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Foto de Tacha


Foto de Tacha
Nombre: Tacha
País: Argentina
Peso: 42kg
Altura: 163cm
Edad: 19
Ocupación: Estudiante

Trabajadora y Profesional

Tacha es lo que podríamos llamar una modelo experimentada, y se le nota.

AUNQUE VIVE en Córdoba con su novio, hace viajes frecuentes a Buenos Aires para trabajar con los fotógrafos, diseñadores de moda y anunciantes más importantes de la región. Tacha conoció a Petter Hegre gracias a un amigo mutuo, y como ya se había familiarizado con su trabajo fotográfico le dijo que posaría para él si algún día se pasaba por Sudamérica.

Con su experiencia de más de cinco años posando desnuda, Tacha se siente cómoda cuando muestra su cuerpo a la cámara y le encanta que le den la oportunidad sacar a relucir su lado sensual. Tacha es una chica animada y trabajadora que sabe muy bien que si las sesiones de fotos son muy divertidas, también son increíblemente rigurosas y físicamente extenuantes.

Tacha lo aguanta todo con una sonrisa y con una actitud optimista, y le enorgullese su habilidad para ayudar al fotógrafo a tomar la mejor imagen posible.

Tacha Galerías COMENTARIOS

Tacha blanco | November 20th, 2006
Tacha blanco
Fernando García Martínez España

Tacha white Beautiful Tacha! I hope see her many times in the future. Thank you.

Tacha sofá Starck | August 5th, 2006
Tacha sofá Starck
Pete Reino Unido

Tacha Pretty, girl next door look!

Tacha Hotel Faene | July 15th, 2006
Tacha Hotel Faene
Sean Estados Unidos de América

ok, I retract all the bad things I've ever said about your photography skills.

Sean Estados Unidos de América

...however, this one in your "true 6000" would have been nice.

David Estados Unidos de América

Hotel Fanny Be it the British or American definition, I definitely would love to check in! Tacha, you are a ravishing beauty. Thank you so much for sharing. You know how to make love to the camera, and we love you right back. Your perfect body with all its precious parts is so far beyond all I could wish for in a woman, you take my breath away. But that face, that raven black hair, those devastating eyes, I'm in love and in fear of you. Every pout, smile, and blank stare you make cuts through to my soul. You're an amazing model, and a Goddess among mortals, thanks again. Petter, thank you for capturing the splendor of this siren, you do great work, it brings me joy.

timatits Estados Unidos de América

Tasha + a Chair = Fantastic After only few months of enjoying this site one of the things I notice is that Petter Hegre.s favorite prop is a singular chair. The chairs may be ornate or plain or anywhere in-between and Petter always lets us see the model in positions that are diverse but natural. No model brings out the beauty and sensuality of the female as Tasha. This is the second time in a row that Tasha is in a chair; and for the second time in a row Petter moves her about so that we see the many shapes her nude body can take. Her body is perfect for such a series as it reshapes itself constantly into new erotic positions. Her face is distinctive, almost Greek. Her nipples are (as in every set of her photographs) as tight and hard as any stimulated woman’s can be. Her breasts are large enough to assume different shapes as she moves but small enough that they do not overwhelm the composition. Her figure is proportioned perfectly. Her labia are in full flower, if a bit dry looking. And it is the chair that brings all of these out as it allows her to rotate her body and let Petter’s camera highlight each feature. Tasha is a creature to lust over and in this series (as in her prior ones) it is impossible not to.

Raabe Holanda

Tacha " Tacha " is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen on the web for a long time. Please if you have more pictures of this beautifull and perfect girl, publish them on you webside.

Jess Tumbokon Estados Unidos de América

techa mature but youthfully sexy

fasteddie Estados Unidos de América

a raven haired beauty

Peter Alemania

dont know.... sometimes i would say you will hold her in youir arms...and the next second you will be her lover!

ardunbye Reino Unido

Tacha Hotel Faene Brilliantly sexy and outstandingly erotic expertly photographed, of course.

will Estados Unidos de América

tascha Tart nipples and sweet pussylips... what a delight!

geoffrey Estados Unidos de América

Tacha This girl is gorgeous!! Peter, you need to get her back!

Tacha decorado 70's | June 24th, 2006
Tacha decorado 70's
Peter Lackner Estados Unidos de América

high pixell promises Love your high resolution pix. One can almost smell the scent of their skin. Please make more 6000k available - they are so great!!! Thanks.

Tony Montana Reino Unido

Tacha petter, nice model but i think you should check their nails before publishing their fotos. sorry. TM

Sean Estados Unidos de América

Who is looking at the nails...this girl is so hot she scares me. Try looking into her eyes sometime.

gregory Estados Unidos de América

Someone so beautiful in so many ackward positions.

ben Estados Unidos de América

tacha very very nice quality as usual excellent yummy model ... do some more works !

Wayne-USA Estados Unidos de América

Tacha 70's Setting Congratulations on another great set Petter! Tacha is stunning and it's a privilage to see her totally nude! She posseses a hot body with a pair of sexy feet. Some really nice poses in this set, I especially appreciate image58, a classic pose which shows off the bottoms of those very pretty feet quite nicely! A job well done and keep up the splendid work!!!

Pete Reino Unido

Tacha Tacha is a very pretty girl with adorable tits and a really sexy body so I would like to see alot more of her, and next time Id like to see her smile!

qw Italia

Tacha is very nice, but why have you desappeared?

Tacha de Córdoba | October 13th, 2006
Tacha de Córdoba
ben Estados Unidos de América

this gallery though lacking in imagination does however, exhibit tacha's svelt and well proportioned body. Her eyes, well, lets say it reminds me of the well know phrase "Still waters run deep" Definately deserves more!!!

Tacha morado | June 2nd, 2006
Tacha morado
ben Estados Unidos de América

Tacha lets see... to avoid going into detail.. nice model but work looks like techically very good but the work of both the model and the photographer seems (to me that is) uninspired. would I like to see additional shoots sure.. rated gallery a 5 (low) because it think tacha is an action hero.. dang it i promised myself to stop thinking and injoy.. well i did enjoy so there!

Pete Reino Unido

Uninspired Tacha is a lovely girl, but I agree there is little emotion in the pictures. The problem is that Petter finds dome absolutely charming models, Yanna, Caro, Joyce, Olga, and Antonina. Tacha is great looking but does not quite work the camera like they do and of course the studio setting rather than an exotic location does not help. So more of Tacha on the beach or at some grand stately home?

Tacha cuero blanco | January 9th, 2006
Tacha cuero blanco
robby Estados Unidos de América

why the hell is she wearing those stupid boots!!!

BaX Estados Unidos de América

Unshaved Tacha is a real beauty. But I would love to see her unshaved.

shane Estados Unidos de América

Tacha this set is absolutley stunning. too bad it's not in 4000px.

Adam Reino Unido

Yummy Brunette Steaming ! Face & body to die for and she looks like she enjoys posing nude. Photo 53 is as good as it gets !

Glen Estados Unidos de América

Tacha Argentina's Fame Argetina never look better thanks to Petter.

GERBOU Francia

Nice pics, nice girl, she shows all of her biautiful body, but eroticism is missing. A pitty.

ardunbye Reino Unido

Tacha white leather What a gloriously sexy and versatile young beauty Tacha is. Whatever your peccadillo, this dolly provides for it.

Tacha rosa transparente | November 11th, 2005
Tacha rosa transparente
BeanieBoy Estados Unidos de América

Tacha's Too Much!!! Never ever before have I seen such a mind boggling mix of "innocense" and sexiness, all tucked neatly into a splendidly tight and tidy body. Tacha could burn a hole through steel with those eyes. And any one would probably never see the light of day again if they were to start kissing and nibbling that tummy of hers! Hope to see much more Tacha!

Tomm Estados Unidos de América

Beauty This is perfection. Truly one of the most beautiful women in the world.

shane Estados Unidos de América

unbelievable those eyes and body have beat me into submission.

Rick Estados Unidos de América

Tascha Possibly the most beautiful nipples of all. At 4000 or 6000, could even eclipse Yanna Beach Walk, currently the most incredible nipple images on the net.

Walter Estados Unidos de América

What an ass. wow

Stacy Estados Unidos de América

Tacha Perfect legs, can't get enough of her.

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Glass Cutter Nipples Great model. Slender, insane ass, firm small breasts, connects with the camera and nipples she can hang her shirt on. Nice work, very sexy.

Tacha tentación femenina | October 28th, 2005
Tacha tentación femenina
assfan Noruega

Nice face and gorgeus ass.

paulus007 Reino Unido

Tacha temptress Tacha is, I think, the most beautiful model on this website. Her face, her hair, her body are just breathtaking. In this gallery particularly she radiates incredible warmth and intimacy. Thank you Petter and thank you Tacha.

GERBOU Francia

Tacha is always very sensual. Eroticism is everywhere: In her face, body, ass,... She could have shown us more, but the erotism which spreads for the pictures are enough to get us satisfied.

marc Estados Unidos de América

Tacha What "Dreams" are made of.

Tacha zapatos leopardo | October 13th, 2005
Tacha zapatos leopardo
Nick Reino Unido

I love the simple composition, the great model and the really interesting poses: well done! I really do like it when the camera stays in the same spot and you have the model move around a bit, rather than the reverse...

GERBOU Francia

Tacha do not hide anything of her body, and that's what we want and like. What a wonderful pussy! More, more please.

STACY Estados Unidos de América

Tacha Tacha is gorgeous, her beautifuly sculpted legs and knees are beyond compare, hope to see much more of her.

Tacha cuento para dormir | September 26th, 2005
Tacha cuento para dormir
Jim Estados Unidos de América

Great body. Nice shots. She is not a heart stopping beauty, but she is quite attractive.

Tacha rojo y blanco | August 31st, 2005
Tacha rojo y blanco
Glen Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful Tacha From Argentina A Star born even before the first camera clicked. Those sexy eyes seem to stare right thu your soul. And that face is as glamorous as any Hollywood Idol. Petter you have given us a big chunk of Argentia Gold.

WhoBeBilly Estados Unidos de América

Tacha To sum it up in two words, "perfect nipples".

Tacha Películas COMENTARIOS

Tacha Argentina | July 31st, 2007
Tacha Argentina
Victor Reino Unido

Tacha - Secution Cute! And such a tease.

Lee Aitken Estados Unidos de América

Tacha is a stunning beauty. Her eyes captivate me.

SE Estados Unidos de América

She's beautiful and sexy with great energy...too bad it wasn't shot in HDV.

smythe Canada

tacha argentina one of a kind beautiful

Tacha sexy | November 1st, 2005
Tacha sexy
Juan Antonio Noruega

Tacha Sexy Es un excelente desnudo, la modelo tambien es preciosa

Edward Estados Unidos de América

Classic Strip Tease You can't go wrong with a tried and true striptease for pure visual pleasure!

Marc Estados Unidos de América

Such Cute Stockings! Tacha looks perfect in those stockings ;-)

henry chinaski Canada

i can't believe there are actually girls who are this hot.

Giuseppe Italia

Grazie Tacha! The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be!

FastEddie Estados Unidos de América

tacha has good face looks good in film

Chris Canada

Tacha Tacha is indeed very sexy! She is so beautiful and sensual and you just wish you could be there! Wonderful!