt doubly blessed by this clip. Not only a beautiful girl but also beautiful skin art. Utter bliss.
tattoed beauty
I'd love to view this movie, however I'm not a member. Someday I hope to be one. Thanks Hegre for allowing me the previews every week. I always look forward to seeing the new ladies.
true inner beauty
There needs to be an extra five stars for heart for Lza. She's probably the same to be around in the nude in the bathtub, as in a doctor's waiting room. She seems to be the kind of person that makes you smile just by being around. If she every needs a pen pal my email is elykydier@yahoo.com. If she ever needs a boyfriend : ) the same email. 5+5 stars Lza. ; )
Heart & Soul
Lza you are a lovely lovely person. You have heart and you have soul. I can see it in your big soulful eyes. The camera loves you (I love you. Thank you for this marvellous film.
a film of the imagingation
when ya cant pay to see the film...you imagine one...i was in this one....luba is hot...
I think that lza's tattoo's are gorgeous. I only have one but am thinking about getting another. Mine Is a naked angel with blue wings. The stars on her breasts make her tits stand out, and I love her full-sleeve on her right arm. When people get tattooed they all say that they want more. There right!!!!!. I think that naked women with tattoo's are drop-dead gorgeous.