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Flora Profile

Name: Flora
Country: Argentina
Weight: 50kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model

Tough Talking Tease

Full of attitude and fighting talk, Flora is a tough girl who knows what she wants out of life.

An Argentinean model based in Mexico City, she has moved to Mexico because of the recent economic downturn. An established model, Flora has previously posed for Mexican Playboy. She is lucky to have a perfect body with perfect tits. She is a true natural beauty and she knows it!

Flora wants to travel and see the world and with her determined spirit she is destined to fulfill this desire. Independent and in control this girl is real heartbreaker!

Sassy, strong and totally sexy - Flora is destined to make the most out of her life.

Flora fishnet part2 April 8th, 2015
back spot
you didn´t paint a black spot, did you?
Flora !!
Flora is totally hot and very sexy. She has the most exciting pictures and films on the internet !! She is very daring and erotic. It is a thrill to watch her in her videos !! Please, let us have more of Flora !! She is a living work of art !!
Alex and Flora art of sex March 12th, 2015
Alex and Flora
Flora has got to be the sexiest woman on the planet and every photo shoot and video with her in it is exceptional. More please.
Alex and Flora art of sex
Are we all more or less bisexuel ? Am I a littel bisexuel as I believe ? Thank you to Alex and Frora.
The delightfully sexy Flora is my favourite model. I am waiting for what Shakespeare might have called "a consummation devoutly to be wish'd", with either Mike or Alex honouring Flora in a film or video and matching gallery set.
Art of Sex via Flora & Alex....
Nice... looking forward to the following shoots of their versions of The Art of Sex as they continue onward with their journey toward the blissful reward ... very provocative and well done......
Would like to see...
a movie from this photoshoot!... :)
...the art of simulated sex :-)
Flora/Alex... sexy art.
Getting better each time with these two.... nicely done erotica.
Love Flora & the sets you do with her. Would be great to see some new sets & films, any more planned with Mike?
Sets like this, and the wonderful massage videos, are why I subscribe to Hegre.
Alex and Flora creative cock tease February 26th, 2015
sensual creativity
The sisling hot interaction between Flora and Alex unavoidebly leeds to so much intense suspense. Love to see more of these exciting creativity
More of Flora and More teasing please!
Love teasing, its more like my life! And such awesome people, thanks and more of this too
do it girl !!!
get on it
Sex bomb
Flora is a real sex bomb. I love her. Alex is also a good looking guy with a nice cock.
I love it when Flora pushes the limits. Like so many others, I love it more to see when she goes the whole nine yards. I'm willing to bet Petter has 100's of such photos.
DAMN! I sure hope that they really pay this guy WELL! Why NOT PLEASE the man! What is so bad about that?! I surely do not have the constitution this poor lad has about his penis - as I would EXPLODE on IMPACT of FLORA'S LIPS!
Flora is such a nice friend
RE: Love Flora
Beautiful and sexy. He needs to return the favor.
Love Flora
her sets are the best on your site - more please!
come sempre Alex e Flora sono un mondo a parte
Alex e Flora lo hanno nel DNA l'erotismo...in ogni cosa che fanno rimangono unici.
Flora - Creative Cock Tease
Flora is by far my most favourite model at Hegré-Art. She is beautiful, overtly sexy and seems to enjoy everything she does in front of the cameras. I literally can't see enough of her in action.
Alex and Flora sensual massage part 3 January 22nd, 2015
Wearing the belt
while nude, just looks weird. I think the bottle of oil would be fine on the massage table.
Number 7
Flora i my favoite model and she has beautiful genitalia. But in terms of sensuality I prefer something less explicit. Love being ble to see her delicate downy hair on her stomach. Just wish it would have shown her entire body.
Winter clothing?
Yes, but why is Alex completely clothed? Your Naked Masseur video, an early one must still be the hall-mark for man/woman massage!
please show the video of this
please, please, please!
Flora ...
... and Alex : I do appreciate. Once more. Thanks.
We don't see enough of Flora - would be great to see some new sets featuring her!
Alex and Flora sex art December 28th, 2014
alex and flora
it comes close to a perfect intimate session.
will we ever see a vid of them just simply having sex?
That's sizzling
Just about time to let these two have a full on sex session...
If only she'd slipped!!
Beautiful set of pictures 'knocking on the door' of heaven. Reminds me of my pubescent fumblings and experiments without being allowed to penetrate which left me with 'blue balls on many occasions!!. Would have been good if Flora had slipped in a couple of the poses and been penetrated to the hilt, with the subsequent look of surprise on her face. Superb stuff keep it coming.
so close
This photo set gives me blue balls...
Flora & Alex...
Yes, they're both getting closer to having a full sex session & I can't wait to view it. Flora is easily the very best model Hegre has on his site. great work by all...
that was smoking' hotttttt! i mean daaaanng! i'm reduced to a very small vocabulary here...
She's such a tease! I'd hate to do a photoshoot with her!
All the blood rushed from my head to more pleasurable areas upon viewing this photo set, leaving me a little dazed and confused. Alex may be tasty, but he is obviously no lady. Flora on the other hand looks quite delicious and is definitely all amazing woman! Sorry about that.
Alex and Flora sex art
Surprising, very beautiful. Congratulations.
The best
Alex and Flora sex art
Like Flora and Alex. They look like intimate friends. And I hope future sets let them come much closer. Wish you and all members a lucky new year.
Marvelous Maneater
Would love to be devoured by this curvaceous carnivore. Alex is one tasty lady!
I love most everything Flora does but her and Alex are nothing less than downright exciting. Would love to see the pictures and video outtakes where she is taking him in fully.
Flora ist Porno, genial
Oh, oh, oh, he almost penetrates her. Normally I don't like porn, but in that case I would love to see that Flora really fucks him...
Irresistable Pun
Flora really has it in for Alex : ) Love these photos. Great job Petter!
Do it or don't...
When it comes to art and erotica, I think there comes a time when you have to decide whether to cross a line or not. Seems rather disingenuous to pretend. Just my humble opinion.
Oh yeah. Nice.