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Tanita | Ukraine Galleries: 4
Photo of Tanita


Photo of Tanita
Name: Tanita
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 58kg
Height: 174cm
Age: 26
Occupation: Politics

Confident veteran model

Tanita has been modeling for ten years and it certainly shows. Well known and highly regarded in the modeling industry, Tanita’s trademark is her red lion hair and near perfect feminine proportions.

She works in the Ukrainian political scene by trade and has no qualms immersing herself in a traditionally male dominated field.Sitting in front of the camera for an entire decade has given Tatina a super confident and perhaps cocky attitude. She can regularly be heard saying out loud “I’m beautiful” and you can tell from the sound of her voice that she believes every word she says.

Most people consider such a strong presence to be intimidating. We however just think it makes Tatina all the more beautiful.

Tanita Galleries COMMENTS

Tanita playing with fire | June 19th, 2007
Tanita playing with fire
fasteddie United States

okay theres something about redhead and in tanita particular. It's this. Synonyms: sexy , nasty,georgeous,sick,beautiful all meaning i like !!!.

Michael Canada

Tanita Tanita is all woman and very attractive. As for the red hair, man that is just too awesome. I could look at her all day.

steve turner Australia

9 out of 10 9 out of ten ....but those fingernails are ..well you know!

alex United Kingdom

tanita red hot beauty

Chief Thunder Germany

Tanita Her face is not my type, but her body and especially her feet look very sexy!!!

Tanita sophistication | July 24th, 2007
Tanita sophistication
Dan from Texas United States

Tanita stirs my memory Tanita is a ringer for the beautiful redhead that changed my life forever. Seeing her in her glorious beauty is a real pleasure. She and Petter's photos are pure art.

alex United Kingdom

tanita red hot!tanita is terrific.

Tony United States

Red hot My god she's beautiful. Please sir, may i have some more.

Gruvyglen United States

RE: Photo number 10 Delicious!

Tanita red passion | January 22nd, 2007
Tanita red passion
alex United Kingdom

tanita very very hot.

Dan United States

Tanita red passion The only thing better in this world than a red haired beauty is two red haired beauties. Tanita is my dream come true!

Fraey Netherlands

Red hot should be the correct term...

Dave France

Tanita Human (female!) beauty takes many forms. Skinny is one of them - and I am, I admit, a fan! Tanita, however, shows us another way. Her photos positively ooze with voluptuous sensuality. Vive la différence!!

John United States

Not so hot Don't get me wrong she's pretty but not what I'm use to seeing on this site.

Victor United Kingdom

Tanita Vive la difference indeed. That's what I like about Petter's work we get deliacate skinny girls like Caro and Janina and then more voluptuous or Amazonian types like Tanita and Ann (a personal favorite)and then one's that can't be easily categorised like Lza. I don't want to see identikit girls, I want to be challenged and get the opportunity to see girls up close I'd never normally get the chance to see! And that's what we get here, keep up the good work.


Wonderful red hair girl! Perfect boobs, cute ass, nice pussy: All what we like.

Tanita red fantasy | May 25th, 2006
Tanita red fantasy
andreson United Kingdom

RED Fantasy At last. Red heads are rare and gorgeous ones even more so. I thank you, must i wait for more?

timatits United States

The Tease Well, I have looked at this series several times and I am surprised that it has only one comment to date. The photos are quite a tease and it is fun the way in which Petter works you through the two-plus pages. The photos start explicit and then pull back. By the sixth photo all you see is hair!! Great hair, to be sure; then back to explicit! And the pattern repeats on the second page of photos. This series makes you not focus on Tanita’s obvious charms in particular—you just what them it any form as they go in and out as you work your way through the set. Great fun!

Philip, Colorado, USA United States

Tanita HOLY REDHEAD BATMAN! Beautiful woman she is and has a look of being in control. Sensuous body. It would be interesting to see her against a lush green garden or jungle type setting for the contrast.

Bernard France

YOU, Mr. HEGRE have a great talent and a great sens of the lights. BRAVO