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Photo of Susha


Photo of Susha
Name: Susha
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 54kg
Height: 178cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Singer/student

Energetic student

If you had to find one word to describe Susha it would be energetic.

SHE’S LIKE a young colt with long lanky legs, this 18 year old sings with her own girl band in a small town in the Ukraine. She is writing songs and planning to hit the charts as a new wave, new age Spice Girls. They have the looks, the legs…and they are starting to write their songs in English.

Susha already has hundreds of boy fans at home and while she was getting ready for the first shoot with Hegre-Archives her mobile phone never stopped ringing. She calmly answered each call. She was brief but polite and promised to call everyone back when she wasn't busy. Once the set was ready, Susha stepped out of her dressing gown and was simply sexy, an astonishing young model who is still unsure what she wants to do with her life.

If it's pop music or the modeling circuit, she's sure to make it.

Susha Galleries COMMENTS

Susha reflections | December 14th, 2004
Susha reflections
MarceloMax Brazil

Susha,please, make a massage!

Susha in bed | October 24th, 2004
Susha in bed
James Barton United States

models This is by far your best combination of model, with some curves and "meat" on her bones, and layout showing all her splendor in a very erotic, sensual way.

Dooby United States

Susha The light reflected from the soft hair on her stomach and thighs really makes some of these shots.

Jeff Daniels United States

Susha Major points just for being beautiful. Intriging boobs. Not huge, but very inviting. No question about it, curves rule!

Will United States

Susha Nice package!

Leka and Susha sleeping | October 11th, 2004
Leka and Susha sleeping
Marcelo Santos Brazil

Where is this girl, Susha? Does she like yoni massage?

Susha sweet and sensual | September 24th, 2004
Susha sweet and sensual
pablo Chile

Susha Please more films with SUSHA. She is perfect.

Baseball Germany

Natural Susha is so authentic and 100% natural. Her body is so beautiful looking untouched and healthy, great.

Susha Films COMMENTS

Susha & Leka photo session | October 26th, 2004
Susha & Leka photo session
Charlie United States

Loyal constructive criticism The B&W shots are great! Unfortunately, all the panning and zooming with the accompanied 'jumping' of the camera almost gave me motion sickness. I thought that the composition and was very good and the ladies were just beautiful. I recognize the difficulty of filming outdoors with natural light, but, the graininess of the motion picture compared to the crispness of the stills made me long for a still to come along. I applaud your creativity and adventure in this effort. Perhaps a steadier hand, slower pace, and stronger lighting to assist the camera as it wends your magic will hone these new techniques so they can become a welcome complement to your beautiful subjects. Please, Please keep these efforts coming!

Just another site member United States

Nice touch with the B&W stills tied in I like how you (the team) took key moment and made them into BW shots. nice touch.........its a good reminder of we are seeing what peter is seeing and he was capturing the key moments as this footage was being shot. and of course the girls look fantastic.....(which is a given). Best, Site Member

Paul Canada

Susha and Leka Spectacular, stunning, highly erotic, tantalizing, aluring, captivating, and I do believe now, that I may be in love!

Dewey United States

Agree I agree with Charlie on this - It's way to choppy. The ladies are awesome. Kinda wished they had kissed to end the scene.