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Nelly Profile

Name: Nelly
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 54kg
Height: 176cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model

Shy, Elegant, and Graceful

Physically, Nelly is about as close to perfection as a human being can get.

HER VOLUPTUOUS figure, soft white skin, and luscious lips make her a star on the runway in her native Kiev, and a frequent subject for her boyfriend; who just so happens to be a photographer too. Surprisingly she has never let the man photograph naked, always shying away from showing skin in front of the camera.

Nelly prides herself on adhering to very strict guidelines of proper behavior in social situations. Being a professional model doesn’t mean she has to adopt the role of a wild-cat. Consequently, she was a little reluctant at first to pose nude. However, Nelly softened up when she was informed she was to shed her clothes along side the lovely Ann and Juliya.

The relaxed and playful atmosphere created by the three girls together caused Nelly to cast away her fears and brought out her inner super-star.

Nelly studio session November 23rd, 2005
Without the chair it'd be perfect
I wish Hegre Art would concentrate on the women and not the props. I just want to see at least one simple picture of just her standing nude in every photoshoot rather than a "chair" in every picture.
Extremely Sexy
What a erotic and sexy girl, I would love to see more of her, more posts please.
Oh - my - God! What an absolutely beautiful & sexy face with the best lips EVER!! A work of art framed by a curtain of long, sexy hair, Nelly's every facial expression is one of unstudied sultry heat. She was born to set you on fire with a glance and I'm burning. From there on down we see a slender, curvy body with beautifully shaped arms, hands, legs, and even feet that can make one weep for joy. This beautiful stem supports a pair of beautiful, large, ripe breasts, just waiting for ... you know what to do with beautiful, delicious fruit! Her profile says it was hard to convince her to pose nude. Regrettably, it seems once was all she wanted to do. Still, we have the souvenirs!
I wonder why a charming girl like Nelly who is beautiful, sensual, tender n so tempting has posted only 1 gallery, would appreciate if she posts more of her.
Nelly studio session
Dark, delicious, sensuous and serious about her modeling. Knows she has the goods and is not backward in advertising he charms
It is so funny because I was thinking the same thing just the other day. She has one of the best bodies on this site, too bad we didn't get to see more of her.
What a shame that there's just one gallery with this extremely lovely girl. She's so beautiful! Very feminine, her body is superb and the way she looks turns me on.
Nelly is so a beautiful girl. It's very very sad that this is the only gallery showing her alone. Would appreciate seeing more of her alone.