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Tacha Profile

Name: Tacha
Country: Argentina
Weight: 42kg
Height: 163cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Hard Working Pro

Tacha is what you would call an experienced model, and it shows.

SHE LIVES in Cordoba with her boyfriend but regularly travels to Buenos Aires to work with the regions top photographers, fashion designers, and advertisers. She was referred to Petter Hegre through a mutual friend and having been familiar with his work, agreed to do a shoot if he should ever happen to visit South America.

With over five years of experience posing nude, Tacha is comfortable showing off her body to the camera and enjoys it when the opportunity to bring out her sensual side arises. Tacha is lively, hard working, and understands that though photo shoots are a lot of fun, they are incredibly rigorous and physically draining as well.

Tacha endures it all with a smile and a peppy attitude, taking pride in her ability to help a photographer get the best image possible.

Tacha Argentina July 31st, 2007
tacha argentina
one of a kind beautiful
She's beautiful and sexy with great energy...too bad it wasn't shot in HDV.
Tacha is a stunning beauty. Her eyes captivate me.
Tacha - Secution
Cute! And such a tease.
Tacha white November 20th, 2006
Tacha white
Beautiful Tacha! I hope see her many times in the future. Thank you.
Tacha from Cordoba October 13th, 2006
this gallery though lacking in imagination does however, exhibit tacha's svelt and well proportioned body. Her eyes, well, lets say it reminds me of the well know phrase "Still waters run deep" Definately deserves more!!!
Tacha Starck-sofa August 5th, 2006
Pretty, girl next door look!
Tacha Hotel Faene July 15th, 2006
This girl is gorgeous!! Peter, you need to get her back!
Tart nipples and sweet pussylips... what a delight!
Tacha Hotel Faene
Brilliantly sexy and outstandingly erotic expertly photographed, of course.
dont know....
sometimes i would say you will hold her in youir arms...and the next second you will be her lover!
a raven haired beauty
mature but youthfully sexy
" Tacha " is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen on the web for a long time. Please if you have more pictures of this beautifull and perfect girl, publish them on you webside.
Tasha + a Chair = Fantastic
After only few months of enjoying this site one of the things I notice is that Petter Hegre.s favorite prop is a singular chair. The chairs may be ornate or plain or anywhere in-between and Petter always lets us see the model in positions that are diverse but natural. No model brings out the beauty and sensuality of the female as Tasha. This is the second time in a row that Tasha is in a chair; and for the second time in a row Petter moves her about so that we see the many shapes her nude body can take. Her body is perfect for such a series as it reshapes itself constantly into new erotic positions. Her face is distinctive, almost Greek. Her nipples are (as in every set of her photographs) as tight and hard as any stimulated woman’s can be. Her breasts are large enough to assume different shapes as she moves but small enough that they do not overwhelm the composition. Her figure is proportioned perfectly. Her labia are in full flower, if a bit dry looking. And it is the chair that brings all of these out as it allows her to rotate her body and let Petter’s camera highlight each feature. Tasha is a creature to lust over and in this series (as in her prior ones) it is impossible not to.
Hotel Fanny
Be it the British or American definition, I definitely would love to check in! Tacha, you are a ravishing beauty. Thank you so much for sharing. You know how to make love to the camera, and we love you right back. Your perfect body with all its precious parts is so far beyond all I could wish for in a woman, you take my breath away. But that face, that raven black hair, those devastating eyes, I'm in love and in fear of you. Every pout, smile, and blank stare you make cuts through to my soul. You're an amazing model, and a Goddess among mortals, thanks again. Petter, thank you for capturing the splendor of this siren, you do great work, it brings me joy.
...however, this one in your "true 6000" would have been nice.
ok, I retract all the bad things I've ever said about your photography skills.