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Photo de Viktoria T


Photo de Viktoria T
Nom: Viktoria T
Pays: Ukraine
Poids: 52kg
Taille: 175cm
Age: 23
Profession: Mannequin


Viktoria est un mystère en soi.

ÉTANT née dans les paysages hivernaux et froids de Kiev, son attitude joviale et positive est en opposition totale avec la ville tentaculaire et dominatrice qui l’entoure. Avec ses beaux cheveux couleur corbeau venant contraster son visage blanc neige et ses yeux pénétrants qui atteignent les hommes en plein coeur, ses attributs n’en sont pas moins mystérieux.

Mannequin et danseuse expérimentée, Viktoria ne recule pas devant le travail ardu et les limites à repousser sans cesse et sans arrêt. Lors de ses temps libres, elle aime bien monter sur les planches du théâtre local et a le sentiment qu’être mannequin est un mélange naturel du jeu d’acteur et de la danse. Amoureuse de la “Mode parisienne”, selon ses propres mots, Viktoria revendique qu’il n’y a rien de mieux que les foulards en soie.

Lorsque c’est Viktoria qui les porte, on ne peut que tomber d’accord avec elle.

Viktoria T Galeries COMMENTAIRES

Viktoria T. vue de la fenêtre | December 14th, 2006
Viktoria T. vue de la fenêtre
Victor Royame Uni

Love the idea that people could have seen her in the window from the outside. Very sexy girl.

Raymond Royame Uni

Love the ass pics on page 2.

ben Etats Uni

good shoot! Great body front back side... slender and propotional body... black hair compliment her eyes... her eyes oh yeah like looking into the soul of the universal woman.. a little innicent , a little ,vampish, and impish... and the shoot is well centered great! I like yeah man


Wonderful Viktoria T. Fantastic small ass and small tits. An unshaven pussy which we think must be also nice looking as we can't see much of it. Next time, may be?

Foo Etats Uni

beautiful model, but get rid of the ugly boot heels... Those boot heel things really ruin it for me :)

Olena et Viktoria T. duo | June 10th, 2006
Olena et Viktoria T. duo
ben Etats Uni

olena and viktoria could be a dynamic duo.. both have excellent features but the two together a bit of sensory overload I think both looked better ontheir separate galleries would like to see each of them but only on individual galleries

gerry Royame Uni

nice contrast great to see the return of Olena more please Excellent double feature they contrast well

Pete Royame Uni

Great contrast Great skin tone contrasts make for an interesting gallery and I have no problem seeing alot more of Olena and Viktoria together

ben Etats Uni

the duo This is hot lets see alot more of olena amazin gallery

sirstefanofb Australie

The site of these two gorgeous girls standing totaaly naked on blocks, brought fantasies to mind of an ancient egyption slave market... my mind took me back through time, where I was fortunate to out-bid the opposition and purchased both girls for my private 'collection'. I had better stop there as I'm sure you dont want to read what happened to them, once we arrived home, now do you?... Sir Stefan

don Canada

two beauties . . . . Viktoria looks sweet and innocent and Olena looks hot and . . . . . well . . . . not innocent!

ardunbye Royame Uni

Olena and Viktoria T. duo A MEMO TO PETTER:I and many like I has only got 2 I's which R not enough for us(as in bus,not shoes)to take in all that's lovely about this set. Now those in HawaII have a couple spare I's and if I get glasses, I will have 4 I's. So, I'm getting glasses and moving to HawaII THEN eye'll be happy.

Mark Etats Uni

Olena and Viktoria Olena and Viktoria are a fantastic duo! Fabulous pairing of the duo as they provide a beautiful compliment to one another. Art at its finest! Each are exhibited on those blocks as true works of art. Nudity in a pure and artistic form. Absolutely wonderful!

Viktoria T. striptease | October 9th, 2006
Viktoria T. striptease
Bozz Royame Uni

Viktoria T is one of the most gorgeous models on the site. I love her athletic body combined with her cheeky smile. Lovely!

don Canada

Viktoria is a real beauty, especially that smile . . . .but she should throw away those boots!!! Yikes!

dwb13207 Etats Uni

I thank you are gorgeous and I wish there was more of you

Jim Etats Uni

Nice work Beautiful poses. Every pic is a new masterpiece. She's a doll!

Mark Etats Uni

Viktoria Love Viktoria! Instead of the boots though, she should be butt naked in pumps!

Viktoria T. décor photos | August 12th, 2006
Viktoria T. décor photos
Dan Etats Uni

Viktoria T HOT HOT Hot HOT HOT hot HOt

Rudolf E. Reinhard Suisse

victoria excellent!!!!! Rudolf E. reinhard

Jim Etats Uni

Vik A truly perfect body.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Viktoria T set shots Flippancy first: I just could not see a tea set anywhere. (-T.set shots). Now the real stuff:- Usually I enjoy Hegre's girls for their aesthetic value BUT Viktoria brings out the baser animal instincts in me and I would love to be very naughty with her. (very naughty indeed).

Viktoria T. pas innocente | June 25th, 2006
Viktoria T. pas innocente
Jason Chang Etats Uni

She is very beautiful and somewhat tanned. I love tan. Just wish that she was in the new model so I can see the xxl pics. Some great closeup pictures, by the way.

Andrew Etats Uni

truth and beauty Viktoria is beautiful, sassy, and elegant - I really like the extreme closeup - it doesn't work with every shoot - this one is extraordinary - talk about being there!

steve turner Australie

Viktoria As a full time pro photographer for 20years working in advertising and fine art she is possibly the best i have seen she works with the photographer and the result is brilliant,if she comes to Australia she has my booking now

Hansen Tsang Etats Uni

Dirty feet Petter you have some extremely lovely models and they are very pretty. How can you let them walk around and get dirty feet!

mehmet Turquie

viktoria t. rose of russia...

mstar Turquie

victoria more photos of victoria please!!!

Viktoria en coulisses | June 6th, 2006
Viktoria en coulisses
Philippe Suisse

snapshots these snapshots are really nice and sometimes even more sensual or erotic than studio shootings . Studio shootings are often too sharp , too " studio lighting " without emotion . I really also prefer the series in natural light

steve turner Australie

no 1 Nice behind sceens, but when this girl gets on the set it all comes together iam your No 1 Fan, i have always been good at spoting real talent, and i wont name drop, but, we may see Viktoria on the movie sets..........steve the photographer Australia.

Viktoria mannequin | March 12th, 2006
Viktoria mannequin
Mac Etats Uni

Viktoria Amazingly sexy and gorgeous girl. She is a supermodel in my book. Please, more pictures of her, including any video!

Pete Royame Uni

Viktoria Mmm...gorgeous long legs and a very pretty girl. Petter find her a really appealing location and Viktoria will be a star.

Viktoria élégance | February 21st, 2006
Viktoria élégance
Randy Etats Uni

Another stunning set of a stunning woman! Incredible legs!

Viktoria portrait | February 3rd, 2006
Viktoria portrait
Dan G Etats Uni

Viktoria WOW! Best sets of Viktoria ever!

Gareth Etats Uni

WOW! Viktoria is AMAZING! Very beautiful with flowing hair, mysterious eyes, and the PERFECT physique! This series illustrates her perfection 360 degrees in a studio shoot.... Petter, photograph this girl outdoors and she's gold!

Adam Royame Uni

Yummy I shall look at her until I go blind....


Wonderful gallery, sexy and erotic pics of a very nice looking girl.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Viktoria portraits They say 'A picture's worth a thousand words' and if true, all these pictures end " her".

Viktoria monument | January 20th, 2006
Viktoria monument

Viktoria T It is a wonderful set, including "Viktoria Elegance". She has a breathtaking beauty. Wish her a great future, maybe we will see her again on this site.Hope so :-) Hannes

Viktoria bien française | January 5th, 2006
Viktoria bien française
Jeff-USA Etats Uni

Viktoria Frencheuse I have to say Petter that this is some of your best work yet. A nice long set of this raven haired beauty, crystal clear photos featuring her taking everything off. I much prefer your studio sets where the model ends up totally nude from head to toe. I felt Viktorias previous set was ruined by the fact that you had her leave her boots on, but you made up for that in this set, i love how your have her sexily remove her cute boots to reveal her very pretty bare feet! She has stunning bare feet, rivaling any of your models. I also have to comment on Photo 101, this is one of my favorite poses of all time.I love how her shapely legs are up in the air showcasing the soles of her stunning bare feet!!! I only wish this exact same pose was featured in every one of your photo sets!!! All told a beautiful model with a great body posed perfectly. Keep up the great work and i'll remain a happy member!! Thanks a bunch.

wilson Etats Uni

very excellent

Randy Etats Uni

Viktoria is a stunning woman! The lighting and posing of Petter's gallery is beautiful.

steve turner Australie

A Stunner There are models /supermodels/and Viktoria, a comment from someone who shoots 365 days a year worked with the worst and best this is a prime example of how to get it right, she cant do a bad pose and PH has the know how to shoot her,work with her, and get the crops right. In my opinion her work is some of the best i have seen ever..Steve from Sydney Australia


Wonderful very erotic set. Viktoria offer us all what we want and like to see of her magnificent body, still enlighted by a perfect setting and perfect lighting. By the way, what means 'frencheuse'? I'm French, but never heard that word before.

Jim Etats Uni

Viktoria Now that I have taken a closer look, I can see why most people vote this sweet woman as their number one choice. although Yanna is my numero uno, by far, I now see what Viktoria has to offer. She is supernova hot.

luv_yanna Etats Uni

Excellence! This model is just devastatingly beautiful, she is a great poser and she really comes "alive" in her pictures. This kind of artistry can only come from a collaboration of great model and great photographer. I am in awe and I can not express how much I appreciate what I've just seen.

Viktoria renaissance | December 8th, 2005
Viktoria renaissance
Ralph Moellers Allemagne

The new design Very, very well done everybody. The new website design is excellent and makes a good site even better. Thank you for offering 3000 pixel archives now. I had to download pic by pic before. Thanks a lot! ralph

Jim Lovelace Etats Uni

Viktoria Renaissance Viktoria is a very beautiful model. I would like to see more pictures of her. She is sensual, erotic, without being crude.

bojangle Afrique du Sud

VIKTORIA T She is the one of the most beautiful of your models. It would be wonderful to see more of her and her stunning pussy

steve turner Australie

20out of 10 As i have said this is a model who should go places, if only my models could do a quater of these poses without being told what to do i would be happy and i know she was not given direction she is a natural great photographer lighting +a1 model = BRILLIANT! Steve the photographer Australia. Book her in for me if she comes to Sydney.

luv_yanna Etats Uni

Stunning woman. Here is a model that is quite nearly perfect; she is beautiful and her beauty is captured so well in these photos. With all her stunning features, I have to single out her breasts for even higher praise. Mr. Hegre has photographed her breasts so perfectly that I will be seeing them in my mind for days to come.

Viktoria foulard en soie | November 9th, 2005
Viktoria foulard en soie
Jeff Etats Uni

Viktoira This woman has AWESOME legs!


Wonderful sexy gal of this biautiful girl. Impressive!


Viktoria La danse des bottes | June 26th, 2007
Viktoria La danse des bottes
alex Royame Uni

viktoria an elegant beauty

Peter 7 Allemagne

nach einigen Anfangsproblemen funktioniere der Zugang perfekt. Das Beste, das ich im Internet gefunden habe bietet HEGRE. lieber Gruß Peter 7

Viktoria Foulard rouge | February 27th, 2007
Viktoria Foulard rouge
alex Royame Uni

viktoria viktoria is a stunningly beautiful women.

Badga Royame Uni

viktoria This film is too short, it does'nt do justice to one of the most visually beautiful women I have had the pleasure to look upon, she has the spark to light any fire,and those eyes so dark would unlock any man's secret desires.

Viktoria Soyeuse | June 6th, 2006
Viktoria Soyeuse
kri Inde


alex Royame Uni

viktoria hypnotic,a very sexy film,a very sexy girl.

Badga Royame Uni

my fantasy viktoria is one stunning lady, an absolute delight to watch, a joy to behold. badga