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Photo of Lena


Photo of Lena
Name: Lena
Country: Russia
Weight: 49kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Model

City Smart Country Girl

They say city girls grow up early but in Lena's case quite the opposite is true.

BORN IN some far flung village in the middle of Russia, she knew that her destiny was not milking cows and bringing in the harvest. She wanted to get her tan from the bright lights and see the sunrise, not from the fields at the beginning of a day of work, but from a club doorway on her way home from dancing the night away.

With her large lazy eyes, the first flush of youth clinging to her sexy girl body and the will to succeed, Lena was soon marching off to her first assignment, her slow country girl walk fading as her kitten heels gathered speed along the sidewalk. She found a place in a big flat shared by an army of other young hopefuls and there is nowhere in the world she would rather be.

Lena's series in the bath with Olga is a joy to behold and had our members writing in to demand more.

Lena Galleries COMMENTS

Lena, Olea, Olga girlfriends | October 10th, 2006
Lena, Olea, Olga girlfriends
Tomcat Switzerland

Olga i understand this is an older set. it raises the question -once more- if there really are no more OLGA solosets left or even some new ones in sight... olga is still tremendously popular and a look at the model-poll shows that i'm not the only one obsessed with her. so: any chance for some more OLGA-solos? cheers

btrhea United States

MORE OLGA PLEASE! I almost forgot how beautiful Olga was! It's been so long since we've seen her anywhere other than the archives. Please consider reconnecting with Olga so we can see more of her. thank you!

dgt99x United States

Lena's legs Lena's curvy legs, perky breasts and cute face make her my favorite among this little group of friends; I would love to see her return if she is still modeling.

Olga and Lena in bed | November 1st, 2003
Olga and Lena in bed
btrhea United States

OLGA I wish we could see more of Olga. She's so HOT in this gallery...

Blond Lena | April 2nd, 2003
Blond Lena
stewart watt United Kingdom

Voted on gallery in error !. I voted on gallery in error. A mark of 2 was submitted. If i had genuinely rated gallery, i would have given it a 7.

Greggor1 United States

Delightful girl. Young, beautiful and naked. A great combination! Her cute face is a delight. Her small perky breasts are a treat to see. Her tight pussy is mouth watering! Lena is wonderful eye candy.