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Keana | République Tchèque Galeries : 11 Films : 2
Photo de Keana


Photo de Keana
Nom: Keana
Pays: République Tchèque
Poids: 52kg
Taille: 171cm
Age: 23
Profession: Mannequin

Corps et doublure parfaits

Avouons-le - chacun des hommes, ou presque, de la planète veut être James Bond.

QUE CE soit pour avoir tous les jouets délirants en main ou pour charmer les femmes les plus séduisantes, nous avons tous rêvé de nous mettre dans sa peau au moins une fois. Si vous êtes un gentleman qui rentre dans la deuxième catégorie, a une très bonne nouvelle pour vous. Keana, croyez-le ou pas, est la doublure d’une des actrices principales dans un des 007, Casino Royale avec Daniel Craig, Mr. Bond lui-même.

Cependant, en parfait espion de thriller, gardez bien ce tuyau pour vous, car cette info ne devait pas encore être communiquée au public. Mais nous comprenons bien pourquoi Keana a été choisie pour ce rôle.

Dotée de longues jambes élancées, d’un petit et ferme derrière et d’un dos gracieux, elle fera trembler James Bond lui-même dans ses chaussures en daim noires.


Keana blanc | June 23rd, 2007
Keana blanc
alex Royame Uni

keana stunningly beautiful

justun osbserver Etats Uni

omg Keana is so warm and open. such a fabulous set.

sirstefanofb Australie

Sensational, What a delightful body. it's 'top shelf'.

Gary Etats Uni

glare You sure do have a thing for glare. How about some non-reflective earth tone colors?

ardunbye Royame Uni

Keana white A true beauty in the finest Hegre tradition and there's no greater compliment.

Keana aucune limite | July 23rd, 2007
Keana aucune limite
alex Royame Uni

keana beautiful woman,fantastic body.

dave Etats Uni


Keana lumière blanche | August 6th, 2007
Keana lumière blanche
Sam Royame Uni

Keana Oh lord. This series has made my heart beat so fast.

baudolino73 Allemagne

Very nice set! She is very special! A little bit lazy shaved, but still very erotic!

alex Royame Uni

keana outstanding,erotic,beautiful.

FastEddie Etats Uni

keana hey i need one of these in my closet ya know not to hide but to keep safe lol pretty as always

dave Etats Uni

great everything

Keana trempette | December 13th, 2006
Keana trempette
david Lucas Australie

legs&feet I have noticed that most of your models do not have their feet included in your shots. Is this at their request or do you use your own discresion?? It's as though there is something missing from your excellent photoography.

alex Royame Uni

keana one scorchingly hot woman.

TS Royame Uni

Keana Simply beautiful.

Victor Royame Uni

Keana Soaking Absolutely gorgeous series. This model is beautiful and has the most amazing ass. I hope to see more of Keana.

Raymond Royame Uni

Keana Wow! Keana is hot. I can't stop looking at these pictures, I didn't want the series to end!

SMB Royame Uni

Beautiful - What more is there to say?

Etienne Royame Uni

very sexy photographs

Amy Royame Uni

These photgraphs are so sexy, Keana's body is amazing.

Ralph Etats Uni

Wow This was impressive. That first page was incredible.

ben Etats Uni

glad she forgot the bubble soap would have missed alot... very appealing ... keana has kind of an aura about her that begs defining in further shoot ans films thank you


At least a girl which wants to show us all what we like. Page 1 reveals all the beauty of the wonderful anatomy of Keana. Wonderful puusy shots, from the front, from the back. I like seeing wide spreads of these young girls. More, more ....


Wonderful wide spread. Page 1 is a masterpiece. More, more ...

Keana James Bond girl | June 30th, 2006
Keana James Bond girl
David Etats Uni

Keana James Bond girl Keana is hot hot hot! I love her! The "rear view" pictures are out of this world. Her tits are so cute! She is in amazing shape. I could write much more, but I'm leaving now to see if she has more galleries I have missed.

ben Etats Uni

james where do i start..? Okay cute play on the names.. May I suggest "keana James Bimbo Girl". No ? How about 'The Girls of tiny tits" or "The Girls from Armani Shoes". Nice photography as I have grown to expect... But cant help but think this model needs some real dirt thrown on her and smudged a bit and her on a bad hair day... maybe a bit manicured... sorta like playboy.. sure nice body.. work doesnt seem very candid anyway as is said " beats deer guts on a door nob" Ciao

Not so concerned anymore Etats Uni

Wow! Keana, what a great shoot! You are adorable and dangerous, a true Bond girl. I especially enjoy your captivating smile, it's so nice to see. Your face is so beautiful in any expression, but that smile is a killer. Thank you.

sirstefanofb Australie

Just out of this world... Stunning and desirable girl, displaying her womanly assets so openly... lets have lots more of Keana

ardunbye Royame Uni

Keana James Bond girl O.K., I'll go with it. Looking at this lovely girl in this beautiful set. I was definitely 'STIRRED NOT SHAKEN'

Mark Etats Uni

Keana Keana would make the perfect Bond girl! Here Keana presents herself as a Bond girl should: totally nude rocking a pair of killer heels! Give her the spy pistol and she is set!

Keana exhibitionniste | May 12th, 2007
Keana exhibitionniste
sirstefanofb Australie

I cant help but admire and respect a Girl who is prepared to openly display her shaven genitalia with the entire world... well done Keana... Sir Stefan of Burswood

sirstefanofb Australie

The very first shot convinces me that Keana is a Girl I would desire to wake up with!

Keana la féline | October 23rd, 2006
Keana la féline
al Royame Uni

keana fantastic!!!

Philippe Belgique

Amazing... how sets can alternate between very good and disppointing. This one is definitely vey good and proves a single simple setting can provide beautiful photos when both the photographer and the model are inspired.

Keana culotte blanche | June 1st, 2006
Keana culotte blanche
ben Etats Uni

white panties white panties? okay nice panties... I have one question "was this the face that launched 1000 ships?" Beautiful face and eyes

ben Etats Uni

white panties my last comment went incomplete .. the rest of it... nice slender body... cute feet... hands have character like luba's(not quite thought) I guess she could loose the nails anyway like to see more... as ever photopraphy is inspired "must be a woman in volved" sick joke ciao

al Royame Uni

panty heaven i would love to be in keana's white panties.

tom Irelande

keena white panties lovely skin, sweet bootom and lovely pudenda


Nice Keana Please do the same gal without panty!

Chefe Allemagne

keana Nice body.

Keana super corps | September 15th, 2006
Keana super corps
rick Etats Uni

beautiful woman,great camera angles.

james Etats Uni

keana Now this is one naturally beautiful babe!

al Royame Uni

keana beautiful.

Tra Etats Uni

Keana Very sexy.

Bernie Allemagne

Keana She is wonderful and show me all what i like to see!!!!!!!!

Walter Etats Uni

WOW!!!! What beauty. From the top of your head to the bottom of you feet, and everything in between is the best!!!. Perfect beauty.

sirstefanofb Australie

Oh how much my trusty 'crop' and I would yearn to meet this very special creature...If only it were possible. Sir Stefan

ardunbye Royame Uni

Keana super body Super Body indeed but also s beautiful face, If you can divert your eyes for a moment to look.

Keana mini-jupe écossaise | April 28th, 2006
Keana mini-jupe écossaise
Dan in Texas Etats Uni

Keana Scottish mini skirt I love 6000px!

MD Etats Uni

Keana Nice looking gal. I am looking forward to seeing more of her, I like that she is not afraid of showing her pussy like some of the other models that you shoot. Lets see more of her soon.

concerned Etats Uni

Lovely sad girl Sweet Keana, you are blessed with so much natural beauty! Thank you for sharing it with this community. But, your expression in most of the shots I have seen of you is distressing. If you don't want to do this type of work you should not. If you do, please find some joy in it. Be an actress, pretend you are showing off for your sweetie. Please, consider your audience. I'm sure your smile will knock me out. Petter, What's your exuse?

Pete Royame Uni

Scottish skirt The Scottish skirt just gets in the way of a very attractive model!

Petter Portugal

smile hi concerned. my excuse is: her teeth are not the best... petter


Very attractive young girl. Nice small ass, nice pussy. Give us more.

heinrich Irelande

keana the cheeks in the tartan are so arousing; the naked pussy just tips the cup

ardunbye Royame Uni

Keana Scottish mini skirt Petter, you old rogue. I suspect your 'excuse' was very much 'tongue in cheek','though who looks at the teeth with a girl line Kesna? But my mum did warn me, "Girls have got teeth 'there'".

Keana dans la salle de bains | April 14th, 2006
Keana dans la salle de bains
Dan from Texas Etats Uni

Keana in the bathroom & 6000 px Petter, the photos are spectacular! I love the clarity, the detail, and now Keana! Photos like these are why I pay money to access your site! Thanks.

Rene Olsen Danemark

Galleries in general In the future would you pls consider a portrait in the set of each girl - faces do help in remembering a girl - also a lot can be said in a portrait - it could be just the upper part from shoulers and up - a non-nude shot so to speak! Thanks for a great site! Best regards Rene Olsen

David Etats Uni

Keana in the bathroom I love Keana! What an awesome face. Her tits are soooo cute! Please show close-ups of Keana's pussy in a future gallery. It is beautiful.

sirstefanofb Australie

Keana is so at ease sharing her most intimate 'Girlie' parts with the entire world.... even better she fuly shaves her 'pink bits' so we can more closely study her most womanly aspects... heaven can wait!... Sir Stefan


Keana Bond Girl | March 20th, 2007
Keana Bond Girl
alex Royame Uni

keana spectacular,keana is an absolute goddess.

gareth Etats Uni

very pretty, striking! teasing with the thong was playful and fun. awesome ass! :)

steve Etats Uni


winston taylor Etats Uni

Awesome The one word describes her.

Juergen Brater Allemagne

Very sexy and excellent quality.

Zigimsa France

keana Bond girl deserves an 11

Gary Etats Uni

Absolutely Sexy Keana is one of the most attractive models here at Hegre-Art. A most gorgeous woman. It's too bad that she is no longer working here. It would have been wonderful to see her progress through the years if she were still part of the current group of gorgeous models still here.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Keana Bond Girl Simply GORGEOUS.

Jesse Etats Uni

Bond girl. Keana certainly fits as "the Bond Girl." In fact she IS every bit as sensual & sexy as any of the Bond girls ever given that role! Very beautiful.

Keana - Fête de la culotte | June 13th, 2006
Keana - Fête de la culotte

Keana Amazin'!! Gorgious!!! A girl ones seen, you can't forget anymore!! I was watching HEAVEN!!

cy Etats Uni

Wow! Incredibly cute! More thong panties and thong bikinis!