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Keity Profile

Name: Keity
Country: Brazil
Weight: 53kg
Height: 174cm
Age: 21

Sensual and Strong

Keity is one of the top models from Brazil and it is instantly obvious that the title is well deserved. .

SHE HAS a classic body, raven black hair, big luscious eyes, and a sensual voice to complete the picture. At only 21 years of age she claims to have had enough of boyfriends and wants to spend time focusing on her modeling career. She knows when its time to get down to business and doesn’t have room for men who only get in her way.

Petter spent an entire day shooting with Keity while visiting Florianopolis. Posing next to gigantic trees and wide open spaces one is instantly reminded of a modern Amazon, strong and demanding of our attention.

Keity has the kind of body that rivals the grand nature of any landscape and is a true example of the beauty one can only find in Brazil.

Keity flower panties March 6th, 2007
RE: Photo number 18
Keity is so gorgeous. Makes me feel glad to be alive.
Nada que decir de las mujeres de Brasil simplemente hermosa a diferencia de las demas ellas siempre lucen un bronceado que destaca o marca su ropa interior eso vuelve loco...
Flower Power
Cute and a whole lot more.
Keity flower panties
In my comment Re. Brazilian barbie, I was flippant about her not being Spanish and I misspelled PORTUGUESE omitting the 2nd 'U'. But Keity is still VERY BEAUTIFUL 'Barbie of Seville' or not.
Keity must be one of the most beautiful women on earth!!! What can we, humble fans do to convince her to show a little more???
Wonderful pics of her ass! Please another set more intimate of this nice girl
The legs are the best...!
my perfect girl.... the most amazing ass in the whole wide world! and a tan-line to frame it :) thank you thank you than you thank you
WOW!! Keity is just way to smoking hot. I love it when you post more photos of her. Still no films of her yet though? I hope you have at least one film. Great photos.
Keity brazilian Barbie December 29th, 2006
Keity Brazilian barbie
WHAT a beautiful girl. It'a shame Brazil is Portugese and not Spanish because I could have said "The Barbie of Seville" but it isn't, so I couldn't, so I won't.
Wonderful young girl.
She is absolutely exquisite, would love to see her in XXL.
Keity Tan Lines
Great shots. Keity is beautiful and the tan lines add to her allure. She'd look spectacular in or out of a bathing suit!
Keity Brazilian Barbie
She has to be one of the most beautiful women in the World and or Universe.
another angel
Barbie? not! she is princess of brazil!!! her eyes say it very clearly....I am looking forward to meet her here again!!!!!
brazilian beauty
Keity hot denim November 3rd, 2006
goooood,very sexy undress.
Hot Denim? I say HOT DAMN! Keity is hands down the most striking model on this site.
just a beatiful ass and perfect triangle why hide it from the sun. Keity, in or out of denim, you turn the nations on; the puss above your legs is just perfection
who doesn`t love a perfect ass?
well i can say this. im in love again. Keity is about the hots woman i have seen. she is very sexy woman.if i was to way my pick of a wife she is the one.
I agree that Keity has an incredible ass. Best on the site! I also love her natural look down below. I'd like to see more models like that.
Beautiful girl, and picture 42 was one of the best on this site.
Keity is in my Top 5 favorite Hegre models! No, make that #1!! The girl looks amazing and her body is flawless. I LOVE the blue denim short-shorts and the knit top. Better, Keity's perfectly round butt, thong tanlines, and long flowing locks! Thank you, Hegre!! Thank you!
Keity hot denim
This model is hot no matter what...done deal. However, when the denim dropped so too should have the lens to include her entire body. Some of us appreciate full body presentations so you should include a few in every set. It doesn't cost any more to develop, so why not?
I agree with Stefan! Only I want to see every square inch of Keity at 6000px! She is absolutely one of the most beautiful women in the entire world!
I have a serious request. I think Keity has one of -the most- beautiful rear ends I have ever seen in my whole life and it has truly not seen enough attention on here. It is possible to get a whole entire set that only focuses on every possible bend and angle of her phenomenal booty?
Keity lush Latina September 7th, 2006
super sexy babe
Kelty is the most sensitive looking woman. Perfect body and face. Super model.
What a babe!!!
Girl, you are a looker!!!! Good on ya, take care!!
Any more where she came from?
Very sexy
Keity cannot be any sexier. Brazilian women are so sexy, and Keity is a perfect example of why I am engaged to a Brazilian. Nice photo series, although some photos of Keity on her back, or arching her back, would have been awesome.
Tan Lines
Absolutely gorgeous. Love her face, hair, body. Tan lines are so sexy........
Keity viva Brazil August 19th, 2006
As Elton john would say "You just blow me away" What would I do to explore that beautifully trimmed pussy.? Just about anything. Gorgeous
wow, what a beautiful , sexy, woman...toes, legs, pussy, ass, abs, breasts, face, hair, ... what else can i say!!
Keity, absolutely stunning, on a par with Nivia Nery. Just can't get any better
amazing tan lines just lure you in............
Show us More....
Keity your are so mesmerizing! There needs to be an "11" for rating your images!
I thought that Brazil was a country where sun was shining all year long, Is'nt it? Why a so dark setting for this wonderful girl?
keityviva brazil
just gorgeous; hair, eyes mouth, face, body,breast that call, pussy at the arch of such legs. thanks for the feeling.
Wonderful black hair and unbearably watchable pussy.Another triumph!
Delicously heart stopping.
Good Gosh!!
She's perfect in every way! =)
She's just plain...
...FINE! Enough said.