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Lera Profile

Name: Lera
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 54kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student/Model

Energetic Dreamer

Lera always knew intuitively that she wanted to be a model.

AT ONLY 18 years of age and modeling nude for the first time in her life, she showed a rare kind of confidence when posing for Petter Hegre. To say Lera acted like a professional just isn’t a strong enough phrase. No, she displayed the true talents of a woman born to show her talents on film.

Lera lives in Kiev where she attends the local university to study tourism. When she was five years old she made a personal pledge to one day visit Spain and still plans to make it there one day. That is of course if she can fit traveling in her already hectic schedule of attending university, studying, keeping fit, bowling with her friends, and spending time with her close knit family.

Luckily Lera still has her whole life ahead of her - which means plenty of time to see her goals become reality.

Lera sofa May 26th, 2007
Gorgeous butt,love it.....
I got the impression that you like to show your butt, and woman's butt there biggest asset
my beautiful sweer peasant girl
Lera classic nudes December 28th, 2006
I have been a professional photographer for quite a long time. I specialize in portraiture and have done extensive work in "figure studies", working with some very talented photogs and art directors. This gallery is one of your best.
Classic Nudes
Classic indeed. What a beautiful, sensual model Lera is.
Lera sofa nudes November 22nd, 2006
Lera relaxing
Lera is welcome to relax on my sofa anytime she likes.
relish beauty
lera is someone to visit when you are free to explore her beauty. She works in mysterious ways and only time can return her treasures
choice of pose
I think Lera is one of your best models.
Lera has an absolutely beautiful aura about her... some really eye-catching shots in this set!
Lera first nudes July 31st, 2006
Belatedly,...and in retrospect: KUDOS to LERA, and to PETTER for permitting me the pleasure of 'rolling thru' the 'lush valleys' of his earlier Archives! This gallery of LERA's first nudes...is extraordinarily elegant! Perhaps there's a RETROSPECTIVE tour of now 'older' models in the works? RSVP Lera?
Beautiful model. Elegant. Top class. I love her smile !! Good work Lera. My congratulations .
Lera beauty June 8th, 2006
I've re-discovered the value of RETROSPECTION while viewing this gallery (among others)of LERA! She's absolutely LUMINOUS! Her poses on the sofa are so very natural...and langorous, as if she's comfortably lounging at home...nude! Petter obviously has a 'WAY' with young women that invites a level of comfort that 'permits' them to reveal their innate BEAUTY...to his camera, and thereby LIBERATE themselves in the process! Kudos to Petter for patiently 'honing' this GIFT, and weilding it with such GRACE and PASSION!
beautiful girl, nice poses...except the cropping of the photo is often inelegant.