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Keity | Brazil Galleries: 28
Photo of Keity


Photo of Keity
Name: Keity
Country: Brazil
Weight: 53kg
Height: 174cm
Age: 21

Sensual and Strong

Keity is one of the top models from Brazil and it is instantly obvious that the title is well deserved. .

SHE HAS a classic body, raven black hair, big luscious eyes, and a sensual voice to complete the picture. At only 21 years of age she claims to have had enough of boyfriends and wants to spend time focusing on her modeling career. She knows when its time to get down to business and doesn’t have room for men who only get in her way.

Petter spent an entire day shooting with Keity while visiting Florianopolis. Posing next to gigantic trees and wide open spaces one is instantly reminded of a modern Amazon, strong and demanding of our attention.

Keity has the kind of body that rivals the grand nature of any landscape and is a true example of the beauty one can only find in Brazil.

Keity Galleries

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Keity Galleries COMMENTS

Keity flower panties | March 6th, 2007
Keity flower panties
Steve United States

Keity WOW!! Keity is just way to smoking hot. I love it when you post more photos of her. Still no films of her yet though? I hope you have at least one film. Great photos.

gareth United States

my perfect girl.... the most amazing ass in the whole wide world! and a tan-line to frame it :) thank you thank you than you thank you

matt Germany

Keity The legs are the best...!


Wonderful pics of her ass! Please another set more intimate of this nice girl

Alberto Mexico

keity Keity must be one of the most beautiful women on earth!!! What can we, humble fans do to convince her to show a little more???

ardunbye United Kingdom

Keity flower panties In my comment Re. Brazilian barbie, I was flippant about her not being Spanish and I misspelled PORTUGUESE omitting the 2nd 'U'. But Keity is still VERY BEAUTIFUL 'Barbie of Seville' or not.

Carne Asana United States

Flower Power Cute and a whole lot more.

Plus6y6 Chile

Nada que decir de las mujeres de Brasil simplemente hermosa a diferencia de las demas ellas siempre lucen un bronceado que destaca o marca su ropa interior eso vuelve loco...

Barndini United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 18 Keity is so gorgeous. Makes me feel glad to be alive.

Keity lush Latina | September 7th, 2006
Keity lush Latina
Ralph United States

Very sexy Keity cannot be any sexier. Brazilian women are so sexy, and Keity is a perfect example of why I am engaged to a Brazilian. Nice photo series, although some photos of Keity on her back, or arching her back, would have been awesome.

Jimmy United States

Tan Lines Absolutely gorgeous. Love her face, hair, body. Tan lines are so sexy........

Hawkeye450 United States

Keity Any more where she came from?

Mark Australia

What a babe!!! Girl, you are a looker!!!! Good on ya, take care!!

Rik Gotz Netherlands

super sexy babe Kelty is the most sensitive looking woman. Perfect body and face. Super model.

Keity hot denim | November 3rd, 2006
Keity hot denim
Dan United States

Keity I agree with Stefan! Only I want to see every square inch of Keity at 6000px! She is absolutely one of the most beautiful women in the entire world!

Stefan United States

I have a serious request. I think Keity has one of -the most- beautiful rear ends I have ever seen in my whole life and it has truly not seen enough attention on here. It is possible to get a whole entire set that only focuses on every possible bend and angle of her phenomenal booty?

Hawkeye450 United States

Keity hot denim This model is hot no matter what...done deal. However, when the denim dropped so too should have the lens to include her entire body. Some of us appreciate full body presentations so you should include a few in every set. It doesn't cost any more to develop, so why not?

Gareth United States

OMG! Keity is in my Top 5 favorite Hegre models! No, make that #1!! The girl looks amazing and her body is flawless. I LOVE the blue denim short-shorts and the knit top. Better, Keity's perfectly round butt, thong tanlines, and long flowing locks! Thank you, Hegre!! Thank you!

Ralph United States

Beautiful Beautiful girl, and picture 42 was one of the best on this site.

Alan United States

Keity I agree that Keity has an incredible ass. Best on the site! I also love her natural look down below. I'd like to see more models like that.

DAVID United States

wow well i can say this. im in love again. Keity is about the hots woman i have seen. she is very sexy woman.if i was to way my pick of a wife she is the one.

8quart United States

who doesn`t love a perfect ass?

joe Ireland

just a beatiful ass and perfect triangle why hide it from the sun. Keity, in or out of denim, you turn the nations on; the puss above your legs is just perfection

John United States

Hot Denim? I say HOT DAMN! Keity is hands down the most striking model on this site.

Keity brazilian Barbie | December 29th, 2006
Keity brazilian Barbie
alex United Kingdom

keity brazilian beauty

alex Czech Republic

another angel Barbie? not! she is princess of brazil!!! her eyes say it very clearly....I am looking forward to meet her here again!!!!!

Larry United States

Keity Brazilian Barbie She has to be one of the most beautiful women in the World and or Universe.

Jake United States

Keity Tan Lines Great shots. Keity is beautiful and the tan lines add to her allure. She'd look spectacular in or out of a bathing suit!

Dan United States

Keity She is absolutely exquisite, would love to see her in XXL.


Wonderful young girl.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Keity Brazilian barbie WHAT a beautiful girl. It'a shame Brazil is Portugese and not Spanish because I could have said "The Barbie of Seville" but it isn't, so I couldn't, so I won't.

Keity viva Brazil | August 19th, 2006
Keity viva Brazil
Barry United States

She's just plain... ...FINE! Enough said.

Robin United States

Good Gosh!! She's perfect in every way! =)

Hawkeye450 United States

Keity Delicously heart stopping.

Karl Ireland

Wonderful black hair and unbearably watchable pussy.Another triumph!

joe Ireland

keityviva brazil just gorgeous; hair, eyes mouth, face, body,breast that call, pussy at the arch of such legs. thanks for the feeling.


I thought that Brazil was a country where sun was shining all year long, Is'nt it? Why a so dark setting for this wonderful girl?

John United States

Keity your are so mesmerizing! There needs to be an "11" for rating your images!

chris United States

Keity Show us More....

russ United States

amazing tan lines just lure you in............

griffo Thailand

Keity, absolutely stunning, on a par with Nivia Nery. Just can't get any better

Duff United States

Keity wow, what a beautiful , sexy, woman...toes, legs, pussy, ass, abs, breasts, face, hair, ... what else can i say!!

griffo Thailand

Keity As Elton john would say "You just blow me away" What would I do to explore that beautifully trimmed pussy.? Just about anything. Gorgeous

Keity classic Latina | June 19th, 2006
Keity classic Latina United States

Keilty She is my favorite model but... The shoes are too small for her feet. I personaly think she has perfect proportions.

Benson United States

Keity She is a nice model but there are too many up against the wall poses that are the same. More variety please! No need to shoot her against the wall or in a chair again.

Jeff Daniels United States

Keity Clearly in the top 5 in my book. Awesome body. Repetitive poses though. A bit more spread would be a dream come true.

Keity 'Brazilian-beleza' | July 16th, 2006
Keity 'Brazilian-beleza'
Sean United States

ok, she has the sexiest mouth i’ve ever seen. how about a whole series just of her mouth?

Wayne-USA United States

Keity'Brazilian-beleza' I've been waiting quite some time for a set of this Brazilian beauty featuring some great shots of the bottoms of her very pretty bare feet! And once again you've came through Petter!! Keity is an incredible beauty and one of my favorite models of all time. She is drop dead gorgeous, with a knockout body highlighted by voluptuos breasts and extremely shapely, sexy bare feet. Another excellent set Petter. Thank You!!

brad United States

Another Keity Fan I completely agree with everything Wayne-USA said. In fact, he said it better than I ever could.

Dan United States

Keity Keity knocks me out! I could look at her beautiful iamges every day for the rest of my life! Her smile is fanstastic! Her body is heavenly! Her eyes could start forest fires! I'm in love!

Niff7 United States

Keity Ines I believe Brazil puts out the most beautiful women in the world. Keity is my proof of that opinion.


Brazilian beauty, no doubt about it. Don't you think that such a biauty deserves a sunny environment rather that a dark setting in studio? Why not a gal at Ipanena beach at sunset for instance?

Jeff D United States

Keity is delicious Wow! Keity just blows me away. I love to see a 2010 update on Keity and the other Brazillian beauties.

Keity Aphrodite | May 14th, 2006
Keity Aphrodite
david United Kingdom

keity aphrodite wow what a beauty!

Karl Ireland

wonderful eyes,such pert breasts and just adorable pussy arching the so beautiful legs


Wonderful model and, at least, unshaved! Xonderful face, wonderful breast, wonderful ass, wonderful bush. I only regret that some shots are not more focused on, I guess, a wonderful puusy. 10 +++++

Chuck United States

KEITY OMG I don't know where you found her, bit I think I'm in LOVE!!! She's absolutely gorgeous!!!! I WANT HER! lol TY SHE IS PERFECT =)

Keity white chair | March 20th, 2006
Keity white chair
Dan G United States

Keity white chair Dear Petter & Co; Your pages are filled with beautiful women and these women are the most beautiful women in the whole world! Among these beautiful women Keity's beauty seems to shine above them all. Petter, your camera seems to caresses this woman and elicit little smiles that last in my memory long after the photo has left my eyes. Sometimes, I browse your site just to see photos of Keity. Wonderful work. Wonderful beauty. Thanks.

david United Kingdom

keity white chair I love keity!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Keity white chair We wandered deep into the 'Dark Bush', to find King Solomon's mine? No, to make Queen Keity's mine.

Keity doorway | February 18th, 2006
Keity doorway
Tim United States

Photos Keity is absolutely beautiful!

timatits United States

Tan Lines This is a nice but short essay on Keity. The woman shows one of the all-too-seldom-seen traits on a sensual nude—tan lines. Or in Keity’s case, non-tan patches. Not only does this subtly signal that we are being permitted to see what is not on display to the public, in her case the whiter flesh truly complements her sexuality. For example, note in the sixth picture how the richness of her tan almost matches the colour of her areola. Set on a white breast, this makes her breasts lush and sensuous in a way that would not be without the contrasting flesh. Hopefully we will continue to see Keity in photo studies where more of this contrast is shown.

Keity climbing | February 1st, 2006
Keity climbing
walt United States

why does Keity not have a video This is one of your best models,however,she dosnt have a video.Why is this? I am sure that most of your customers like myself would pay to see Keity in any video production you could come up with...

heinrich Ireland

Keity has a such smooth body and touchable pussy;lovely

Keity amber | January 7th, 2006
Keity amber
nate United States

Keity is the most beautiful model I have ever seen. She is perfection. Please, more of her.

BaX United States

It's good you're beginning to show photos with hair-covered pubic areas. Too much of the bald pubic area is boring--at least to this viewer. Keep mixing it up.

Ray Canada

Keity amber Not only is Keity gorgeous already,the sexy outfit makes her even more so.This is one of my all time favourite photo shoots. It would be very nice if you did more sessions with sexy underthings.Too cool!

kingofnj United States

Keity, the goddess Keity is absolutely, positively the hottest model on this website...and in my opinion the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Why aren't there any videos of this graceful woman's photo shoots?

Ridemyrathe United States

I have to say Keity is very hot. The dark eyes with short yet narrow, face with long black hair and she has that touch of evil look with a touch of class at the same time which makes her even more lovely and daring to the visual. A touch of daring with class is the perfect look and Keity has it.

somebody United States

show whole body model is beautiful out fit is sexy but you only show from the knees up show the whole body

Keity on the beach | December 31st, 2005
Keity on the beach
nate United States

Please, more of Keity. She is physically the most perfect model on this website or any other I have seen. Her smile is the icing on the cake. Fans of the female posterior must stand up and cheer when they see her.

Billy Canada

More Keity She is one of the hottest women to grace your site. I have browsed all of her galleries. The one thing I noticed is that you never ever get to see ALL of her! What a shame! I think it would be great to see the whole package. More Keity please!

Keity jungle princess | December 10th, 2005
Keity jungle princess
Paul Wiggins United Kingdom

Keity jungle princess love the website, love the photography...........sad though that a beautiful and persecuted animals skin is used as a backdrop.

indo admirer Indonesia

maybe peter didnt kill the leopard but buying one means another one must be killed to replenish the stock. please do not promote animal skin as exoticsm. there are less than 1000 leopards left in the jungle. this serie may setback your good reputation.

nate United States

keity Keity is physical perfection. No one else on your website can hold a candle to her. I usually prefer blondes! Hats off to the skilled hunter who took the skin. I wish Keity could accompany me on my next safari.

Ridemyrathe United States

Keity + Hegre = awesome!! Hegre your taste in art never stops. The looks and the art it so awesome I could never tell you how good your taste is and what a great eye for art you have. And ppl please the leopard skin I'm sure was already dead before they even found it to use. This is art you either like it or you dont. For me it is awesome work.

Nick United Kingdom

These pictures of Keity just keep getting better and better...

Gérard Francillon France

Keity La plus belle (Luba mise à part)

Keity oily | November 22nd, 2005
Keity oily
shoombee Germany

keity oiled Keity has, and there's no doubt, the most beautiful behind of the world!

Nick United Kingdom

Just when I thought Petter's photos of Keity couldn't possibly get even better, he comes up with the idea of covering her in bay oil. Genius!

tom Ireland

What a mouth, a pussy and behind you have, Keity.Thanks for the sharing.


Keity is always nice looking. Wonderful boobs ans ass, pretty nice looking hairy pussy from which we would have liked to see some close shots. Next time, may be?

heinrich Ireland

keity A lovely face. gentle breasts and such a watchable pussy; great

Keity blue | November 6th, 2005
Keity blue
Nick United Kingdom

When the model is as beautiful as this, there is no need to move around, taking pictures from different angles, or to rely on fancy backdrops: Keity is a work of art all on her own, and Petter did well to recognise that...

Keity pink panties | October 19th, 2005
Keity pink panties
david United Kingdom

keity pink panties bring back keity

joe Ireland

panties concealing and pussy so touchable revealed' it is just great

Keity sun goddess | October 6th, 2005
Keity sun goddess

I wish we could see more of the wonderful assets of this beauty. Hope next time she do not hide us anything.

reyquinto Guatemala

I love Keity Hi Keity, i love you, please hands off, and send more pics or upgrade !!!

rowdy United States

tanlines loving the tanlines....... yum it Keity

Keity red panties | September 25th, 2005
Keity red panties
binga Australia

Why? why has this set been up for so long without a comment? Keity is too sweet/hot to not get at least one :) Thanks for sharing


Very nice looking shots of a wonderful babe.

russ United States

Red panties and tan lines, i'm loving it. go Keity

kw United States

Photo 56 is fantastic. What a beautiful bottom.

karl Ireland

keity fantastic body; what boobs, what an adorable bottom and exciting pussy. wonderful!

rowdy United States

red hot wow Keity... Sexy... Mail me them red panties !! LOL

Keity caught in the net | August 13th, 2005
Keity caught in the net

A pitty that this gallery is so dark. Keity has wonderful assets that we hardly see! Oe is it on purpose, to keep us under pressure, waiting for more gals where she will reveal her wonderful body?

Chuck United States

KEITY Everytime I see her my HEART starts to race! She's sooooo BEAUTIFUL!! =)

John United States

Keity is heart-stopping. I love the dark set; a sultry mood for a sultry beauty.

seovat United States

Wow! Very sexy... you can even see part of her pussylips at the end!

Keity brazilian bomb | July 3rd, 2005
Keity brazilian bomb
John United States

More More More!

seovat United States

RE: Photo number 19 What a lovely pussy!

Keity silky pants | July 2nd, 2005
Keity silky pants
8quart United States

awesomely beautiful

kw United States

Photo 31 is unbelievable. What a lovely behind.

Mark United States

Keity Keity is so beautiful and looks fabulous stripping down to nothing but her high heels! A gorgeous beauty!

Keity blue and yellow | July 1st, 2005
Keity blue and yellow
hh Norway

..should have seen Evi Bunny in these trousers... Very nice!

Jim United States

Yuk. Gorgeous woman. Horrendous pants.

htm Egypt

trousers wish i was those trousers

russ United States

Great Camel Toe shots,, yes indeed, nice keity.

Carne Asana United States

To Totally State The Obvious Wow, those are some great pants!

Keity sun bed | June 30th, 2005
Keity sun bed
John United States

Perfect Please tell her to Never shave, Keep trim like that, Very pretty Lady

JohnH United States

An excellent set This set is so good that I don't know where to start: excellent model, excellent poses, and excellent camera angles.

brad United States

Best set on site This is without question the BEST photo set on this website! Drop-dead gorgeous model, barefoot, starting off in a bikini and finishing completely nude, all photos full-length, just awesome. Petter, this is your Masterpiece.

Jake United States

Keity Great set of photos - the tan lines and nicely groomed pussy hair only add to the allure!

Greg United States

Keity Keity is the most beautiful girl on this planet, wow she is just incredible thanks for showing such a natural beauty.

Jim United States

Yes. She almost slipped by me in my browsing of your site. I'm glad I found her. She's a real beauty.

russ United States

Sun and Fun! nice pictorial. Keity Rocks!

Carne Asana United States

Blue Bikini Bottoms Might just be my favorite bikini bottoms ever featured.

Keity pink stripes | June 29th, 2005
Keity pink stripes
Carne Asana United States

Those Hair Flips Winner!

Keity white wall | June 28th, 2005
Keity white wall
James United States

Request Dear team at Hegre, Your work is of the highest quality! I very much commend you on your execution of the art! Please may we have an extensive gallery of a close up study of the spread vagina at 4000 pixels? It would be facinating to see all the different forms, folds and differences between the different girls. It would be nice to see a high clarity colour gallery of macro and extreme close up. Many thanks in anticipation... James

Carne Asana United States

"Mr. Gorbachev..." ...leave this white wall up!

Keity flower and feather | June 8th, 2005
Keity flower and feather
heinrich Ireland

lovely face, enticing mouth and what a gathered pussy; just great

gerd Germany

Keity lovely Figur - pussy of a goddess - great beautyfull model

Carne Asana United States

Queen of Tan Lines Definitely has my vote (so far).