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Kathryn | Afrique du Sud Galeries : 11
Photo de Kathryn


Photo de Kathryn
Nom: Kathryn
Pays: Afrique du Sud
Poids: 52kg
Taille: 174cm
Age: 25

Beauté terrienne affectueuse

Kathryn est née en Afrique du Sud mais vit actuellement à Londres.

ELLE TRAVAILLE comme mannequin professionnelle et fut enchantée de cette opportunité de travail avec un photographe tel que Petter Hegre. Habituée des contraintes propres au monde de la mode et du travail esthétique, pouvoir enfin se laisser aller fut une chance et faire du nu fut un changement de style fantastique.

Dotée d’un corps svelte et ferme, Kathryn admet de bon coeur qu’elle adore la nature, particulièrement la mer. Ses longs cheveux châtain et son teint clair lui donne un air de sirène lorsqu’elle se glisse dans l’eau, son corps se déplaçant avec une certaine harmonie dont sont seulement pourvus ceux qui aiment la mer.

Petter n’a pas pu s’empêcher de rire et de dire que Kathryn est une hippie lorsqu’il a appris qu’elle est végétarienne, ce dont elle est fière.

Kathryn Galeries COMMENTAIRES

Kathryn architecture abstraite | August 17th, 2006
Kathryn architecture abstraite
Jorge Murguia Mexique

Kathryn Excelent photoshoot i love to see a great work of combination of art and lovely nude. I think this work only can be enjoy for profesional photogrhapers because it is more than bizarre open legs girls.

Jennipher et Kathryn bord de piscine | March 7th, 2006
Jennipher et Kathryn bord de piscine
Dan from Texas Etats Uni

Jennipher and Kathryn poolside These beautiful photos are High Art! The green water and those beautiful green eyes only add to the perfect composition. I love them all.

steve underwood Etats Uni

comments Love the ladies... they are the worlds best. problem is that in this set all the pictures are the same. i might as well look at the negatives proof sheet. let see some editing and more diverse content PLEASE. Keep finding the worlds most amazing models

Scot Etats Uni

Green Eyed Goddess Non vedo lora. Always my favorite. Beuche da beaute.

Riddler Japon

Classic Photos #31 and 32 reminds me of a typical classical nude photos - hiding breast and genital.

Kathryn esthétique | February 23rd, 2006
Kathryn esthétique
roddydol Norvège

Kathryn Beautiful girl, awesome feet! But always so far away! What about some closeups?

Kathryn simplicité | January 15th, 2006
Kathryn simplicité
bh Etats Uni

Kathryn Kathryn is really amazing - easily one of your best models, but there is always very little variety to her poses. And very few photos to view - only 20 shots today. You can do much better than that.

andrew Etats Uni

kathryn simplicity she is simple beauty and one of your top three models..your photo set is awsome as well...

MrQuick France

love I always love you deeply…* Je vous aime définitivement Kathy… means nothing… but… 4real… Best regards

ccu Etats Uni

I agree I agree that she is, by far, one the most pleasant models to look at on this site. I also agree that there are too few photos and poses to admire. I look forward to more

Lardo Etats Uni

Intrigue Kathryn is so intriguing and interesting looking - which is a rarer quality than just beauty, which she of course does not lack either. Kathryn, it's women like you (and there are not many of you), who make me wish I was a painter or a sculptor or both. I wonder if you ever thought about acting - because you project all kinds of moods and ambiance without any effort at all.

Kathryn zèbre | November 24th, 2005
Kathryn zèbre
MrQ France

Could be lion… Je me sens affamé comme un lion à voir cette magnifique Kathrin sur une peau de zébre … pure beauté… divine femme…

Bud Turner Etats Uni

Kathryn & Katarina Your images of Katarina & Kathryn are some of the most sensual in your collection. Although they are not the prettiest models, their natural, unshaven look is much more erotic than the shaven models, and their willingness to open themselves up to display their ultimate feminity make them alluring and vulnerable at the same time. Marketa is also one of your greatest works. She too is natural, alive and vibrant. Keep up the good work...

BluecatIII Etats Uni

Kathryn...IS A...GAZELLE!

Kathryn séance de spa | October 31st, 2005
Kathryn séance de spa
Nick Royame Uni

Simple composition, a great setting and, most importantly, a beautiful model. The result: yet another great set of photos!

Kathryn reflets | October 10th, 2005
Kathryn reflets
andy Brésil

Oh my. She is just gorgeous!

Kathryn nue au soleil | August 30th, 2005
Kathryn nue au soleil
BluecatIII Etats Uni

Kathryn...IS EVE?...Beautiful!

Kathryn immergée | July 30th, 2005
Kathryn immergée
Mrquick France

Are U married ? What a wonderful Ophelia U'r…Are U married really ? I fall in love…what a face… what a body… what a woman U are … Are U really married ?

terminus_h Slovénie

Kathryn has the most beautiful face of the site and the series here is nicely emphasizing this outstanding asset. If Paulina is the goddess, and Linda L the queen, Kathryn can easily be the emperess of the site.

Will Etats Uni

Perfect body, love the muff!

Kathryn perchée dans l’arbre | July 21st, 2005
Kathryn perchée dans l’arbre

I wonder what's the most interesting: The tree or the girl. The arrangement of both gives a very nice looking gallery.

BluecatIII Etats Uni

Kathryn...IS Obviously,...Delightfully,...Leopard!!!

Kathryn tranquillité | July 6th, 2005
Kathryn tranquillité
Philip Etats Uni

Kathryn is the perfect model for this set.

BluecatIII Etats Uni

Kathryn...B&W Exquisite!